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We put all my pharmaceutical industry knowledge into this A to Z guide, helping you understand how to import, what’s the process, how to find the best pharmaceutical machineries, etc.

Through years' research & development,we do everything we can to provide you with professional & valuable pharmaceutical knowledge,hope you can benefit from here.

How Much Does It Cost to Invest A Pharmaceutical Plant



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As one of the largest pharmaceutical equipment& packaging machinery manufacturers,we have accumulated rich knowledge of pharmaceutical equipment &packaging machinery technology,pharmaceutical business starup,import & export,and pharmaceutical industry trend.We want to share all these values here.

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anti-counterfeit medicine carton2

Medicine Carton Design

You buy medicine according to your needs for healing and caring. Facing so many different types of medicine with the same effects, which one you would pick? You must pick the most appealing and cost-effective one with the same effect, I believe. Medicine carton design of course plays an important role in your product sales. The appetizing carton design of food and beverages will make your mouth water and induce ...
High Efficiency

Vertical Cartoner VS Horizontal Cartoner

Are you wondering how to package your products well and show its nice looking? Have you selected the suitable carton packaging? Don't forget to match your packaging a good cartoner! When you are doing this purchase, you can find the different types for products packaging. What do you know about vertical cartoner and horizontal cartoner? Both of them can provide you the nice cartoning work, but do you know their ...
Sugar Coating Process For Tablets

Sugar Coating Process For Tablets: The Complete FAQ Guide In 2024

Pharmaceutical solid oral dosage forms such as coated tablets, capsules and other solid dosage forms have become a highly developed science and technology. However, with the fierce competition between tablets and capsules, scientists began to develop new tablets coated with sugar to improve the applicability of tablets. Sugar Coating Process For Tablets-sourced: menafn In addition to film-coated tablets, have you ever heard of sugar-coated tablets? Do you want to learn ...

What Is The Difference Between Cartoning And Case Packing

When you do shopping in market, you may be aware of the different cases, cartons and packages on shelf, truck or trash can. People's awareness of getting products great packaging has became better and make a series of actions to protect the products. You can thus see the different package of different size, material and shape. In so much different packages, you may be aware of the cartoning and case ...

How To Troubleshooting Common Problems Of Tablet Manufacturing Defects

In life, have you ever paid attention to whether the tablets you take have defects in appearance and function? How are the defects on these tablets caused? If you are a tablet manufacturer, do you have the same troubles and want to solve them? Tablets are the most widely used dosage form among solid dosage forms. If you want to improve your tablet production technology, you must learn to check ...

How To Choose the Right Packaging For Your Product

Don't judge something from its appearance but your first understanding of a products comes from its packaging. Good packaging of products can help you attract the first attention of customers. And only attracted by the product, can customers get the next move, like to find out the content, efficiency and so on. Products packaging has thus an important state. Present technology benefits packaging process and can make various package easier. ...
Liquid Pouch Packaging-6

Liquid Pouch Packaging: The Complete Buying Guide In 2024

In life, do you feel that some liquid bottles or cans are meaningless or even difficult to operate? Are you afraid of picking up bottled solutions of thick liquids, such as syrup or honey? Does opening a can or bottle of honey leave you with a nasty, sticky liquid? How can we say goodbye to this inconvenient way of packaging viscous liquids? Liquid Pouch Packaging-sourced: astrapouch Do you have needs ...
CSA Standard

CSA Standard: The Complete FAQ Guide In 2024

When it comes to the import and export of equipment and machines, in addition to the quality issues of the equipment itself, you also need to consider issues related to the certification of the equipment. For example, does your equipment comply with GMP standards? Does it pass the test of CSA standard? CSA Standard-sourced: theverge In order to pass the CSA standard test, what requirements does it need to meet? The ...
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