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SWH Series 3D Motion Mixer

This machine is applicable for mixing of powdery and granulate material in pharmaceutical, chemical foodstuff, ligh industry, electronic, mining and metallurgy, national defense industry and scientific research institutes.

This machine is composed of base, governor motor shaft, rotary connecting rod and barrel etc., material barrel is driven by the positive shaft to make complex movement including horizontal move, rotation and roiling etc, which makes the material moved to 3 directions along the barrel, therefore, highly uniform mixing of various material is realized. This machine is a kind of full closed high effcient energy saving mixer without germ and dust. When he material is being mixed, no centrifugal force effect and situation of gravity segregation and laminar accumulation are occurred. In addition, it has larger loading capacity, short mixing time and high efficiency.


  1. The mixer is provided with three-dimensional movement so that the materials complete the process of mutual mixing from the agglomeration status to dispersion status under the actions of flowing , shearing, translational movement and dispersion, even mixing of materials is ensured and the evenness reaches 99.9%. In ordinary mixers, the materials only make simple dispersion and agglomeration movement in the vessel, which is featured by low efficiency and bad mixing quality.
  2. With short mixing time and high efficiency, the effective loading rate of the vessel reaches 80%. (The rate of ordinary mixers in only 40%.)
  3. The machine is low and does not have special requirements for plants, so that investment in basic construction is reduced.
  4. The mixing barrel and machine body driving part can adopt partition installation to meet GMP requirement.
  5. For the SYH-2 model mixer, mixing vessels of various shapes can be placed in the mixing barrel for mixing with convenient use.
  6. Stepless speed adjustment can be realized to facilitate material loading and unloading.
  7. It is featured by long service life and low noise.
  8. Vacuum feeding and lifting machine feeding are avaliable.


Model Barrel volume Max loading volume Max loading weigh Mixing time Spindle speed Motor power Overall dimension Weight
SWH-10 10L 7L 7kg 0-99min 0-22r/min 0.18kw 640*620*55mm 150kg
SWH-25 25L 18L 18kg 0-99min 0-15r/min 0.55kw 900*900*75mm 150kg
SWH-50 50L 40L 40kg 0-99min 0-15r/min 0.75kw 970*950*120mm 300kg
SWH-100 100L 75L 75kg 0-99min 0-15r/min 1.5kw 1200*1600*1500mm 500kg
SWH-200 200L 160L 160kg 0-99min 0-15r/min 2.2kw 1400*1800*1600mm 800kg
SWH-400 400L 320L 320kg 0-99min 0-12r/min 4kw 1700*2100*1850mm 1200kg
SWH-600 600L 480L 480kg 0-99min 0-11r/min 5.5kw 2100*2400*2250mm 1500kg
SWH-800 800L 640L 640kg 0-99min 0-10r/min 7.5kw 2200*2500*2300mm 2000kg
SWH-1000 1000L 800L 800kg 0-99min 0-10r/min 7.5kw 2280*2600*2500mm 2500kg
SWH-1200 1200L 950L 950kg 0-99min 0-10r/min 11kw 2400*2800*2550mm 2800kg
SWH-1500 1500L 1200L 1200kg 0-99min 0-10r/min 15kw 2500*3100*2600mm 3000kg
SWH-2000 2000L 1600L 1600kg 0-99min 0-9r/min 18.5kw 2800*3600*3200mm 3800kg



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