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$500 Bonus for recommending a friend

We offer a $500 discount on referrals to new friends.

This $500 bonus can be used for new equipment purchase in the future.

AIPAK treats every customer as our closet friend,help each customer find the best suitable solutions to meet their actual production requirements and solve the problems encountered in the production.

  • Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
  • Blister Packing Machine for food, cosmetics or tools, etc.
  • Tube Filling Machine
  • Tablet Counting Machine Production Line
  • Automatic Cartoning Machine
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Nov 01-Jan 15 2021

3% Off For All Machines

Our traditional Chinese New Year holiday comes in the end of January. We will stop all production, trekking back to our home with family together to celebrate the Spring Festival!

Our company colleagues are from all over China, some even need to take two days of high-speed rail or car to back home. In order to treat our colleagues who have worked hard for a year, our company has arranged a two-week vacation so that all the colleagues can fully feel the warmth of their families and enjoy the fruit of their hard work!

And in return for our customers’ support over the past 2021, we offer a 3% discount on all orders from January to March.


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Visit our factory and order on-site

1% Off For All Machines

All customers who visit our factory and place on-site orders will get an extra 1% discount!

We will show you around our factory production site and show you our equipment production process ,make an detailed introduction about every details about our machinery to you or the common problems you may encounter when operate our machine.

Every machine from our factory will passed strict inpsection with DQ,IQ,OQ,PQFAT,SAT,URS report available to you before delivery.

AIPAK regards customer as the God and promise service first.

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