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Stick pack pouch is an elongated tube-shaped pouch with one fold-over side and one tear notch.Originally, stick pack pouch is used for sugars, sweeteners, creamers fruit drink powders and health supplements. Now it has been used to hold everything from medical supplies to lotions ointments, skin treatments, and even sensitive electronics.

Stick pack pouch is especially valuable for new product introduction & promotions.

Stick pack pouch has less design real estate than larger packages, so determine the most important information that you need to include on the package. This may include your logo, flavor information, and directions for use. Although stick pack pouch is small, it still properly reflects your overall branding, and match any of your larger packages so consumers can recognize your brand immediately.  

Furthermore,stick packing pouch requires 10% to 40% less flexible packaging material than equivalent rectangular pouches.

Nowadays,stick pack pouch is very convenient solution for many food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical companies whom manufacturers single serving or unit dose in single portable pouches.And because of the economical unit price in single portable pouches and extended shelf life for the food industry, stick pack pouch is a good choice for many industries.

While stick pack machine is specially designed for the filling and sealing of stich pack pouch.With the machine,you will be able to filli all kind of free flow and non-free flow products and liquid products such as sugar, salt, coffee, black pepper,ketchup, mayonnaise, water, milk, honey, shampoo, liquid soap,coffee, coffee cream, milk powder, powder chemicals,and so on.

Machines For Stick Pack Pouch

APK-220 Stick Packing Machine

APK 2-220 Stick Packing Machine

APK 4-480 Stick Packing Machine

APK 6-480 Stick Packing Machine

APK 8-480 Stick Packing Machine

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stick pack pouches nowsadays are widely used for powder or liquid packaging.Compared with all oter kinds of flexible packaging,like stand-up pouch,stich pack is lightweight,convenient,and high portable.Its single-serve size serves as a unique selling point for consumers, providing a simple application that doesn’t require measuring, storage, and the clean up associated with full-size packaging.It is also

served as a tool for keeping products fresh and lengthening the shelf life.

Markets that stick pack pouch widely used involves:

Products in the pharmaceutical industry .Stick pack will make the users get clear a single dose to avoid confusion concerning dose inconsistencies and risks related to them.But also stick pack will benefit for their travelling as it is portable to take.

Coffee and tea products like instant coffee or tea allow users to make one cup on the go, and work well for use in hotels and restaurants.

Nutritional supplements like protein powders,powdered vitamin,energy blends prefer such kind of packaging as it will allow the users to get proper ratio for usage and keep on taking these products on a average rate.

Cosmetics such as makeup or lotion samples packed in stick pack pouch that want you to try the product and use them when travelling.

Spices and sweeteners market, stick pack will well help the user get the right single one-time dosage.And for other powdered beverages like hot cocoa mix, mushroom coffee/other mushroom blends, and herbal elixirs, stick packs help to maintain freshness.

Nowsadays,both stick pack and sachet pack are getting more and more popular as both they are easily transportable with low weight and small size and acting as a time-saver.They are convenient and also have some varieties:

Stick pack is tubular, with a long, slender design, and there’s always a side seam. Stick pack has longer length than its width while sachet pack maybe square,retangle.

Both they are used for nutritional powders, sugar, spices, and are mostly concentrated and added to some kind of medium like water, milk, and other liquids while sachet pack is single-serve best for small portions.

You should consider the following:

First of all,you should consider the designing space,as stick pouch has less space than any other packaging,so with limited space,you should well design how to place your logo,product image,or other flavor information suitibly.

Secondly you should consider your branding,though stick pack is small, it should still properly reflect your overall branding, so consumers can recognize your brand immediately.  

Thirdly you should include the instruction,an easy-to-follow instruction should be provided to the users how to use your product.

Last but not the least you should follow FDA guidelines,there should be FDA guideline on labeling and nutrition facts and special abbreviations,depending on the overall size of the package,you should follow that.

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