Film Coating VS Sugar Coating

The coating is the earliest pharmaceutical practice utilized to mask the unpleasant taste and smell of tablets, capsules, and granules. ...

Capsule Size Chart

To understand capsule size chart is somewhat substantial for professionals and individuals. Selecting a proper capsule according to your need ...

Softgel Size Chart

You might be wondering about the correct capsule size when it comes to encapsulation powders. Indeed, it is crucial to ...

Multinational Drug Companies Keep Entering As The Big Needs For Rare Disease Drugs

The rare disease market has a large unmet clinical need, both in China and overseas. Data shows that the global ...

Multinational Drug Companies Entering the Chinese Medicine Market Further Promote the Modernisation of the Industry

Chinese medicine is a great creation of the Chinese nation, a treasure of ancient science in China, and has had ...

What Kind Of Crushing Equipment Should Be Used To Crush Hard Materials?

Recently, I saw someone a forum said: "the company trial production of a new variety of API, after drying, the completed ...



Top 10 Global Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers:the Definitive Guide in 2022

Dryers have become the imperative part of process industry as the quality of product is greatly dependent upon the drying ...

Top 10 Global Tablet Counting Machine Suppliers:the Definitive Guide in 2022

Tablet counting machines are basically rely on innovative technology to sense and count tablets in bulk. That's why significance of ...

Top 100 Pharmaceutical Companies in Global Market in 2022

If you're looking for the top list of pharmaceutical companies in the world, you've come to the right place. In ...
Packaging Industry

Sustainability In Packaging Industry

In today's world of globalization, the trend towards protection and reliability of materials in different sectors of industry is extremely important. Companies are making an agenda ensuring heir role in providing their consumers with sustainable packaging. They also answer questions for themselves like whether the consumer will be satisfied and appealed with the appearance of product. Will it be cost effective? Reading this article you'll get to know many highlighted ...
Packaging Machine

Open Sources About HMI For Packaging Machines You Must Know

Human Machine Interface holds the fast paced industrial environment. manufacturers of huge machinery differentiate their brands by the type of HMI they instill into the equipment. Open sources enable great flexibility but at the same time portray drawbacks such as problematic troubleshooting and fixing without reliance on the open source community. The selection process of the right HMI for your company's machinery can predict the upcoming performance, reliability, and accuracy. ...


Choosing the right packaging equipment is absolutely the final step of your business process. Importantly, executing them correctly will not only preserve your brand's identity and product's quality but makes it suitable for the end-user. For packaging machines, however, there are two commonly used machines; Form fill seal (FFS) and Fill Seal (FS). Both of them are suitable and efficient in their own ways but you have to choose them ...
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Types Of Sealing Machine

Sealing machines are employed to limit oxidation and cross- contamination of your product. There are different sealing designs for different products.  This is why; you will find many sealing machines options available in the global market. Pharmaceutical industry likewise other industries use different types sealing machine for protection, stability, ease of transportation and smooth supply chain of products. In this article, you will explore types of sealing machines, major differences, ...
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What Are Aipak Food Packaging Machines?

Think about it, if your food packaging system is compromised whether processing, material, and sustainability, we would rather say if still in the dark ages. Food packaging machines allow you protection, identity, integrity, information, user compliance, and much more. In this article, we are offering to have a look at Aipak's bespoke designed and manufactured food packaging machines and lines for various production sectors, constructed promptly to respond at customized ...
Powder Packing Machine

What Are Aipak Powder Packaging Machines?

The Aipak pharmaceutical equipment abounds with extensive powder packaging applications including from pharmaceuticals products to the food industry, personal care to household products, nutraceuticals to chemicals, and much more. In a nutshell, Aipak machineries are consumed with an endless list of powder packaging in daily production life. There's no doubt that different competitors in the marketplace manufacture and present innovative styles for your supply chain with boundless features; Aipak powder ...

8 Must-Have HMI Features Of Automatic Labelling Machines You Must Know

Is your business expanded to a target point where you need labelling processing to add on? Indeed, initially your cost in making labelling automation possibly be higher than expected but so in return would be a greater investment. Thanks to modern sciences and technologies who strive day and night to produce more robust solutions than ever! Automatic labelling machines are not just fastest than semi-automatic and manual but it offers ...
Capsule tablets and gel tablets in blister packs

What Are Aipak Pharmaceutical Packaging Machines?

Are you looking for reliable packaging machines? Is your packaging machine ensuring products' safety and efficient distribution to end-user? Pharmaceutical packaging machine has a greater impact on the marketing and usage of pharmaceutical products and have been more beneficial for your brand identification. Aipak Pharmaceuticals is a dynamic single-source provider with an excellent packaging range that serves a variety of production sectors and applications. Without any further ado, let's explore ...
NJP 1200D


Capsule Filling Machine

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