Film Coating VS Sugar Coating

The coating is the earliest pharmaceutical practice utilized to mask the unpleasant taste and smell of tablets, capsules, and granules. ...

Capsule Size Chart

To understand capsule size chart is somewhat substantial for professionals and individuals. Selecting a proper capsule according to your need ...

Softgel Size Chart

You might be wondering about the correct capsule size when it comes to encapsulation powders. Indeed, it is crucial to ...

Multinational Drug Companies Keep Entering As The Big Needs For Rare Disease Drugs

The rare disease market has a large unmet clinical need, both in China and overseas. Data shows that the global ...

Multinational Drug Companies Entering the Chinese Medicine Market Further Promote the Modernisation of the Industry

Chinese medicine is a great creation of the Chinese nation, a treasure of ancient science in China, and has had ...

What Kind Of Crushing Equipment Should Be Used To Crush Hard Materials?

Recently, I saw someone a forum said: "the company trial production of a new variety of API, after drying, the completed ...



Top 10 Global Fluid Bed Dryer Manufacturers:the Definitive Guide in 2023

Dryers have become the imperative part of process industry as the quality of product is greatly dependent upon the drying ...

Top 10 Global Tablet Counting Machine Suppliers:the Definitive Guide in 2023

Tablet counting machines are basically rely on innovative technology to sense and count tablets in bulk. That's why significance of ...

Top 100 Pharmaceutical Companies in Global Market in 2023

If you're looking for the top list of pharmaceutical companies in the world, you've come to the right place. In ...
Lab Mixer-6

Lab Mixer: The Complete Buying Guide in 2023

Is it possible to work in the lab without a lab mixer? We don't think so. If you're a scientist, student, formulator, researcher, or any other field person, you'll know the answer. A lab mixer is a very robust piece of equipment that makes life easier for everyone belonging to this field. This is true, a lab mixer has been a steadily rising market in the world of experimentation and ...

Top 10 Global Vacuum Freeze Dryer Suppliers: The Complete Guide In 2023

If you are searching for an effective method to dry your material or food products, you can consider freeze drying, what is freeze drying? It is to freeze products and put them under a vacuum condition and then dry them. Isn't this process convenient? Confused about how can achieve this effect? You need a vacuum freeze dryer. To find a reliable vacuum freeze dryer, this blog is helpful to you, ...

Top 10 Spray Dryer Manufacturers Worldwide: The Complete Guide In 2023

Are you looking for an equipment which can quickly dry your liquid formed material into powder? If you are, spray dryer is a good choice for you, it can release hot gas, under the action of high temperature, it can realize its goal efficiently. Spray dryer is trendy in a wide range of industries such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical, etc. Since the spray dryer is so popular that there are ...

Top 10 Global Vial Filling Machine Manufacturers:The Ultimate Guide In 2023

Do you have a need to fill liquid products into vials? In fact, normal liquid filling machine can not able to fill vials so accurately, you need to find a professional vial filling machine. Vial filling machine plays an important role in vial packaging line, there are many famous manufacturers which provide different models of vial filling machines. Are you tired of looking for the right one among a lot ...

Top 10 Global Ribbon Blender Manufacturer:The Complete Guide In 2023

Are you familiar with ribbon blender? This is a special type of mixing equipment which is equipped with central shaft and inner & outer helical ribbons, it can help you mix your material effectively and efficiently. As a matter of fact, ribbon blenders are quite popular in various industries such as food processing industry and pharmaceutical industry. There are many different models of ribbon blenders on the market, they are ...
ribbon mixer manufacturers

Top 10 Global Ribbon Mixer Manufacturers:The Ultimate Guide In 2023

Ribbon mixer is a material handling equipment which is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, it plays a vital role in pharmaceutical manufacturing process. If you want to operate your business in pharmaceutical industry, an important thing is to choose a good ribbon mixer. There are many well-known manufacturers in ribbon mixer manufacturing field, it may be difficult for you to choose a proper one, therefore, here comes this blog. Next, ...
Popping Boba Near Me

Popping Boba Near Me

Popping boba is setting off a global wave now! Popping boba is a type of small sized juice balls which are added into milk teas, fruit tea and other beverages, for the purpose to increase the taste of these products. Popping boba is easy to get no matter you want to use it for commercial or family usages, you just need a popping boba near me. Popping boba near me is a practical ...
Softgel Encapsulation Machine Manufacturers

Top 10 Global Softgel Encapsulation Machine Manufacturers:The Complete Guide In 2023

Nowadays, capsules are necessary for people, most people are more familiar with hard capsules than softgels. As a matter of fact, softgels are also in large demand, there are many products, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and nourishment, are made into the form of softgel. Therefore, softgel encapsulation machines also occupy high market shares. If you are considering to add a high quality softgel encapsulation machine into your production line, now ...
NJP 1200D


Capsule Filling Machine

1200d capsule filling machine-1


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