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WSH Series Double Paddle Tank Type Mixer

The machine is horizontal double paddle tank type mixer which is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries for mixing powdery or paste material especially for big viscosity and high homogeneous material.

The machine let the S type paddle make opposite movement to impulse the material and mix by the active and passive shaft. The machine is made of stainless steel. You can set the mixing time and the machine will stop automatically. It is discharged by electromotion which will cause the working intensity of workers. The machine will reach the high homogeneous mixing.


  1. The powerful driving system (motor, reducer, gears, etc.) is adopted for dough mixing.
  2. Two z-arms are overlapped design, which can stir and mix the product more efficiently.
  3. The cover is controlled by cylinder pneumatically.
  4. The bowl can be tilted to empty dough easily and completely.
  5. All contact part in SS304, which meets food standard; mirror polish for both interior and exterior.
  6. PTFE seals at both ends; no oil leakage.


Model Barrel volume Max loading volume Max loading weigh Mixing time Stir Motor Discharging motor active shaft rotary speed passive shaft rotary speed Overall dimension Weight
WSH-100 100L 70L 70kg 0-99min 4kw 0.75kw 15r/min 21r/min 1750*560*1100mm 800kg
WSH-200 200L 140L 140kg 0-99min 5.5kw 1.1kw 12r/min 18r/min 2060*660*1250mm 1000kg
WSH-400 400L 280L 280kg 0-99min 7.5kw 1.5kw 12r/min 18r/min 2320*760*1500mm 1200kg
WSH-500 500L 350L 350kg 0-99min 11kw 2.2kw 12r/min 18r/min 2500*760*1500mm 1300kg
WSH-600 600L 420L 420kg 0-99min 15kw 2.2kw 12r/min 18r/min 2620*780*1620mm 1600kg



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