Multinational Drug Companies Keep Entering As The Big Needs For Rare Disease Drugs

The rare disease market has a large unmet clinical need, both in China and overseas. Data shows that the global rare disease market has continued to heat up in recent ...

Multinational Drug Companies Entering the Chinese Medicine Market Further Promote the Modernisation of the Industry

Chinese medicine is a great creation of the Chinese nation, a treasure of ancient science in China, and has had a positive impact on the progress of the Chinese nation ...

What Kind Of Crushing Equipment Should Be Used To Crush Hard Materials?

Recently, I saw someone a forum said: "the company trial production of a new variety of API, after drying, the completed material is as hard as stones, with a portable crusher ...
products of crushing machine

Good Development Trends Of Chinese Ultra-fine Crushing Equipment

Since the mid-1980s, China has introduced and digested and absorbed foreign ultra-fine powder processing equipment, after nearly 20-30 years of development, China has been able to independently produce various types ...
products of crushing machine

How To Solve The Internal Speed Difference During The Useage Of Crusher Machine?

Modern crushing machine has good crushing fineness and speed, and good manipulation performance, fineness can be adjusted at will, you can achieve the purpose of controlling fineness by controlling the length ...
empty capsules near me

Empty Capsule Near Me

Empty Capsules Near My Location Introduction As more and more people would like make their own capsules,both online and walk-in empty capsules shops are increasing in number.While you may often ...
Pharmaceutical bottles

How Pharmaceutical bottles Develops and How Should You Choose?

Pharmaceutical bottles have come a long way in a very short time. But what impact does that have on how you make pharmaceutical packaging decisions for your next launch? The ...
Advantages Plastic Bottles

Advantages Plastic Bottles Over Glass Bottles For Drug packaging

The two most common materials used for drug product packaging are glass and plastic,both of which offer their unique share of advantages. Plastic isn't always the first material that you ...
Pharmaceutical Packaging

7 Importance Of Pharmaceutical Packaging In Different Applications You Must Know

Drugs may be distributed in a variety of primary (innermost, touching the drug) and secondary (outermost, visible to the user) pharmaceutical packaging, depending on the requirements of the drug itself ...
All You Need To Know About Capsule

All You Need To Know About Capsule

Capsules are easy access in our daily life,for treating your illness,for your nutrition supplement,for your beauty or skin care,whatever,but do you really know capsules? Now let's begin with questions and ...
NJP 1200D


Capsule Filling Machine

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