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FL Series Fluidized Granulating Drier

Pharmaceutical industry: tablet, capsule, low sugar or no sugar granule of Chinese medicine Foodstuff: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, juice of granulate, flavoring and so on. Other industries: pesticide, feed, chemical fertilizer, pigment, dyestuff and so on. Pharmaceutical industry: tablet.

The powder granule the container (fluidization bed) appear the state of fluidization, It is preheated and mixed with clean and heated air. At the same time the solution of adhesive solvent is fogged and sprayed into the container. It makes the some particles become granulating that contains adhesive. Being of unceasing dry through hot air, the moisture in the granulating is evaporated and the adhesive is solidification. The process is carried out continuously. Finally it forms ideal, uniform and porous granules.


1.Because of powder Granulating, the flow property is improved and the dust is reduced;
2.Because of powder Granulating, its solving property is improved;
3.The mixing, Granulating and drying can be completed in one step inside the machine;
4.The operation of equipment is safe because the antistatic filtering cloth is adapted;
5.The operation personnel can not be damaged if explosion is taken place because there is releasing hole;
6.The equipment has no dead corner. Therefore the loading and unloading are quick and light and clean. It can meet the requirements of GMP.



Model FL-60 FL-120 FL-200 FL-300 FL-500
Container Volume 220L 420L 670L 1000L 1500L
Diameter 1000mm 1200mm 1400mm 1600mm 1800mm
Capability Min 30kg 80kg 100kg 150kg 250kg
Max 90kg 160kg 300kg 450kg 750kg
Fan capacity 3000m³/h 4500m³/h 6000m³/h 7000m³/h 8000m³/h
pressure 950mm h2o 950mm h2o 950mm h2o 950mm h2o 950mm h2o
power 11kw 18.5kw 22kw 30kw 45kw
steam expenditure 141kg/h 211kg/h 282kg/h 366kg/h 451kg/h
compressed air expenditure 1m3/min 1.1m3/min 1.1m3/min 1.5m3/min 1.5m3/min
steam pressure 0.3-0.6mpa 0.3-0.6mpa 0.3-0.6mpa 0.3-0.6mpa 0.3-0.6mpa
temperature Adjustable at the range from room temperature to 120℃
working time Decided in accordance with the properties of raw materials
field ≥99% ≥99% ≥99% ≥99% ≥99%
noise When installation,main machine is separated from fan
size 1.85*1.4*3mm 2.2*1.65*3.3mm 2.34*1.7*3.8mm 2.8*2.0*4.0mm 3*2.25*4.4mm
weight of the main body 1100kg 1500kg 1500kg 1800kg 2000kg



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