Pillow Pouch

Pillow pouch can be also called back,central,flat or T seal pouch,it is one of the most economical forms of packaging ever used in the market nowadays for smal,light-weight products,and is popular with many food companies,such as snack food,chips or candy companies.

Pillow pouch is formed with the shape of a pillow and its bottom,top and back are sealed,the top-side is usually left open for filling your contents,then sealed.

This kind of packaging is not only easy to store and transport but also vary affordable.Additionaly,the top and bottom sealing will also assured the freshness and quality of your products.

Some other consumer-friendly features like tear notches,clear windows or zippers will also make your product to a more higher level.

It is not a surprise that pillow pouch owns a high reputation in the packaging industry as its flexibility,available control and convenience.

Pillow pouch may be a good choice for your packaging needs if you are looking for a simple,high effective,environment friendly packaging solution that is affordable as well as well recognized by the consumers at present.

AIPAK flow wrap machine offers you the best versatile and affordable option for pillow pouch filling and sealing.The machine is easy to achieve high speeds with lower film cost and usage,you will get easy to operate the machine.

Machines For Pillow Pouch

APK-300A-1 Flow Wrap Machine

APK-350C Flow Wrap Machine

APK-450B Flow Wrap Machine

APK-450A Flow Wrap Machine

APK-350D Flow Wrap Machine

APK-300B Flow Wrap Machine

APK-300C Flow Wrap Machine

APK-300E Flow Wrap Machine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pill pouch has been widely used in many industries that include:

  • Packaging for spices
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Liquid detergent packaging
  • Liquid or Powder supplement packaging
  • Packaging for electrical components (relays, circuit boards, etc.)
  • Packaging for liquid soups
  • Packaging for yogurts
  • Frozen meat packaging
  • Potato chip packaging
  • Tiny Toy packaging
  • Cereal packaging

You will benefit from pillow pouch for many ways that include pillow pouch will be your most economical fexible packaging option that is easy for storage and tranport,whatever you have large scale manufacturing requirements or not.It is most popular with single serve products,and can be displayed on hanger holes.While there is clear window for your product display and with tear notch,you will be easy to open and fetch the filling products inside.

Markets most suitibale for pillow pouch packaging include:


Pillow pouch is most widely used for spice packaging,the packaging helps to protect the spices from light, moisture, and air, which can help to keep them fresh for longer. Besides,the packaging is resealable, that you will be easy to store the leftover spices.


The secondly most widely used is for coffee,as pillow pouch packaging provides a barrier against light, moisture, and air, which helps to extend the shelf life of the coffee.It is also resealable that you will be easy to seal the rest coffee.


Tea products are often packaged by pillow pouch as the packaging helps to protect the tea leaves from light and moisture, while also keeping them fresh for a longer period of time.


Pillow pouch is perfect for sweety products as  it helps to keep the candy fresh and prevents it from becoming contaminated.While you can easy reseal the rest sweeties to keep it fresh and stay longer.

Baked goods

Now some baked goods are also taken this kind of pillow pouch as helps to protect the baked goods from light and moisture, while also keeping them fresh for a longer period of time.

Pet food

Many companies nowadays like use pillow pouch for pet food as it is a great way to keep the food fresh and prevent it from becoming contaminated. It is also lightweight,that is easy for you to take home.

Various closure option for pillow pouch can be:

various closure option for pillow pouch

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