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FL300 boiling granulating drier

This company produces the boiling dryer into the explosion protection and the two, their respective applicable to different production technology and production requirement can be meet different production needs.

Within the machine use centrifugal fan to make the bed form the negative pressure, the cold air suction, cold air by coarse effect, and high efficiency filter to remove tiny dust particles, and then into the heat for heating, air to enter air heated to the desired set temperature (using XMT – 192 temperature control instrument set to the required temperature, ma current signal 0-10 to DQ – 100 type electric converter, a proportional to convert from 20 to 100 kpa pressure of steam film adjusted valve) into the hot air, through the gas distribution plate formation gas column gas velocity dozens of meters per second impact material, between gas column in the formation of negative pressure material entrainment up, make whole layers in boiling state formation, and stir to pluck big materials, make the bed is not easy to form a corner, rising moving through the catcher into the fan exhaust, along with the air currents to rise the fine powder of trapped within the catcher, the machine is suitable for flow better dry particulate materials.


  1. Spray, granulate, dry, cool, and finish in the same equipment;
  2. It can realize spray granulation in two ways, and it is easy to disassemble and assemble, and the operation is simple and reliable;
  3. The temperature is automatically controlled to monitor the air inlet, bed and outlet temperature of the fluidized bed at the same time;
  4. The air volume of the blower can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the treated material to achieve the desired vulcanization effect; (5) The bag dust removal system is adopted to ensure a clean and tidy operating environment and convenient recycling of expensive materials.




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