Film Coating VS Sugar Coating

The coating is the earliest pharmaceutical practice utilized to mask the unpleasant taste and smell of tablets, capsules, and granules. ...

Capsule Size Chart

To understand capsule size chart is somewhat substantial for professionals and individuals. Selecting a proper capsule according to your need ...

Softgel Size Chart

You might be wondering about the correct capsule size when it comes to encapsulation powders. Indeed, it is crucial to ...

Multinational Drug Companies Keep Entering As The Big Needs For Rare Disease Drugs

The rare disease market has a large unmet clinical need, both in China and overseas. Data shows that the global ...

Multinational Drug Companies Entering the Chinese Medicine Market Further Promote the Modernisation of the Industry

Chinese medicine is a great creation of the Chinese nation, a treasure of ancient science in China, and has had ...

What Kind Of Crushing Equipment Should Be Used To Crush Hard Materials?

Recently, I saw someone a forum said: "the company trial production of a new variety of API, after drying, the completed ...



Top 10 Global Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers:the Definitive Guide in 2023

Dryers have become the imperative part of process industry as the quality of product is greatly dependent upon the drying ...

Top 10 Global Tablet Counting Machine Suppliers:the Definitive Guide in 2023

Tablet counting machines are basically rely on innovative technology to sense and count tablets in bulk. That's why significance of ...

Top 100 Pharmaceutical Companies in Global Market in 2023

If you're looking for the top list of pharmaceutical companies in the world, you've come to the right place. In ...
Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder Packaging: The Complete FAQ Guide In 2023

When it comes about Indian spices, Turmeric or Haldi cannot be neglected. Since ancient times turmeric in raw or powder form has been used as a culinary ingredient , medicinal agent, in religious ceremonies, as a dye and also in some cosmetic purposes. About packaging, it is essential to portray a brand's uniqueness and their effective communication through labeling for successful promotion and marketing. Various packages of turmeric powder are ...

Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent Packaging: The Complete FAQ Guide In 2023

Doing laundry is usually a hectic job for most of us. Ain't so? But have you wondered what might be more hectic for all of us? Let us tell you! The most alarming thing that arises here is the laundry detergents being a cause for a hectic day for Mother Earth too! Usually, laundry detergents often contain toxic chemicals, microplastics, dyes and fragrances which interfere with the natural ecosystem and ...
dry powder packaging

Dry Powder Packaging: The Complete FAQ Guide In 2023

Are you ready to get a handle on dry powder packaging? Dry powders may be small, but they pack a punch when it comes to the unique challenges they present in the world of packaging. From pharmaceuticals to food products and chemicals, these materials require special care to ensure their integrity and effectiveness. That's where you come in! In this blog, we'll explore the exciting and ever-evolving world of dry powder ...
Washing Powder Packaging

Washing Powder Packaging: The Complete FAQ Guide In 2023

Laundry shopping always kicks serotonins for all! We know the reason. This is the packaging style and material that allures you to grab washing powder from grocery shelves. Smooth glossy and lustrous bags with granules inside make you feel good when squeezing them. How does washing powder packaging takes place? What are the prime parameters that you must consider when packaging them? We'll talk about them one by one in this ...
Tea Powder Packaging-2

Tea Powder Packaging:The Complete FAQ Guide in 2023

Tea is the world's hottest commodity that is preferred by young and adults alike. Like a wide range of varieties of tea, there is a diverse and interesting assortment of tea powder packaging designs. Tea powder packaging is a powerful tool that is deployed by brand owners for attracting its original and new customers. Tea powder packaging should have an articulate and attractive concept that can create positive and pleasant ...
Moringa Packaging-3

Moringa Packaging: The Complete FAQ Guide In 2023

You might be familiar with the miraculous and wonderful powers that moringa holds right? If not, then by reading this article you'll surely get to know. The Moringa Olifera plant is used to extract and formulate powder and oil from various parts, to further process it in assorted forms available in the market such as capsules, tablets, organic powder, oil, etc. Its benefits can be termed quite promising because not ...
Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis Packaging: The FAQ Guide in 2023

Packaging is a catchy story by which you can captivate your consumers. Cannabis is a booming industry with high competition arena therefore brand owners use cannabis packaging for creating distinct brand image. With the CAGR of 29.60%, the market value of cannabis packaging will rise to USD 11.80 Billion by 2030. A flexible, clean and green packaging with simple designs always protects the potency of active ingredients and trust of ...
Powder Packaging

Powder Packaging: The Complete FAQ Guide In 2023

Powder packaging is the greatest way to enclose powder in a way to save product, time, and money. Many people use powder packaging products, but they are unfamiliar with the packaging process and machines. That's the reason purchasing a powder packaging machine can result in some operational defaults. Powder Packaging: The Complete FAQ Guide In 2023 is designed to highlight important considerations that may help to run your project smoothly. Read ...
NJP 1200D


Capsule Filling Machine

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