This is Why you Should Choose Tube Filling Machine: A Buying Guide in 2024

Are you filling semi liquid or liquid or maybe paste? For the efficient package we offer the best solution a Tube Filling Machine.

Tube filling machine fills the tube fast, better and efficient too.

It guarantees that you are always one step ahead from your competitors of the market.

What’s stopping you then? Let’s give it a go.

Today, In this article I’ll guide you through why you need a Tube filling machine, with the explanation of the advantages/disadvantages, parts, process and much more.

Let’s get started!

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    1. What is a Tube Filling Machine?


    AIPAK Tube Filling Machine

    For the filling of the many different kind of the container and the tubes a Tube Filling Machine is used.

    In a very normal manner it is a routinely product of the pharmaceutical industry that you can use.

    Tube filling machines make all the things happens during the process of filling the tube in a perfect way.

    It includes to the kind of gear that you use to top off a wide scope of items in different cylinders.

    When fabricating items, for example,

    • Creams
    • Beauty care products
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Toothpaste
    • Greases

    2. What are the Advantages of a Tube Filling Machine?

    tube filling machine applications

    Various products by the tube filling machine

    One important factor that we can’t rule out is that packaging is a significant aspect of the business.

    In business in little bit of a problem may cause the major issue.

    In the pharmaceuticals business packing has a sheer importance of which every factor needs to be taken care of.

    For the selling of the product in a better way you should pack them well.

    The more appealing a product is in terms of aesthetics the chances are bright it will sell better after all.

    What's more, there is no reason left for you to not choose the tube filling machine.

    You have multiple reasons to choose our tube filling machine.

    Here i am mention some of the major here.

    Gives Ideal Performing Multiple Tasks Solutio

    Allow me to reveal to you one certainty you likely didn't think about in the business of tube filling machine.

    Tube filling machine is widely accepted for the reason they don't come in a single function performing machine. Some of you believe that they don't even exist.

    Almost all of the tube filling machine can be changed according to the size and shape of the product you want to fill.

    This clearly, says that almost every type of machine can handle more items.

    Some of them can likewise top off either if it is dense or the less dense products.

    In such cases that your organization handles multiple product types.

    At that point, the flexibility of this filling hardware can be a definitive advantage of all.

    So technically you have been explained that it enhances production and assists you in decreasing the money spent.

    Good Working Environment

    tube filling machine products 5

    When you see it does not look like a long process though. But, it is a bit long process.

    What's more, that perspective ought to never mistake you for the real activity of the hardware to imagine that it's additionally bulky and long.

    Stating a fact here you will have to manage some process within the ongoing process with hands.

    For example, when changing one tube to another tube.

    A portion of the basic settings including

    • Speed of the Pump
    • Time of the order
    • Time for Filling

    These all will be set on the touch screening system.

    If you are in a such state you have set all that beforehand. You don't really need to bother yourself with anything.

    So incredibly, utilizing this hardware empowers you as an administrator to encounter better working conditions.

    Which by chance is fundamental by any principles since it empowers you to be beneficial and valuable constantly.

    Lessens Wastage of Items

    Reduce Wastage

    You might not believe that it in the beginning but most certainly tube filling machine is the best way to save the wastage of the products.

    It the totally another way around, opposite to the hand tube filling system. It's a very safe and secure option in terms of precision and less error too.

    Accuracy of the Filling Tube

    tube filling machine details 11

    As it is very clear it does not suffer you at all and fill every tube with full efficiency.  Obviously, it also not cause any type of wastage.

    One more thing here, you need to manage a level on the machine and it is well set to work on the next processes.

    Lessens Work Charge and also Less Human Resources

    Let's suppose for a moment now, that you need lots of human beings to work for you filling the tube when you don't have the tube filling machine.

    No one cares about the technique you use for filling the tubes.

    All that will make the difference is the salary you are going to pay to the employees for doing that job.

    There is a requirement of nearly zero human beings with tube filling machines.

    Here all you need to take care of is the machine if there is anything wrong then you need an operator. Otherwise, it runs on the commands.

    So, you can realize that this machine can benefit you in a good way and also helps you taking the labour charges down.

    After all, in the result of that, you will increase your profits.

    Increase in the Overall Production Level

    tube filling machine details 4

    Actually these days, the lone method of benefitting from a creation cycle is by advancing rate.

    The speed at which you produce and top off your items and taking them to where they are sell plays a huge role in the accomplishment of any business.

    If you will be slow and procrastinate, then you need to keep one thing in mind that there is not even a single customer who will wait so you can produce your items.

    Rather than that, they will choose the competitors products who use tube filling machine and produces on time and meet the demands.

    Having this product will advantage you to fill the products on time and give you an edge over the others. With less time frame, you will be able to fill more tubes.

    There are tube filling machines that can fill near to 125+ bottles in a time frame of 60 seconds.

    Then you can. easily imagine the number of tubes by multiplying it by 24.

    Last but not least, this not only fills up it also make sure the efficiency.

    High Quality and Consistency

    tube filling machine products

    The probability of occurrence of the error is very higher when you use the manual method for filling the tubes. There will be lots of variation in the filling material as well.

    Let's say you want to fill just 25 grams. First of all, it will be really hards, secondly, some will be will like 23 grams and others might be 28 grams.

    In most cases, it is more.

    Now, imagine how much of the material you will lose by just doing the 1 gram extra.

    Won't that increase your costs?

    There is no chance you can fix this issue without having a proper device like a tube filling machine.

    In the time you decide to choose a tube filling machine you will notice a major difference including, the similarity in the process, uniqueness of the process, and consistency.

    3. What are the disadvantages of the Tube Filling Machine?

    The disadvantages goes like this

    1-In case you use the more frequency for the filling up the tubes, there is a chance that you might damage the inside surface of the tube and it will happen for the reason of the radiation.

    So, you should set the frequency properly.

    2- Over melting in the tube may occur upon the end of the face which is controllable with the cooling water system.

    4. What are the Industrial Applications of Tube Filling Machine?

    In this brief part we are going to understand more about the Tube Filling Machine.

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Medicine Tube

    A medicine tube

    As you all know most of the tubes are filled with medicine are used in the medical field for making the dosage safe & secure for storing it for longer purpose so, the tube filling machine fills these different size tubes and containers.

    With great work efficiency, this machine provides every type of assistant to your labor to fill the product with quality and effectiveness.

    Filling of the product is done in such a manner so, that the filling material remains in good quality before and after the filling.


    Voltaren TubeVoltaren Tube-Photo Credit: Plastics med

    Some of the instruments are very effective in providing good assistant to the machine & this equipment or instrument is one of those who provide versatility to your production.

    It helps your product in many ways whether it is filling or packing it can assist your product for proper packing and sealing.

    If the machine is providing every type of working flexibility to you then you will see almost every medical company would like to have this machine.

    There are different kinds of medical products that can be filled with the help of this machine-like liquid, creams, ointments & other semi-liquid products.

    Food Processing

    Food Filling in Tube

    Food filling in tube-Photo Credit: Quora

    At this point when the processing of the product is started, it proves to be very effective and important.

    As you know most of the food products often came through a packing system so, this machine is very useful and vital for making your product safe with the help of packing.

    This machine not only fills the product but also seals the product in terms of better packing like we used to see in general markets.

    Multi Vitamin Paste

    Vitamin Paste

    Vitamin Paste-Photo Credit: Wardrobe

    The use of this machine is very wide and broad in different companies for getting effective production and multivitamin paste is also used to fill inside different tubes with the help of this tube filler.

    This machine is very versatile in terms of giving you the best production so, it is easy for you to gain the best and quality product.

    There are different aspects on the basis of which the capacity and size of the machine may differ from one another because of its specific working on a specific product.

    So, it is up to you that what type of your production is and what kind of machine you are wanting for your production.

    Cosmetic Industry

    Lotion Tube

    Lotion tube

    This is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and this machine is very useful and significant for the production of cosmetic products.

    There are different types of cosmetic products that can be filled with the help of this machine using some specific manuals about the working parts.


    It is one of the most commonly used products of the cosmetics industry and filled in different sizes of tubes and containers with the help of this machine.

    At some specific point this machine can also assist in labeling the product and after that packing can also be gained.

    There are some commonly used products that can be filled with this machine are shampoo, liquid soaps, body & hair lotion, creams, and ointments.

    If your production line consists of the cosmetic industry then this machine will be very vital for you to give you quality and efficient production.

    Pesticides Manufacturing

    Tube For Pestisides

    Tube for pesticides product filling

    Another use of this machine that you will find commonly is in making the pesticide products.

    Many kinds of pesticides products filling can be done in the tubes and containers with this instrument.

    Efficient & accurate filling is considered to be one of the main objective in the pesticides filling and this machine make sures that you have the accurate filling level in your products.


    Insectiside Tube

    Insecticide tube

    In manual filling of this product it will be dangerous and hard for you so, this machine gives you ease in filling these kind of products.

    This is one of the major application of the machine for filling these kind of products.

    When you are satisfied about the product then it will be easy for you to purchase one for your production line.

    By considering some major and basic working of the machine you can make sure that the machine will be good for your production.

    Always choose the best option by considering all the others and comparing them in terms of effeciency, performance rate and production speed.

    Size and capacity of the tube filling machine may be differ from one another because of their working aspects for specific production line.

    5. What are the Significant Components of a Tube Filling Machine?

    The premise here is to illuminate you regarding the parts that you'll frequently go over and find in your tube filling machine.

    From now on, you will drive through the main parts of the machine one by one.

        1-Tanks for the Storage of the Material


    Tanks, for this situation, allude to the compartments that the machine utilizes for holding the item that should be topped off.

    The tanks in the majority of these machines are raised to make it simple for the item to stream into the cylinders during topping off.

    The machine may contain a solitary or different tanks relying upon the plan and its ability to top off the item.

        2-For Filling the Material Nozzles

    tube filling machine details 5

    It is to the gadget for handling the course of the liquid stream the second it leaves the filler into the holder or cylinder.

    They are associated with the item supply however a tri-clover is used for moving the material.

    If you notice it from the normal perspective it seems pretty much easy to take on.

    However, actually filling spouts are fundamental components in deciding the tube filling machine's proficiency.

    Thus you shouldn't simply view the spout as a straightforward apparatus that just assumes the part of guiding the fluid to the ideal compartment.

    This gadget is accessible in various plans.

        3-Jaws for the Coding

    This is the part of the machine used for the purpose like fast and easy to use items and getting the high tech item.

    The jaw of the coding in the tube filling machine especially in the one coming in the 21st century is coming in the form that is adjustable according to your requirements.

    So this empowers you for filling and sealing a wide scope of tubes.

    It does not matter what type of thickness or even the material you have been using.

    These gadgets are additionally crucial in guaranteeing that they keep all components in a better shape of working.

       4-Dosing Pump

    filling head of tube filling machine

    This pump is designed in a relatively positive compact manor and use for the displacement purpose.

    Dosing pump is designed in such a way that the dosing substance flows accurately & perfectly towards the required filling like steam, gas or water.

    An accurate flow rate of filling substances can be gained with the help of this pump when you are filling your product with different types of methods.

    On the primary scale this pump fill the dosing chamber according to the measured rate and after that fill or inject the dosage into the tank.

    Basically the power system present in it is based on electric motor. Some other control systems can also be used like internal control system and external control system for the productivity flow rate.

    The only thing matter for you is to control the production flow rate.

        6-Control Unit

    When it comes to this part of the tube filling machine then you can say it is very sensitive part of this machine to work with.

    Mainly this part of the machine is used to control and regulate different working parameters because all of the working elements are present in this part.

    As the advancement is increasing the upcoming models are totally based on the digital touch screen which helps you to operate the specific task easily.

    As you know on the normal basis the control system is mainly designed for controlling the flow of production, speed of your production machine and other parameters as well.

    A well designed and well developed control system of the machine can give you almost every type of flexibility in controlling the process of your production until you gain your final product.

        7-Discharge Unit

    tube filling machine details

    This part of the filling tube machine works to control those components that helps the filling material to go towards the filling tube from the tank and filling of the containers is done through this process.

    Basically the working of this component is to measure the right quantity of the filling substance that is going to fill the tubes with the dosage coming from the tank.

    Discharge unit plays a very important action in measuring the right amount of filling product for the tube filling.

    A device is used to control the operations like the quantity of filling substance is discharging from the unit & with what speed the amount of dosing product is flowing.

    You can easily control and adjust the specific operations according to your needs for the product.

        8-Tube Holders

    tube holders

    Tube Holder-Photo Credit: quora 

    When the tubes are filled with the filling material some of the components are used to hold and grip the tubes and these components are called tube holders.

    Number of tube holders depend on the size and capacity of the filling tube that how a much a machine can work with each cycle.

    The rotation speed of these tube holders is very high because they have to match up the filling speed of the discharging tube.

    Tube holders are based on automatic operation so, it is easy for you to control and manage these tubes according to your production requirements.




    A hopper works as a unique device that moves the funnel and the main working of this part is to move the filling substance from one place towards the other.

    Hopper is very essential in tube filling machine because of its smart working to compose the ingredients or the material into that part.

    The dependency of the hopper size is according to the size of the machine.

    This part of the tube filling machine is positioned on the upper level of it. It is based on upper level so, that the filling substance can stuck to the tank perfectly.

    Additionally, it is easy for you to find the right angle of filling because this part of the tube filling machine is easily adjustable.

        10-Electronic Box

    You must have some idea about this part of the machine as by its name it tells you about all the electrical aspects and parts of machine.

    All the electrical connections are present in this box that the machine utilizes during its working.

    Mainly electronic box consists of four basic components.

    Air switch is included in the electric box to protect the electric circuit from any shock and wiring board based on VFD unit that helps to connect all the wires and give access to the PLC control system for controlling the machine.

    There is another necessary component present inside the machine that is called transformer.


    tube filling machine details 6

    As you know motors are considered as the main power system in every machine. The main work that a motor perform is convert electrical energy into the mechanical one.

    The presence of the motor inside the tube filling machine is to provide the required energy and power to the machine so, that the machine can operate all of its working parts easily.

    Power providing capacity of the motor is depend on tube filling machine that how much load a machine can work with.

    If your machine is comparatively made for getting higher production capacity then the motor with the greater work capacity will be required.

        12-Safety System

    This part of the tube filler is usually works in the safety of the other working components of the machine.

    It is very helpful when an alarming situation arises and you need emergency attention to fix the problem. It works as a safeguard to your machine.

    And, if any type of unlikely problem is occurred or if there is any possibility occurs in which your product will get damage then this part will let you know about it.

    It is not that difficult to stop or halt the machine when an alarming situation arises, you just need to press the certain button. When the button is pressed the safety system present in the machine will automatically control the machine working and tell you about the situation and the problem.

    6. What is the Working Process of a Tube Filling Machine?

    The filler is an important piece of equipment for the manufacturing sector to promote the quality and productivity of the goods during the production processes. They are typically used for food or beverage packaging, but their use often extends to the packaging of many other items.

    It is worth remembering that there are different types of fillers available in the market when we discuss the working concepts. Therefore, we can just look at the working concepts behind the filling of liquids, gases, and adhesives.

    Section of tube filling machine

    AIPAK Tube Filling Process

    Step 1: Gas Fillers: It uses a booster pump to generate pressure differences that are required for filling. The gas boost is somewhat similar to the gas compressor. Examples of such filling materials are carbon dioxide, coal, and gas, etc.

    Step 2: Liquid Fillers: Pressure liquid fillers need to have a higher pressure than the ambient pressure to be efficient. This method of filling is further categorized into 'equal air pressure filling' and 'high-pressure filling.

    In equal air pressure filling, the pressure of the liquid tank is equal to the pressure of the container, and the liquid continues to the bottles by weight. The high-pressure filling works through the difference in pressure between the liquid tank and the containers.

    Step 3: Paste Fillers: In paste fillers, a volumetric system is used to calculate and monitor the amount of paste filling. This approach is known to be very effective and simple to maintain. It is especially convenient for highly viscous goods.

    This device is based on a self-priming cylinder in which the piston can be shifted. The piston size and the length of the stroke define the volume of the filling. The volumetric filling of this liquid filler is known to be very precise due to the constant volume of the cylinder on the piston.

    Tube filling machines are packaging machines that are used in almost all kinds of packaging material, i.e., liquid, gas, high viscosity pastes creams, lotions, pastes, and powders.

    Tube filling or tube manufacturing machines are mainly of industrial use as their main usages are by pharmaceutical companies, Glue or adhesive companies, or ointments that have many day-to-day usages. Tube filling machines can fill plastic and laminate tubes.

    This Machine runs on the principle of transmission. Slot wheel dividing work comes in place to drive the conveyor belt, which is followed by intermittent movements. Generally, with full functions, these machines are accurate, stable, and as well as have low noise.

    Filling measurements are made by Pistol Plunger. The heating is quite stable, and trimming at the ends is quite smooth.

    7. What are the different Sorts of Tube Filling Machine?

    All things considered, with regards to bringing in or buying fillers you got to be aware of the specific kind according to your business type.

    Here what I'm trying to state is that there different available types of tube filling machines these days.

    Thus relying upon different components, the decision may fluctuate starting with one client then onto the next.

    However, all the kinds of machines are accessible in the market.

    Each sort of tube filling machine serves a particular purpose.

    In any case, when all is said in done, you'll understand that the productivity and execution among the various kinds of this machine likewise are different when compared.

    Let's go through the different available types of tube filling machines.

        1-Automatic Tube Filling Machine

    AIPAK Tube Filling Machine

    AIPAK  NF-100 Automatic Tube Filling Machine

    It implies that practically the entirety of its functions is modified.

    As it is well mentioned in the name of the machine automatic.

    Also, all things considered, human association with this sort of gear is similarly negligible as could be expected.

    The highlights of a completely auto tube filling machine are extraordinary, that what gives it the name of the best customer choice.

    For instance, the greater part of them has a dosing framework that makes the sucking easier.

    A few models additionally include a base up the filling which has a stopped spout for improving cleaning of the filling process and precision.

    You barely need any changes with this machine.

    All things considered, all you require is to change setups through the touchscreen UI.

    It likewise accompanies an item level sensor incorporated grease framework just like a heap of well being highlights.

        2-Semi-automatic Tube Filling Machine


    AIPAK  NF-30 Semi Automatic Tube Filling Machine

    Many different types of the business also use this tube filling machine for filling up.

    • Adhesive
    • Tooth Paste
    • Lotions

    As the name has been showing it is a semi-automatic tube filling machine.

    It is a standout amongst others specially in terms to the relatively limited scale productivity of something like thirty to thirty-five tubes in a minute.

    Semi-automatic machine which is not easy quite easy to operate as an automatic tube filling machine is also available in the market.

    They additionally give a fantastic filling process thus permitting you to address your issues successfully.

    In any case, it only demands few people to run the process and it also has auto functions that allow it to run the next process.

    This machine additionally includes an advanced handling of the warmness which is likewise ideal in keeping up the supply of power.

    Besides, it additionally accompanies a sensor for estimating the degree of fluid in the supply for ensuing auto topping off.

    It is not difficult to work given that it doesn't preferably need a lot of human for the process.

        3-Rotary Tube Filling Machine

    Rotary Tube Filling Machine

    Rotary Tube Filling Machine-Photo Credit: Indiamart

    This is additionally a typical kind of machine that numerous individuals use in various pharmaceutical businesses across the globe.

    An energizing component of this sort of tube filling machine is that it is offered in the semi as well as in the full-auto option.

    With the end goal that it turns out to be simple for you to pick the specific one which you're certain to match your necessities likewise.

    For quite a long now a rotary tube filling machine has taken the market for the features it comes with.

    For example, they have a generally its base is heavier just as goog development with a rich completion.

    Rotary tube filling machine is likewise flexible as in you can utilize it for :

    • Filling Tubes
    • Sealing
    • Crimping
    • Coding
    • Ejecting

    It all happens in one step.

    Well, that is a part of this machine that makes it mainstream in different markets.

    Altogether, you'll see that it assists with improving the process of the productions of tube cut expense, and simultaneously give an appropriate workspace.

    Even though, it has lots of reasons to be chosen one of the major reasons to be chosen that it has a sealing system that is patented.

    The vast majority of the rotary tube filling machine is not difficult to work on and give precise changes of fill to the required level.

    This is only possible if you change the parts.

    Furthermore, much of the time, you'll see it in various applications including

    • Drug Business
    • Food Handling
    • Cosmetic Industry
    • Nutraceutical

    All things considered, these are the significant kind of tube fillers that you will usually go over more often than not.

    Other than this they are also offered in the different models according to demand and speculation.

    So when it gets to that point that you must have to get a tube filling machine, you will keep your requirements in mind and import the product accordingly.

    8. What are the Specifications of the Tube Filling Machine?

    The general specification of the filling machines varies according to the customer specifications. It is up to the consumer what type of general specifications is required.

    The substructure system of the Machine is as follows:

    Volta AC 220V/50HZ± 10o/ck
    Heating power The Main is 3KW (electric heating).
    Motor power 1.1KW
    Filling volume 5-250ml(tube)
    Filling accuracy <1%
    Capacity 1800-2400(tubes /h Adjustable)
    Tube diameter 10-50mm
    Tube length 210mm (Max. Length)
    Hopper volume 40 L
    Compressed Air pressure 0.6Mpa/ square centimeters
    Dimension (LxW><H) 1900x1000x1950mm
    Weight: (Approx.) 900kgs

    9. How does the Automatic Tube Filling Machine contrast with Semi-Automatic Tube Filling Machine?

    tube filling machine products 8

    Automatic tube filling machines

    As the above suggests, these are fully automated types of machines.

    All the functions in these types are programmed.

    Due to this application, human interaction with the machine is minimized.

    Fully automatic machines are, or tube filler machines are loaded with an exceptional performance which makes them ideal candidates for the large-scale production of the products with minimal room for any error.

    These have a dosing system that is easy to suction.

    Adjustments in these types of machines are fully toll-less.

    All the adjustments were made through the touch screen on the machine.

    All the lubrication levels are also monitored by the machine itself.

    This is the best option in the market of tube filling machines because it gives full authority to the user.

    Ultrasonic Tube filling machines are a good Example of Automatic tube filling machines.

    Automatic tube filling machines have an application that some good companies made based on no tube, no filling basis.

    It means if a tube is slipped from the working station, the gel or any substance will not be discharged. This application becomes very handy.

    It has an absolutely simple mechanism.

    It blows the tube with the air blow system that fills the tube with the air that makes the passing of the substance from the machine to the tube very easy.

    It has adjustable filling pumps that fill the requirement of the user.

    Semi-Automatic Tube Filling Machines

    Semi-Automatic Tube Filling Machines

    Semi-automatic tube filling machines products

    These machines are also familiar in the market and cost less than the Automatic tube filling machines.

    These machines can also perform almost all the applications of the Fully Automatic machines, but due to this reason, it is semi-Automatic; these machines need the help of the worker or the operator to perform some of their tasks manually.

    These are used in small-scale production units due to the reason that they produce 30-35 tubes per minute.

    These are comparatively small in size but are not referred to as the most difficult to use.

    It only needs one operator to start the production, and in most cases, all the next steps are taken care of by the machine itself.

    These tube filling machines can be made according to the desire of the consumer.

    These also have digital temperature controls.

    It is also equipped with a reservoir monitoring system which gives the level of fluid remaining in the Tank.

    However, despite being automatic, human interaction with the machine remains minimal.

    Semi-Automatic machines do not work based on no tube, no filling, i.e., if any tube is missing, it will still exert the gel or liquid from the machine resulting in chaos.

    10. What is a Rotary Tube Filler Machine?


    Rotary Tube Filling Machine

    Rotary Tube Filling Machine

    In tube filling machines, rotary tube filling machines are one of the most requested machines since they have a wide variety of applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Plus point of this particular machine is that it comes in both semi and fully automatic variants, which allows the user to choose the best option that suits them.

    Rotary tube filling machines are made up of heavy materials that make them extremely reliable.

    This machine is a multi-task expert as it allows you to fill the products as well as sealing, batch coding, crimping, and ejecting all in one cycle.

    This feature allows cost-cutting as well as making sure of extreme efficiency to the user.

    A rotary machine uses the hot air sealing system that makes this machine most reliable in sealing the products, especially for the plastics and lamination tubes.

    These machines are very easy to use, and user-friendly and accurate adjustments can be made through them to fill the desired amounts into the tubes.

    It assists the user in changing parts of the machine, which makes it more user-friendly. These are the main requirements of pharmaceutical companies.

    These machines can be used in pharmaceutical companies, food processing companies, cosmetic companies, and other glue and gel companies.

    11. What is an Ultrasonic Tube Filling Machine?

    Ultrasonic tube Filling Machine

    Ultrasonic Tube Filling Machine

    As the world is making progress, the number of errors is being minimized day by day by extraordinary engineering, and ultrasonic Tube filling machines are examples of the same instance.

    Ultrasonic Tube filling machines use ultrasonic technology to fuse the molecules of the surface of the tube to be fused by the effort of ultrasonic friction.

    This machine does have the disadvantages of the manual or regular machine that causes weak welding, which is originated by all the things that adhere to the walls of the device.

    It is the best possible choice for pharmaceutical companies and cosmetic companies.

    Due to this way, proper sanitization of the machine prevails more times.

    12. What makes the Tube Filling Production Line Complete?

    A tube filling machine needs following machines as well to complete the whole production line.

    Filling Machine

    tube filling machine working

    Used for filling the tubes with the paste liquid and whatever.

    Capping Machine

    AIPAk Capping Machine

    AIPAK Capping Machine

    After the material is filled, it is capped here.

    Labeling Machine


    AIPAK Labeling Machine

    Labeling is done on the tubes as well as packed material too.

    Cartoning Machine

    AIPAK Cartoning Machine

    AIPAK Cartoning Machine

    Finally, the everything done tubes are packed into the cartons.

    13. Why Should you Invest in the Tube Filling Machine?

    Invest Here

    There are so many benefits that you can get while investing on the tube filling machine. Here are some of the points that will allow you to invest on the machine.

    • It will help you to have consistency in your production because of its compact design it will also allow you to have regulatory in your production.
    • Tube filling is very sensitive process in which you will require precise amount of filling dosage in the tube.
    • Filling is done in such a way that the auto measuring system present in the machine will check the amount of dosage and weight of the filled tube to give you precise filling.
    • Working with fully automation level it will also help you to get more production in less time period.
    • Fast working of this machine will save your time and will give you more production so, that you can reach new customers easily.
    • Some of the machines are very hard to control but the PLC control system in the tube filling machine will make it easy for you to operate the complete working cycle of it.
    • It may be harder for you to invest such a huge amount of money but investing once will be fruitfull for you to work with the machine for longer run.
    • Accurate and efficient filling of tubes can also be gained with the help of this machine.
    • Whenever someone is going to invest or thinking to invest on any equipment he/she wants to know the versatility of the product that is why we make this machine with such material and done so many practices to make it versatile for use.
    • Safety of your labor & product is the first priority that is considered during the manufacturing of this machine so, it is easy for you to operate with safety.

    14. How would you Troubleshoot Tube Filling Machine?

    Different Tubes

    Troubleshooting is a common process that comes in place when a machine fails to work or malfunctions unexpectedly. It undergoes no procedures to ensure the fact that the machine continues to work in good working conditions.

    In Tube filling machines, troubleshooting comes in place when the fluid that is being inserted into the tube unexpectedly becomes irregular, ignoring the fact whether it is by the volume or the level of the tube.

    When inconsistency occurs in the product, it can affect the average volume of the tank and give a very unwanted and mundane look to the product that can become undesirable by the user of the product.

    Because of all of the above reasons, troubleshooting is very important.

    So, we should try and solve the issue, and these can be resolved by troubleshooting.

    Short Pump Durations / Fill time off.

    Short pump Durations refer to the tube that is not being filled till the desired volume or level.

    When pumping into the tube, if the pumping duration is short, it will not fill the tube according to the desired volume.

    If the pumping timer becomes long, it will eventually burst the tube, resulting in the loss of the organization.

    To solve this problem, we add or minus some time of the pump through the panel of the machine.

    You can also manage the times of the fillers individually that will give you more control over the filling of the tube.

    This process can be handled with care, and if you don't want this type of problem, set intervals and closely examine the end product whether the tube is filled with the required amount or not.

    Level of Tube Fillers

    tube filling machine products 9

    Another common reason for the tube filler machine is that the level of the machine from all sides where the machine is placed is not the same.

    In this case, the machine becomes uneven and results in inconsistent in the tube filling process and also has effects of the spilling of the substance which is being poured into the tube or wastage of water that is being used to keep the temperature of the machine to a certain extent. If the machine is not placed properly, it will be a great loss of finance and time.

    The Remedy to this is that you should check the level of the floor while placing the machine. For example, if the machine is not leveled properly, first, you check the floor thoroughly and keep in mind where the floor is unlevelled.

    When you place the machine and account, if it doesn't sit properly, there is an option to adjust the height of the Machine.

    You can level either side of the machine by raising or lowering it on the side that is becoming a hurdle.

    When you are satisfied that the machine is placed properly, you can test the productivity of the machine by taking out some sample tubes.

    If the tube fills properly, obviously, you are good to go, and if it doesn't work properly, the machine still needs some kind of adjustments.

    Pathway Connections

    Pathway Of Tube Filling

    Pathway for Tube Filling-Photo Credit: custom pak pills

    As you know that the tube filler machine is made up of many mechanical parts, certain pathways are there from the materials move through.

    These pathways are delicately designed with small pores so that it keeps the fluid temperature at a specified limit, but on some occasions, the pores start to suck the air into them.

    This causes the air to jam into the materials that are being poured in and cause inconsistency in the tube.

    This makes small bubbles into the material and potentially damages the Quality and quantity of the material.

    These malfunctions are encountered due to the non-maintenance of the machine.

    This is the duty of the operator of the machine to check all the connections. This issue can be easily eradicated by tightening or loosening the joints.

    When the parts are placed at the required level of tightening, it will automatically strengthen the performance of the machine.

    Worn out parts

    As the name machine suggests, it is a combination of several or sometimes hundreds of mechanical parts.

    Each of the parts has a specified amount of life depending on the quality, but whether it is of the highest quality in the whole world but they will still wear out and are not going to last forever because the machine is being used to pour different types of materials of which the majority are of liquid types.

    These liquids affect the steel of the tube filling machine as they are contaminating the machine.

    The simple solution to this is first to check all the lubrication levels of the machine because if the lubrications are not correct, it will make the parts worn out quicker, even from their expected life.

    And second is that you should have a close eye on all the parts of the machine and when you come to know that this part has done its work change it immediately.

    Most commonly, the parts that are changed mainly are Nozzles.

    Checking of each part is mandatory because sometimes the parts that are worn out are not available in the local market as the machine is being imported in many countries and the end, the organization has to buy a new one resulting in excess loss of the money and time and loss of production of the product.

    Tube Holder

    tube filling machine details 4

    Tube holder is another fundamental part of the machine it works is to hold the tube while the tube is being filled.

    Tube holders in the tube filling machine should have a rigid grip over the tube as the substance that is being filled incomes at a higher pressure, and if the grip is not good, it results in slipping the tube, and you have to stop the production line of the product.

    In this case, adjust the grips of the tube holders.

    This can also be eradicated by lower pressure that is hitting the tube.

    Tube Sizes

    Different Size Tubes

    Different size tube-Photo Credit: Vector

    Tube sizes are a major factor in tube filling machines.

    Sometimes the operator, when operating the machine while having two or more products, is handling the machine. He confuses the size of the tubes that are being poured into the machines.

    This makes the tube filling machine adjustments go wrong as the compressions will not be at an even level.

    To resolve this problem, there should be only one product at the production line at one time.

    When one product is finished, the second can come into account of the production line of the machine.

    If any of the above issues are not being resolved successfully, the best way is to contact the manufacturer of the Machine. Sometimes there is a small glitch or can be a manufacturing fault that can only be resolved by the manufacturer of the machine.

    15. How do you Maintain Tube Filling Machine?

    Maintanence Of Machine

    Like all the machine tubes filling machines also need care and a particular type of environment that makes the usage and running of the machine more smooth. Some of the particulars that are required to maintain the machine are as follows:

    • The machine is filled with a certain type of lubricant that needs to be changed according to the manual of the machine.
    • A certain level of each lubricant is required.
    • All the sensors should be checked at regular intervals.
    • Joints must be fastened properly, or the seals will start to leak.
    • It is necessary to inspect all electrical circuits and sensor links and then tighten them if necessary. Test motor, heating system, plc. Inverters are normal and perform a clean test to check whether the coefficient parameters are normal and should be checked regularly.
    • Oil must be added to the oil mister before starting the production line.
    • Cleansing inside and out of the machine must be done. Note;
    • To avoid disfigurement or impairment, the water that is being used should not be above 45 C. Operators must operate the machine with full cautions to avoid any type of injury.
    • The liquid that is being used to cool the machine must be discharged after every production shutdown.

    16. How does the Aluminum Tube Filling Machine contrast with Plastic Tube Filling Machine?

    Aluminum Tube

    Aluminum Tube

    The difference between Aluminum and Plastic tube filling machines is somewhat basic as Aluminum tube is used to fill in the tubes that are made up of whole aluminium structure and plastic tube filling machines are used to fill up tubes made up of plastic.

    Aluminium machines are very cost-effective machines that provide several features. Design is ergonomic and easy to maintain for operators. It provides both automated and manual tube feeding composites of rotatory and compact design and has a filling range of 5gm and onwards as required by the specific nature of the user.

    It offers a highly cost-effective and uniform filling. If the machine lags and no tube fills the compartment, the machine automatically stops, and the line is resumed after insertion or correcting the line. It also offers Barcodes and is cooled by tube filling systems. Lower maintenance is required.  It also offers automated tube injection.


    There is no question that the tube filling machines are very handy as it comes to packing, but to be exact in every manner, you should have a complete grip over the product that you are trying to buy and have full knowledge of the specifications that you are looking for.

    Whether it is of high-class industrial use or is the use of that machine on an initial level, every single aspect comes into play when you are buying these machines. So, every single specification matters, and the Budget have a huge role to play. i.e., the semi-automatic machines are much more affordable, but they need full care.

    But on the other hand, a fully automatic Ultrasonic Tube filler machine needs less care, less focus of the user, and gives him more variety of the option to choose from but is far more expensive and normally used in Industrial Use.

    So, be sure of what you are buying and what you are leaving behind! What are you planning to buy? What will be your formula to buy a Tube Filling Machine? How will you decide what will suit you more? Is there something that is not discussed related to the topic at hand? Leave a comment below and tell us about your experience!

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