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SEM-100 Series Automatic Soft Gel Capsule Machine

Capsule distributing device, powder discharging device, measuring disc mechanism, capsule filling and sealing mechanism, main drive mechanism and electrical control system.Empty capsule blanking device: it is composed of hopper and conveying pipeline, mainly storing empty capsules, making them enter into capsule distribution device vertically one by one.

  1. Capsule dispensing device: make empty capsules enter into the feeding fork of capsule dispensing device.As the feed fork moves down, six capsules are sent each time and the rubber cover is opened.Meanwhile, the vacuum separation system slides the capsule into the module to separate the cover body.
  2. Powder blanking device: The automatic soft gel capsule machine is composed of powder bucket, powder bucket screw, blanking conveying pipe, etc., mainly to control the powder stored into the measuring plate under the action of screw and stirring.
  3. Measuring disc mechanism: the measuring disc specification matched according to the capsule specification and loading quantity.The powder is filled and compacted five times in the dosing tray with intermittent rotation and pushed into the capsule of the lower module.
  4. Capsule filling and sealing mechanism: when the lower capsule body of the medicine column capsule is pushed, the rubber cap of the upper and lower modules and the lower capsule body are pushed up to make them buckle.
  5. The main transmission mechanism in the box: the box through the motor, box type of intermittent rotation mechanism, gear pair, deceleration, CAM pair and chain transmission mechanism to complete the power required for the implementation of work, at the same time, frequency conversion motor to achieve frequency conversion speed regulation function.
  6. Electrical control system :PLC system control display capsule filling process components.Principle of the automatic soft gel capsule machine the main principle of automatic capsule filling machine is that when the machine is running, the capsules in the capsule funnel go into the first fork of the distribution device vertically.When the fork is lowered, six capsules are sent out at the same time and covered with a rubber lid. At work, the vacuum separation system slides the capsule into the module and removes the cap at the same time. When the rotating plate rotates intermittently to the second work piece, the upper gauge rises rapidly and moves inward.

In the fifth work, the filling rod pushes the compacted charge column into the capsule in the lower mold chamber, and in the eighth work, the unseparated capsule is not included. The upper and lower modules are placed in the tenth working position, pushing up the lower capsule to make it buckle.At the 11th station, the finished capsule products are launched and recycled.At station 12, the vacuum cleans the module and enters the next cycle.The column was filled and compacted five times in the intermittent rotating measuring tray.


  1. Button switch + full digital display.Stable and reliable operation.
  2. Computer control, the system USES stepping motor subdivision technology, bag making precision is high, the error is less than 1 mm.
  3. Automatic tracking of color standard, intelligent elimination of false color standard, automatic completion of packaging bag positioning and length fixing.
  4. Heat sealing dual way temperature control, intelligent temperature control, good thermal balance, ensure the quality of sealing, suitable for a variety of packaging materials.
  5. Intelligent photoelectric color calibration position control system.
  6. Adopt the latest shaker cup adjustment device, which can adjust the packaging capacity at any time during the operation of the machine, reduce material loss and improve work efficiency.
  7. Automatic completion of measurement, bag making, filling, sealing, printing batch number, cutting and counting all work; Automatically complete the packing of particle, fluid and semi-fluid, powder, tablet and capsule.


Roller dir rated speed
Roller die size
Single piston feeding volume
Power supply
380V 50Hz 9.5kw/220V 2kW
380V 50Hz 12.8kw/220V 2.6kW
380V 50Hz 12.8kw/220V 2.9kW
Net weight



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