High Efficient Granulator Machine

Easy To Operate

Simple Structure

Meet GMP requirement

AIPAK Granulator Machine

AIPAK Granulator Machines are high-efficiency equipment that can mix different powder materials and granulate granule in one procedure.They are widely used for pharmaceutical industry,foodstuff industry and chemical industry,etc.

All AIPAK Granulator Machines feature novel and reasonable structure,stable and reliable performance,easy maintenance and cleaning.


AIPAK Granulator Machines

HLSG Series High Speed High Shear Mixer Granulator

HLSG Series High-Speed High Shear Mixer Granulator has consistent programmed technology(main-machine interface if option selected) and can be assured of stability in quality.

as well as easy manual operation for convenience of technological parameter and flow progress.

Adopt frequency Speed Adjustment

Easy To Operate

Simple Structure

Model YK-160 Swing High Shear Mixer Granulator

Model YK-160 Swing High Shear Mixer Granulator is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, and foodstuff trades etc.

It can make wet powdery material into granulates or crush block dry material, as well as carry out speedy granulation.

Adopt frequency Speed Adjustment

Easy To Operate

Simple Structure

FL Series Fluidized High Shear Mixer Granulator Drier

FL Series Fluidized High Shear Mixer Granulator Drier has been widely used in the pharmaceutical industry: tablets, capsules, low sugar or no sugar granules of Chinese medicine Foodstuff: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, juice of granulates, flavoring, and so on.

Other industries: pesticide, feed, chemical fertilizer, pigment, dyestuff, and so on.

Safe Operation

Meet GMP requirement

Improved Solving Property

KZL Series High Speed High Shear Mixer Granulator

KZL Series High-Speed High Shear Mixer Granulator is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, and foodstuff industries with good effect.

KZL series high-speed granulator has a rationally designed sieve and link and can crush a block of fragile material, besides.

Easy To Dismantle And Assemble

Easy To Clean

Meet GMP requirement

Model ZL Rotating High Shear Mixer Granulator

Model ZL Rotating High Shear Mixer Granulator is the ideal equipment used in such trades as pharmaceuticals, foodstuff, irruptive dosage chemicals, solid beverages, and so on, especially for material with high viscosity.

It can make the required granule from agitated materials.

High Efficient Guanulated

Beauty Appearances of the Guanules

Automatic Discharging

GK Series Dry High Shear Mixer Granulator

As a new piece of equipment that utilizes the crystallized water in the material to pelletize the powder into granulate, this GK Series Dry High Shear Mixer Granulator features a novel and reasonable structure, stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance, and cleaning.

Granulates made by the machine can be pressed into tablets or capsules.

High In Operation Efficiency

Low in Cost

Simple And Reliable

GHL Series High Speed High Shear Mixer Granulator

GHL Series High-Speed High Shear Mixer Granulator is a high-efficiency equipment that can mix different powder materials and granulate granules in one procedure.

It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry chemical industry, etc.

Reasonable Structure

Meet GMP requirement

Strict Safe and Protective Measures

The Buyer's Guide

High Shear Mixer Granulator:the Complete FAQ Guide in 2024

Do you want to turn your fine powder with a heterogeneous mixture into a uniform granulation in a short time?

Today I will introduce one machine that will not only help you realize the homogeneous mixture but also make you have high-density granules with excellent flow and compression characteristics.

It is a high-shear mixer granulator.

Reading through this guide, you will get everything including advantages, working principles, classification, and FAQ about this equipment before making your purchase.

Now, let’s drive to the subject directly.

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    1. What does High Shear Mean?

    In physics, High shearing in continuum mechanics refers back to the incidence of a shear strain, that is a deformation of a cloth substance wherein parallel inner surfaces slide beyond one another. It is brought on through a shear pressure within the material.

    2. What is High Shear Granulation?

    High shear granulation is a forming way for granulation that has been improved for application in the drug or pharmaceutical business.

    A sticky fluid is taken into the powder particles in a shut compartment with mixing apparatuses and a chopper.

    Thick granules are shaped through the fluid and strong extensions that outcome. For ideal taking care of and further handling of an item.

    High shear granulation in a shut compartment with mixing instruments driven from above or beneath has for quite some time been applied by the drug business.

    The mechanical impact of the mixing instruments independent of whether in clusters or constant activity makes a denser granulate. Later on, the fluid bed process is being run.

    Initially, the granulation fluid was filled into the item. Today, an improved dosed dispersion utilizing a shower spout is favored to acquire an all the more even crush.

    The granules are recognized by a minimized structure and high mass thickness. They have great stream attributes and can be ideally squeezed. For different applications in drugs and related businesses.


    Schematic Diagram High Shear Mixer Granulation

    3. Are there any different Granulation Types? 

    Different types of granulation process

    The technique of granulation for making granules from a Strong material or granules is utilized to deliver a granular material in drug ventures.

    The granulation cycle is extensively grouped into two kinds for example wet granulation and dry granulation.

    Granulation is the collecting strategy of molecule development; it is one of the main unit tasks in the assembling of drug measurement structures, especially capsules and tablets.

    By using the granulation process fine powder is changed into freely moving granules which are easy to compress and use later on as well.

    Nonetheless, granulation has different difficulties as far as substance consistency and physio-synthetic properties, for example, dampness, mass thickness, comprehensibility, granule size, hardness, porosity, and so forth, because of the great prerequisite of the framed granules.

    Different types of the granulation process

    Granulation Types and Techniques

    The granulation strategy is partitioned into two sorts: dry granulation and wet granulation.

    Wet granulation technique:


    Wet granulation -Photo Credit:pharmaexcipients

    Having lots of advantages over the other available techniques, the wet granulation strategy is one of the most generally utilized cycles in the drug business to make strong capsules or tablets.

    In this cycle a combination of powder particles is made utilizing a granular fluid, the fluid contains an unpredictable dissolvable that is eliminated by drying and they are non-harmful. There are three sections in the wet granulation measure wetting the powder, nucleation, and agglomeration.

    Aqueous granulation 

    Aqueous granulation utilizes water as a dissolvable. It incorporates filtering, blending, and granulation in a Rapid Mixer Grinder with watery folio mixture, drying in a Fluid Bed Dryer or Processor, processing utilizing a Multi-plant or Co-mill, and lastly blending in a blender appropriate for the undertaking. It is a steady cycle appropriate for profoundly stable atoms, especially for portions of higher qualities. 


    Natural solvents are being used in the nonaqueous wet granulation technique. As clarified before this, a few particles are touchy to temperature and dampness, and not appropriate for dry blending.

    These medications will in general frame a high unit level of the detailing made utilizing non-watery granulation utilizing natural solvents like Isopropyl liquor, Dichloromethane, and Chloroform as a cover mixture.

    As you also know safety is also a must in the process and any gear utilized must be flame repellent and arranged in a devoted territory, and all security measures clung to.

    Given the properties of the medications, a nonaqueous and aqueous granulation cycle can likewise be created utilizing a liquid bed processor through an approved formula, bringing about a process duration decrease.

    Dry granulation strategy: 

    The strategy of dry granulation is a sort of granulation that is generally utilized in conditions where the viable medication portion for direct pressure is excessively high, and the medication is receptive to dampness, and heat.

    In this technique, granules are set up without utilizing the liquid of granulation and there are two different ways to accomplish minimization when utilizing dry granulation: roller compaction and slugging.

    The strategy of dry granulation can be done with a unique instrument called a roller compactor, In granulation these can be taken out and is proper for tablet compression.

    Dry mixing 

    Wet granulation technique

    Dry blending incorporates filtering, blending (drug + building specialists binder), last mixing (oil powders), and pressure.

    Through this cycle, to accomplish a great quality tablet, the dynamic fixing just as the excipients, for example, bulking agent and sticking material should uphold uniform blending, great mass thickness, and great properties.


    Slug-De-Slug utilizes tablet pressure machines to filter, blend (drug + building specialists binder), slug, factory, size, blend (disintegrants), last mix (ointments), and pack. Compression machines are used for making slug, squashed utilizing multi-plant with wanted screens, going through sifters, and blending in with greases utilizing blenders.

    The inconvenience of this strategy is that it has undeniably additional handling steps and is a time-consuming process. 


    Compaction is pretty much like the Slug-De-Slug and roller compacter is used to accomplish that. The powder is taken care of into the rollers from the hopper which contains a winding drill to take care of the powder into the compaction zone.

    Compaction happens between the rollers, delivering pieces. Aggregates are screened or processed during the production into granules utilizing the proper screen size.

    Granules are then blended in with oils utilizing blenders. Compacting is utilized in the production of straightforwardly compressible excipients, medications, and medication definitions, just as the granulation of inorganic materials, dry home-grown materials, and quick/continued delivery details.

    Favorable circumstances incorporate lower measure times and consistency in granules' molecule size circulation when contrasted with granules delivered by the slug-de-slug method.

    4. Why do we need Wet Granulation?

    This wet type of granulation changes the characteristics of the mixture formulation to overcome the deficiencies in the tablets. Granules shaped are moderately more circular than the powders and have better-flowing properties.


    The improved ability of compressing powders coming because of the wet granulation method permits the utilization of less pressure during the compression process. This lessens machine wear and consequently improves the span of the machine.

    The cycle utilizes customary excipients and in this manner isn't reliant on the consideration of exceptional evaluations of excipients.

    Wet granulation is also chosen because it has good uniformity, specifically for the pharmaceutical low dose. 

    During preparing, moving, dealing with, or potential storage, prompting decreased group changeability wet granulation protects the separation of the parts of the homogeneous powder.

    Wet granulation-produced tablets are agreeable to post-handling unit activities, for example, tablet covers.

    Decreasing the degree of residue is another quality of the wet granulation, which is present during assembling. In this manner decreasing the frequency of other wastes and danger to laborers. 

    Wet granulation decreases the measure of air ensnarement in this manner expanding the powder's ability to compress. 

    5. What is a High Shear Mixer Granulator?

    Machines utilized during wet blending, keeping the similarity, crushing, and drying of powder in compounds, food and refreshment, plastic, restorative, drug, and general blending enterprises called High Shear Granulator.

    The High Shear Mixer Granulator is intended to upgrade the wet granulation method. Used to transform a fine powder different combination into a fine and same granulation, with expanded molecule size and higher thickness, offering legitimate stream and hardness properties, in a brief time frame method and with the ability to repeat it again and again.

    High Shear Mixer Granulator

    AIPAK High Shear Granulator

    The most important parts of the machine are:

    • Either a cone-like or tube-shaped blending drum,
    • An impeller with 3 cutting edges
    • Essential chopper
    • Supplementary chopper
    • Engine
    • Release pot

    Quick blender granulators can be commonly arranged into two classes, which are horizontal and vertical axis, and you can work with them either in batches or continuously.

    High-thickness granules are produced by this three-blade machine because it mixes them very well.

    Shear Granulators are generally utilized in agrochemical, cleanser, and drug enterprises because of their capacity to oversee troublesome feed details, including fine durable powders and high-consistency cover liquids. 

    6. What is the Application of a High Shear Mixer Granulator?

    High shear Mixer Granulator is used to combine numerous elements and make the granules earlier than condensing.

    It is used in the course of many strategies of producing granulating of the powder inside the Pharmaceutical enterprise, chemical enterprise, beauty production enterprise, normally dry and moist blending enterprise.


    All additives of the machine are protected or covered with stainless steel and are sturdy too. All gadget additives may be accessed speedily for correct preservation and cleaning.

    All additives are connected so superbly that the setup method may be simplified. The predominant utility regions for fast mixer granulators are chemical enterprises and pharmaceutical enterprises.

    They are used to fabricate pills and different drugs. Where because it additionally has some other packages like.

    • Pharmaceutical
    • Foodstuff
    • Cosmetic
    • Chemical
    • Ceramic
    • Feedstuff

    7. Which Materials Can You Process with a High Shear Mixer Granulator?

    You can utilize a high-shear mixer granulator to mix both dry and wet powders,  the machine has the functionality of performing this function in a wide range of the scope by even changing the pressure area.


    Also, this kind of granulation machine is an ideal alternative for profoundly strong and cohesive material.

    8. How many types of High Shear Mixer Granulator are there?

    On the off chance that you are searching for the different sorts of Rapid Mixer Granulators (RMG) or High Shear Mixer Granulators that exist, you may think that it's hard to choose which one to pick.

    Be that as it may, as your accomplice in helping you through the way toward choosing the best high-shear mixer, there has been a portion of the variables you need to consider in choosing the best sort of blending machine for your mechanical or drug needs.

    The dosing framework types


    AIPAK HLSG Series High-Speed Wet Mixing Granulator

    Guarantee to check the dosing framework type that is set up in your granulator machine. check for it if it is auto or manual. Does it incorporate a sticking solution or powder-dosing framework? whatever you feel can help you must choose that one out of them.  In any case, you need to place as a top priority the reason for buying the blender machine in any case. 

    The impeller cutting edge blade type and design

    The granulation cycle effectiveness is controlled by the plan that the impeller cutting edge conveys. A common homogenizer blender principally has various quantities of cutting edge blades which can go up to three in some granulator machines.


    AIPAK KZL Series High-Speed Granulator

    One more reason you have to keep in that is the plan and the positioning of the impeller cutting edge as they are of similarly extraordinary importance.

    Ordinarily, in shear Mixer Granulator or Rapid Mixer Granulator, the impeller tip positioning is sidelong to encourage the likelihood of dead spots. The main purpose of the impeller is to blend and frame granules.

    Additionally, the speed of rotation of the homogenized blender relies upon the detail of the machine including the design as well.

    Impeller positioning 


    AIPAK GHL Series High-Speed Mixer/Granulator

    Shear Mixer Granulators are categorized based on use; there is one production-styled or research-center style of high-shear blender.

    Research center style Rapid Mixer Granulators are fundamentally utilized in the homogenization of the material utilized in making various medications and granules in the drug business.

    On the other hand, production-style Shear Mixer Granulators are used in the manufacturing industries.

    9. What are the Advantages of High Shear Mixer Granulator?

    High Shear Mixer Granulator is not many separate devices, it is a single device used for multiple reasons like Mixing-Granulating-Drying.

    Whatever the ingredient in the machine this device can be used for the uniformity of the mixture. This machine has the ability of uniform distribution.

    Advantages of High Shear Mixer Granulator

    With less mixing time and as well as granulation time you can achieve the results of the granules that you like for your product by using the high-shear mixer granulator.

    The gentle process can be the other reason for the uniformity in high-shear mixer granulation.

    The other uniqueness of this machine is the good working limit of up to 80% to 30% of bowl volume.

    Having many of the applications and choices when you are going to buy this machine is also an advantage.

    The ability to do the machine up and down in many machine sizes.

    The total automation of the high shear granulation makes it easy to use and handle without even using any human force.

    High Shear Mixer Granulator has been designed to meet the requirements of the cGMP standards which is quite known for maintaining the standards in the machines.

    Intended to check spillages and protect cross-defilement and likewise planned with inbuilt safety checks.

    The eventual outcome of better quality is due to low steady loss, lower drying temperature, and time.

    10. Are there any disadvantages of the High Shear Mixer Granulator?

    A high-shear mixer could have these disadvantages:

    1. High-shear granulators produce less compressible granules when contrasted with low-shear granulators.
    2. Contrasted with the less shear granulator high shear granulator creates less compressible granules.
    3. Working conditions have a limited scope with this machine.
    4. Huge estimated lumps could be one of the possibilities just because of the over-wetting of granules.
    5. Thermolabile materials could be synthetically debased because of high temperatures.
    6. Mechanical debasement can occur if there are no good parts used in the machine

    11. What are the Main Components of High Shear Mixer Granulator?

    The quantity of parts of a high-shear mixer machine differs starting with one unit and then onto the next.  There are many factors on which it depends.

    Thus, it is a bit hard to explain all the components of the machine. But, you can understand the general parts from here.

    However, before explaining these components of the machine, it is consistently important to guarantee that you check critical parts of the machine while purchasing High Shear Mixer Granulator.

    It is an impressive way to ensure that you get something that fits your particular requirements.

    So now we should look at those components! 


    Mixing Impeller

    To be honest, this is the vital part of a high-shear blender.

    It is generally a segment that assists with transforming energy effectively from the engine to the item to deliver a required impact in the briefest time conceivable.

    In different cases, it is known as an agitator with sharp edges.

    Mixing the impeller is an essential component, it is the thing that does the blending manually.

    Reality is the decision of the machine’s impeller exclusively relies upon the kind of usage.

    What it infers is that they have interesting shears thus it is obvious that they will deliver diverse liquid stream designs, which regardless, is required.

    As of now, we have various blending impellers that you can use in this machine.

    What you should comprehend is that an acceptable material stream plays a huge function in deciding the successful execution of the cycle.

    Significantly, is to realize that impellers come in various sorts.

    It is therefore a sign that you should anticipate that your machine should have a unique liquid stream design. 

    In any case, all these various sorts of blending impellers fall into two principal classes;

    a) Axial Flow

    Those that produce an up-and-down design are called Axial flow impellers.

    They are reasonable for different applications.

    Just when these cutting edges are mounted in the mid. This stream-design impeller produces a remarkable start-to-finish movement.

    b) Radial Flow

    The other way around, side-to-side stream design is called radial flow impellers.

    This movement is likewise valuable in expanding disturbance inside, but are you aware of why?

    This is because it assists with limiting the vortexing and spinning movement inside the machine.

    Cylindrical mixing drum/bowl 

    It is seen from the proposed name, that the blending drum is the chamber or compartment which holds the items during mixing. Without any doubt, they are available in various sizes and limits relying upon different factors also depending on the choice of the client.

    All things considered, this drum is tube-shaped which is such a great amount of significance in any part of this sort of mass blending.

    For the purpose of certainty, the round and hollow shape helps keep the ingredients moving so that toward the end it delivers a homogeneous result. It is made of a strong material which additionally doesn't appear to respond with numerous components.

    Moreover, the cutting edges are joined to the inside surface of this drum. So that it makes it workable for the blending move to take place successfully at whatever point this drum is rolling.

    The development of this machine likewise makes it feasible for a fairly dependable and quicker blending of various materials.

    Besides, the round and hollow shape additionally doesn't have corners that materials can stow away or stick on to along these lines expanding productivity.

    Multiple choppers

    These are vessels that contain a few sharp edges utilized for moving the combination of materials to break down, emulsify, or scatter the particles.

    In a high-shear mixer granulator, the different choppers are fixed on the blending holder, it is in the middle of the furrows.

    Generally, the blending choppers can have different sharp edges or still, they can simply be basic as long as they are powerful.

    All things considered, the quantity of cutting edges that a numerous chopper needs is reliant on the particular sort of use.

    Since they help to deflect the arrangement of irregularities in the combination offered, they break all the materials into better particles.

    Likewise, you have to realize that it is not difficult to control different choppers during blending by turning its engine on and off as needed.

    Discharge port

    Eliminating the granules from the blending compartment is done by this part of the high-shear mixer granulator.

    Preferably, this is vital because it permits you to helpfully eliminate the result from the blending bowl.

    Expectedly, the area of the release port is at the lower part of the vault.

    This is the most appropriate spot since it helps in ensuring that all substances are released from the blending chamber.

    It is additionally the best spot for this specific part since it facilitates the cleaning of the blender by rapidly depleting off the undesirable messy remainders.

    The pneumatic chamber works the release port.

    This is essentially such a packed air-controlled chamber.

    It helps in opening and closing the port.

    The motor to drive the impeller 

    For changing the electric energy into mechanical and motor is being used in a device.

    So when you notice the impeller blending and separating the materials simply realize that it acquires its energy from the engine or in other words motor.

    Engine is consequently a fundamental part because incredibly, it decides if the general result will be suitable or not.

    That is actually from the viewpoint of launching the whole blending measure by running the impeller.

    Even though, you have to realize that the size of the engine and its capacity limit decide the size of the impeller it can drive.

    That is why you need to be specific with regard to choosing the engine that requires driving the impeller.


    Chopper and Impeller

    Spray nozzle for binding liquid

    A shower spout or nozzle, for this situation, explains a part that helps the spreading of liquid into a splash.

    However, at that point, the reason for the splash spout will in general be unique.

    Principally, it upgrades the surface region of the fluid which is essential when blending various materials.

    The high-shear mixer granulator consists of a lot of air.

    This makes it generally unsatisfactory to utilize air atomizing showers since there will in general splash the fluid on the machine as opposed to the material.

    For that reason, the splash spout that you use to tie fluid is a key part that you shouldn't ignore while evaluating the important components of this machine.


    Spray Nozzle

    Compressed air

    This isn't intrinsically an equipment part, yet it is a huge component that makes it workable for successful granulation to happen.

    Generally, this specific air is viewed as a fundamental reason for driving such a blending machine.

    A prominent fact about compacted air is that it helps you in ideal performance in an environment that has some high-degree solvents.

    Control system

    Presently, this is additionally the other huge part of a high-shear mixer granulator machine that you should be aware of.

    This part of the machine you will consistently utilize frequently at whatever point you are working the machine to blend ingredients.

    Essentially, the control framework includes some of the incorporated systems for working the machine's activity during blending. It also has a touchpad that displays the screen.

    A portion of these highlights help in encouraging the hand-off of orders to manage the various boundaries of this specific machine.

    Furthermore, along these lines, it turns out to be so natural, quick, and advantageous to blend the various materials and end up with the best quality eventual outcome with the help of a high-shear mixer granulator.

    12. How does the High Shear Mixer Granulator work?

    There are four major steps for the granulation while using the high-shear granulator.


    Working of High shear granulator-Photo credit: sparkfilterpress

    Process 1: Material filling in Granulating or mixing Drum

    Which sort of granulator you are utilizing decides the Stacking of the materials into the granulating bowl.

    For a manual fast blender granulator, you should stack the materials physically.

    In simple words, open the front of the blending drum, and fill the powder at that point shut.

    Normally in the auto machine, the material is filled automatically in the granulating machine.

    It's just a game of pressing a button of the high-shear mixer granulator, the powder will enter into the drum naturally.

    It is a completely mechanized cycle where it just stops in the wake of arriving at the necessary level. 

    Process 2: Beginning of mixing

    The fumes valve will be opened right after effectively filling the material and the blockage of the vacuum valves takes place.

    Afterward, both the impeller and chopper will do their functions and will start to turn.

    You can control the system for example turning speed of high shear mixer chopper and impeller using the control system discussed in the previous part.

    The plan of this framework is with the end goal that the impeller and chopper turn in inverse ways.

    By doing this, you can undoubtedly get homogeneously mixed powder.

    Keep in mind, the activity of the impeller and chopper delivers a returning and digressive development.

    During this cycle, fluidization of granules happens bringing about similarity in the blending.

    The cycle is with the end goal that the powder will reliably move from the focal point of the granulation bowl to the edge.

    Keep in mind, that during this cycle, the powder won't stick to the hardened steel drum of the granulator.

    Process 3: Adding binder into the mixture

    In this phase of high shear granulation, the framework consequently turns ON the showering spout, which will thus splash the cover arrangement onto the granules that are in persistent irregular movement.

    With the assistance of packed air close by the help of a pump, restricting fluid will unequivocally course through the blender granulator showering spout.

    At this progression of granulation, the accompanying cycles happen simultaneously:

    Impeller and chopper rotation at a pre-decided speed.

    Showering of cover arrangement/granulation fluid.

    Granules under mechanical shear power move haphazardly inside the granulation bowl.

    Now, the powder will begin to agglomerate into granules.

    The cover arrangement will make the granules wet subsequently creating huge lumps.

    It is the cutting edge of the chopper that will decrease them to the necessary sizes.

    When you accomplish granules with appropriate thickness and sizes, the high shear granulator can release the item.

    Process 4: Discharging the Granules

    An automatic system will also turn off the nozzle spray.

    As a result, the speed of the impeller will decrease too.

    At that point, the high-shear blender will open the release opening.

    It follows that, as the high-shear blender granulator speed lessens or decreases, the granules enter the processing chamber.

    The processing machine will at that point decrease the size of the wet granules after which you can take them to the drying chamber for the next cycle.

    13. What is the difference between the Vertical High Shear Mixer Granulator and the Horizontal High Shear Mixer Granulator?



    AIPAK Vertical and Horizontal High Shear Mixer Granulator

    Horizontal High Shear Mixer Granulator Vertical High Shear Mixer Granulator
    Horizontal granulation suites can be introduced inside single or adjoining preparing rooms.

    The machine's format depends on a through-the-divider configuration to limit handling space and improve the cleaning of the machine.

    You will be given the whole framework, gravity charging and vacuum into the high shear granulator, vacuum moving through a wet mill to the fluid bed dryer, and vacuum or gravity releasing the liquid bed through a dry plant and into an IBC.

    Horizontal high shear blender granulator has an impeller shaft that sways in the horizontal plane.

    Vertical granulation machines can be introduced in a few stories of a drug office.

    Gravity is used to give a more proficient progression of items.

    The high-shear blender charges by means of vacuum or gravity.

    After the granulation cycle is finished, the blender depends on gravity and a wet plant to control the item stream into the liquid bed dryer. Fluidization is kept up all through the exchange cycle to help item development and decrease grouping.

    Whenever required, the liquid bed can be charged utilizing an optional IBC.

    After the liquid bed drying measure is finished, the item is released utilizing either Freund-Vector's screen  by release technique or through an item screen rotating method. The dried item is released into the middle of the hopper.

    14. What is a Fluid Bed Granulator? 


    AIPAK Fluid Bed Granulator

    A fluid bed granulator is one of the generally utilized process-running machines in the drug business.

    It is a many-function machine in that blending, granulation, and drying are totally completed in a similar machine. The machine works in a bubbling bed system.

    The drug business has utilized fluid bed granulation widely for quite a few years to enhance powder properties (compressibility) for downstream preparation.

    In between this two-stage measure that incorporates drying and showering, the expansion of a fastener fluid makes essential particles total and structure granules.

    Parts of a fluid bed granulator 

    The most important parts of any fluid bed granulator which might have a diverse plan choices, following the bearing of liquid.

    Gas stream incorporates;

    • Gas delta chamber (which receives the air from the fluidization air )
    • Gas dispersion
    • Container
    • An extended chamber containing a bunch of filtering bag
    • Four-nozzle design binder spray

    Nozzle designs of a fluid bed granulator

    1. Pressure spout or nozzle This sort of spout separates liquid under tension by its inborn instability and its effect on the climate, each other jet, or on a fixed plate.

    2. Turning spout This moving nozzle is otherwise called a revolving atomizer and it is utilized principally in splash drying usages.

    3. Airless shower spout With this sort of spout, the liquid is isolated into two streams that are united back at the spout opening, where the impingement structure drops.

    4. Gas atomizing spout or nozzle This is similarly known as a liquid spout. With this spout, the sticking solution (one liquid) is atomized by compacted air (the subsequent liquid). It is the most regularly utilized spout for liquid bed granulation.

    15. How does the High Shear Mixer Granulator vary from the Fluid Bed Granulator?

    In fluid bed granulation, the powder bed is kept up in a fluid form by a progression of air infused upward by a plate at the granulator base.

    Coming out of the granulation material is protected by exhaust channels, which can be intermittently fomented to once again introduce material into the bed.

    The sticky material is splashed through a spout onto the highest point of the bed or by a draft tube embedded close to the bed base.

    Granules structure from the attachment of strong particles to the fluid drops.

    The progression of fluid air makes consistent halfway drying all through the granulation cycle.

    Adequate fluid is splashed to create granules of the necessary size, normally between around 150 and 600 μm, so, all in all, the shower is halted and the granules keep on drying in the air stream of fluid.


    In high-shear mixer granulation, The separated dry powder is set in a blending bowl as a rule containing an impeller, which spins on an even plane, and a chopper, which keeps on turning either in the vertical or horizontal plane.

    The dry powders are blended by the turning impeller before the fluid cover is splashed onto the highest point of the bed of powder.

    Agitation is kept up by the pivoting impeller. As the fluid beads scatter all through the powder, they structure granule cores.

    The granules develop until a foreordained ideal endpoint is reached. The granules are then ordinarily moved to another bit of machine for drying, for example, a fluid bed dryer.

    One of the biggest advantages of high-shear granulation is that the cycle is finished within a brief time frame. It should be deliberately controlled as the formula can rapidly advance from under to over-granulated.

    Granulation Process Pros Cons
    High Shear mixer Granulator Better and more intimate mixing

    Good content uniformity for low drug-loading formulation

    Higher disinfection could be an advantage for high-dose compounds to reduce sizes of dosage unit

    Separate equipment for granulation and drying

    Water contact time is longer

    Higher disinfection can reduce dissolution rate  and the compatibility

    Fluid Bed More porous granules, better dissolution and compatibility

    One-step granulator and drying process

    Minimal exposure to water

    Easier scale up

    Segregation or sticking potential

    Low-density granulation can be a disadvantage for high-dose compound

    16. What Factors will affect the Granulation Process?

    Fluid Requirement. High-shear blenders may show a restricted edge between the fluid needed to acquire granule development and the sum that outcomes in an over-wetted mass. Due to the escalated wet massing and densification of the granules, less fluid is ordinarily required.

    Moreover, impeller revolution speed impacts the fluid prerequisites, as does the vanishing of the dissolvable, generally water, in the sticking solution. Particularly with high-shear mixing granulators, serious tumult brings about a temperature rise and loss of dissolvability by evaporation.

    Impacts of Raw Material Properties. The accompanying properties impact granule arrangement and development:

    • Contact point of the fastener fluid to the solids
    • Particle solubility in the sticking fluid
    • Particle mean size
    • Solid distribution size
    • Particle shape and morphology of the surface
    • Packing properties of the solids


    Various particle shape 

    Crude materials must have great wetting properties if there is to be uniform fluid dispersion and, consequently, controlled granule development. The more modest the molecule size of the crude material, the more cover fluid is required.

    17. Which Quality Standards should the High Shear Mixer Granulator meet with?

    At this point, you understand that a high shear granulator is a get-together of gas and pressure, mechanical and electrical, and electronic frameworks.

    So far as that is concerned, they should agree to the quality and security guidelines of the business.

    When purchasing a high-shear mixer granulator, there should be confirmation that the machine conforms to a tough assembling cycle.

    On a very basic level, the cGMP is a basic consistency essential for all high-shear mixer granulator machines.

    The cGMP demands that every machine must have seals.

    The dust handling system of the high-shear mixer needs to be very well managed with instruments while ensuring an elevated level of cleanliness.

    This explains why the entire structure of the machine is made utilizing tempered steel.

    Furthermore, the quick blender granulator ought to be produced from FDA-guaranteed materials with the electrical and electronic parts being CE-consistent.


    Along these lines, your high-shear blender granulator must be:

    • cGMP agreeable
    • CE agreeable
    • ISO ensured
    • ASTM E2500

    18. What do you need to consider when purchasing a High Shear Mixer Granulator?

    1. Search for adaptable bowl designs

    Search for bowl design that extraordinarily impacts the effectiveness and grants working volumes from 30 – 90% of the full limit - numerous models maximize at 66 – 75%. The plan of the chopper and impeller is the most vital factor for even blending.

    2. Blenders that are furnished with auto-cleaning

    Blenders that have auto cleaning systems and liftable apparatus highlights, spare a lot of time in tidying while at the same time decreasing set-up time, most significantly it lessens time.

    3. Verify where the chopper and impeller are 

    The correct plan of the chopper and impeller are basic needs in the blending productivity and their location at the same time.

    Performance all be next level if the impeller is base driven and a side-mounted chopper is installed in the high-shear mixer granulator, this will wipe out dead spots, and guarantee the material is even in this mixture.

    4. Circular shape covers/lid

    A definitive objective of any estimation in a granulation cycle is to assess the thickness of the granules, and, maybe, to acquire a sign of the molecule size mean and appropriation. These factors give data to endpoint assurance and scale-up.

    End-point precision is accomplished by an assortment of techniques; force, power utilization, and amps.

    5. Easy unloading and loading

    An assortment of unloading and loading frameworks can be planned, for better material management.

    The multi-stage seal cleansing framework licenses working at low and high seal streams.

    This assists tidying when loading and permits the setting of the stream to coordinate item qualities.

    19. How to troubleshoot common problems of the High Shear Mixer Granulator?

    These are some of the possible problems with the troubleshooting of the high-shear mixer granulator.


    20. How to maintain the High Shear Mixer Granulator? 


    Please keep in mind that improper usage of a granulator is dangerous and may lead to costly repairs not covered by our limited warranty. Below are some maintenance tips for plastic Granulator:

    • Don't ever forget and always bear in mind that inappropriate utilization of a granulator is risky and may cause lots of dollars to be fixed. The following are some upkeep tips for plastic Granulator:
    • Make sure the impeller, bowl, and chopper are at the right point. This guarantees the most extreme granulation productivity and will lessen pressure.
    • It is basic to keep unfamiliar, firm articles, for example, metals away from the granulator during activity.
    • Turn the granulator screen routinely to guarantee even Productivity.
    • Keep all parts, engines, and orientation oiled. 

    21. Why should you buy AIPAK High Shear Mixer Granulator?

    It’s been a while since AIPAK has been in this business and supplying high quality high shear granulator machines to the customers.

    Being well aware about the granulation and drying processes make us unique.

    Not the best among the competitors, but also there are many reasons we are the reason customers have been choosing us over the globe.

    This comprises little limit frameworks displayed for R&D and modern size machines for persistent and batch assembling of drug items under cGMP guidelines.


    AIPAK FL Series Fluidized Granulating Drier

    Having set up a tenable standing in the drug area, AIPAK offers the best answers for your activities: no other provider can match our scope of High shear mixer granulators.

    This is the right time to choose us.


    High-shear granulation machines assume an instrumental function in assemblages of powder particles either for additional handling or as an outcome. It is a fundamental machine in the drug business.

    The principle components to consider when bringing in high-shear mixer granulators incorporate plan determination, innovation, and specialized boundaries. Assessing every one of these elements is an orderly and moderate cycle that requires persistence and close know-how on the powder granulation cycle.


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