Gusseted Pouch

Guesseted pouch is a variable stand up pouch that traditionally used for tea and coffee,now is growing popular in food,snack and baked industries.As it will allows your package to be displayed vertically or horizontally, giving your retailers more options for shelf display.

Guesseted puch will stand and expand when filled with product,it occupies less space in the store shelf and can be also carried easily from one place to another.

The top of the guesseted pouch is pushed together and then folded down repeatedly until it reaches the section with glue and other sealing material.

Some guesseted pouches own a packaging valve,that is a small circular valve made of plastic.The valve allows oxygen and scent to escape from the pouch and prenent air from going inside the pouch.

Actually,guesseted pouch should be your first choice if you want to package food products or other product you want to keep fresh or longer period of time.

Guesseted pouch can be also divied into two types:side guesseted pouches and bottom gusseted pouches.Side guesseted pouch is normally an old pouch confirguration that often used in coffee industry and many other industry.

Now side guesseted pouches preferred by consumers because of their aesthetic appeal, but also they come with added layers of protective barriers that maintain the quality and the integrity of the product that you package within.

While bottom gusseted pouch is generally larger than side gusseted pouch that can contain larger amounts of product.

Bottom gusseted pouch has more shape and size possibilities than side gusseted pouches because they only have one gusset on the bottom.And it is capable of serving a wide range of purposes that ranges from industrial, pharmaceutical, and household packaging.

Machines For Gusseted Pouch

APK-200 Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APK-210Z/240Z Premade Filling Packing Machine

APK-210D/280D Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APKRL-GD-ZK130G Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APKRL-GD-ZK130J Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APKRL-GD-ZK130 Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APKRL200-G Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APKRL200-Y Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APKRL-200C Premade Pouch Filling Machine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gusseted pouch is very important that makes suitable for use in storage of your products.Some of its features include;

  • They are having plantation patterns that makes it more attractive to potential customers.
  • Easy to fill and seal therefore saves on time.
  • They are portable therefore can be carried easily from one point to another.
  • They can sometime come with valve vacuum or with reclosed zipper.
  • Cost saving; both the production cost, transportation and the maintenance cost are low.
  • Some have windows i.e. Gusseted pouchwith transparent windows.
  • Available in different sizes and customized designs.
  • They are also light, water and air proof.

Gueeeted pouch can be used for packaging a lot of item that including:

  • Medicinesin pharmacies.
  • Bulky items like baked items.
  • Bulk items like beads, marbles, nuts, candies.
  • Pet foods
  • Hardware items
  • Chemical products like fertilizers.

There are many kinds of sealer can be used on guessed pouch that include:

Direct heat sealer;It is the sealer uses constant heat to seal the Gusseted pouch.

Vacuum sealers; this type of sealer involves removing air around your products then sealing it using a vacuum.Now it is ideal for sealing gusseted pouch that are meant for food and medical items like drugs.

While this way well helps in protecting your products from spoilage, corrosion and even oxidation.

Band sealers; this way of sealing is only suitable if your gusseted pouch that is made of thermoplastic materials.

Double impulse sealer; this way includes two heating elements located at the bottom and the top to fuse the material at both sides.It is suitable for heavy duty applications as well as sealing of thicker materials.

Of course,you can customize gusseted pouch like bottom gusseted pouch and side gusseted pouch.

Bottom gusseted pouch is commonly used for the packaging of coffee and pet food.It is much larger and will hold on more product with the same volume of products than that of side gusseted pouch.

Side gusseted pouch is most widely used for packaging of frozen food products, snack foods and dry ingredients.The special feature of gusseted pouch is that it will open up for larger strorage space when filled with products,and it occupies less space for strorage or transportion as it is less box shaped than that of the bottom gusseted pouch.

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