Quad Seal Pouch

Quad seal pouch is in a form of rectangular shape,that its 4 vertical edges are sealed allowing the bag to sit upright on the shelf.The sealed vertical edges does not alllow the pouch to balloon from the middle and the panels of the pouch after filling and stay flat comoared with the bottom sealed pouch.

Nowadays,this type of quad seal pouch is a popular packaging solution for both food and non-food products,as it has the flexibility to store and hold lots of items from many industries.

What’s more,quad seal pouch looks good on the shelf,you will be able to display your brand and company information on the front of the pouch,as it has large space for printing,whereas other pouches with limited space may resort to additional tasting cards to provide details, quad seal pouches offer plenty of space for printing.You can print graphics on the gussets as well as the front and back panels, that will offer even more space for attracting your customers.

Furthermore, the back panel on quad seal pouches does not come with a middle seal, meaning any graphics are uninterrupted.

When choosing a kind of packaging,the most you want may be how well it will protect your products,especially against the effect of oxygen, moisture, and light. While quad seal pouch is normally laminated with PET, aluminium, or LDPE,that provides a fully airtight container that prevents oxygen and moisture from entering once sealed.

Last but not the least,the sturdiness and cubic dimensions of quad seal pouch also make it more easier to stack. This means that when preparing filled pouches for transport,you can easily predict how many bags will fit in each box.

Machines For Quad Seal Pouch

APK-200 Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APK-210Z/240Z Premade Filling Packing Machine

APK-210D/280D Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APKRL-GD-ZK130G Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APKRL-GD-ZK130J Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APKRL-GD-ZK130 Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APKRL200-G Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APKRL200-Y Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APKRL-200C Premade Pouch Filling Machine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes,of course quad seal pouch is highly effective packaging solution for coffee packaging.The versatility,rigid structure and broad space for branding make quad seal pouch most suitable for coffee packaging.

Depending on the product you want to package, there are various types of quad seal pouches you can choose. They include the following:

  • Zipped Quad seal pouch
  • Foiled Quad seal pouch
  • Clear Quad seal pouch
  • Aluminum Quad seal pouch
  • Valve Quad seal pouch

There are three basic materials used in the manufacturing of quad seal pouches include the following:

  • Polyethylene
  • Polyester
  • Aluminum foils

These 3 materials can be combined together.

However, depending in the type of quad seal bag, other materials used include the following:

  • Kraft paper
  • Rice paper
  • Polyamide
  • Aluminum etc.

Of course all kinds of image printing,promoting,and desigining can be printed on quad seal pouch.Also, all types of brand aesthetics can be done for advertisement and awareness purpose.You can not only use a quad seal pouch to display your product image and details but also include some advertisement words.

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