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GF Series High Efficiency Fluidized Drier

This machine is used for boiled drying of granulate material with site of 0.16mm, and is applicable for quick drying of wet granulate and powdery material of finished products and intermediate(semi-finished products) in such trades ad pharmacy, foodstuff, light industry and chemical etc.

Under the draught of fan ,natural air passes through purification cabinet and heater, and form high speed airflow in small hole of material bed board, which makes the material into boiled(fluidized)status and then makes the moisture(or solvent)in material vaporized(or volatilized)quickly, thus realizing the purpose of drying. Stirrer is designed inside hopper, material boiling is free of dead angle, with uniform and quick drying, drying time can be set up freely according to material characteristic, and normally at 10-30min.


  1. Adopts double-screw type air compressor and low temperature condensation technique for dehydration.
  2. Small and light, easy to operate, energy saving, safe and reliable.
  3. Combined with advantages of refrigerated air dryer, desiccant air dryer and ultrahigh precision filtration technique to produce high quality low dew point dry air.
  4. The machine is with integrated design and automatic PLC control is available to check running parameters automatically. It has compact and reasonable structure and good performance with low consumption and long lifetime. The composite desiccant adopted have better effect and is about 3 times longer in lifetime than that of common desiccant.
  5. The machine adopts absorption dehydrate and regeneration technique, high precision coalescence dehydration filters and 0.01μm ultra high precision filters to keep cleanliness of air. It’s easy for operation, energy saving, safe and reliable.




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