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LXS Series Centrifugal Screen

Being an ideal screening equipment applied in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff trades etc.. this machine is particularly used for screening of high fiber, high viscosity, high humidity, electrostatic and easy blocked materials.

Material is fed into the screen box through screw conveyor, continuous rotation of the vane pushes the material forward, fine material is fallen from the screen, and the coarse material is further advanced and discharged from the coarse oblique port, and thus reaching the ideal screening effect.


  1. This machine is madeup of stainless steel. 
  2. Meeting ISO 9001 and SGS certificate .
  3. This machine is mainly used for separate the different size of raw material.
  4. This machine can design to 1~4 layers, 2~5 discharging mouth, so consumer need to make sure your want before place the order.
  5. The sieve can change.
  6. Round shaped design.
  7. Guarantee: 1 year.
  8. Deliver time: 25 days.
  9. Payment: 30% TT in advance, 70% need to pay us before deliver the goods.


Model Production capacity Meshes screen Motor power Spindle speed Weight
LXS-250 60-800kg/h 20-300mesh 5.5kw 960r/min 250kg
LXS-350 200-1800kg/h 20-300mesh 7.5kw 1200r/min





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