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AIPAK Tablet Counting Line

AIPAK tablet counting line is made of bottle unscrambler,desiccant insert machine,tablet counting machine,capping machine,induction sealing machine and automatic labeling machine.It is the main workhorse in capsule production process.With the advanced anti-dust technology,it can be used for tablets(including abnormal tablets),capsule gels(including abnormal gels,transparent gels and opaque gels)pearls and most kind of tabloids. Each machine have intelligent design,with interactive operating multi-language panel can save 10-20 kinds of different operating parameters and easy to load for different products.Self-diagnose,display errors and make alarms.Well cooperation between each machine and in the whole line. Take purposed to operate,easy to adjust, clean and maintain, low working cost,low maintain cost 3 workers will be enough to operate.

part of tablet counting line
part of tablet counting line

AIPAK Tablet Counting Line

Low Speed Multifunctional PLC System Industrial Automatic Gummy Tablet Counting and Bottle Filling Machine Line

AIPAK low speed multifunctional tablet,pill,capsule counting machine line is widely applied and strongly recommended by pharmaceutical manufacturers all around the world. The comprehensive tablet counting machin line includes bottle-Unscrambler, tablet/capsule counter, cotton inserter or desiccant inserter, capping machine, labeling machine, induction cap-sealer labeling machine. AIPAK will provide the best integrated solutions to satisfied all your requirements of production line.The capsule counting line is mostly used for tablets , capsules, gels pills and most solid granules.

Stainless steel body and transparent protective cover

Optional anti-static and sundries removal system

Meet the requirements of GMP

Medium Speed Multifunctional Automatic Capsule Tablet Counting Production Line/ Medicine Pill Counting Line

AIPAK medium speed automatic capsule filling and counting line, can be used for bottling and filling solid tablets, capsules (transparent or opaque hard capsules, soft capsules), pills, etc. The counting and packaging of boxes and bags meet the requirements of GMP, and are suitable for the production and packaging of scientific research institutions, hospitals, small and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories and health care products factories. According to your materials and production volume, AIPAK will individually customize a set of supporting programs that meet your needs. Bring you the best cost performance and the most assured after-sale protection.

Accuracy of counting 

No need to change the mold

Photoelectric sensing technology

High Speed Multifunctional GMP Automatic Pharmaceutical Tablet Counting Line

AIPAK high speed multifunctional tablet counting machine line can sort out empty bottles automatically. For capsules, tablets (including plain tablets), pills, triangles, diamonds, circles, and other special-shaped tablets it can automatic counting and bottling, dryer agent input, rotary cap sealing, and aluminum foil sealing, marking, and labeling according to set specifications.The complete tablet capsule pill counting machine line has the advantage of accurate counting and continuous steady operation, which can meet the production of all kinds of products, and the packaging of bottles produced meet GMP standards.

Particle precision is over 99.7%

Adopting PLC and touch screen control

Original anti-dust technology

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Every parts applied in our machines are through precise R& D and design,all our machines must be inspected before delivery.All AIPAKmachines are automatic that is easy to use and maintain.


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In China, the competition between suppliers keeps the prices fair. Our fully optimized equipment helps us maintain a low price without sacrificing the quality and performance of your parts.


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AIPAK advanced technologies mean we can offer hundreds of service to our customers.AIPAK expert team will propose the most suitable machines as customer budget and raw materials.


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AIPAK automatic machines that is economical to use ,will help you achieve your tasks within target time.All our machines feature many pre-fitted tools that lead to rapid tool changes.


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The Buyer's Guide

Tablet Counting Line: the Ultimate Buying Guide in 2023

Capsule is a form of medicine, and a kind of shell to protect the medicine.

In your daily life, your must be familiar with capsule medicine, which is small in size but great in effect. With the increasing demand for medical products, the production of capsule drugs is increasing.

How to ensure that the capsule drugs delivered to patients accurately and without deviation with such a large amount of work?

At this time, a tablet counting machine is needed to help.

But the main focus in the pharmaceutical industry nowadays is not only counting but also full line integration of complete lines.

A tablet counting machine with a line will make some of the best possible counting and packaging solution for your pills, tablets or capsules.

In this tablet counting machine ultimate buying guide, I am going to introduce the varieties, purpose, parts, working principle, troubleshooting and advanced technologies about every machine that made of a complete packaging line.

You will have unprecedented output and efficiency in investing such a smart automatic tablet counting machine.

Let's go straight to the subject:

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    1.What's a tablet counting line?

    A tablet counting Line is a complete filling and packaging line includes counting, filling, capping and labeling of capsules, pills or tablets into bottles.

    It consists of different machines connected with each other to make online operations.


    2.What is a tablet counting line made of?

    The comprehensive equipment that make a tablet counting line include Bottle unscramble, Tablet counting machine, Desiccant inserter, Cotton inserter, Capping Machine, Labeling Machine, Induction sealer.


    3. What's a tablet counting line used for?

    You will find a tablet counting line has a wide applicability main used for tablets (including abnormal tablets), capsules, gels (including abnormal gels, transparent gels and opaque gels) pills and most solid granules.


    4. What are the benefits of a tablet counting line?

    Apart from reversing  the traditional way of hand counting bringing errors,you will also get many other benefits of a tablet counting line including:

    .Cost effective

    You would not doubt that an automatic tablet counting line is cost effective as it will save your labor costs and time compared with the traditional way of hand counting.

    And otherwise the employees and time would make other vital worth under the same competitive ways.

    .High precise counting

    products of tablet counting machine production line

    You have known, medicines are very critical to people’s health, so you need to be quite aware of the numbers that would be given to the patients when translated into dosage.

    With the tablet counting machine,the errors is less than 1%,you will be quite clear of your numbers and act a quickly analyze of your production rate will also not be a difficult task for you.

    After all,precise numbers counting are significant as it relates with the economic perspective of your business.

    .High automation

    With the frequency conversion adjustment,the tablet counting line is applicable to different production speed requirement,and can automatically stop when full bottle, automatic start when bottle is missing.

    .High efficient

    products of tablet counting machine production line 2

    One of the part,the high-speed capping  does not need to change the mold and the capping head, and the capping and scratching of the bottle body will not occur.

    And it has the function of no bottle and no labeling, which effectively prevents the waste of the standard paper.

    5. Which quality standards doa tablet counting line meet?

    Made of stainless steel,the tablet counting line is in full compliance with CE and GMP standards.

    6. What is a Bottle Unscrambler?


    AIPAK APC-A160 automatic bottle unscrambler

    A Bottle unscrambler is to disperse the plastic bottles in disorder and regularly arrange the bottles on the conveyor belt in order to meet the requirements of high automation.

    7. How many types of Bottle Unscrambler are there?

    There are kinds of bottle unscrambler in the market now,main types are as follows:

    Barycentric bottle unscrambler

    The basic principle of the barycentric bottle unscrambler is in the process of assembling, the bottles will be divided as their center of gravity vary.

    If the bottle is in the positive direction, the center of gravity will be close to the lower part of the bottle, so that the bottle will not change the arrangement.

    If the bottle is in the reverse direction, the center of gravity will be on the upper part of the bottle, and the bottle center of gravity will be unstable, and then the bottle will be reversed in the baffle, so as to meet the upward requirements.

    However, the disadvantages are obvious. Most of the beverage bottles are plastic bottles, and their weight changes little, so this function will not meet the requirements in actual operation, and it is suitable for the use in the glass bottle handling machine with large weight.


    AIPAK APCP-1 bottle unscrambler

    Water floating baffle

    The basic principle of the water floating baffle kind of bottle unscrambler is to use the buoyancy of water in the conveying stage to transport the bottle to the assembly stage, and use the baffle A to make the bottle output in a positive direction during assembly.

    There is a rectangular space suitable for the bottle mouth on the baffle. When the bottle mouth comes over, the bottle mouth will enter into the rectangular space, so that the bottle bottom will be lowered first, and then the bottle mouth will be lowered, and the bottle will be outputted in a positive direction.

    When the bottle bottom comes over, the baffle will not work, and the bottle will be outputted in a positive direction.

    There are two disadvantages in the structure design of this type of bottle unscrambler:

    First, in the process of water floatation, the bottle will enter water, and unnecessary steps are added in the later filling stage.

    Second,in the assembly stage, the efficiency is very low, which is not suitable for the full automatic production line.

    This kind of bottle unscrambler is suitable for beer industry to use large glass bottle drinks.

    Friction type


    AIPAK APC-A100 automatic bottle unscrambler

    The basic principle of the friction type of bottle unscrambler is during the assembly, the friction of the belt is used to transport bottles and adjust the bottles.

    Compared with the two types of bottle unscrambler mentioned above, you will find the largest advantage is its high efficiency, and there is no other unnecessary process, such as cleaning.

    The structure design of this kind of  bottle unscrambler is mainly uses the friction force of the belt to make the bottle turnover under the high-speed movement, which improves the processing efficiency.

    Centrifugal bottle unscrambler

    The basic principle is to use the centrifugal force of the disk to make the bottle close to the outside of the circle, and then use the different characteristics of the bottle bottom and the bottle mouth width to turn the bottle mouth downward.

    The disadvantage is that the assembly speed is limited and not suitable for large waterlines.

    8. What are the main features of bottle unscrambler?

    You will have an automatic bottle unscrambler to speed up your production process due to its so many advantages:


    Finished products by the bottle unscrambler

    • Widely applicable for round, square and flat square bottles made of different kind of materials, especially good for big size of bottles.
    • Stable in working and smooth in feeding.
    • Very simple to operate. No complex training needed for your
    • Easy and fast to adjust for different bottles, no need to change parts.

    9.What is the inner structure of bottle unscrambler?

    You will find the adjustable feet are installed at the bottom of the outer cylinder of the bottle unscrambler to adjust the height of the machine.


    Adjustable feet

    The inner and outer parts of the rotating cylinder are respectively installed on the plane bearing. The outer side of the inner rotating cylinder is provided with a lifting mechanism with equal number of bottle dropping slots and bottle dropping slots.

    The outer rotating cylinder is provided with a bottle separating groove corresponding to the bottle dropping groove.

    A fixed umbrella tower is arranged in the center of the bottle unscrambler.


    Umbrella tower

    When the elevator starts according to the bottle missing signal from the bottle detection device on the umbrella tower, the plastic bottle falls on the umbrella tower from the top center of the machine and slides to the edge of the umbrella tower to enter the elevator.

    The lifting mechanism pushes the bottle into the bottle chute under the action of the cam.

    In addition, the outlet is provided with a bottle shifting starwheel.

    When the bottle is fed into the air supply channel, the bottle shifting starwheel is connected with the main shaft of the motor through a synchronous toothed belt.

    10.How does a full automatic high speed bottle unscrambler work?

    APC-2000 automatic high speed bottle unscrambler

    AIPAK APC-2000 automatic high speed bottle unscrambler

    You will follow below steps to see how a full automatic high speed bottle unscrambler works:

    Firstly,you need to manually add the materials into the bottle storage bin for storage.

    Then you will find the materials in the bottle storage bin will be fed to the rotary table automatically and at a setting speed.

    After that,you will find the rotary table will supply the bottles according to the requirements through high-speed rotation,and the web wheel will remove the irregular bottles.

    Then the bottle sorting part will send the bottles supplied by the rotary table to the bottle sorting part according to a certain speed.

    While the bottle management part is delivered to the working face of the conveyor through the conveyor belt on both sides, and the bottles are sorted out by different bottle flippers.

    Through the whole process you may find that the electronic control system is an indispensable machine for high-speed production through the real-time monitoring and feedback of the sensors in each part, that realize the full-automatic operation requirements, and save a lot of labor costs and avoid human factors.

    11.What needing attention in the daily use of full automatic bottle unscrambler?

    To ensure good working condition of full automatic bottle unscrambler,you must pay attention for the followings:

    Precautions for cleaning

    You must avoid electric shock.


    When you are disassembling and washing the bottle unscrambler, do not wash the machine body directly with water, because the internal part of the bottle unscrambler is equipped with electrical control elements, which may cause electric shock when contacting the water source, and may damage the elements of the bottle machine at the same time.

    You should regularly add lubricating oil to the automatic bottle unscrambler, clean the machine every other period of time, and make cleaning records for later inspection.

    You must make sure there are no residues of the filled items on the bottle unscrambler,It is strictly prohibited to have, such as oil, pigment, etc.

    Since the presence of these items will accelerate the corrosion of the bottle unscrambler and affect its service life.

    Thus,if any residue is found, it shall be cleaned in time.

    If you need to dismantle and wash the bottle unscrambler, you must shut down the air source and power supply.

    Precautions in use

    After turning off the power switch of the bottle handling machine, some circuits in the electrical control of the machine still have strong voltage.


    If you need to repair the control circuit, be sure to unplug the power cord to avoid electric shock.

    According to the production conditions, you should choose to use the power supply that meets the specifications of the bottle unscrambler.

    You must do a good job in preventing electric shock.

    That is ,the bottle unscrambler should be well grounded.

    And you shall provide a power socket with ground wire for the bottle unscrambler.

    12.How to troubleshoot full automatic bottle unscrambler?

    The full automatic bottle unscrambler is in high speed, high efficiency, production capacity, energy saving.

    It can disperse the plastic bottles at high speed and stand on the conveyor belt orderly and accurately in order to meet the requirements of highly automatic bottle sorting production.

    At present, it is favored by the soft drink processing enterprises.

    However, in the use process, you may encounter some problems, which to a certain extent affect the work quality of the equipment.

    products of bottle unscrambler

    So you  should fully understand the common faults and take corresponding solutions in time, so as to give full play to the advantages of automatic bottle unscrambler and ensure the efficient and high-quality operation of the equipment.

    Then, what are the common faults of automatic bottle unscrambler?


    Generally speaking, when the working speed of the full-automatic bottle unscrambler is not at the critical speed, the rotor can run smoothly.

    For the low-speed bottle trimmer with low working speed, half of them should increase the critical speed as much as possible, so that the bottle unscrambler can operate below the critical speed, then it also can operate better and stably.

    However,you should take note that if the automatic bottle unscrambler vibrates at high speed, you must stop the operation key immediately, and you must also fast adopt the downshift mode to stop the automatic bottle unscrambler.

    While you should also leave the site quickly to avoid personal injury in case of shaft break and other accidents.

    2.Bottle sticking

    At present, many bottle unscramblers don’t have an elimination mechanism, a bottle clamping detection device and a bottle hanging conveying air duct device, which can automatically stop the machine and give an alarm when the bottle is clamped, and can avoid the bottle overturning during the conveying.

    In addition, no bottle free detector provided to send a working signal to the other equipment on the beverage production line.

    products of bottle unscrambler 2

    It is the equipment automatically replenish bottles to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

    However, if you encounter a "bottle stuck", you shall stop the machine immediately and continue to work after troubleshooting.

    Besides, before using the device, you should start the device at a low speed, and then adjust the lifting speed and bottle handling speed according to the actual production, so that the device speed can match the actual production speed, which is also conducive to reducing the occurrence of "bottle sticking".

    13.What is a counting machine?

    A counting machine is a kind of machine suitable for the counting of capsules, tablets, granules and other drugs or food in pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries.

    Tablet Counting Machine-16

    AIPAK tablet counting machine

    14.What is a tablet counting machine?

    The vibrating head of a tablet counting machine adopts the flexible structure of eccentric screen movement and ultra quiet, which can adjust the frequency of eccentric screen movement steplessly.

    The main engine of a tablet counting machine is driven by variable frequency motor, which is flexible to start and has a wide range of speed regulation.

    The tablet counting machine adopts a unique number of plates, which can not only automatically count and fill tablets and pills, but also can automatically count and bottle special-shaped tablets and capsules.


    AIPAK APC-8 tablet counting machine

    15.What are the main features of a tablet counting machine?

    When you purchasing a tablet counting machine,you will find its main features are:

    Strong compatibility

    Automatic tablet counting machine can count and bottle various kind of solid preparation or solid granules, for example,tablet (including heteromorphism tablet),capsule,soft capsule(transparent and non-transparent),pill etc.


    Anti dust

    The tablet counting machine adopts the anti high dust photoelectric sensing technology ,thus, can work stably under the high dust circumstance.

    Correct counting

    With automatic photoelectric sensor counting ,the error of bottling is less than nation standard.


    Finished products by the tablet counting machine

    Special structure of the discharge spout

    It can prevent blocking drugs, small bottle can fast bottling.

    High intelligence

    Automatic tablet counting machine has various alarm and control functions like no bottle no count, that is checking the  fault automatically .

    Easy operation

    Adopting intellectualized design, all kinds of operation data can be set according to the requirement .It can store 10 groups of setting parameters for use.

    Convenient maintenance

    After simple training, the worker can operate easily.It is easy to disassembly,clean and   change the components without any tools.

    16.What are the main parts of a tablet counting machine?

    You find the main parts of a  tablet counting machine including:

    PLC Counting control

    Tablet Counting Machine-15

    The PLC touch screen control adopts Siemens device and it is convenient for your use.

    Feeding Mechanism

    You will find there are three parts included in the feeding mechanism.

    i.Feeding Hopper

    Tablet Counting Machine-11

    ii.Feeding pot


    The feeding hopper and feeding pot can be customized according to your various product and bottle needs.

    iii.Multistage vibration lane


    Adopts DC vibrator and motor operation, the vibration is stable, which can make the movement of particles, capsules, tablets and so on stable.

    And you can adjust the speed according to the actual production needs to meet your various production needs .

    iv.Material observation window

    Tablet Counting Machine-11

    Besides, because of the transparent and direct feeding mode, you can check the feeding situation at any time, so as to deal with it according to the actual situation.

    .Counting photoelectric head

    Adopts infrared scanning technology,you will find the filling accuracy is over 99.8%,which is over than the standard in the market.


    .Blanking mechanism

    After the counting work are completed,the machine  will start to pack the medicine granules, capsules and tablets, and the blanking nozzle can be made according to different items.

    For example,the height of the nozzle can be automatically adjusted according to the height of the bottles.


    In addition, compressed gas is used for transposition. When the blanking is finished, the packaging and fastening shall be carried out in time.

    Tablet Counting Machine-14

    It is accurate and fast, and it can also pack large-scale bottles without blocking the materials and small-scale bottles without dropping.

    17.What is the working principle of a tablet counting machine?


    When the equipment is running ,the materials are feeded into the hopper.

    By properly adjusting the primary, intermediate and final vibrating feeders, the stacked grains in the hopper gradually slide down to the feeding port along the vibrating trough plate into a continuous strip-shaped straight line.

    Then, the working signal generated by the infrared dynamic scanning sensor is input to the FPGA high-speed microprocessor by the photoelectric effect principle.

    And then the counting products are to be  bottled or bagged .

    Thus, the counting function is realized by the cooperation of circuit and program.

    18.How to use a tablet counting machine?

    You will follow below steps to use a tablet counting machine:

    You need to connect the power supply and make the counting plate turn anticlockwise.

    You have to put in a proper amount of capsules, turn on the power, adjust the pressure regulating switch to a proper position, so that the electromagnetic vibration can reach a proper intensity, so that the capsules in counting plates can easily enter into several holes, and brush the capsules with a brush to make them all have capsules.

    When bottling, you will need to put the bottle into the capsule outlet, touch the microswitch with fingers or bottle mouth, rotate the counting plate until all capsules fall into the unloading port, and then release the microswitch immediately.

    Then a full counting process has been finished.

    19.What need to take care when using a tablet counting machine?

    You must take note for some details when using the tablet counting machine as it will affect your production efficiency.

    Precautions for equipment are as follows:

    You can’t use damp capsule or other raw materials.

    You shall not heavily press the counting plate ,or it will not work normally.And when lifting the machine, you can’t lift the counting plate, or it will be loosen and damaged.

    Tablet Counting Machine-17

    AIPAK capsule/tablet counting machine

    The height of the counting plate surface shall be the same as the length of the capsule or the head of the capsule shall be slightly higher than the counting plate, which shall not be too low or too high.

    Otherwise, the capsule will be damaged during rotation.

    If it is too low, you can pad by scraping the middle high part and making the middle hole into an abandoned shadow disk matching the shaft.


    If it is too high, you need to  use the lathe to process the washer under the counting plate.

    You must adjust the retaining ring on the counting plate to a proper height, and make the bottom edge about 1.5-2mm away from the head of the capsule.

    If it is too low or too high, the capsule will be damaged.

    Do not press the microswitch when all the capsules in several holes are not full, otherwise the capsule will be damaged when turning to the position of the retaining ring. When the capsules in several holes are not all full, brush the capsules with a brush so that there are capsules in several holes.

    You must have uniform length and no unqualified capsule working on the capsule counting machine.

    20.What are the factors that affect the accuracy of tablet counting machine?


    Finished products by the tablet counting machine

    There are some factors that may affect the accuracy of tablet counting machine,they are:


    You will find the quality of compressed air will affect the accuracy of counting.

    As compressed air with large water content has a great influence on the sensitivity of actuator cylinder.

    Once the sensitivity of cylinder decreases, the accuracy of counting cannot be guaranteed.

    Machine factors

    You may not consider the change of gravity in the feeding design,which will affect the fluidity of materials in the oscillating plate and the order of materials.

    As the more materials, the higher the center of gravity of materials ,the increasing the fluidity of materials, resulting in the overlapping materials entering the detection channel before they can be separated, resulting in the inaccuracy of the number of particles.

    Besides, with the decrease of the material's center of gravity, the fluidity of the material will be reduced, which may lead to the slow counting speed .

    You will find if the drop between the memory baffle and the falling shield is too large, the falling time of the material is too long, the material rotates in the falling shield and cannot fall into the packaging bottle in time, resulting in the inaccuracy of counting.

    You have seen that the tablet counting machine falling shield is made of plexiglass material, static electricity is generated by high-speed rotating friction when the material falls freely from the detection channel.

    Another reason you need to know is that some components of traditional Chinese medicine are prone to generate static electricity in the process of friction.

    Because of static electricity, the material is adsorbed on the falling shield, which reduces the effective number of particles falling into the bottle, resulting in inaccurate counting.

    If you did not push out the memory baffle in place,that can not completely block the material. When it is opened again, there is still material passing through the memory baffle, resulting in the incorrect counting.

    If you did not place the dropping field in the right place,that the bottle mouth cannot be blocked completely, then the materials cannot all fall into the packaging bottle smoothly, resulting in the inaccurate counting.

    When you install and adjust the machine,the horizontal adjustment and forward tilt of the oscillating plate will make the material slide into the detection channel naturally while the oscillating plate stops vibrating, resulting in false counting.

    Material factor

    You will find the setting oscillation frequency of the three-stage oscillation plate for the production of capsules, tablets and pills is completely different.

    Or because of the more dust brought by the materials in the production of tablets and capsules, the accumulation of dust in the detection channel blocks the infrared ray, so that the counting circuit can not work normally.

    Parameter setting

    You will find the setting size of the feeding gate has a great influence on the separation state of the material on the oscillating plate.


    Electronic counting system-Photo Credits:SWIFTVISION

    If your setting is too large, the material will flow out too fast, if the material flows out too fast, there will be overlapping phenomenon.

    When the overlapped material passes through the detection channel, it will affect the accuracy of the count.

    If your setting is too small,it will also affect the counting speed.

    Setting of the oscillation frequency of the three-stage oscillating plate.

    If your setting is too fast,the material will not be separated effectively, which affects the counting accuracy.

    If your setting is  too slow it will  affect the production speed.

    Parameter setting of product length and size.

    The appearance of the product is directly related to the brightness time and blackout time of the infrared ray of the detection channel.

    The light time is the time between the products. The shorter the light time is, the higher the resolution is.

    And the light blocking time is determined by the appearance size of the products.

    If your setting of the light blocking time is too long, there will be fewer counts.

    If your setting of the shading time is too short ,it will make the counter indistinct and eliminate the products, that’s resulting  affect the counting speed.

    The value setting of the predicted number

    It is to make the tablet counting machine continue to count to increase the capacity when the number of bottles is changed after the completion of the falling shield finish the counting.

    When the last drug is detected, all the drug particles will fall into the detection track, the memory tablet will hold them, the empty bottle will arrive at the dropping shield, and the pre counted drug particles will fall into the bottle.

    Besides,you must make sure proper setting of the predicted number as too small parameter setting will affect the counting speed and too large will affect  the accuracy of counting.

    Setting of counting speed.

    If your parameter setting is  too small, the product will get sufficient separation on the oscillating plate, which is beneficial to improve the accuracy of counting.

    But it is not conducive to improving the production speed.

    If your setting is too large, the product on the oscillating plate will not be separated effectively, which has a serious impact on the accuracy of counting.

    Setting of separation speed.

    Separation speed refers to the separation speed between the last product and the next first product.

    If your separation speed is too fast,the memory baffle will not be able to separate the products between the previous bottle and the next bottle, resulting in one more or less particles.

    And too slow separation speed will affect the production speed.

    Decrease in cylinder sensitivity

    You will find as the executive component of the tablet counting machine, the speed of reaction directly affects the accuracy of counting.

    While the main reasons for the decrease of cylinder sensitivity are: moisture content in the compressed air, non cylinder specific grease, impurities entering the cylinder, wear and air leakage of the cylinder seal, etc.

    Human factor

    If you did not preheat the machine before starting it according to the operation regulations.

    Or if you fail to replenish the materials in the bin in time during the operation of the machine, which affects the separation state of the materials on the oscillating plate, resulting in inaccurate product counting.

    21.What aspects should be considered when purchasing a full-automatic tablet counting machine?


    AIPAK APC-202 Capsule tablet counting machine

    An automatic counting machine is a kind of machine used for counting medicine or food such as capsule, tablet, granule, etc.

    It is widely used in pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries.

    As you know at present, the full-automatic counting machine not only has a rapid development in the pill machine industry, but also plays an important role in tablet, capsule, pill and other fields.

    Since now the full-automatic tablet counting machine is constantly updated with the development of various modern high-precision skills, electronic skills, microelectronics skills, edge skills and packaging skills.

    Then you need to take note for the below aspects when purchasing a full-automatic tablet counting machine.

    Is it practical

    You may have known that there are many kinds of products need to be counted in the market now ,such as plain tablets, sugar coated tablets, capsules, soft capsules (transparent, opaque), pills and so on.

    Tablet Counting Machine-10

    Therefore, it's important to know whether the full-automatic tablet counting machine can be compatible with or not to count different types of samples.

    You  can think that if it can adapt to different samples, it will not only be more convenient, but also reduce the purchase cost and proportion area in the later stage.

    Is the operation simple

    There are several aspects of simplicity here.

    First, you need to check whether the equipment can achieve automatic counting and reduce human operation during operation.

    Second,you need to check whether it is possible to simply adjust and modify the index parameters of the machine, such as the number of particles speed, mobile transportation speed, width, etc.

    Last,you should check whether it is easy to clean and repair, as long-term operation requires necessary maintenance and repair of the equipment.

    Whether the accuracy is reliable

    The accuracy of the number of grains is also worthy of attention. Not only should the number of grains be fast, but also accurate.

    When you are purchasing, you need to pay high attention to the counting accuracy of the full automatic tablet counting machine.

    The common ones are 99.5% or higher.

    Is it safe


    On the one hand, you are necessary to ensure that there is no damage to the drugs during the counting process, and the equipment shall have reasonable mechanism, delivery mechanism and warehouse division mechanism.

    On the other hand, it can run for a long time, with various safety protection devices to avoid leakage and short circuit.

    Consideration of brand price

    You need to try to choose the manufacturer of the large brand, to ensure the quality of the equipment, the price is fair and transparent, and the service is also guaranteed.

    Last,timely solve and feedback in case of various problems and faults is also very important.

    22.What is a Desiccant inserter?

    Tablet Counting Machine-3

    AIPAK APC-C120 full automatic desiccant inserter

    You may have known the tablet and capsule are easy to go moist, so it is necessary to put the desiccant into the container to keep the medicines away from moisture in order to improve reliability of guarantee period.

    A desiccant inserter is a machine applies automatic controlling system to take the place of the previous manual operation.

    It can automatically cut the belted desiccant and insert the desiccant bag into the container accurately and speedily.

    It is available for bottles and pots made of different materials.

    23.What benefits can you get from a full automatic desiccant inserter?


    Products by the desiccant inserter

    Simple integration

    You will find the desiccant inserter is simple integration with your production line,no matter how developed it is.

    As the machine adopts intermediate frequency power supply of that makes effective output power great and output current adjustable.

    It also auto tracks change of current load and makes adjustment in time.

    Strong compatibility

    You will find the machine is suitable for all kinds of specifications, all kinds of round, oval, square, flat, square bottles.

    And takes color standard, colorless standard disc packaged desiccant bag.

    High accuracy

    Adopting put desiccant with design, the desiccant will avoid uneven bags transfer, and ensure the accuracy of the bag length control.

    No tear bag

    You will find the desiccant bag is thick in design, that’s avoid the happening of torn bags in the process of transmission.

    Accuracy durability and reliability

    Tablet Counting Machine-18

    The knife edge of the desiccant is accurate and reliable durable with  high shear,that will not cut and break the  desiccant bags e bottles.

    High automation

    If there is no bottle in the specified position,the desiccant inserter will not work to save electric power,and make self breakdown check.

    Besides,the desiccant inserter will make monitoring alarm control when the desiccant bags enter into the bottles,to ensure the continuity of the equipment operation.

    Good sealing

    You will find even if the mouth of your bottles are moist with many kinds of liquid,the desiccant inserter still seals perfectly.

    24.What are the main parts of a desiccant inserter?

    You will find a desiccant inserter main consist of below parts:

    High shear knife


    You know that the desiccant is through the whole process ,so the high shear knife is mainly responsible for cutting it ,and with the high accuracy sensor,the bags won't broken.

    Human-computer interface

    Tablet Counting Machine-15

    The human-computer interface also called HMI.

    It is one of the most important part of the desiccant inserter ,as it controls the total machine with setting parameters ,adjusting vibrate ,error numbers,that is very directly tell you how to set and how to protect the machine.

    Desiccant roll plate


    The fixed desiccant bag roll will make the bags work smoothly.

    Blocking Cylinder


    The blocking cylinder adopts the domestic famous engines, that is strong driving force, low fuel consumption, high economic.

    25.How does a desiccant inserter work?

    Tablet Counting Machine-19

    AIPAK APC-S120 full automatic desiccant inserter

    A full automatic desiccant inserter is so much helpful in pre-long the service period of your medicine,you may want to know what is the functional of this machine.

    Let's talk about it.

    First ,you will find the block bottle air cylinder on the passing bottle-track of the conveying bottle system make the bottles which came from the previous equipment stay in the drying agent filling position,waiting to be filled in the drying agent.

    Then the bottle mouth faces to the clipping system correctly.

    And the stepping motor drives the bag conveying system,pull the drying agent bags out from the drying agent plate.

    While the color mark sensor tests the drying agent bags and control the length of the bags then the bags are clipped into the bottles.

    Finally,the conveyor belt of the conveying bottle system will convey the bottles which have been filled in the drying agent to the next equipment.

    At the same time,the bottles which are waiting for filling supplement to the drying agent bag filling position .

    26.What is a capping machine?

    Tablet Counting Machine-5

    AIPAK APC-D2 screwing capping machine

    A capping machine is also called screw capping machine,closing machine or locking machine.

    It is an equipment that used for screwing and loosening the caps of plastic bottles,glass bottles after sub loading.

    27.How manny types of capping machine are there?


    Products by the capping machine

    Capping machine is a kind of intelligent capping equipment with advanced technology, unique design and simple operation.

    There are three kinds of capping machine in the market now.

    1.Handheld capping machine


    Handheld electric capping machine-Photo credits:Alexnid

    The handheld electric capping machine is mainly used to tight and loose screw cap size from 10mm to 50mm diameter.

    It is portable,easy to tighten and loosen the caps.

    There is adjustable clutch in the handheld capping machine which you can effectively avoid the cap damage and reduce the wear and tear of the internal plug .

    And once the cap is tightened chuck and stop spinning, you can be the next cap operation.

    2.Vacuum capping machine


    Vacuum capping machine-Photo credits:Shifeng electric application

    The vacuum capping machine is used for the capping of glass bottles or jars with tinplate caps,and the caps are with screws.

    The bottles or cans should have enough hardness to keep the vacuuming inside,and the caps will be sealed by glue to ensure its fastening and keep long-term vacuum effect.

    The vacuum capping machine is suitable for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beverages and other bottles of the aluminium lock cover.

    It is widely used in food,canned,beverage,condiment ,health care products , In particular, used for  products that need reliable vacuum packaging ,high temperature and high pressure sterilization.

    3.Automatic capping machine

    The automatic capping machine is mainly suitable for all kinds of bottle cap machines in cosmetics, medicine, veterinary medicine, pesticide and lubricating oil industries.

    Tablet Counting Machine-5

    AIPAK APC-D903 high speed automatic capping machine

    It is applicable to screw cover, anti-theft cover, anti child cover, press in cover, etc.

    Equipped with constant torque screw head, the pressure can be adjusted easily.

    Compact and reasonable structure, it can be linked with other equipment to form a line easily.

    28.What are the advantages of automatic capping machine?

    Automatic capping machine is one of the indispensable device of capsule tablet counting line,you will find its so many advantages include:

    • Strong compatibility ,it is suitable for various sizes of cap and bottle .


    • Double function ,it is a pair of cap dropping and wearing device that suits for all kinds of bottle caps.
    • The cap unscrewing torque control in the automatic capping machine ensures the quality of the screw cap.
    • The oscillating swivel wheel with suitable strength, greatly reduce the swivel wheel torn.
    • High automation,it will not work when there is no bottle,and will wipe out the skew,inverse caps and caps without aluminium foil.
    • It has the function of fault self examining and any other check warning control functions ,so it can ensure the continuity and accuracy.
    • Operate automatically ,intelligently control with the last and next process with good harmony. It will save your labor cost as no special operating person is necessary.

    29.What are the main parts of automatic screwing capping machine?

    An automatic screwing capping machine is made of the following parts,they are:

    Human -computer interface

    Just like the desiccant inserter ,you can use the HMI to control the whole machine,setting parameters ,adjusting size ,error numbers,and protect the machine itself.

    Caps lifting component


    The caps lifting is made of 304 stainless steel,with high accuracy sensor ,it is mainly responsible for lifting the caps to the mouth of the bottle.

    Three pairs of friction wheels


    You will find the three paris of friction is also made of 304 stainless steel and it is to confirm the caps and bottles are fastened tightly and it will do no harm to the bottles and caps.

    Blocking cylinder


    Like the desiccant inserter ,the block cylinder applies domestic famous engine that have strong driving force to make the bottle move forward to be capped.

    30.What is the working principle of automatic screwing capping machine?

    Tablet Counting Machine-23

    AIPAK APC-D904 High speed capping machine

    For the better use of the machine,you may find how a automatic screw capping machine works as the following steps:

    First,you will have the bottle caps neatened by the cap neatening device ,the bottle caps with mouth up will be carried to the caps collecting guideway,

    At the same time ,the bottles come from other equipment of the assembly line will enter the caps collecting area.

    Then the bottles move ahead with clamping by the two sides clamping device, and then the caps will match the bottles automatically.

    After that you will find the cap pressing device will press the caps to the pre-tight state before rotating the caps.

    Finally,under the function of the three pairs of high speed rotating wearable rubber wheels, the caps will match with the bottles tightly.

    31.How to troubleshoot common problems of automatic screw capping machine?

    From the above working principle ,it may not hard for you to operate the automatic screw capping machine.

    Now you will also get the following methods when there is problems occur:

    • If the automatic switch fails due to the operation drift of microswitch or photoelectric switch, you can adjust the operation position of the position switch or photoelectric switch, or change the switch.
    • If you find the starting current caused by the short circuit between the electric grade winding and the shell and the short circuit between the electric idea wiring and the ground wire.
    • On the one hand, you can test the motor, on the other hand, you can check whether the relevant wires are loose.
    • If the acceleration time setting of the capping machine is too short and the electric shock capacity exceeds the capacity of frequency converter, the overcurrent fault during acceleration,you can properly extend the setting time of F001 value, but you still cannot change the capacity of electric at will.
    • If the voltage in operation is too high due to the change of the power supply voltage, you can easily solved it by adding a reactor to the power input or reducing the power supply voltage properly.

    32.What should be considered when purchasing an automatic screw capping machine?

    Nowadays, there are many kinds of capping machines in the market. You will be inevitably confused the first time using a full-automatic capping machines .

    And don't know how to purchase a cost-effective capping machine suitable for your own factory production process?

    Below are the main aspect that you need to take care when purchasing:


    Technical level

    Now the capping machines are all at the level of automation, which can be said to be the same, so how can you judge their quality?

    At this time, you have to compare the technical equipment level.

    It is also controlled by PLC and operated by human-computer interface, but the number and mode of control are very different.

    There will be qualitative differences in the safety, stability, accuracy and sensitivity of the operation of the capping machine.

    Of course, the manufacturing cost and price of the capping machine are also different.

    Bottle type compatibility

    products of bottle unscrambler 3

    You need to check whether the capping machine can meet a variety of bottle types.

    Many pharmaceutical companies will choose to produce products with different packaging specifications and materials.

    In this case, bottle compatibility is very important. If the investment in purchasing multiple equipment is too large, the investment cost of the equipment can be reduced by purchasing a multi-purpose capping machine.

    Production coordination

    In general, the capping machine and the bottle unscrambler, the counting machine, the desiccant inserter, the sealer, and the labeling machine form a linkage production line of several bottles, so the coordination between the production capacity of the capping machine and the production capacity of other packaging machines should be considered.

    In addition, the linkage signal between the capping machine and other equipment should also have good coordination.

    Operating costs

    Buying capping machine equipment is a one-time expense, and after-sales service is a daily expense.

    Many pharmaceutical companies are most concerned about how much they spend on purchasing equipment, and rarely discuss and measure the cost of after-sales service, which is a common omission in equipment procurement.

    When purchasing capping machine equipment, it is necessary to compare the operating cost with the purchase cost.

    Operation cost of capping machine includes: energy consumption (water, electricity, steam, compressed air, etc.), quantity and quality requirements of operators, price and replacement frequency of spare parts and vulnerable parts, cost of after-sales service engineer, service life and depreciation rate of equipment, etc.


    AIPAK APC-D905 High-speed capping machine

    Satisfied after-sales

    In terms of after-sales service, the capping machine you will purchase should have a good reputation in the industry.

    The after-sales service is timely, or the peak period of production.

    If there is a problem in the production of the machine, it can not be solved immediately. The loss can be imagined.

    33. What is a sealing machine?

    Tablet Counting Machine-23-4

    AIPAK APC-M1 Induction sealer

    A sealing machine is a device used for sealing containers filled with packages.

    It is necessary to seal the packaging containers for the sake of preserving the products, maintaining the quality of the products and avoiding the loss of the products.

    34. Which materials can be used for the sealing machine?

    The material of the sealing containers can be polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyester (PET), polystyrene (PS), ABS and glass, etc.


    And you can’t use the sealing machine to seal the metal bottle body and bottle cap.

    35. How many types of sealing machines are there?

    Generally, you will find the sealing machine can be divided into the following two categories as the mechanical properties of the packaging materials vary:

    Flexible container sealing

    The flexible container is a kind of bag container made of flexible materials, such as paper, plastic film and composite film.

    The sealing device of this kind of container is mostly combined with bag making and filling, which is rarely used independently.

    Thus, as the different materials, the sealing device is also different.

    Paper bag sealing device

    This kind of sealing device is mainly used for sealing materials of paper.

    Generally, it is to apply adhesive at the sealing place, and then apply mechanical pressure to finish the sealing.


    Plastic bag sealing machine-Photo credits:Wish

    2.Plastic film bag and composite material film bag sealing device

    As the plastic bag or composite bag is of good thermoplastic and they are generally heated directly at the sealing position and applied with mechanical pressure to make the sealing fusion.

    3.Cup type sealing device

    For example, the common soymilk cup, milk teacup, etc.


    This cup type sealing device is to heat the cup edge to make it sealed with the film.

    Automatic filling and sealing machine

    The automatic filling and sealing machine is mainly used for the filling and sealing of plastic cups, plastic boxes and plastic bottles, corresponding composite film.

    Such as the filling and sealing of frozen, juice, milk, yogurt, beverage, fast food.

    It can be used for filling of liquid and slurry with different viscosity, and packaging containers with different shapes and capacities.

    You may also find types of automatic filling and sealing machine as below:

    Capping sealing machine

    This capping sealing machine is to process the internal thread first, and then rotate the cover, and finally compress the cover on the mouth of the container.

    Rolling seal machine

    The finished product of this kind of sealing machine is mostly made of aluminum, without thread in advance.

    The roller is used to roll the aluminum cap, so that the cap has the same thread shape as the screw thread of the bottle mouth, and then the container will be sealed.

    When the cover is unsealed, it will be broken along the indentation around the skirt and cannot be recovered, so it is also called "anti-theft cover".

    This sealing machine is mainly used for sealing and packaging of high-grade liquor and beverage.

    Rolling edge sealing machine

    This kind of sealing machine is to cover the cylinder-shaped metal cap at the bottle mouth, and then roll the bottom edge with the roller to make it turn inside out of shape, and tightly fasten the flange of the bottle mouth to seal it.

    This machine is mainly used for sealing and packaging of wide mouth cans and bottles.

    Gland sealing machine


    This gland sealing machine is a crown sealing machine specially used for beer, soda and other drinks.

    First you will place the crown cap at the bottle mouth, and press down the capping die, the corrugation of the crown cap is squeezed and shrunk inside, and it is stuck on the flange of the neck of the bottle mouth, causing the mechanical hook between the bottle cap and the bottle mouth, so as to seal the bottle.

    Cork sealing machine

    This kind of sealing material is made of rubber, plastic, cork and other elastic materials.

    It uses its own elastic deformation to seal the bottle mouth.

    When the machine is used for sealing, you need to place the bottle stopper above the bottle mouth, and use the vertical pressure of the bottle stopper to press it into the bottle mouth to realize the sealing and packaging.

    Besides, the pressure plug seal can be used either as a separate seal or as a combination seal together with the bottle cap.

    Curling sealing machine

    This machine is mainly used for sealing metal food cans.

    It uses a roller to curl, hook and compact the periphery of the tank cover and the flange of the tank body to realize the sealing packaging.

    Table type automatic aluminum foil sealing machine

    This induction sealer is mainly used in medicine, pesticide, food, cosmetics, lubricating oil and other industries.

    It is an ideal sealing equipment with fast sealing speed, all stainless steel mold forming shell, easy to use, good sealing quality, continuous work and other characteristics.

    It is suitable for mass production and beautiful appearance.


    Hand-held aluminum foil sealing machine

    The hand-held aluminum foil sealing machine is used for sealing plastic glass and other non-metallic packaging containers in medicine, chemical industry, food, beverage, cosmetics, lubricating oil and other industries.


    Hand-held aluminum foil sealing machine-Photo credits:Wish

    The machine is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction heating.

    It uses high-frequency current to generate a magnetic field through the inductance coil.

    When the magnetic line of force passes through the sealing aluminum foil material, a large number of small eddy currents are generated in an instant, which causes the aluminum foil to heat at high speed, and melts the sol compounded on the aluminum foil, and then pastes it on the sealing object, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid sealing.

    Pneumatic vertical sealing machine

    The pneumatic vertical sealing machine adopts the vertical sealing method, so as to improve the working efficiency of the operator and the flatness of the sealing, and reduce the labor intensity for the overweight objects.

    The machine is reasonable in structure, stable in quality and reliable in performance.

    It can be operated manually and operated by foot.

    It is simple, convenient, efficient and practical.

    It is widely used in chemical, grain, food, feed and other industries.

    Electromagnetic induction sealer

    The electromagnetic induction sealing machine uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to produce high heat on the aluminum foil on the bottle mouth, and then fuse it on the bottle mouth to achieve the sealing function.

    It is fast in the sealing speed and suitable for mass production.

    The electromagnetic induction sealer is the ideal sealing equipment for medicine, pesticide, food, cosmetics, lubricating oil and other industries.

    Tablet Counting Machine-23-4

    AIPAK APC-M1 Induction sealer

    Besides, the sealing machine can be divided into the following common categories according to the application of materials.

    tablet counting machine-25

    Plastic bag sealing machine, milk tea sealing machine, vacuum sealing machine, plastic cup sealing machine, jelly filling and sealing machine, juice beverage filling and sealing machine, instant noodle sealing machine, Babao porridge filling and sealing machine, coffee filling and sealing machine, sand ice cream filling and sealing machine, duck blood filling and sealing machine, nitrogen sealing machine, small vegetable vacuum sealing machine, chili sauce sealing machine, tomato sauce sealing machine, fast food box sealing machine, Guangkou bottle sealing machine, mineral water beverage filling and capping machine, yogurt bottle filling machine and so on.

    36. What are the mains parts of the induction sealer?

    An induction sealer is suitable for the perfect sealing of all kinds of aluminum foil.

    You find the main parts of the induction sealer including:

    Handwheel knob


    The handwheel knob is designed for different height bottles, and you can adjust the induction host when you rotate the handwheel.

    Air-cooled heat sink

    You will find this part is made of five air-cooled heat sink, which is to make sure the foil stick on the mouth of the bottle.


    Main engine

    You can adjust the function keys on the main engine to generate heat for the sealing process.




    The conveyor is made of 304 stainless steel, it is to carry the bottles.

    37. What is the working principle of the induction sealer?

    The technology of electromagnetic induction sealer is an internationally recognized advanced sealing packaging method.

    It has been widely used in high-quality airtight sealing of drugs, food, cosmetics, pesticides, chemical products and other bottled products.

    Tablet Counting Machine-20

    You will find its working principle is to use the eddy current magnetic field produced by electromagnetic contact with metal, then the metal is heated up instantaneously to achieve the practical purpose of magnetic heat conversion.

    The induction sealer is to seal the bottle container with aluminum foil gasket in the bottle cap by induction. When the bottle container passes through the magnetic induction area of the sealing machine, the aluminum foil gasket in the cap will be identified by induction.

    The metal aluminum attached to the gasket will be heated instantly, and the adhesive layer on the gasket will melt to the bottle mouth and adhere to it, that is, a beautiful and firm product has been sealed.

    38.What are the merits of induction sealer?

    Tablet Counting Machine-12

    When you purchase an induction sealer,you will benefit from the following aspects:

    1.High speed sealing

    It can be used with assembly line, suitable for production (sealing) of assembly line mass products.

    2.High-power current

    There are two sets of movement (main board) and two sets of power amplifiers in the machine can output high-power current to meet high-speed sealing;

    3.Automatic feeding

    The equipment is equipped with automatic bottle feeding device, which is more convenient for high-speed production.

    4.High automation

    products of tablet counting machine production line 4

    it can be equipped with automatic aluminum foil free bottle removal device and automatic bottle sealing counter.

    The sealing efficiency is high (0-200 bottles / min), and the sealing quality is good.

    It can start and stop automatically, work continuously, and operate easily.

    5.High stability

    Withall stainless steel mold forming shell,it is  beautiful and generous, stable and reliable .

    6.Non-contact heating

    You will find the non-contact heating make the induction sealer suitable for all kinds of plastic bottles and composite plastic bottle mouth sealing, and it is in line with GMP standards.

    39.How to operate the induction sealer?

    First ,you need to turn on the main power switch,then the power indicator light will be on.

    Then you need to turn on the working switch and let the main engine warm up for a few minutes before entering to the working state.

    While put the bottle with aluminum foil and screwed cap on the conveyor belt,and adjust the centering device on the conveyor belt, so that the centerline of the bottle is consistent with the center line on both sides of the sealing box.


    When the bottle passes through the sealing box from the conveyor belt, the automatic sealing is completed.

    In order to achieve the best working condition,you will need to find out the best process parameters through and record down.

    40.How to troubleshoot common problems of induction sealer?

    You may know that the packaging machinery used for a long time, especially in the case of continuous work and overload, it is easy to have some electrical and mechanical faults.

    Such as the sealing machine: the sealing is not firm, the machine goes and stops, the fuse blows when it starts, the "squeak" occurs during the operation, the temperature cannot be controlled, the finished product bag at the sealing is deformed and bent, the air bubble occurs at the sealing knife or irregular stamping marks, etc.

    Next, you may get the solutions as below.

    1. The sealing is not firm

    The sealing failure is one of the common failures of the continuous sealing machine, which has three meanings:

    • The sealing part of the packaging bag cannot be sealed.
    • Under the pressure of the sealing knife, although the opening of the bag is sealed, the sealing will crack again if the bag is slightly squeezed or torn.
    • When the sealing part is peeled, half of the sealing is firm and half of the sealing is separated, so the sealing quality of the packaging bag is still not good, because the contents are easy to be missed during the storage and transportation.

    This situation often occurs when the composite lining is OPP and blow molded PE.

    Again,you will find the main causes of this faults are as follows:

    (1) Insufficient heat seal temperature


    In general, when the total thickness of the compound bag made of OPP is 80-90 μ m, the heat sealing temperature should reach 170-180 ℃;

    When the total thickness of the compound bag made of PE is 85-100 μ m, the temperature should be controlled at 180-200 ℃.

    As long as the total thickness of the bag is increased, the heat sealing temperature must be increased accordingly.

    (2) Too fast heat sealing speed

    The sealing failure is also related to the speed of the sealing machine.

    If the speed is too fast, and the sealing part is not heated yet, it will be sent to the cold pressing part by the traction roller for cooling treatment, which naturally fails to meet the quality requirements of the heat sealing.

    (3) Improper pressure of cold pressing rubber wheel

    There is one above and one below the cold pressing rubber wheel, and the pressure between them should be moderate.

    And you should only clamp the spring when adjusting the pressure.

    41.How to maintain the induction sealer?

    For longtime service of the induction sealer,you will follow the following steps to maintain and clean the induction sealer:

    1. When it is not used for a long time, you shall empty the material in the pipeline to keep the machine clean and dry.
    1. You shall regularly clean the surface of the machine, the bottom plate, the sliding plate of the lower die, the groove, the internal pressing plate of the upper die and the positioning rod, etc., to keep them clean.
    1. You shall regularly grease the transmission parts such as lower die slide plate, pressure bar bearing, eccentric wheel, guide post and guide rail to ensure the use performance of the machine.


    1. You will get the way of cleaning method of the toothed cutter:

    First you shall plug the two drain holes of the lower die with cotton ball, and pour the boiled water into the groove of the lower die until it is full, then push the lower die slide plate into place, press the upper die down to the lowest point, let the toothed cutter soak for several minutes until it is clean.

    1. You shall pay attention to the high temperature, as the electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine can be divided into two parts: the control box and the handwheel knob.

    The sensor is a device with high precision, high sealing degree and high sensitivity.

    So It is strictly prohibited to impact and overload,and not allowed to contact during the working process,and dismantle it without maintenance.

    That is , you shall regularly check the handwheel knob in the process of work.

    Check whether it is overheated. If it is hot, stop heating and working after cooling (power supply can be maintained).

    You shall also not press the start button on the green indicator light to avoid touching.

    1. You shall check the power plug is loose.

    You shall often look at the mechanical parts to see whether the rotation and lifting are normal In the production, whether there is abnormality, and whether there is screw loose to maintain the normal operation of the production line.

    42.What is a labeling machine?


    AIPAK APC-T1 Labeling machine

    A labeling machine is also can be called labeller ,it is  a device that uses adhesive to stick paper or metal foil labels on the specified packaging containers.

    43.How many types of labeling machine are there?

    Labeling machine is an indispensable part of modern packaging.

    You will find its name varies as its different forms of classification.

    1. According to the different adhesive coating methods, it can be divided into: sticker labeling machine, paste labeling machine,glue labeling machine and hot-melt adhesive labeling machine.
    1. According to the type of products, it can be divided into linear labeling machine and rotary labeling machine.
    1. According to different labeling functions, it can be divided into: face labeling machine, side labeling machine and circle labeling machine.

    Tablet Counting Machine-6

    AIPAK flat labeling machine

    1. According to the degree of automation can be divided into: full automatic labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, semi-automatic labeling machine and manual labeling machine .

    Generally speaking, the labeling machine mainly includes: sticker labeling machine, labeller, round bottle labeling machine, beer labeling machine, semi-automatic labeling machine, labeling machine, full-automatic labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, labeling machine, automatic labeling machine, hot-melt adhesive labeling machine.

    These products can be used for face pasting, single-sided or multi-sided pasting of packages, cylinder pasting, partial or full coverage cylinder pasting, concave and corner pasting, etc.

    44.What are the application of labeling machine?

    As the type varies ,the application of labeling machine varies,you will find :

    1. The top face labeling machine is used to label and film the upper face and the upper arc surface of the workpiece, such as box, book, plastic shell, etc.

    There are two methods of ,rolling labelling and sucking labeling, you to choose the kind of labeling of labeling machine mainly according to the efficiency, accuracy and bubble requirements.


    1. The round bottle labeling machine can stick labels or films on the circular surface of cylindrical and cone-shaped products, such as glass bottles and plastic bottles.

    It can realize the functions of circular, semi-circular, circular double-sided and circular positioning labeling, mainly including vertical labeling and horizontal labeling.

    1. The side labeling machine can be used to label or film the side face and the side arc of the workpiece, such as the cosmetic flat bottle and the square box.

    It can be equipped with the round bottle labeling equipment and realize the round bottle labeling at the same time.

    45.What are the working principle of labeling machine?

    You will get different working principle for different kinds of labeling machine as the following:

    1. Working principle of flat labeling machine

     1) Working principle of full-automatic flat labeling machine

    After the sensor detects the product's process, it sends back the signal to the labeling control system, after the signal is processed by PLC, it sends out the label to attach on the designated position of the product at the appropriate time, the product flows through the labeling device, the label is covered firmly, and that is the labeling action completed.

    2) Working principle of semi-automatic flat labeling machine

    When the sensor detects that the product is in place or steps on it and sends out the product in place signal, the suction head of the suction label drops to label and overlay, and then returns to the original position to absorb the next label, waiting for the next labeling signal, that is the labeling actioncompleted.

    1. Working principle of round bottle labeling machine

    Tablet Counting Machine-20                                               

    AIPAK round bottle side labeling machine

    1) Automatic round bottle labeling machine working principle

    After the bottle splitting mechanism separates the product, the sensor detects the product's passing, it will send back the signal to the labeling control system, and  in the appropriate position the control motor will send out the label and label it on the products.

    The product flows through the labeling device, the labeling belt drives the product to rotate, the label is rolled, then labeling action is completed

    2) Working principle of semi-automatic labeling machine

    When the equipment gets the signal that the product is placed in place, the equipment will automatically separate a label, which will be pasted on the designated position of the product after gluing.

    During the rotation of the product, the label will be pasted and overlaid at the same time.

    After the label is pasted and overlaid on the product, the action labeling is completed.

    3) Working principle of semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine

    1) For single label

    You need to put the bottle at the label position, the bottle will rotate when you turn on the power, and a label will be sent out to label to the bottle.

    2)For double label

    First you need to put the bottle on the label position, then turn on the equipment power to make the bottle rotate, firstly it will send out a label to label the bottle, then the bottle continues to rotate within a fixed time, the labeling machine will send out a second label to label the bottle, and then the front / back label completes labeling at the same time (the interval between the two labels can be adjusted).

    3)For circular positioning labeling

    First you shall put the bottle on the label position and turn on the equipment provides power to let the bottle rotate.

    After the automatic sensor senses the positioning point on the bottle, the device will send a label to the bottle within a certain period of time (the delay time can be adjusted), and the fixed-point labeling is completed.

    4) Manual round bottle labeling machine

    You shall put the bottle at the labeling position and rotate the hand wheel, then send out the label and drive the bottle to rotate, so as to realize the labeling .

    1. Working principle of automatic side + round bottle multifunctional labeling machine

    Tablet Counting Machine-21

    AIPAK APC-T2 multifunctional labeling machine

    1) Labeling on the side of flat bottle

    The working principle is when the sensor detects the product passes through, it will send back the signal to the labeling control system, and the control system will send out the label in the appropriate position and attaches it to the to be labeled product.

    Then the product flows through the labeling device, the label is attached to the product, and the attaching action of one label is completed (for double labeling,the two sides will sent out two labels at the same time).

    2) Round bottle circle single label


    You shall put the product on the conveyor belt first, and it will enter the bottle splitting mechanism to separate the product, and when the sensor detects that the product passes through, it will sends back the signal to the labeling control system, and control the corresponding motor to send out the label in the appropriate position, then paste it on the product to be labeled position, and at the same time, the label is overlaid.

    3) Round bottle circular double label

    The initial working principle of round bottle circular double is the same as that of the round bottle bottle circle single label.

    The difference is that after one label action is completed ,the bottle will continue to rotate.

    Within a certain period of time, the device will send out a second label to attach to the bottle, and the front / back label completes at the same time .

    1. Working principle of semi-automatic arc surface labeling machine


    You will find when the sensor detects that the product is in place or the foot steps on it, the cylinder will push the labeling platform to the labeling position, and the label will be sent out , the labeling platform will move in a circle.

    Then the labeling is covered, and when the label is sent out, and the labeling platform will return back, a labeling process is completed.

    1. Working principle of side labeling machine

    You will find the working principle of full-automatic double side (single side) labeling machine is :

    When the sensor detects the product's passing, it will send back the signal to the labeling control system, and send out the label to the appropriate position , then paste it on the product.

    While the product flows through the labeling device, the label is pasted on the product, and the attaching action of one label is completed.

    46.What are the main parts of an automatic labeling machine?

    Take AIPAK APC-T1 for example ,you find the main parts of an automatic labeling machine includes:

    Human-computer interface

    Tablet Counting Machine-15

    Just like the other machines on the capsule tablet counting line ,the HMI is the most important parts of the automatic labeling machine,you can use it to set parameters,adjust size,error number and it will very directly tell you how to protect the machine.

    Label paper installation section


    From the picture ,you may be easy to understand that this part is to fix the wrapping labels,and it adopts tensioning design to ensure the labeling and coding quality.

    Labeling part


    This labeling part is to make sure the label is tightly adhesive to the bottle,with soft belt it also assist to protect the bottle.

    Blocking cylinder

    Like the other machines,the block cylinder adopts SMC engine ,that has strong force to drive the bottles and give full strength to make the normal operation of the whole line.

    47.What are the advantages of full automatic labeling machine?

    As the labeling machine has such a widely application in so many areas,you may get its various merits to benefit to your mass manufacturing.


    1. The automatic labeling machine has a small volume and a very small floor area, which can save the workshop construction cost.

    Can also be combined with the filling machine to form a complete production line .

    1. If you want to achieve the production value of the automatic labeling machine through manual labeling, you need a large number of employees and workshop area.

    High investment cost and low return.

    And there is no guarantee for the accuracy of labeling.

    If there is no labeling, it needs to be reworked and relabeled, resulting in waste of materials.

    If you use the full-automatic labeling machine, you can work 7 x 24 hours without interruption only with very few human resources and workshop area, with high production efficiency and higher return efficiency.


    At the same time, the labeling accuracy of the automatic labeling machine is also very high, and there is basically no error, saving material costs.

    3.The full-automatic labeling machine is generally made of 304 stainless steel and controlled by PLC, which is easy to operate and clean.

    Corrosion resistant, not easy to rust.

    And the automatic labeling machine is strong and beautiful. It will not fall for a long time.

    4.The automatic labeling machine is widely used in food, daily chemical, electronic, beverage, chemical industry and even cosmetics.

    You can stick barcode, QR code, anti-counterfeiting label and so on.

    48..What are the labeling methods of labeling machine?

    As the product shape varies,you will get to know the different labeling methods as follows:

    1. Suction labeling (or air suction labeling)

    This is the most common labeling technology.

    It is when the label paper leaves the conveyor belt, it is distributed on the vacuum pad, which is connected to the end of a mechanical device.

    When the mechanism reaches the point where the label contacts the package, it contracts back and the label is attached to the package.

    This technology can realize correct labeling reliably and has high precision.

    It is very suitable for the top or side labeling with certain changes in the height of product packages, or for the side labeling of packages that are difficult to move, but its labeling speed is slow and the labeling quality is general.

    2.Blow or suction labeling,some of the operation modes of this technology are similar to those of the above-mentioned suction sticking labeling, that is, the label is placed on the surface pad of the vacuum pad to be fixed until the sticking action begins.

    But in this method, the vacuum surface is fixed, and the label is fixed and positioned on a "vacuum gate", which is a plane with hundreds of holes on it, and the holes are used to maintain the formation of "air jet". These "air jets" blow out a stream of compressed air, which is under strong pressure, so that the label on the vacuum gate moves and it is attached to the packaged goods.

    It is a complex technology with high precision and reliability.

    3.Rubbing labeling

    products of tablet counting machine production line 6

    This method is also called synchronous labeling.

    When labeling and when the leading edge of the label is pasted on the package, the product will take the label away immediately.

    In this kind of labeling machine, this method can be successful only when the speed of package passing through is consistent with the speed of label distribution.

    This is a technology that needs to maintain continuous operation, so its labeling efficiency is greatly improved, and it is mostly applicable to high-speed and automatic packaging production lines.

    Generally, the labeling accuracy of this method is not high.

    49.Which definitions will be used in the labeling machine?

    There is some technical terms used in the production of labeling machine you will find.How do those means?

    You will get the explanation as the following:

    A positive label

    When a label is attached to the packaging container, the deviation between the centerline of the label and its theoretical position is within the specified range, which is called a positive label.

    If there are multiple labels on the same packaging container, the deviation from the theoretical position shall be calculated according to the above definition, which shall be within the specified range.

    Labeling rate

    The labeling rate is the percentage of the number of containers labeled according to the labeling requirements (single label or multi label) and the total number of containers inspected.

    Label loss rate


    The label loss rate is the percentage of the number of labels damaged by the labeling machine and the total number of labels consumed when labeling the inspected packaging containers during the labeling process.

    Positive labeling rate

    The positive labeling rate is the percentage of the number of positive packaging containers and the total number of inspected packaging containers.

    50.What need to pay attention when operating a full automatic labeling machine?

    To improve the efficiency of the labeling machine ,you must pay attention to the following aspects:

    1. You shall check the direction and position of the conveyor belt is conformed.
    2. You shall check whether the placement direction of the goods on the production line and on the automatic labeling machine is consistent.
    3. You need to make sure the product operation and labeling direction is consistent.
    4. You will confirm the output and speed of the production line should keep pace with the machine.
    5. You will need to make the height of the conveying surface suitable.
    6. You shall check whether there are special requirements for the connection mode and interface with other machines of the production line.
    7. You need to make sure whether there is enough space in the packaging production line for the labeling machine.
    8. Last you need to make sure the winding direction of label roll is correct.

    51.How to solve the warping during the labeling process?

    You may follow the below steps when find the warping of the label:

    1.You need to increase the viscosity of the label and try to make the label stick firmly.

    But to achieve this effect, you should following aspects:

    ①You shall improve the surface quality of the pasted products.

    Most of the products have glossy oil on the surface, which will increase the difficulty of labeling, the leakage of the contents, the micro holes in the pipe wall and so on will cause the labels to rise.

    ② You shall control the label pressure during the labeling process of the labeling machine.

    ③ You need to control the temperature during labeling.

    In winter, when the temperature decreases, you can increase the labeling temperature and improve the labeling effect.

    Because with the increase of temperature, the coating of some labels could not ensure the original viscosity at low temperature.

    products of tablet counting machine production line 8

    If the temperature is increased too much, the activity of the substance inside the object will increase, so that the label can be more easily integrated with the products.

    2.You shall try to use the soft label materials, and good label ductility will greatly reduce the warping.

    3.You can change the shape of the label.

    Make the bottom of the label to arc to avoid the tail sealing deformation area as much as possible.

    Of course, the arc can not be opened too deep, otherwise, due to the problems of the label itself, it is easy to cause wrinkles, adding unnecessary trouble.

    4.You can eliminate the influence of static electricity.

    The labeling process of the labeling machine is prone to generate static electricity, which will have an impact on the labeling effect.

    Properly increasing the humidity of the labeling site will improve to some extent.

    The use of ion fans is also an effective solution.

    Surely the labeling machine is equipped with automatic humidity control, which can control the cleanliness of the equipment, keep the labeling away from dust, and improve the labeling quality of products.

    52. How to deal with the situation of label broken ?

    Follow the below steps,you may find the solution of how to seal with label broken.

    1. Label is too tight

    If the finished product label is rewound too tightly, the adhesive in the sticker will be squeezed out and lead to glue leakage.

    The glue will stick on the back of the backing paper to make the whole label not easy to loosen.

    Tablet Counting Machine-13

    This is especially true in summer.

    If the label is relatively narrow, the tensile strength of the base paper per unit area will not be too large. The automatic labeling machine has certain tension in the labeling process.

    When a roll of labels with glue leakage is used for automatic labeling, it is likely that the bottom paper of the label removed will be pulled and broken under the effect of the tension of the labeling machine .

    1. Poor die cutting

    The quality of die-cutting also has a great influence on whether it is easy to break when auto labeling.

    If the die-cutting pressure is too high, the bottom paper will be cut through, which will cause the tensile strength of the bottom paper to decline, and lead to the label breaking.

    1. Label destroyed

    If the release layer of the backing paper (usually silicon oil layer) is damaged, it will also lead to labeling broken.

    This kind of label broken, the fracture surface of the base paper is serrated.

    The reasons for the damage are the defects in the coating process of raw material production.

    While it may be also faults in the process of inspection in the printing factory, or improper techniques.

    53.How to maintain the labeling machine?

    You may follow my below steps to make the daily maintenance of the labeling machine.

    1. You can clean the mechanical parts with detergent (alcohol) and clean cloth, but the parts that cannot be wiped can be blown with compressed air.

    2.When cleaning the non electronic components, you need to  take care not to splash water and detergent on the electronic components.

    If necessary, clean the sensor window with a clean dry cloth.

    3.You shall check whether there are sundries on the rewinder, such as spanner, screwdriver, etc. before power on every day.

    1. You shall observe whether the power supply is normal and whether the power cord is damaged.
    2. You shall make sure nothing can fall into the machine, otherwise it will break down.
    3. The machine shall not work in humid, dusty and polluted environment to avoid shortening the service life of the product.
    4. The Governor shall not be operated at extremely low speed, otherwise the motor and electric appliance are easy to be damaged.
    5. When wiping, you should pay attention to observe whether there are loose screws on the machine. If there are loose places, you should tighten them immediately.
    6. If the equipment is not used for a long time, you need to pay attention to loosen the eccentric shaft of the pressure gauge.
    7. If the equipment is not used for a long time, you need to cover it with the hood distributed by the manufacturer to avoid long-term exposure to dust.

    54.What need to consider when purchasing a labeling machine?

    There are various kinds of labeling machine for various products labeling in the market now ,you may consider the following aspects to choose a good labeling machine:

    1.Speed of labeling machine

    You should determine the speed of purchasing labeling machine in combination with your previous production line.

    Only by comprehensive consideration can they match, so as to achieve real the optimization, rationalization and unification.

    2.Labeling machine degree


    As the labeling process belongs to the last packaging process of the product,the quality of labeling is directly related to the appearance and marketing of the product.

    High labeling accuracy, good printing effect, flat and wrinkle free labels and no blistering are the symbols of the product, otherwise, the product grade will be reduced invisibly.

    3.Stability of labeling machine

    A good labeling machine is only when it has reasonable mechanical structure design, regular arrangement of various lines, stable component structure, and excellent mechanical and electrical quality to ensure the normal operation of the machine under long-term high load.

    And the long-term stable operation of labeling machine can reduce the maintenance cost of users, meet the reasonable production requirements of users.

    In the final analysis, the important factors that affect the labeling quality (speed, degree and stability) of labeling machine are control system and motor system.

    At present, most labeling machine manufacturers in Asia and even in the world use stepping motor combined with PLC program control.


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