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We put all my pharmaceutical industry knowledge into this A to Z guide, helping you understand how to import, what’s the process, how to find the best pharmaceutical machineries, etc.

Through years' research & development,we do everything we can to provide you with professional & valuable pharmaceutical knowledge,hope you can benefit from here.

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As one of the largest pharmaceutical equipment& packaging machinery manufacturers,we have accumulated rich knowledge of pharmaceutical equipment &packaging machinery technology,pharmaceutical business starup,import & export,and pharmaceutical industry trend.We want to share all these values here.

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Powder Packing Machines and Applications

Different Types Of Powder Packing Machines And Applications

When looking for a powder packaging machine, you see a variety of brands, and models, around you that can be overwhelming. From medicines to foods, powder packaging machine plays an integral role in any production success, this is because of high filling accuracy, fast dispensing, and high automation. In this article, we highlighted different types of powder-packing machines and applications used in different industries across the globe. If you're interested ...
Spice Packaging

Spice Packaging: The Complete FAQ Guide in 2022

Spice packaging is an integral element to keep the aroma, flavor, and taste of spices intact. They are not only used in the food industry but also have potential use in the medicinal industry. In this blog, a comprehensive note about the importance of spice packaging is discussed. Read on to learn everything related to spice packaging! 1.What Are Spices? Spices are derived from plant's sources such as barks, rhizomes, ...
Types Of Packaging Gans And Sizes

Types Of Packaging Cans And Sizes

It all started when Napoleon famously quoted an army "travels on its stomach" and promised 12,000 francs for inventing a method for preserving food for his army as his men were dying more of scurvy and hunger than war. Nicolas Appert, later to be known as father of canning invented cans and won the prize set by Napoleon. What are different types of cans? How these innovative containers are manufactured? ...
Milk Powder

Milk Powder: The Complete FAQ Guide in 2022

What comes to your mind when you ponder milk powder? Possibly formulated milk for babies or nutritional milk? Nevertheless, you may not know the use of milk powder in your regular diet. How? Yes! It may be in the form of bread, cheese, dessert, cakes, etc., In fact, you find them as a thickening agent too with an overly liquid consistency i.e soups, and yogurt. In this article, we will talk ...
VFFS Machine-4

VFFS Machine: The Complete FAQ Guide in 2022

VFFS machines for packaging are always fascinating! If you're looking about purchasing one for your business, then there are various things to consider before making a final decision. If you just go online and select a random piece of equipment, so you might end up with the wrong product. You must educate yourself about VFFS machines. This article will introduce you to various aspects of VFFS machines currently available worldwide ...

Bottle Size Chart For Capsules&Pills

Generally speaking, bottles are very common in your daily life,whether capsules or pills,they are always packed by bottles.As you can see,sometimes the sizes of  bottles are small,and sometimes they are large,are you confused about what factors determine the bottle sizes? Therefore,this article will help you resolve your confusion,we can explore the answers together,to know the things about bottle sizes for capsule&pills,you need to make clear of the following questions: 1.What ...
Protein Powder-1

Protein Powder: The Ultimate FAQ Guide in 2022

You might be thinking of athletes who consume drink constituting of protein powder after looking at the heading of this topic. But protein powder is not only for those heavy building people but also for common use. Protein is one of the essential nutrients required by our body for many physiological processes to be carried normally like building muscle mass, for growth and repairing of tissues, and the functionality of ...
Pharmaceutical Packaging-9

Reviw On The Pharmaceutical Packaging

The first thing that attracts you when you go for shopping is the packaging of the product. Attractive colors, designs, labelling and the type of packaging material all work in unison to deliver the product from the market shelves to your home. Packaging is an integral part of any product but when it comes to pharmaceutical products there are certain standards that are to be met in order to protect ...
NJP 1200D


Capsule Filling Machine

1200d capsule filling machine-1


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