Understanding pharmaceutical particle and powder characterization is key to efficient pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and products where they involve suspensions and bulk powders. Particle size and powder properties will influence bulk physical properties, such as the flowability of a powder, which in turn, will impact processing, blending, tableting, dissolution, delivery and bioavailability.


Powders may also be used to describe a type of pharmaceutical preparation, that is, a medicated powder intended for internal or external use.


Aipak offers various kinds of powder process machines include the sifter machine ,crusher machine,bin mixer,bin blender,dryer machine,granulation machine.With which you will be more easy to administer your drugs from hard vegetables such as roots,barks and woods.


The powder filling machine from Aipak will make you easy fill your various kinds of dry powder filling bottles, like protein powder ,pepper powder ,and other backing powder ,coffee powder organic powder ect. It is also suit for packing powder and small granular materials, such as veterinary medicine, granular additive, white granulated sugar, cotton,sugar, glucose, solid beverage, pharmaceutical solids, carbon powder, talcum powder, pesticides, dyes, flavors and fragrances.

Machines For Powder

Powder Filling Machines

Auger Filler Machine For powder

Auger Powder Filling Machine

Automatic Powder Filling Machine

Double Head Powder Filling Machine

Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-200C Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-400C Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-800C Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-1200C Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-1200D Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-2500C Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-3800C Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-5500C Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-7500C Capsule Filling Machine

CGN-208D Capsule Filling Machine

CGN208-D1 Capsule Filling Machine

CGN208-D2 Capsule Filling Machine

CGN208-D3 Capsule Filling Machine

CGN-208S Capsule Filling Machine

TM-100 200 250 Capsule Making Machine

RJN Capsule making machine

Bin Mixer

SWH Series 3D Motion Bin Mixer

GHS High speed Bin Mixer

Model CH-VI Forced-Type Bin Mixer

CH Series Tanker Typed Bin Mixer

Model EYH Series Bin Mixer

WSH Series Tank Type Bin Mixer

CH Series Typed Bin Mixer (2011)

WLDH- Horizontal Ribbon Bin Mixer

DLH Series Cone Bin Mixer

Model W Series Taper-shaped Bin Mixer

CW series stirring type Bin Mixer

Model CH-V Series Bin Mixer

Bin Blender

Crusher Machine

GFSJ Series Crusher Machine

B Series Crusher Machine

WF Series Crusher Machine

YGJ Series Crusher Machine

DS Series Crusher Machine

WF Series Crusher Machine

Model B Series Crusher Machine

WCSJ Series Crusher Machine

WCSJ Series Dust Crusher Machine

WF Series Dust Crusher Machine

WCSJ Series Universal Crusher Machine

B Series Cyclone-separating Crusher Machine

CSJ Series Coarse Crusher

B Series Dust Collecting Crusher

GFSJ Series High Efficient Crusher

QS-100 Airflow Crusher

Model WF Series Crusher Machine

WFJ Series Dust Collecting Fine Crusher

YF Series Crusher Machine

WFM Series Super Crusher Machine

JCFJ Series Inner-Grading Mechanical Crusher

QLDJ Series Fluidized-bed Airflow Crusher

FYF Series Vegetables Crusher Machine

WFJ Series Dust Collecting Fine Crushing Set

JM Series Two-Stage Colloid Mill TAG

Granulation Machine

HLSG Series High Shear Mixer Granulator

Model YK-160 Swing High Shear Mixer Granulator

FL Series Mixer Granulator Drier

KZL Series High Speed High Shear Mixer Granulator

Model ZL Rotating High Shear Mixer Granulator

GK Series Dry High Shear Mixer Granulator

GHL Series High Speed High Shear Mixer Granulator

Dryer Machine

FG Series Fluid bed Dryer

LPG Series High-speed Pharmaceutical Dryer

DW Series Mesh-Belt Pharmaceutical Dryer

ZLG Series Vibration Fluidized Bed Dryer

SZG Series Double Cone Rotary Vacuum Dryer

GFG Efficient Boiling Pharmaceutical Dryer

FL300 Pharmaceutical Dryer

GF Series High Efficiency Fluidized Bed Drier

FZG,YZG squar and round static vacuum dryer

Model RXH Series Pharmaceutical Dryer

Sifter Machine

ZS Series Sifter Machine

LXS Series Sifter Machine

ZS Vibrating Sifter Machine

ZS Series Screening Machine

Videos For Powder

How Powder Crusher Machine Looks Like

How Crusher Machine Crushes Powder