AIPAK Cartoning Machine

AIPAK cartoning machines are new type of machines developed by our company in combination with advanced technology both domestic and abroad. The cartoning machines are high-tech products integrating light, electricity, gas and machinery, which greatly improves the performance and working efficiency of the equipment, realizes the requirements of fast packing, and maintains a stable and reliable state in fast operation. AIPAK cartoning machines are suitable for automatic packing of blister plate, small round bottle (tray), etc. The automatic feeding mechanism is easy to adjust, and the number of plates to be packed can be set arbitrarily on the operation screen. 


AIPAK Cartoning Machines

WZH-120 Horizontal Boxes Packaging Automatic Cartoning Machine

AIPAK WZH-120 horizontal box packaging cartoning machine is automatic level-typed carton package machine, running smoothly as a high-tech product, completely meeting with the demand of GMP. This machine includes paper folding machine, paper carton package machine, max speed up to 220 cartons/per minute, suitable to product package for such shapes as soft as tube, pharmacy plate and bottle. A set of automatic coding device is equipped. As for the connection between filling machine and carton package machine, a set of coupling equipment is installed.

Automatic feeding

Compact and reasonable Structure

Easy to operate

BZX-120P Full Professionally Automatic Bottle Packer Blister Cartoning Machine

AIPAK BZX-120P full professionally automatic bottle packer blister cartoning machine can finish automatically folding leaflet, opening box, pushing product into box, printing batch number, and sealing etc. It is applicable for packing various solid regular objects like bags, eye-drop, medicine board, cosmetics, and cookies etc.

Automatic feeding

Compact and reasonable Structure

Easy to operate

BZX-120B Full-Automatic Cartoning Machine Production Line

BZX-120B Automatic cartoning machine production line is DPP-260H2 high speed alu-pvc (Al-Al) blister packing machine and WZH-120 automatic horizontal auto cartoner machine, with the United States Bonner vision inspection systems , real-time monitoring of materials filling and case filling incomplete version of the drug material defects were excluded to ensure that qualified packaged goods.

Convenient maintenance

Stable performance

Flexible layout

BZLX-120B Full-Automatic Catoning Machine Production Line

BZLX-120B fully automatic cartoning machine production line by DPP-260H2 fast plastic aluminum (aluminum) bubble cap packing machine, BPS full-automatic high speed pillow type packing machine for DZP-250D multifunctional, WZH-120 automatic horizontal loading box machine and weighing machine, production line equipment in the independent PLC control system of flexible adjustment.

Flexible maintenance

Flexible layout

Stable performance

Cartoning Machine Videos

The Buyer's Guide

Cartoning Machine:the Ultimate Buying Guide in 2024

All pharmaceutical manufacturers are inseparable from the drug packaging as it is an essential process for drugs to enter the market.

The cartoning machine is not only the machinery to achieve the packaging process, but also the equipment to release the manual packaging and improve the packaging efficiency,thus inject “cardiotonic” for most drug productions.

To date,a cartoning machine is the commonest form of packaging,which can not be used for drug packaging,but also used for food processing,cosmetics,chemical industries etc.

It is safe,stable,flexible and effective.

And with more and more multi-functional cartoning machine coming out in the market ,that make some of the real users difficult to choose the most suitable and practical machine to use.

I would like to use this cartoning machine buying guide to give you a compressive understanding about this machinery.

You will get the complete encyclopedia including:classifications,working principle,benefits,operation procedure and FAQ about this machine,your business will be skyrocket by investing on such an automatic cartoning machine.

Let’s go to the main topic of this guide directly:

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    1.What is a Cartoning Machine?

    a Cartoning Machine

    A cartoning machine is a high-tech packaging equipment integrating mechanical, electricity, air and light.

    It can automatically complete the work of instruction manual folding, carton opening, product cartoning, batch number printing and carton sealing .

    A cartoning machine can be used alone or connected with other equipment to form a complete production line.

    From above definition,you may be still confused what is a cartoning machine ,why it is called cartoning machine ,but not other packaging machine.

    Yes,the above definition is too technical for you to understand.You may get the other explanation from the following:

    It is called cartoning machine as its sole purpose is to  form cartons.

    Blank cartons stand up straight

    1.Blank cartons stand up straight

    2.Cartons side close

    3.Product filling

    4.Cartons fold

    5.Cartons side seam and sealing

    And from this cartoning process,you can also easily image that the cartons are originally blank stacked ,then filled to the cartoning machine for the afterwards packaging.

    powder the pneumatic system

    2.Where is the practical application of Cartoning Machine?

    The application of cartoning machine has greatly released manual packaging and saved whatever time and labor costs for you .

    Now I would like to highlight its various applications in different areas and make recommendations for you to choose the right cartoning machine in different industry.

    Products by cartoning machine

    Protect product for easy transportion

    Products by cartoning machine

    1.Application of cartoning machine in pharmaceutical industry

    In pharmaceutical industry,you can use the cartoning machine to package your products including:bottles,blisters,medicine board, capsules,oral liquid, ampoule, vials, granules in bags, pastes, ointments, aerosols, etc.

    Application of cartoning machine in pharmaceutical industry

    In addition to the high efficiency and highly automatic intelligence,you need to know the cartoning machine in the pharmaceutical industry also solved the anti-counterfeiting problems faced by most industries. As anti-counterfeiting of drugs is very important.

    At present, the anti-counterfeiting function of the cartoning machine is mainly embodied in the packaging itself.

    Since the drug packaging in the past was mostly tongue inserting mode, that is, the product can be obtained by opening the top of the carton. But now, the cartoning machine mostly uses the mode of gluing carton, which makes it possible to take out the medicine only by tearing the whole package. This is to play a good role in the anti-counterfeiting of drugs.

    2.Application of cartoning machine in food industry

    From the production, sale and consumption of food, the purpose of food packaging is to prevent corruption and ensure quality.

    And as the physical, chemical and microbiological properties of food may deteriorate in the process of preservation, circulation and sale. Only by preventing these deterioration can the inherent quality of food be guaranteed.

    The second is to prevent microbial and dust pollution. In the process of food production and consumption, there are more opportunities to contact with people, various tools and air, and it is easy to be polluted by microorganisms and dust.

    If consumers eat seriously polluted food, it will cause food poisoning. Therefore, it is necessary to use necessary packaging to prevent the secondary pollution of food.

    Moreover, it is conducive to transportation and circulation. After reasonable packaging, the transportation conditions can be simplified and the storage period can be extended.

    Then you will find below food are packaged by different cartoning machines.

    Strip food

    Strip coffee

    Strip coffee

    As part of the food industry products, strip milk powder, or strip coffee, strip tea powder, as it is easy to carry, do not occupy area, more and more popular with consumers.

    Therefore, the large-scale mass production of strip packaging products has already become a sharp tool for the market competition of major food brand enterprises.

    In this competitive sea, whoever has mastered more advanced technology or equipment will be able to better occupy the market commanding height.

    However,it is the food cartoning machine provides better advanced supporting equipment for food production enterprises.

    Biscuits and cookies

    Biscuits and cookies

    Cartoning machine helps biscuits and cookies so much in keeping away from dampness inside.Here,it is advised to choose a horizontal cartoning machine for packaging such kinds of food as it is more safe and reliable in the packaging mechanism.

    Dessert and chocolate

    Dessert and chocolate

    The cartoning dessert and chocolate will look more prestige and their appearance look more luxury than other common food,it also make them more expensive than normal.

    The other aspect embodys here is the cartoning machine has prevent them from deformation as chocolate implies special meaning.

    Prepared meals

    You will be beneficial from a vertical cartoning machine to packaging your fast foods,prepared meals as you can insert your food to the multiple units of the carton box at the same time and automatically .

    Prepared meals

    Besides,you can also create various compartments if there are trays include,that is you will have the cardboard sleeve fill first then have your food insert at the trays.

    3.Application of cartoning machine in commodity and cosmetic

    Both horizontal and vertical cartoning machine can be used to package commodity and cosmetic.

    Such as toothpaste, soap, facial mask, face cream, lipstick, mosquito repellent incense, paper towels, sanitary napkins, pads, cosmetic cotton ,etc.

    Application of cartoning machine in commodity and cosmetic

    As an automatic cartoning machine for daily necessities adopts PLC to control the photoelectric monitoring of the action of each part.

    During the operation, it can automatically remove the unqualified articles. In case of any abnormality, it can automatically stop the machine and display the cause, so as to eliminate the fault in time.

    The machine can be used alone, and it can also be used in conjunction with the blister packaging machine and its hot-melt glue installation or other equipment to form a complete set of production line.

    4.Application of cartoning machine in hardware and electrical appliances

    You are recommended to purchase a vertical automatic cartoning to package your hardware and electrical appliances like bearing, bulb, switch, socket, relay, charger, etc.

    Application of cartoning machine in hardware and electrical appliances

    5.Application of cartoning machine in entertainment industry

    In the entertainment industry ,you can use the cartoning machine to package oil painting stick, stapler, printing mud, glue, modifier, playing card, jigsaw, toy, handicraft  and pencil, marker / whiteboard pen, neutral pen, stapler / nail, printing mud, glue, modifier, playing card, puzzle, toy,etc.

    Application of cartoning machine in entertainment industry

    Here,it is advisable for you to choose the vertical high-speed automatic cartoning machine.

    6.Application of cartoning machine in plastic industry

    Application of cartoning machine in plastic industry

    In fact,it should be included in the daily commodity industry,you will make a vertical automatic cartoning machine to package your fresh film or plastic products.

    7.Application of cartoning machine in auto parts industry

    The products such as spark plug, filter, piston ring, automobile light bulb, automobile electric appliance, etc. need to be cartoning packaged.

    3.Why you need a cartoning machine?

    From the above cartons forming process,you can easily image that all cartoning machines share the same ultimate goal of increasing efficiency and eliminating the taxing and time-consuming labor associated with forming cartons and filling product into them by hand.

    But in fact,apart from that labor saving reason,you will also need a cartoning machine for your mass production for the following aspects:

    Wide range of packaging

    If you have a various kinds of products,a cartoning machine with muti-sukers will help you realize your muti-packaging at the same time,that not only get the twice result with half the effort ,but also improve the efficiency.

    Wide range of packaging

    Compact structure

    For some equipment that may take up quite a bit of floor space,which in some cases is inconvenient ,but an automatic cartoning machine is compact in structure ,that is only need a few squares to complete whole packaging line.

    In other words,an automatic cartoning machine doesn’t have too much requirement on the floor space ,it is the best choice whatever enterprise you are.

    Cartoning Machine

    AIPAK Full automatic bottle cartoning line

    High intelligence

    The automatic cartoning machine adopts PLC control panel with intelligent display, you can clear see  the cartoning process and cumulate your product quantity.

    While also abides the principle of no products,no sucking cartons,no cartons,no blacking,no instruction manual,no blacking,that’s the product and carton waste is eliminated .

    Besides,your operator will be easy to get started as it smart shows the issues if any problems occur,

    and stop working automatically to let the problem solved,that doesn’t lead to more machine damage.

    Protect product for easy transportion

    A carton will provide a more firm protection to your product especially for the liquid in bottle,bulbs that is easily broken.

    While also make it safe for long-distance transport,such as truck,container and other bulk vessel export.

    Protect product for easy transportion

    Bottles need packed in carton

    4.How many types of Cartoning Machine are there?

    As there are various products in the world ,the packaging form they need is different,thus,for different shapes packaging purpose,there are various types of cartoning machine on the market now.

    And you need to get familiar with them first,then determine the suitable cartoning machine according to your products requirement.

    Normally,the most commonly used cartoning machine are automatic cartoning machine and medical cartoning machine,but in fact ,cartoning machine can be classified according to:

    • Degree of automation
    • Product into carton
    • Carton sealing form
    • Shapes of packaging
    • Specification of packaging

    Let's find the detailed classification as below:

    1.Degree of automation

    According to the degree of automation ,cartoning machine can be classified into:

    Semi-automatic cartoning machine

    Fully-automatic cartoning machine

    What they are suitable for,let’s find out.

    Semi-automatic cartoning machine

    Degree of automation

    Semi-automatic cartoning machine-Photo credits:Rormac

    A semi-automatic cartoning machine can open and seal the box automatically and add materials to the box manually.

    It needs manual assistance to complete all processes so it is called semi-automatic cartoning machine.

    A semi-automatic cartoning machine is most suitable for packaging products in food, daily necessities, chemical industry, medical hardware and other industries .

    While,semi-automatic cartoning machine can also be horizontal or vertical cartoning machine.

    And Some semi-automatic cartoning machines also have additional functions such as sealing labels or heat shrinkable wrapping.

    Fully-automatic cartoning machine

    A fully-automatic cartoning is a more intelligent invention compared with a semi-automatic cartoning machine.

    Cartoning Machine

    AIPAK full automatic cartoning machine

    The state-of-art machine has made the packaging quality much higher than that of manual packaging.

    Nonetheless,apart from supplying cartons at its entrance,it also completes other tasks including:

    Carton erection

    Caron ear folding

    Product insertion

    Instruction manual inserting

    Carton sealing

    Hot spraying

    Date stamping

    Ink-jet printing

    Besides,the full-automatic can also check on the completeness of the carton after the process to charge if it is damaged or good.

    Automatic feeding

    Automatic feeding

    As the structure various,there are two types of full-automatic cartoning machine you can find ,namely:

    Intermittent automatic cartoning machine

    Continuous automatic cartoning machine

    Intermittent automatic cartoning machine

    Intermittent automatic cartoning machine,just as its name implies,it will stop to make the carton have a packaging cycle.

    It is slower than the continuous automatic cartoning machine,as its cartoning speed is 50-100 cartons/min while the continuous is 180 cartons/min.

    Intermittent automatic cartoning machine

     Intermittent automatic cartoning machine-Photo credits:Radpak

    Continuous automatic cartoning machine

    The continuous automatic cartoning machine is refer to the high-speed cartoning machine,and mostly used for mass manufacturing high-speed production line.

    The continuous automatic cartoning machine adopts circular rotation,and its product feeding,carton conveyor chain and push rod are synchronized, and one-to-one correspondence.

    While the intermittent mode adopts linear reciprocating motion,and its carton conveyor is reciprocating,only one push rod ,the product feeding system is not correspondent to them.

    2.Product into carton

    The most commonly used cartoning machine applied in most industries are based on how the products insert into the carton.

    In fact,there are two types of cartoning machine according to its way of entering the carton,they are:

    Horizontal cartoning machine

    Vertical cartoning machine

    And here you also need to know that either the full-automatic or the semi-automatic cartoning machine can be horizontal or vertical.

    Then let’s explain what they are?

    Horizontal cartoning machine

    Basically,the product is pushed into the carton horizontally is called horizontal cartoning machine.


    AIPAK horizontal cartoning machine

    It completes the tasks of automatic feeding bottle(round, square bottle)into carton (either for blister or bottle),online bottle unscramble and feeding, leaflet fold( 1-4 folds) and feeding, leaflet detecting, canton opening and forming, products and leaflet pushing into carton, printing batch number, sealing carton with hot melt glue device, automatically reject lacking of leaflet or product until finished product out.

    Horizontal cartoning machine is an ideal equipment for packaging various solid regular objects, such as biscuits, bread, instant noodle, ice cream, moon cake, candy, blister medicine etc.

    Vertical cartoning machine

    Vertical cartoning machine

    Vertical cartoning machine-Photo credits:Richpacking

    Definitely,the product is pushed into the carton vertically from the feeding system is called vertical cartoning machine.

    It is most suitable for packaging bottles, jars and vials into cartons,so it is most preferred in cosmetics,food and pharmaceutical industry.

    It is vertical that you will not hard to understand its compact and flexibility features,thus,meet most products high packaging requirements.

    Besides,so much experience and statics have told us vertical products inserting will have lower risk of product damage.

    Products by vertical cartoning machine-2

    Products by vertical cartoning machine

    And you will also get other benefits from a vertical cartoning machine if you choose to buy one:

    The cartoning machine includes an automatic station to form the cartons. The carton boxes are held by vacuum

    No suction carton if missing blister

    No suction carton ifmissing leaflet

    Automatically displaying device for trouble, speed and finished products counting

    Machine stop running if no products or incorrect position of products. And stop automatically if incorrect position of product into carton after returning or no cartons or out of leaflets continuous.

    Adopt human-machine operation system.

    International famous brand of electric components such for PLC touch screen, frequency inverters, etc

    Stable performance, operation is easy Controls

    3.Carton sealing form

    According to the sealing form of the final carton, the cartoning machine can be divided into types of tongue, adhesive, mixed, labeling, unfolding, self-locking, etc.

    4.Shapes of packaging

    As to the shape of the packaging, the cartoning machine can be divided into plate shape (such as blister packaging), bottle shape, hose shape, special shape, etc.

    4.Specification of packaging

    According to the specifications of the packaging, the cartoning machine can be divided into single piece, double piece, multiple pieces, and combination pieces (such as 1 antibiotic bottle powder needle + 1 ampoule water needle), etc.

    As the later three cartoning machine are just different forms,we will have not too much explanations about them.

    5.What are the main parts of a Cartoning Machine?

    An automatic cartoning machine is drived by combination of mechanical,electricity, gas and light which work together in such a method so as to produce, transform and effectively use the mechanical energy generated by the system.

    Getting to know the various parts of the automatic cartoning machine is crucial for you to choose the most suitable machine for your mass production.

    You will find the main components of a cartoning machine as the following:

    PLC control panel

    PLC control panel

    This is one of the most important parts of a cartoning machine with the human-machine interface (HMI),which plays the role of “brain”.

    You will configure the whole process and make it a high automation control model.

    It is designed easily for your operation, you will have it to control and monitor :

    Number of cartons

    Number of products per carton


    Indicator of the electrical and gas

    Product placement

    Besides,stop the machine immediately if any deemed necessary or faults occur.

    Apart from these,the HMI will also enable you to set all the parameters and requirements for the whole process so as to realize an ideal point with definite duration.

    Last but not the least,the PLC control panel will also alert you if any breakdown happens for the other parts of the machine,that’s in other word,you can check the specific situation on the PLC.

    Electric system

    Electric system

    From the above image,you can see the main power of a cartoning machine comes from here,and also include power up the pneumatic system to get normal operation, as it takes all the connections to the whole machine.

    It plays the role of “heart”of the machine as all the electric circuits are allocated here.

    In fact,the electric system is the combination of the electric motor and electric panel ,can be also called gearing system.

    Then you may ask what is the electric motor?

    Actually,the electric motor is a device that transform electricity into mechanical energy to get an ideal movement.

    You may have noted that all the package cartoning process movement and motivation is solely owe to the contribution of the motors.

    Just like many other machines,the electric motor in a cartoning machine is well enclosed and configured at the bottom of the machine.The conveyor,bearing ,belt,gear and shafts are combined as the supporting axis to motive the product to be transmit to the cartoning place.

    Moreover,you must know that the electric motor has different specification,such as different revolution per minute,power supply and capacity,you must consider as that’s related with your product and factory state when purchasing a cartoning machine.

    And it is also cruical when deal with any machine breakdown.

    Automatic Lubrication System

    You must have known if you want to keep the life-long-span of your machine,you must make it lubricated regularly.Especially for the cartoning machine,who is an electromechanical device,its moving section must be appropriately lubricated to take the most advantage of its performance.

    Automatic Lubrication System

    Besides,both the service life of bearing,conveyor and gears has the risk of contamination,by the air humidity,moisture or temperature.And it may increase your maintenance cost and reduce the machine performance if you don’t use lubrication.

    While the cartoning machine has the automatic lubrication system that make the well working of the processing operation.

    It automatically provide enough amount of oil lubricant to all the moving parts,and you will need to add suitable lubricant to the system when you are maintaining or clean the machine.

    Carton feeding system

    This is the parts that actually responsible for the cartoning process.

    Carton feeding system

    When the machine is running,the pneumatic system will suck the vacuum to draw the blank cartons to start the cartoning process.

    The carton storage room is where the cartons are put. It consists of front and back parts with front and middle plate. The intermediate plate is movable and can be adjusted according to the length of the carton.

    Carton feeding

    Carton feeding

    And in front of the storeroom you will find there is a press device,which is to send out signal to stop the machine immediately if  the carton is blocked,damaged or deformed during the sucking process.

    Leaflet feeding

    Leaflet feeding

    Behind the press device ,you will find the leaflet feeding,that’s the leaflet will be placed in the middle of the pins for automatically feeding into the carton.

    Then the products will go through the conveyor belt to be insert into the cartons.

    Product conveyor belt

    Product conveyor belt

    And there is vertical screw for you to adjust the thickness of the carton box,it is convenient and simple for your operation.

    Injet spraying system

    For the last labelling requirement ,you will find there is a inkjet printer equipped with the cartoning machine.

    It is smart to be input with the product information such as manufacturing date,expiry date and other disclaimer rules you want to display to your customers.

    The words printed are the real information that is very intuitive to your customers.

    Conveyors, Guide Rail and Carton Chute

    From the above parts,you may have known that the conveyor is motivated by the electric motor to carry the carton to move from one point to another,and you can also see the conveyor is connected with the rollers.

    This section is very crucial to the operation of the cartons as you can once the product is packaged,all this parts will drive the cartons move to the next section, and simultaneously the guide rail will make it form the runway.

    The carton chute is designed for the full packaged inventory to drop down for further packaging into more bigger box for storage or transport.

    6.What is the working principle of Cartoning Machine?

    working principle of Cartoning Machine

    As the purpose of the carton packaging requirements,the cartoning machine is designed with three feeding entrances,they are for:

    Carton box entrance

    Instruction manual entrance

    Medicine bottle entrance

    Then you will find the whole process from packaging box feeding to final packaging can be roughly divided into four stages: lower the carton box, carton box opening,products inserting and cartoning box sealing.

    Lower the carton box is usually to draw a carton from the feed port of the carton by a suction cup, and then move it down to the main line of the carton loading.

    The carton is fixed by the guide rail and opened by a push plate. At the same time, there will be two movable suckers rising from the bottom, which will block the side of the carton from the front and back directions, so that the carton can be opened at a right angle and moved forward to the loading area.

    At the loading area,the products will be gently and precisely inserted into the carton box by the mechanical energy.And then once filled,the chain conveyor will drive forward to the folding section.

    Thirdly, the mechanism of the machine will fold the carton ears into the left and right guide rails, and then carry out the closing action.

    However,before closing the cover, the mechanism will first bend the insert tongue of the carton, and then a push plate will push the cover to bend, so that the insert tongue can be inserted into the box and locked.

    The closing action is a key action to the whole cartoning process. Its completion is closely related to the structure of the carton and the accuracy of the machine adjustment.

    7.How does an automatic Cartoning Machine work?

    Getting the basic working principle of the cartoning,it may not hard for you to understand how an automatic cartoning machine works.

    The steps are:

    1.Mechanical movement of main drive

    The motors of the gearing system are powered on first to initiates the mechanical movement of the main drive.

    Then it will transfer the mechanical movement to the other gearing parts through the gearing axis,threaded shafts or the supporting axis sustained by the centered plated.

    That is the machine will make reciprocating movement at the middle section.

    While at the same time,you can adjust the specifications of your carton on the center plate.

    And you will find there is a gearing chain at the back of the cartoning machine that make the center plate moves reciprocating.

    During the process,you will find the carton chain also transmits with the the whole chain movement.

    2.Blank cartons suction

    You will need a carton unload device for the later suction process as initially your blank cartons are stored at your carton storeroom.

    And furthermore,you shall have a pressing device to press the stack of cartons at your carton storeroom.

    The sucker will suck the carton from the stack,and remove the blocked or damaged cartons.

    3.Feeding materials

    Here you will find the feeding mechanism,which is made of the feeding tank and material feeder.

    All the materials are transferred from the three entrances to the feeding mechanism now.

    Feeding materials

    Product conveyor

    4.Carton folding

    The next step is the carton folding when all the materials are feeded.

    You will find when the leaflet conveyor is running,the leaflet folder will begin to fold up the whole leaflet.

    And you will need to adjust the suction and the stacker,paper separating device.

    During this process,you will need to set the suction nozzle to the highest position to make it easy to get to the bottom of the blank carton,that is,have leave a gap between the remaining stack and the sucked carton.

    And you need also put the paper hook at the lowest point to make sure the paper can be sucked down easily.

    While there is a push plate which is to close the lower ears and then shut down the upper ears.

    that flips up the lower end-flap to close and the next point the upper ears are shut.

    Finally ,the carton is to be folded with tongue,and then use the pushing plate to bend the box.

    At this step,you will find the tongue is left in the box for the next process.

    5.Product inserting

    This step the product will be taken out from the feeding device and inserted into the carton.

    6.Carton sealing

    There will be a carton sealing device for this procedure,which consist of small and big tongue close device.

    Carton sealing

    Sealing ear of the carton

    And the small tongue is on both side of the conveyor and made by the carton guide and folding pad.The big tongue is driven by the rotating crank and will make the carton be bended,sealed.

    After the product pushed into the carton ,it will begin to do the side seaming,and hot melt-spray will be used on both side of the carton,at the same time,it will be pressed along a facet while solidifies.

    Then the inkjet printer will print the production date, product batch number and expiry date etc.automatically.


    After pushing the products into the carton, the carton will enter the cover closing position driven by the guide rail.

    Before closing the cover, the mechanism will first bend the insert tongue of the paper box, push the plate to push the box cover to bend, so that the insert tongue can be inserted into the box.


    Finished products outlet

    8.What are the main features of Cartoning Machine?

    In order to greatly improve the production efficiency, you will use the cartoning machine when packing boxes. However,the automatic cartoning machine is an intelligent operation machine, and the operation method is relatively simple.

    So as to master the operation skills, before this, you must understand the use characteristics of the cartoning machine:


    The cartoning machine has mut-functions of packaging operation,all kinds of complicated packaging work can be completed at the same time.

    However,when you are using,remember to set the corresponding functions according to the actual application requirements, so that the machine can successfully complete the packaging process.

    Harmony operation

    The machine will have continuous mechanical feeding of materials and carton, and working of each function part are in harmony, stable and reliable.

    And the constantly moving of carton-opening mechanism and pulling carton-opening mechanism are also more stable and reliable.

    Safety guarantee

    When your products do not reach the correct position, the pusher will have an alarm and half facility for that, so as to ensure good quality of carton packaging and safety in operation effectively.

    And there is facility for air pressure and vacuum protection,that is,when the caster is opened,the facility will automatically check for the safety operation of the machine.

    Convenient operation

    It is easy, convenient and quick for you to change and adjust the product size by the hand wheel on instrument panel.

    And there is variable frequency speed regulation, PLC automatic control, Operating on the touch screen, words and numeric display,that is,have stable coefficients in operation, which is easy for your operation.

    Automatic diagnosis

    It will save your maintenance cost as any machines will have faults sometimes,however,with the overload protection for the principal driving,the cartoning machine will have indication of failure diagnosis automatically and stop working immediately.

    9.How do you use a Cartoning Machine correctly?

    Have gotten the various advantages of the cartoning machine,you may get to know how to use the cartoning machine correctly.

    Below you will find the step by step procedures:

    1.Preparation before startup

    1)You shall check the equipment status, and replace the equipment status mark as "in operation" after confirming that there is no abnormality.

    2)You will check the equipment item by item according to the equipment point inspection form and make records. In case of any abnormality, report for repair in time.

    After confirming that there is no abnormal condition, proceed to the next step.

    3)You should lubricate the equipment according to the equipment lubrication table and make records.

    2.Startup operation

    1) After confirming that the equipment is normal, turn on the power of the cartoning machine in the distribution box and turn the power knob of the control cabinet,when the equipment is powered on, and the alarm light on the control cabinet starts to flash.

    2)You need to turn on the air inlet switch that is the pneumatic system.

    3) You shall press the reset button,if there is any abnormality, "alarm information" will be displayed on the touchscreen; if there is no abnormality, the device can be started.

    4) Then you can set the parameters such as packaging speed, feeding angle and photoelectric detection angle on the touchscreen according to your product needs.

    5) You should put the instruction mannul and the cartons in place according to the production requirements.

    7) Press the green "run" key on the control panel, the device will run automatically and put the cartons into the conveyor belt,then you will get the automatic cartoning.

    8) In the process of adjustment, you need to press the "single cycle" button, the machine will perform a complete packaging process. If the packaging switch is touched, the machine also performs a complete packaging action. If film feeding is not required, the film feeding switch can be closed, and the equipment will not operate under the no film blanking.

    9) if there is a fault in the operation of the equipment for maintenance, the tools must be counted, and before starting the equipment, the tools must be counted

    10) After production, press the "stop" button on the equipment control panel to stop the equipment.

    3.Shutdown operation

    1) After the equipment stops running, turn off the "paper unloading on" and "vacuum pump" buttons on the touch screen.

    2)Turn off the air intake switch and the power switch on the side of the equipment distribution box. 3)Turn off the power switch in the wall distribution box to control the transparent film packaging machine.

    10.What should be paid attention to when using the full-automatic Cartoning Machine?

    After correct and reasonable selection of the type,correct and reasonable use, operation and maintenance can extend the service life of the machine.

    When using the full-automatic cartoning machine, it is recommended to pay more attention to the following aspects:

    1) The carton supplier shall be required to provide standardized packaging materials in strict accordance with industry standards and user requirements, and ensure that these qualified cartons do not go out of shape during the temporary storage and transportation, so as to ensure the cartoning qualified rate.

    2) Before using the equipment, you shall carefully read the operation manual and operation procedures of the cartoner, and be familiar with its performance and operation methods of the control part.

    3) Before the start-up of the cartoning machine, the position of the mold shall be adjusted correctly. The equipment shall be idled first to confirm that the sound is normal and the lubrication is good before normal operation.

    4) You shall check the cartons to be used to avoid adhesion. If such situation is found, handle it in time. Otherwise, it will affect the operation rate and produce too many waste products.

    5) The speed of full-automatic cartoning machine has influence on product quality and equipment life. Generally, when the size of the carton box is large, you shall choose slower speed, while the appropriate size of the carton box can select fast speed.

    6) You are not allowed to dismantle the machine parts on the equipment at will. In case of large vibration or abnormal noise of the machine during its operation, you shall stop the machine immediately for inspection and continue to use after troubleshooting.

    7) Regularly check and maintain the easily worn parts to prevent the damage of individual parts from affecting the performance of the whole machine.

    8) Before shutdown, reduce the operation speed of the cartoner as much as possible, and then stop the machine.

    9) According to the requirements of the operation manual, the cartoning machine shall be maintained regularly to ensure the normal daily use of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.

    11.Is there any requirements to the carton shape and size?

    Of course ,there is requirements to the carton shape and size just like every product have its unique taste.But before promoting detailed explanation,you need to know what is the carton first.

    Cartons are light box or container and typically made of waxed cardboard or paper with some extent thickness and in which goods especially food or liquids are packaged for easy transiting.

    We commonly known cartons are six-side rectangular or square shaped cartons,but as different packaging needs the shapes and size of carton can be various,such as octagonal,polygonal,folding,triangular, tapered trays and wave-shaped.

    requirements to the carton

    Then let's get to know what is requirement for the carton shape and size.

    Generally speaking, the carton size should be considered from the perspective of cost saving, that is, the smaller the size, the compact and better it will be.

    As in the process of manual packaging, people's dexterous hands can put almost any product into the carton box, and the size of the box is smaller. However, when using the cartoning machine, the tolerance between cartons and products should be considered.

    In order to make the inner package into the box smoothly, the inner dimension of the box and the inner package should have a large interference fit, especially when multiple inner packages (blister plate with instructions, oral liquid with straw, etc.) are put into the carton box at the same time.

    The instruction manual is usually "pushed" into the carton together with the inner package, and forming “U” shape in the carton,so the two ends of the carton may not be the same length, then you will need to consider the length of the carton.

    For the same reason, the thickness of the instruction manual takes up space, you should also have a judgement to height of the carton to leave some space.

    Products by cartoning machine-3

    12.How to solve the contradiction between the cost of packaging materials and the requirements of Cartoning Machine to the cartons?

    In recent years, with the price reduction of drugs and the fierce competition in the drug market, pharmaceutical manufacturers pay more attention to the production cost.

    In the process of reducing the cost of finished drugs, you will find people pay more attention to the cost of cartons as medium packaging.

    Even if a cartons can save 0.5 points, it is also a considerable cost for mass production. If manual cartoning operation is adopted, the quality requirements of cartons are low, and their dimensions are compact, which will save at least 0.01-0.02 for a carton.

    solve the contradiction

    However, once the cartoning machine is used, it will put forward higher requirements to the cartons and the instruction manual, that is the size of cartons is larger than that of manual cartons.

    Then as I conclude and calculate from much experience and statics ,you will follow the below rules to design your carton box dimension.

    Carton deimensions Empirical formula
    Outer width Product width+2 x paper thickness+>3/mm
    Outer height Product height+2 x paper thickness+>4~5/mm
    Outer length Product length+>5/mm

    In other words,to solve the contradiction between the cost reduction of cartons and the production cost reduction after using the cartoning machine depends on the coordination and consideration of both the manufacturer and its users.

    That is to say,first of all, you can’t only see the increase of cost of each carton in front of them, and do not comprehensively consider the cost reduction caused by the reduction of labor force after the use of the cartoning machine.

    reduction of labor force after

    Secondly, there are special requirements for the quality and size of the cartons, you need to consider how to improve the utilization of the carton.

    13.How to modify the carton specification of a Cartoning Machine?

    From the above ,you may have known that a suitable carton shape and size will save your material cost using a cartoning machine,then have calculated the carton size as the above formula,you need to how to modify the carton specification on the machine.

    Actually,you can begin to adjust from the carton conveyor chain.

    That is,first you need to nip the up-cover and place the carton to the middle of the chain,then move the adjust knob and adjust the middle plate to a point so that the output strip can clip the carton more accurately.

    However,during your adjust proceed,you need also not touch the inner crease-slice.

    Then you will need to loosen the nuts on the carton-sending chain to adjust the chain plate to get the correct carton width.

    carton specification of a Cartoning Machine

    While,the left and right shafts of the block need also be adjust to the appropriate place to match with the length of the black carton.

    And you will also need to adjust the carton vacuum suction device and the height of the carton press device to make them aligned .

    In fact,you need also adjust the carton sealing and batch number printing according to the carton height and width.Simultaneously the batch number printing should be adjust according to the paper carton height.

    And make sure the front plate track of the carton should be the same as the carton height.

    Of course ,you can also refer to the instruction manual to get the correct procedure to adjust the carton specification.

    14.Why you need to powder the pneumatic system before turning on the Cartoning Machine?

    From the working principle of the cartoning machine,you may have known that the pneumatic system is to suck the blank cartons from the stacks.

    powder the pneumatic system

    Therefore,it is important to power the pneumatic system before powering the machine as if there is no air,there will be no carton forming process.

    15.How to choose the most suitable Automatic Cartoning Machine?

    You may consider the following aspects when you intend to purchase a high speed cartoning machine:

    Machine design

    Most full automatic high-speed cartoning machine manufacturers will introduce the design and construction as a durable machine, which can better resist external forces and vibration, and comply with the harsh consumer environment.

    Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to ensure that the supplier of cartoning machine adopts high-quality parts.

    That is,you shall ask for the type of parts to be used and the name of the manufacturer. If the customer has a request, some suppliers will provide a standard spare parts list.


    Be able to choose a supplier who can provide customized cartoning machine, and meet your real needs through minor changes to the design.

    Credibility, reliability

    You should also consider the reputation of the supplier in the industry and whether his financial situation can be stable. To ensure that after the machine installation, the supplier can provide you with support and service in the future years.


    Whether now or in the future, packaging needs may change. So when choosing the cartoning machine, this cannot be ignored. If you estimate that cartons or product sizes will change in the future, make sure that the machines you buy can be retrofitted or can handle cartons of different sizes.

    In addition, you need to make clear whether the speed of the cartoner you want to buy can meet your current and future speed needs.

    Size of machine

    When choosing a supplier, you should see whether he can provide multiple models of cartoning machine, so that you can easily find the right model for your packaging line.

    If you buy a front-end product disposal equipment that takes up too space, then you can also buy a cartoner that takes up a small space.

    In short, look at a few more machines, compare them, and then choose the right size for your factory.

    Intergratity of machine

    Cartoning machine is generally located in the middle of the consumer line, then you should ensure the cartoning machine you are purchasing can be connected and communicated with the upstream and downstream equipment.

    As a whole production line also includes a variety of other machines, such as upstream bagging machine and wrapping machine. If you buy only one cartoner, make sure your supplier knows how to integrate the full line.

    Delivery time

    Today's customers ask for fast delivery, and more importantly, they ask the supplier to entrust the machine within an agreed period of time. You can ask for the supplier's consumption plan to ensure all the consumption steps, including the process of design, procurement, assembly, testing, wiring and programming.

    Technical service support

    After the machine is installed in your factory, the supplier shall continue to provide technical support. By understanding that the supplier has several service technicians, you can know how fast his service response is.

    That is,choose a supplier who can provide 24-hour service. If you are in a different area from the supplier, make sure you are in the service coverage area.

    16.How to troubleshoot common problems of Automatic Cartoning Machine?

    Follow the below steps,you will get the common problems solved soon when using an automatic cartoning machine:

    Belt interval stop or fully stop

    • You shall check whether there is material shortage or restart the machine.
    • You may stop the machine and check whether the power supply, motor or control panel are normal.

    Cartons cannot be drawn down

    • You need to check whether the cartons are placed in order.
    • Whether the cartons are pasted together.
    • Whether the air pressure of suction head is normal.

    After the carton is sucked down, it does not form or pop up at the entrance of the box feeding

    • You will check if the carton is too hard.
    • Check whether the position of the guide rod of the carton box and the box feeding is not in place.
    • Check whether the small hook spring at the back of the box feeding is deformed.
    • Check whether the height of suction head and carton delivery track is aligned.

    Instruction manual does not suck down

    • You need to check whether the instruction manual is deformed, making the suction head can’t suck.
    • Whether the suction head gas is parallel to the instruction manual.
    • If there is varities on the width of the instruction manual, it must be within 1mm.
    • The stacking position of the instruction manual should be adjusted to the difference of 0.5mm between the inner side when the suction head rises to the highest position.
    • The movement time of the paper separating hook above the suction head of the origami machine is too early.

    Generally, the small hook should be inserted into the space between the paper and the paper before the suction head is about to drop. The height of the small hook is adjusted by 0.5mm when the suction head is at the highest position.

    The instruction manual rebounds after being sucked down

    • This is maybe the action of the driving foot to the instruction manual is too early, even it has not been pulled down it is taken away.
    • In other words, the position of the driving foot is suitable to return to the highest position when it does not touch the sucked instructions manual and return to the highest point when the paper is not pulled by the paper grabbing notch wheel.
    • You shall check whether the speed of the suction head and the paper grabbing notch wheel is matched. The suction head shall be lowered first, and then the front part of the paper grabbing notch wheel shall be pressed onto the paper.

    The instruction manual is not folded well

    • You should check whether the paper is deformed and bent, and whether there is burr.
    • Whether there is any foreign matter in the fence board, blocking the paper.
    • The gap between the opening of the fence board and the folding rod is too large, which makes the paper jump out.
    • Whether the gap between the folding sticks is too large to nip the paper.
    • Then you shall adjust the adjusting screws at both ends of the folding rod to reduce the gap. If the folding rod is worn due to long service life, it must be replaced.

    Uneven folding of instructions manual

    You will check and adjust the front and back position of the barrier strip in the fence board to meet the required folding size.

    After folding the instruction manual, there are rolls and creases

    • Check whether the gap between baffle and folding rod is too large. And then adjust the middle position between the baffle plate and the folding rod.
    • If the middle position of the baffle plate and the folding rod has been adjusted and there is a large gap, remove the locating pin on the baffle plate and re-adjust it until there is no paper blocked into the gap.

    The instruction manual in the fence board is stuck

    • You will find whether the gap between folding sticks and paper feeding is too large, and the paper feeding is weak. The adjustment method is the same as before.
    • The installation position of the lower half of the fence board is longer than that of the guide board with arc on it, so that the paper can not enter the lower folding stick.

    Then you should loosen all the fixing screws on the fence plate, adjust the panel back, but not shorter than the guide plate above, and 1-3 mm longer than the guide plate.

    If it is shorter than the guide plate, the instruction manual may enter directly into the below folding stick without folding.

    17.How to maintain the Cartoning Machine?

    The use of cartoning machine has brought the rapid development of packaging industry. In today's fast-paced society, all kinds of automation equipment gradually replaced manual operation in major production industries.

    In many packaging industries, the use of cartoning machine not only achieves the improvement of production efficiency, but also saves a large part of human and material resources for the enterprises.

    At the same time, the cartoning machine in some production environment has also done a lot of works that cannot be completed manually.

    In daily production, the cartoner needs some maintenance to play a better role.

    Now, let's have a specific understanding of the maintenance operation.

    First of all, when the cartoning machine is not in production and work, it should be cleaned and scrubbed in time. To keep the cartoner clean and tidy, and cut off the power supply when cleaning.

    Then, for some parts that are easy to wear or have worn, you should repair and replace them in time. If a part of the cartoning machine is found to be loose, it shall be tightened in time.

    Secondly, add lubricating oil in time after the long work of the cartoner.

    Finally, in addition to daily inspection and cleaning. In order to make the service life of the cartoning machine longer, a large overhaul should be carried out regularly.

    18.What are the specialities of medical Cartoning Machine compared with other Cartoning Machines?

    But the above practical applications,you have know that cartoning machine has a wide range of utilizations and application areas.But there are some difference between the cartoning machines in pharmaceutical industry and other industry.

    They are listed below:

    • Compared with cartoning machine used in food ,it needs to be inserted with the drug instruction manual into the cartons when the drugs are loaded.
    • After completing packaging the cartons, the production date, product batch number and expiration date must be printed, which are all carried out during the packing process.
    • The medical cartoning machine also needs to check the quality of the drugs in the inner packaging to ensure the quality of the drugs is qualified.

    19.Is there any new technology in Cartoning Machine?

    The research of the new technology to the cartoning machine is mainly concentrated on the following two directions:

    Pay attention to excavate and develop the structure details of the cartoning machine.

    As the quality of the structure detailed development of cartoning machine will determine the fate of your products, and it unlikes other equipment, the structure detailed development of a superior cartoning machine will improve the overall product quality.

    That is, from the perspective of quality control, to detail the design of cartoning machine,but the basic principle is to ensure that the change of materials in detail does not affect the production quality of the cartoning machine.

    The Working Cartoner Machine -AIPAK

    Develop the cartoning machine in combination with a complete set of back packaging production line.

    That is,as the cartoning machine is not only a machine to reduce labor intensity and production cost, but also a sign of modern pharmaceutical production, and combine it with other back packaging equipment, make it become a branch of the back packaging production line.

    And in the future, what the pharmaceutical factory will buy is not a single cartoning machine, but a complete set of packaging production line, which is the trend and the most effective method to popularize the application of cartoning machine.

    application of cartoning machine

    Make the inner packages have multiple adaptability to develop the cartoning machine.

    develop the cartoning machine

    That is,different inner packages will have different packaging conditions, and the cartoning machine can adapt to different inner packages, which is the future development direction of the new technology of the cartoning machine.

    A new trend of digital development in cartoning machine.

    Digital packaging machinery can not only provide greater output and more flexible equipment, but also add many new features, such as remote maintenance, integration with ERP system, evaluation of production data, etc.

    evaluation of production

    With the increasing speed of the electronic process, there was a need to increase the distribution box.

    However, when the number of cables required for the bus system can be greatly reduced, coupled with the emergence of distributed computers, it will mean that the size of the distribution box does not need to be increased.

    Nowadays, the independent distribution box is no longer necessary in the packaging industry, and the digital packaging machine occupies less space than the previous mechanical or electromechanical packaging machine.

    That is the digital development in the cartoning machine will bring more benefits to you .


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