Automatic High Speed Strip Packing Machine

  • Auto counting
  • Horizontal perforation, slitting
  • Waster-side cutting
  • Printing batch number

AIPAK Strip Packing Machine

AIPAK strip packing machine is is featured in small size, compact structure, smooth and reliable operation, high production efficiency, accurate feeding, tight sealing, full purpose, stable performance, ease of operation.It is suitable for automatic aluminum-aluminum foil heat sealing packing for tablets, candy ,pills and It is suitable for automatic aluminum-aluminum foil heat sealing packing for tablets, candy and pills in medicine, healthcare, chemical, foodstuff etc industry in medicine, healthcare, chemical, foodstuff etc industry.

All AIPAK strip packing machines meets the requirement of sealing for avoiding light, and also AIPAK automatic strip packing machine can be used in plastic-plastic heat sealing package. It will automatically complete the functions such as vibrating material feeding, broken piece filtering, counting, lengthways and transverse impressing, cutting margin scrap, batch number printing etc. The strip packing machine adopts PLC programmable controller, with frequency converter, man-machine interface to operation, you can also adjust the cutting speed and travel range at random.

strip packing-2
strip packing-1

AIPAK Strip Packing Machines

High-speed Strip Packing Machine For Tablet and Capsule Blister

AIPAK APK-SP220 automatic strip packaging machine has the characteristic of advanced structure, high efficiency, low noise and easy to operate. Its shell is made of welded stainless-steel plate by forming, it is designed reasonable and every machine configured with safe operation of protective PC board door cover which is according to “GMP” demands. Its enhanced aesthetics and practicality of products.

Automatic control

Step-less speed regulation

Easy adjustment,safe and reliable operation

Automatic Strip Packing Machine for Medicine Pouch Capsule Blister Packing

AIPAK APK-SP300 automatic strip packaging machine adopts vibrating feeding materials, eliminating pieces, counting. Vertical and horizontal slitting, cutting waste material, automatic finishing batch NO. printed etc.It has ease of operation, accurate feeding, tight sealing, stable performance, which can not only improve the product grade, but also guarantee the qual-ity, it is an ideal equipment for pharmaceutical industry.

High efficiency

Lower noise and

Easy to operate

Double Aluminum Strip Packing Machine

AIPAK APK-SP400 automatic strip packaging machine has PLC Human interface, frequency converter, higher automation, easy operation, beautiful style, full function, well performance and durability,conforms to "GMP" standards.The double aluminium strip packingmachine can complete auto counting, horizontal perforation, slitting, waster-side cutting, printing batch number and auto punch etc.Itsvibration feeder and crisp remover can effectively remove the powder and crisps inside medicine.

Compact structure

Smooth and reliable operation,

High production efficiency

Good Quality Aluminum Foil Roll Food Tablet Strip Packaging machine

AIPAK APK-SP500 Automatic Strip Packaging Machine can be characterized of advanced structure, high efficiency, low noise and easy to operate. It utilizes frequency control to set travel at will,increase the vibration entire column feed mechanism and optical monitoring devices, it can automatic counting,and can Auto-complete filling, sealing, tangent, batch number, cut at high-speed operation. It applies to pack the Tablets, capsules and Electronic Components in the pharmaceutical industry. It can make a good sealing and lucifuge well.

Beautiful and practical appearance

Integrated touchscreen operator panel

Low space requirement

AIPAK Strip Packing Machine Details


AIPAK Strip Packing Machine Products Display

strip packing machine product display

Strip Packing Machine Videos

The Buyer's Guide

Strip Packing Machine: The Ultimate Buying Guide in 2024

The first impression is extremely important. Indeed, your product packaging is one of them.
This unit of manufacturing system should never be overlooked.
Because consumer always gives importance to attractive and unique packaging that ensures product safety. Strip packing machine allows packing of pharmaceutical medications that are commonly available as over- the-counter.  While certain special drugs such as Narcotics or drugs used for larger medical treatment cannot fit into this category of packing.

Also, it helps the patient to get the right medication at the right time. In a nutshell, if you get proper medication on assigned time then you won’t need to go hospital again and again.

Now a day, you can find the basic mandatory information printed on strip packing. Thus, you do not need to find information from other sources or seeking online guidance.

Strip packing machine is of prime importance as it helps you to simplify the drug products, hence you do not need caregiver or care-recipients. This provides a fast and safe medication that you can keep home for longer.

Strip packing machine-8

So, you can promote your business and gain customer satisfaction with secure strip packing.

If you’re planning to buy a strip packing machine, this blog is for you!

We will consider all required details and guidelines related to strip packaging machines that will help you before and after purchasing strip packing machines.

Let’s get into it!

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    1.What is strip packing?

    A strip packing is an innovative and new method of packing pharmaceutical solid dosage form in a unit dose pack. In strip packing drug is encased between two webs of sheets of a flexible film that is able to seal via heat induction, heated crimp roller, or heated reciprocating platen.

    strip packing

    Thus, by attaining strip packing, you may increase the shelf life of pharmaceutical dosage form as well as 100% protection.

    2.What is a strip packing machine?

    A strip packing machine is a well-designed and highly advanced machine that is considered a demand of the pharmaceutical packing sector. A strip pack machine delivers highly sophisticated sealing around solid dosage form in various shapes and sizes. For instance, Capsules, tablets, lozenges. This machine is highly effective to execute multifunctional tasks simultaneously such as feeding, sealing, cutting, and discharging. Thus, as a result, you can get an instant result with less energy, labor cost, and time.

    a strip packing machine

    Strip packing machine

    The packing material used for strip packing around pharmaceutical products is most often consist of Alu-Alu (cold-form), A PET foil (Polyethylene terephthalate), PVC or polyvinyl chloride, or paperback foil.

    Material for strip packing

    Material for strip packing- Aluminium foil/ Paper / Polyethylene

    Strip packing machine

    These are simpler and innovative forms of equipment that normally generate a high yield of production with reduced downtime. They give strip packing around dosage form in a single or double strip configuration along with perforation that helps you in the opening or unsealing of each tablet without damaging the rest of the product.

    Strip packing machine-1

    3.What are the main features of strip packing machines?


    The basic features of the strip packing machine are as followed.

    • It has automatic feeding, sealing, and cutting units that allow simultaneous functions.
    • It is made up of stainless steel.
    • An automatic control system with high production capacity, greater efficiency, and decreased labor cost.
    • It encompasses the conveyor of various sizes and strips.
    • It has the capability to handle various heat-sealable laminates.
    • It has an advanced digital temperature control system.
    • Entire components of strip packing machines can be easily replaced or removed.

    4.What are the main supporting materials of strip packing machines?

    The strip packing machine has the following supporting materials.

    • Aluminium foil
    • Paper
    • Plastic and polyethylene
    • Cellophane
    • Heat sealing material

    5.How strip designing is achieved?

    Designing strip packing is very basic that varies in different units such as rectangular, square, round, or oval.

    Furthermore, initial designing of pocket area for pharmaceutical packing is critical that focus on few factors such as diameter, shapes, and thickness of unit dosage form.

    If a pocket area is too tight or not suitable according to the shape of tablets or capsules, it may cause product damage.

    Not only this, but it is not ideal for sealing as well. Because pocket tightness may lead to cause clearing, perforation, and wrinkle formation in sealing. Therefore, in strip designing the sealing width of 5mm or above is preferred with all necessary dimension requirements.


    Processing -Strip Packing Machine

    PLC Programmable Controller

    PLC Programmable Controller and a Finished Product

    6.How does the strip packing machine work?

    Strip packing machines allow you to get a wide range of product packing with automatic and semi-automatic machines. The handling of the strip packing machine is very easy and user-friendly. The product is incorporated into the machine via hopper.

    A feeding device moves laminated heating rolls continuously mounted from two rollers that help in packing and sealing of material when material comes in contact with these rollers.
    After sealing, this strip passes from a vertical and horizontal cutting unit that cuts the strip according to desired strip size. This machine is highly suitable for a wide range of product dispensing with economical and swift production.

    Working of strip packing machine

    Working of strip packing machine

    7.How to operate a strip packing machine?

    To know how to operate a strip packing machine is very important. We are here to provide proper guidance for standard operating procedures. For this, you need to require the following steps:

    operate a strip packing machine

    Pre-Start Up Points

    • Set up the machine and required material according to the product.
    • Adjust strip sealing rollers on the shaft and tighten up the grub screw.
    • Adjust the cutting and pinion gear as well as vertical cutting.
    • Make sure the centreline of the rollers is just above the centreline of a draw of brushes.
    • Utilizing stud and nut, regulate the sealing roller.

    regulate the sealing roller

    • Check the alignment of a cavity of the sealing roller and tighten up the pressure setting for sealing pressure.
    • Make sure the functionality of the cam for cutting is working properly.

    Start-Up Points

    • Switch ‘ON’ the main connection and push a green-colored glowing button.
    • Switch ‘ON’ a heating button and set the temperature as per your requirement for each batch using an electric panel.
    • Before starting the final procedure, do a testing processing to check if strip packing is working correctly.
    • Start the strip packing process and monitor the indicators on the PLC system to ensure the packing procedure is working satisfactorily.
    • In case if heater lamp indicates excessive heat generation so you may cool down the heater.
    • During strip packing monitor the strips at every half to one-hour interval to examine the sealing quality, pockets, leaking, and the number of cuts/minute.


    End Up Points

    • Perform the leak test to analyze the for each cycle.
    • After completing the production cycle, switch ‘OFF’ the main supply.
    • Make an entry in ‘Equipment Logbook’.

    Never run the machine when it is empty. Always clean the roller using a soft brass wired brush.

    8.What is the production line of the strip packing machine?

    production line of the strip packing machine

    The production line of the strip packing machine is discussed below:

    • Feeding
    • Material Control
    • Hot Press Forming
    • Material Cooling
    • Foil Supporting
    • Batch Number Coding
    • Perforation
    • Defective checking
    • Cutting
    • Traction


    Generally, each strip contains a single dosage form available in variable numbers, which depends upon the setting of the feeding system of the strip packing machine. You can feed a unique design for the strip packing process by adjusting the feeding setup. A strip packing machine is constructed in such a way that provides a customized form of packing for various tablets or capsules.

    Material Control

    Material control can be decided before initiating the process. Strip packing materials include paper, aluminium foils, heat-sealable polyester, and regenerated cellulose, adhesive tapes. The following required materials are adjusted on the sealing roller and the remaining associated parts.


    Hot Press Forming

    A hot press forming causes depression on the foil that allows entrance of packing material between a zone of two-heated sealing rollers, The lateral stresses on filled strips are significantly lowered. This allows a perfect strip packing process suitable for large batch production.

    Material Cooling

    This is an optional step, that needs to implement after hot-pressing of strip packing. The material is cooled down by atmospheric air or using cooling stations so strip packing material can regain its toughness. This is most often preferred for those packing materials which are made up of plastic.

    Foil Supporting

    The safety guard is being recommended as an optional item. This is consisting of Acrylic/Polycarbonate Plates installed on a framework made up of extruded aluminium sections.

    Batch Number Coding

    Batch Number Coding

    After strip packing the batch, number coding is done via the following ways, such as Lot number, Date of manufacturing, Expiry date, and another customized prerequisite. Each pocket of a tablet should have this mentioned requirement with clear and visible printing.


    Perforation of strip packing is of prime importance as it enables the consumer to tear off the tablet easily. This is achieved by horizontal and vertical ‘interrupted cut’.  So, the configuration of perforation is loaded in ‘dash-dash’ format facilitates easy tearing off.


    This perforation also significantly displays an aesthetic look and secures the dosage form without any loss of sealing properties.

    Defective checking

    This is an optional approach that is integrated into certain strip pack machines that enabling automatic analysis of defective strips. After detection, the defective strips are rejected automatically. The following arrangement includes a sensing unit, PLC, HMI (Human Machine Interface), with an electro-pneumatically system and an activated auto-rejection unit.


    After checking of corrected strips, cutting, and trimming procedures take place by pneumatically mounted cutters that help to cut the foil or packaging material, which is very hard to tear.


    A zig-zag cutting is done with several points at which tearing of packing can be initiated. Furthermore, the cutting configuration is easily displayed on every individual pack that allows the user to torn- off from the displayed ‘Ribbon’.



    The finished product is discharged once they leave the sealing station.

    9.What are the important components of a strip packing machine?

    The components of strip packing machines are as followed:

    Feeding Unit
    A feeding unit consists of a hopper, feeding tube, and reciprocating feeder. The solid dosage form is generally loaded into a feeding unit via hopper where through reciprocating motion they move into the feeder. The guard valve allows the flow of seamless flow of products that drops gently into the foil for sealing.

    Feeding Unit-1

    Hopper: It is a funnel-shaped unit of strip packing machine. It is used to provide packing material from one container to other.
    Feed Tube: Most often a strip pack machine utilizes a feed tube as a vertical feed that works via gravitational drop. Sometimes, the feed tube is driven horizontally using a platen-type sweep mechanism.

    Feeding Unit-2

    Reciprocating Feeder: Raw Materials fed employing a hopper is discharged from the feeding tube via reciprocating motion. The frequency of discharging material in back-and-forth motion can be modified according to requirement.

    Cutting Unit

    A cutting unit comprised of blades that aids the continuous cutting of sealed material as per fed protocol for each batch. The cutting of sealing material is achieved pneumatically corresponding to the control setting.

    cutting part

    The cutting unit is embraced with an electronic detector and a PLC.

    The operator can easily modulate the number of pills at the long edge of strip packing. The cutting adjustment does not require alteration of cast aligning; only you need to adjust the setting on a touch screen. Furthermore, you can set an extra installed strip pack device to run a smooth conveying of strip packing.

    Driving Unit

    This unit helps in precise motion control of packed material; this unit consists of a drive motor, ball-lead screws, and conveyor belts for continuous movement.

    Driving Unit

    Electrical Operating Panel Box

    This is an important unit of the strip packing machine that facilitates the entire operating procedure. in other words, it helps in the distribution of current for entire electrical circuits within a strip packing machine.

    PLC- Programmable Logic Controller


    An automatic strip packing machine using a PLC system that facilitates the advanced functions of
    1-tablet counting,
    2-vertical and horizontal embossing,
    3-cutting of packed products,
    4-trimming of edges if required,
    5-the printing of batch numbers for each module.

    The entire process is controllable by a user that feeds the requirement on the PLC unit.

    Hence, you can change, add, or set the value on the touch screen. So many functions can work automatically without the need for extra operating interference.

    If something goes wrong machine will notify you through an alarming system.

    10.What are the classifications of strip packing machine?

    The basic classification of strip packing machine are as followed:

    Manual Strip Packing Machine

    A manual strip packing machine is suitable for packing small healthcare, laboratories, food and beverage industries. The applications of manual strip packing machine is similar to other strip packing machine such as packing of sweets, suppositories, tablets and so on. In comparison to automatic strip packing machine, this equipment is instantaneous with adaptability, efficiency that saves more energy and cost. Additionally, this manual strip packing machine is easy to use, light weight and pertaining high safety performance.

    Semi-Automatic Strip Packing Machine

    Semi-Automatic Strip Packing Machine
    Semi-Automatic Strip Packing Machine- Picture Courtesy-IndiaMart

    A semi-automatic strip packing machine is suitable for automatic functioning such as foil heating, sealing, cutting and slitting. The construction of semi-automatic strip packing machine is made up of stainless steel that yield quality strip packing production with lesser chances of contamination. Semi-automatic strip packing machines generates high revenue with reduced cost and energy. This machine is suitable for provide high speed strip sealing for lozenges, tablets, candies and so on. The program of semi-automatic strip machine is feed into control panel such as quantity of sealing, temperature, speed etc, thus reducing labour cost.

    Automatic Strip Packing Machine

    a strip packing machine

    Automatic Strip Packing Machine

    Automatic strip packing machine is ideal to aluminium aluminum-aluminum foil heat strip packing. For instance, capsules, candies healthcare and food, etc industries.

    Automatic strip packing machine is also suitable for plastic-plastic heat-sealing packing. The entire working process of automatic strip packing machine is based on automatic working principles such as feeding of material, detection of broken or missing items, quantification, filtration of items, cutting, margining and printing on strips.

    Automatic strip packing machine is highly accurate equipment that yield maximum output with easy operating systems. Thus, it can enhance productivity, durability, and accuracy to your product. That’s why every pharmaceutical industry opt for automatic strip packing machines.

    11.What is an NFD system of strip packing machines?

    An NFD system or Non-Fill-Detection system usually detects and rejects those strips packing material in which they detect the missing tablet or any assigned product.

    This is an optional system, which is mostly present in automatic strip packing machines, consist of PLC and HMI units with the activated-auto-rejection unit.
    A strip packing machine with an NFD system is designed in such a way to work simultaneously at a moderate working pace.

    NFD system of strip packing machines

    12.What are the industrial applications of strip packing machines?

    Discussed below are important industrial applications of strip packing machines.

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    A strip packing machine is a popular machine among pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors. It is frequently required to utilize for advanced packing of manufacturing goods. Strip packing machine ensures, safe, secure, and tempered proof product packaging highly necessitates for patients or other health sectors.

    Strip packing machines offer packing of unit solid dosage form free from contamination, with lower risks of microbial growth and extending the shelf life.
    Strip packing machines not only ensure the durability of packed products but also enhance the potency of your manufacturing goods. You can use a strip packing machine for packing tablets, capsules, herbal supplements, multivitamins, nutritional supplements, etc.

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Chemical and Pesticide Industry

    Strip packing machine is extensively used in chemical and pesticide manufacturing industries for packing of chemicals or possible pesticidal products. Over the years, the goal of packing chemicals and pesticides is to offer significant packing that can protect the environment, with child resistance packing and high activity.

    Thus, strip packing machine product design and labelling allow the user to understand handling and tapering properties.

    Moreover, strip packing machines ensure high sealing properties that can protect ecological and biological systems against their interaction.

    You can use a strip packing machine for packing mosquitoes’ repellent tablets, camphor, pH buffers, etc.

    Pesticide strip Pack

    Pesticide strip Pack

    Strip Packed Chemicals

    Strip Packed Chemicals

    Food Industry

    Strip packing machines play an important role to conserve food items that are manufactured on an industrial scale. Strip packing machines offer leakage proof, extended shelf life, fresh and pilferage-free products.

    The aluminium sealing around food products ensures a high protective barrier that locks the interference of external factors with the product. Thus, for some products, you do not need to add preservatives.

    You can find strip-packed food items such as chocolates, candies, and others, across the globe.

    Food Industry

    13.What are the advantages of using strip packing machines?

    The prime advantages of using strip packing machines are as followed:



    Strip packing machines offer significant protection to sealing material especially those tablets or capsules which are hygroscopic. Such as Aspirin. Thus, a strip packing machine enables a high degree of safety and security to your product.


    Strip packing machine is a user and environment-friendly machine. You can just feed the entire requirement to run a protocol in a PLC unit, such as speed of packing, the temperature of heat- rollers, etc. You do not need to stand for the entire processing of strip packing. Because strip packing machine has a sensor detecting system that will allow you to know if any defect occurs.

    Product Originality

    Everyone prefers to administer those tablets or capsules which are dispensed in their original form. This is true if you find a product in a damaged form then there is a possibility you may discard them. A strip packing machine packs the solid dosage form considering perforating parameters, that enable product stability against wear and tear.

    Preserving Active Ingredients

    An active ingredient of therapeutic dosage form can enhance their curative effects. If product packaging is compromised it ultimately affects the potency of the drug. Therefore, strip packing is of prime importance as it preserves your product against physical and chemical calamities such as temperature, light, and humidity and may provide you 100% potent and effective therapeutic drug.

    Preserving Active Ingredients

    Extending the Shelf Life

    The strip packing machine can help to preserve solid dosage forms in their optimized form. Due to this property, it induces a longer shelf life to manufacture goods.

    Temper Proof Evidence

    product of strip packing machine-3

    Through strip packing with designated prints can give you an idea if your product is in original form or not. Because strip packing can simply allow you to know if something has happened wrong with it. Thus, strip packing is not only beneficial to protect your manufactured goods but also helps to protect them against pilfering. Hence, intact sealing will ensure a high degree of product integrity.

    Patient compliance

    Strip packing machines provide a better packing of product in such a way that you can carry it from one place to another simply by placing it in your pockets. As a capsule or tablet is placed in one cavity therefore easy for a patient to get an accurate dose when required. Moreover, it allows the patient to count the number of tablets left or consumed which is not possible when taking from a bottle.

    Patient compliance

    Appealing Look

    Strip Packing machine offers several designs, shapes, and colored packing to a drug product promotes an aesthetic look that’s acceptable to consume by adults and children.

    Error Free Dispensing

    Error Free Dispensing

    Strip packing machine has an integrated printing system with specific prints. Moreover, this type of packing provides mandatory information such as manufacturing, expiry, and batch number.

    14.What are the disadvantages of a strip packing machine?

    Expensive Form of Packing

    As compared to other packing machines, the strip packing machine is comparatively a high-cost machine.

    Patient Compliance

    Packing from a strip packing machine is not suitable for an elderly patient which swollen or stiff fingers.

    Patient Compliance

    Highly Sensitive Form of Packing

    Strip packing machine requires tablets to encounter with sealing rollers with high temperature. Thus, this is an intricate process, requires high maintenance and extra vigilance as improper packing leads to cause wrinkles and perforation.

    15.What is the difference between a blister packing machine and a strip packing machine?

    Most often people mix up the blister packing machine with strip packing machines.
    Discussed below are the major difference that everyone must know before dealing with these machines.

    • The blister packing machine can work with only hard aluminium foil packing whereas, in a strip packing machine, the process takes place with soft aluminium foil only.
    • Strip packing machine is smaller in comparison to blister packing machine.
    • As compared to the blister packing machine, a strip packing machine allows packing of tablets available in various shapes and sizes.
    • Strip packing machines provide faster outcomes whereas blister packing machines take a bit long time to produce a blister pack.
    • Strip packing has strong protective properties whereas, blister pack has less potent shielding activities as compared to strip pack. Because transparency of PVC may induce interaction of the physical environment with the drug product.

    Blister Packing Machine

    Blister Packing Machine- Picture courtesy- Shanghai Royal

    Strip Packing Machine-4

    Strip Packing Machine- Picture Courtesy-India Mart

    16.How to maintain a strip packing machine?

    Mentioned below is a standard operating procedure for maintaining and managing strip packing machines.

    Daily Maintenance

    • Before and after using the strip packing machine ensure main electrical switches are completely disconnected to the main supplier. You can also check through the main supply panel board.
    • Swipe the equipment if you find any dust or foreign particles over it.
    • Use Equipment Manual File to record entry for machine usage.

    Daily Maintenance

    Monthly Maintenance

    • Examine Foil Running Shaft, release pin, sealing rollers, slip ring.
    • Examine and adjust the Vertical Slitting of the machine.
    • Examine the functionality of the V-belt and conveyor, apply alignment and tighten all nuts and bolts where required.
    • Always lubricate all shafting, gear, sprockets, and chain of the machine.
    • Furthermore, drain the oil from the gearbox and replace it with fresh oil if necessary.
    • Check the electrical connection and tighten them if you find any loose electrical connectivity.
    • Lubricate all mechanical parts of the machine such as motor bearing etc.
    • Examine the rollerblades, edge cutter and replace them if required.

    replace them if required

    17.What is the technical troubleshooting of strip packing machines?

    Improper Sealing Quality

    Improper Sealing Quality

    Improper or poor sealing quality by strip packing machine can be occurred due to the following reasons such as poor electrical connection or incorrect sealing voltage selection. To deal with such a problem always examine a proper voltage and fluctuation of electrical connection. The machine should receive a proper and stable electrical connection to achieve good sealing properties.

    Irregular Cutting of Edges

    Irregular or incorrect cutting of strip via strip packing machine is an extensively studied problem of strip packing machine. To solve this problem, recheck the fitting of cutting blades, tighten them if you find them in loose condition. Check the system Feeding Input on the control panel, correct the feeding data.
    Replace the cutting blades with newer ones if required.

    No Current in Machine

    If the strip packing machine does not respond to any function, then there might be a voltage problem. In case of unsuitable voltage, machines do not get started. Furthermore, there might be a trip in switch alignment, or motor jammed or damaged,

    18.Does the strip packing machine comply with international quality standards?

    Globally assigned quality standards for manufacturing machines especially pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries are of prime importance and mandatory for every piece of equipment.

    The strip packing machine demonstrates the following parameters for global quality standards for manufacturing machines.

    cGMP Compliance

    Strip packing machines are high-quality equipment that conforming the requirement of cGMP ultimately makes it trusted and the most demandable manufacturing equipment.
    The entire manufacturing of strip packing machines is made up of stainless steel, therefore it offers a high level of hygiene and diminishes the growth prospects of microbial or avoidable contamination.

    cGMP Compliance

    ISO Certified Machine

    Strip Packing Machine is labeled in EN ISO 140-6 standard, considered as an entrusted packing machine that ensures quality assurance and standardization.


    FDA Compliant

    Strip packing machine, an FDA compliant equipment certify that the following working equipment is highly robust, safe, effective, and properly manufactured with no misleading parameters.

    Consequently, you can assess the importance of strip packing machines after reading this guidance blog. We have tried to accumulate and explain all necessary information related to the strip packing machine. Hence it is proved a strip packing machine is mandatory to run a successful business and achieving high consumer trust.

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