Gummy candy is a board category of gelatin-based chewable sweet.It is mostly made of corn syrup,sucrose,gelatin,starch,water,coloring,flavoring agents,food acids such as citric and malic acid,some gelling agents may be applied in place of gelatin to make gummy candies suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Types of gummies can be various,single color or two color gummy candy,multi colors,various shapes,such as bears ,babies ,worms ,hearts ,stars ,strawberry ,orange petal, fish, button, berry, flowers, leaf, smiling sun, central filling.

As gummy candies could be made of more than 200 types of functional ingredients,that could be your best nutrition supplement,immune booster assistant,beauty and skincare helper,tranquilizing and assisting sleep,eye protector,Oral protection.

Gels are indispensable to the manufacture of gummy candy,and each single gel has its own characteristics in terms of taste and application.For example,gelatin,processed from collagen of bones and skins of animals such pigs,cattle and sheep.Pectin,exists in the cell wall and inner cell layer of plants,extracted from the peel of citrus,lemon and grapefruit,etc.Carrageenan,hydrophilic gel derived from red algae seaweed such as Eucheuma,Gelidium and pelvetia siliquosa.

If you like chewy gummies,you choose gelatin as the ingredient,if you like soft and glutinous gummies,and you are vegetarian,you can choose pectin.If you want both the chewy taste of gelatin and the soft and glutinous taste of pectin,rich tasting caregeenan will be your good choice.

Gummies could have many types of packaging ,into bottles,pouches or sachets.AIPAK could provide you with various machines as to these packaging methods.

AIPAK gummy counting machine can help you count various shapes,sizes gummies into bottle and could have good anti-stick effect for high viscosity gummies.AIPAK gummy packaging machine could help you complete various kinds of gummy feeding, quantitative weighing, pouch filling, date printing, sealing and packaging.

Machines For Gummies

Gummy Making Machine

APK-GM600Q Gummy Making Machine

APK-GM300Q Gummy Making Machine

APK-GM150Q Gummy Making Machine

APK-GM80Q Gummy Making Machine

Gummy Making Machine Tray Dollies

Gummy Making Machine Gummy Drying Trays

Gummy Making Machine Sugar Sanding Machine

Gummy Making Machine Oil Coating Machine

Gummy Counting Machine

APC-48 Gummy Counting Machine

APC-32 Gummy Counting Machine

APC-24 Gummy Counting Machine

APC-16 Gummy Counting Machine

APC-12 Gummy Counting Machine

APC-8 Gummy Counting Machine

Gummy Packaging Machine

High Speed Automatic Zipper Bag Premade Doypack Gummy Packaging Machine

Automatic Multi-head Weigher Gummy Jelly Candy Packaging Machine

Gummy Depositor

Small Industrial Gummy Depositor Fruit Jelly

Gelatin Melting Machine

Gummy Making Machine Gelatin Melting Machine

Transfer Pump

Gummy Making Machine Transfer Pump

Storage/Mixing Tank

Gummy Making Machine Storage/Mixing Tank

Gummy Depositing Machine

Gummy Making Machine Depositing Machine

Cooling tunnel

Gummy Making Machine Cooling tunnel

Videos For Gummy

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Frequently Asked Gummy

Gummy candies are made of corn syrup,sucrose,gelatin,starch and water,some minor amounts of coloring and flavoring agents are used to make the gummy candy more colorful.Food acids such as citric acid and malic acid are also added in order to give a tart flavor to gummies.

Gummy candies are produced by several device such as gelatin melting,storage/mixing tank,depositing machine,cooling tunnel made of gummy production line.You can choose the different scale of gummy making machine like small scale,medium scale,large scale gummy making machine according to your actual production capacity requirements.

You can package your gummy candy into several kinds of packagings such as mylar bags,bottles and tins,that these several kinds of containers could be completed through the gummy counting machine or gummy packaging machine.

Yes,you can produce CBD gummies through the gummy making machine,whose ingredients will be added with CBD oil.CBD gummies will benefit you as other CBD products,that will make you feel calmer,stress and tension relief.It is a kind of easy-taking sweet,that will help you reduce stress and get to sleep quicker and more deeply,will overall quality life will be improved through CBD gummies.

No,gummy candy is not vegan,as its main ingredient include gelatin which is made from animal parts like bones,tendons,skin and ligaments.Vegan gummy candy is gelatin-free but may contain beeswax,then it will be included in the vegan category.

AIPAK gummy making machine can produce almost any kinds of gummy on the market.Some of the nutritional categories for these gummy candies include:




.Children’s Health



.Joint Support


.Sports Nutrition

.Weight Loss

.Any other kinds...

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