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Model RXH Series Hot Air Circulating Drier

It’s applied for drying and dehumidification of material in such trades as pharmaceutical, chemical foodstuff, light industry, heavy industry etc., as well as heating and dehumidification of product, including raw medicines, original medicines, doses, traditional Chinese medicine tablet, powder, granulate, electuary, ball packing bottle, pigment, dyestuff, dried vegetable, food, plastic resin, electric clement and baking finish etc.


  1. Most hot air is circled inside the oven, high heat efficiency, save energy. 
  2. Equipped with forced ventilation and adjustable air distribution plates. 
  3. A wide selection of heat source such as steam, hot water, electricity, far infrared, etc. 
  4. Low machine noise, balance running process, automatic temperature control system, easy installation and maintenance. 
  5. Inside wall is stainless steel, outside wall is carbon steel (with nice cover painting). 
  6. Wide application.Such as food, vegetables,fruits,fish,shrimp,sea cucumber etc.




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