• All Sizes of Capsule Available

  • High Productivity & Easy Operation

  • High Efficient & GMP Standard

New research and development CGN208-D2 Pellet Capsule Filler Machine

The product is special capsule loader which is suitable for medium and small pharmaceutical factory, hospital preparation lab, etc. The machine is adopted programmable control system, touch panel operation, step-less transudation speed-shift, and electronic automatic counter. It can automatic complete the action of position, separation, filling, locking, etc. The dosage is accurate, and the operation is convenient. The overall machine is made of stainless steel, and it is suitable for the capsule which is filled with powder and grain.


  1. It is suitable for filling powder, granules, pellets, tablets material in pharmacy and healthy food industry.
  2. The Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine has independent empty capsule feeding 
    station,powder feeding station and capsule closing station.
  3. The machine adopt variable speed control,the operation is very easy.
  4. The machine body and working table adopt S.S.304 material, meet the requirements of GMP.


Warranty 1 Year/12 Months
After-sale Engineers available to service machinery overseas
 Product Name Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine 


Capsule Filling Machine 
 Applicable Capsules # 000/00/0/1/2/3/4/5
 Filling Material Powder/Tablet/Pill/Pellet
 Material Stainless Steel
 Power Supply 380/220V  50Hz
 Total Power 2.12kw
 Capacity Of Air Compressor 0.1 m³/min
 Function Empty Capsule Filling
 Application Health Care Products/Hospitals/Laboratories



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