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WF Series Fine Crusher

Applied for material crushing in such trades as pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff etc.

This machine is of hammer type with high speed and applied for crushing of materials with medium hardness and viscosity. The material is fed into the crushing chamber by a hopper and crushed by high speed rotating hammer. The machine whose crushing chamber is easy to assemble and clean, has simple structure. Wholly made of stainless steel, the machine makes the crushed material met the hygienic requirement.


  1. Material,usually all material use stainless steel 304,if you want stainless steel 316,we can make for you. 
  2. Automatic operating :just press button
  3. Easy to clean,usually use water cooling and air compressor is ok . 
  4. Final powder size range from 12 mesh -120 mesh,we have screener like 12 mesh,20mesh,30mesh,
  5. 40mesh,60mesh,80mesh,100mesh,120 mesh for your choose. 
  6. Machine has water cooling system to reduce working temperature,so can working long hours.


Model Production Capacity Feeding Size Crushing Fineness Spindle Speed Motor Power overall dimension weight
WF-130 IV.VI 5-30kg/h ≤2mm 80-400mesh 13900r/min 1.5kw 400*500*850mm 90kg
WF-180 IV.VI 30-80kg/h ≤2mm 80-400mesh 10000r/min 2.38kw 850*800*1126mm 200kg
WF-250 IV.VI 50-100kg/h ≤2mm 80-400mesh 6500r/min 5.5kw 550*650*1400mm 280kg
WF-350 IV.VI 80-300kg/h ≤3mm 80-400mesh 5800r/min 11kw 600*700*1480mm 320kg
WF-450 IV.VI 100-500kg/h ≤3mm 80-400mesh 4500r/min 15kw 800*900*1550mm 550kg
WF-650 IV.VI 300-1000kg/h ≤5mm 80-400mesh 3800r/min 22kw 900*950*1880mm 680kg
WF-850 IV.VI 500-2500kg/h ≤5mm 80-400mesh 2500r/min 37kw 1100*1000*2000mm 1200kg


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