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AIPAK Capsule Filling Machine

AIPAK capsule filling machine can fill empty capsules with various substances including medicine or nutrients.The capsule filler can fill different size of capsules-#00-#5 or all safety capsules with filling accuracy up to 99.99%. AIPAK’s selling products including fully automatic capsule filling machine and semi-automatic capsule filling machine.Both AIPAK capsule filling machines can be used for large scale manufacture as the encapsulating machines have good adaptability to drugs and empty capsules, stable, high degree of automation.


AIPAK Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machines

NJP-200C Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-200C Full automatic capsule filling machine is a full automatic hard capsule filling equipment with intermittent operation and hole plate filling.This product is improved with its functionality ,bases on the original automatic capsule filling machine . And its technology content have reached advanced domestic level.It is the ideal device filled capsules of drugs, with full compliance with GMP requirements.

High Precise Operation

Capsule qualified over 99%

Easy speed selection

NJP-400C Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-400C Fully automatic capsule filling machine is suitable for automatically completing capsule feeding,separating,filling,(waste capsule rejecting),closing,finished product ejecting for powder or tiny pill medicine in capsule.It is designed sophisticatedly by our factory according to the practice on domestic.It is fully accord with the GMP standard.

Reliable quality

Reasonable price

GMP standard

NJP-800C Laboratory Pharmaceutical Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-800C Auto capsule filling machine is designed opposite to the normal models(With open style in dosing station and turret) in Chinese market, and it has been developed to fully enclose stations to ensure their flawless performance. And adopts the advanced technology at home and international similar products, The whole machine appeared as humanity, automation, stability, beautiful. And in accordance with to CE, ISO and GMP international standard.

Easy dismantling installation

Fast mould change

Convenient operating

NJP-1200C Full Automatic Pharmaceutical Hard Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-1200C automatic capsule filling machine is an intermittent motion and hole plate type filling fully automatic capsule filling equipment. It adopts optimization design combined the characteristics of Chinese medicine and the requirement of GMP, it has the characteristics of compact mechanism, small volume, lower noise, precision filling dosage, multi-function, running stably etc. It can finish the following motion at same time: capsule feeding, capsule separating, powder filling, capsule rejecting, capsule locking, finished capsule discharge and module cleaning etc.

Easy operation

Capsule qualified rate is higher than 99%

Low power consumption

NJP-1200D Full Automatic Pharmaceutical Hard Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-1200D automatic capsule filling machine produced by AIPAK is the innovative product of the third generation.The machine not only covers all the functions and effects of the domestic capsule filling machine of the same model, but also has six pieces of innovation, two of which has been issued the utility model patent certificate by the national intellectual property administration. It use cam dividing configuration of 100DS,its filling speed has been raised up to about 1100pcs capsule per minutes.

Easy operation

Capsule qualified rate is higher than 99%

Low power consumption

NJP-2500C Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

AIPAK NJP-2500C full automatic capsule filling machine is designed in accordance with GMP standard. All parts in contact with product are made of stainless steel or GMP approval material. Advantage of the machine is advanced designing, novel structure, precise dosing, safe and reliable, high filling rate etc.With different size parts the machine is suitable for size 00 to size 5 of empty capsules.

Reliability and low wear rate

Whole close dosage device

Dust collection system

NJP-3800C High Speed Full Automatic Gelatin Tablet Capsule Filling Machine

AIPAK NJP-3800C full automatic capsule filling machine adopts PLC programming, man-machine interface operation and touch screen display. Automatic alarm display for operation failure or lack of material, automatic shutdown, automatic elimination of alarm after troubleshooting. The machine also has functions such as password input, parameter setting, print data, and clearing. All the key parts of the machine, such as drive shaft, cam, bearing, etc., are made of imported materials and reliable in quality.

Internal cam transmission

Free of cross-contamination work surface

PLC programmable controller

NJP-5500C Full Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-5500C full automatic capsule filling machine upper and lower modules are designed for one-way movement, the design of the lower cam, compared with its counterparts, have increased the pressure atomizing oil pump to maintain the lubrication in the cam groove, which greatly reduces wear and prolongs the service life of parts.Equipped with safety protection devices for people and machines, with automatic shutdown device for lack of materials, to achieve more stable machine operation, safety and reliability.

High accuracy &long service life

Low power consumption

Easy to operate and clean

NJP-7500C Automatic Capsule Filling Machine For Sale

AIPAK NJP-7500C capsule filler is suitable to fill the medicine, and chemicals (powder, pellet, granule, pill) into hard capsules, also can be used for filling vitamin, foodstuff and animal drug, etc. It is welcomed and applied by the factories of pharmaceutical, foodstuff, and chemicals worldwide.

Fully closed rotating table

Removable powder hopper

Quick and accurate part changing system

AIPAK Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machines

CGN-208D Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

AIPAK CGN-208D semi-auto capsule filling machine adopts electronic automatic counter,controlled by step-less frequency conversion and pneumatic device,Can finish position, separation, filling, locking of capsules.The filling dosage is accurate, and it can fill grains or powder.And modified design of drug hopper reduces time for dismantling and unloading of powder.

Can fill 000#~4#capsule

Satisfied GMP standard

Safety and simply operation

CGN208-D1 Horizontal Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

The semi automatic capsule filling machine is a special machine which is suitable for the medium, small pharmaceutical factory and hospital labs. It adopts programmable control system, touch panel operation, step-less transudation speed shift, and electronic counter. The machine can complete the actions of position, separation, filling and locking.

Can fill 000#~4#capsule

Satisfied GMP standard

Safety and simply operation

CGN208-D2 Pellet Semi Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

AIPAK CGN-208D2 semi-auto capsule filling machine is specially applied to the filling and sealing of various types of capsules, with the filling accuracy as high as 99.9%.It can automatically finish the action of location, separation, filling, locking for capsule, reduce labor strength, improve production efficiency, accord with the requirement of medicine sanitary. It is an ideal equipment with smartness accuracy for dosage, novel structure good-looking ease of operation, for filling capsule medicine in pharmaceutical industry.

Suitable for filling powder, granules, pellets, tablets

Independent empty capsule feeding

Easy operation

CGN208-D3 New Version Semi-automatic capsule filling machine

High configuration CGN208-D3 capsule filling machine is a new efficient equipment based on CGN-208D model after reaearch and development:easier more intuitive and higher loading in capsule dropping,U-turning,vaccum seperation in comparsion with the old type.In place of manual capsule-filling, it can reduce labor intensity and raise productivity. Its filling amounts are accurate and up to sanitary standards for pharmaceutics.

Ideal equipment for small and medium-szie pharmaceutical companies

Reduces lablor intensity

Easy operation

CGN-208S Double Head Semi-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

AIPAK CGN-208S double head semi-automatic capsule filling machine adopts double head seeding device, which relates to the technical field of the seeding device.The main part of the double head semi-automatic capsule filling machine is the operating platform, and on the top of the operating platform is fixed with two bases, the top of both bases is welded with long blocks, the top of the long block is near the edge of one side and a support block is welded at the top of the support block, and the top of the conveying block is fixed with a material frame.

All Sizes of Capsule Available
High Productivity & Stability
Easy Operation & GMP Standard

AIPAK Soft Capsule Machines

SEM-100 Series Automatic Soft Gel Capsule Making Machine

AIPAK SEM-100 soft capsule machine is mainly used for laboratory and research institutions capsule drug product development trial, may be used as pharmaceutical, health care products factory, food factory test equipment, aircraft using a variety of automatic control technology, simple operation,stable and reliable. The machine meets GMP standards, features small, functional, superior performance, compact structure.

Stable and reliable operation

Intelligent temperature control

Automatic Measurement

SEM-250 Series Soft Capsule making machine

AIPAK SEM-250 soft capsule making machine is designed to produce softgels from either animal gelatin or plant starch(tapioca).You can fill different types of liquids, semi-liquids and suspensions.You can easily customize your custom softgel capsules to fit your personal shape and size.The system can form data formulation according to different softgel production process and backup and archive all process parameters.It will be convenient to use again, simple and efficient.

Convenience for adjustment

Accurate adjustment

Automatically regulated

AIPAK Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Details Introduction

1.Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Working Principle


2.Automatic Capsule Filling Station

Automatic Capsule Filling Station

3.Upper Mold Movement

Upper Mold Movement-1

4.Double Shaft Double Oil Sealing

Double Shaft Double Oil Sealing-2

5.Loading Valve

Loading Valve

6.Aviation Material

Aviation Material

7.Mold No.

Mold No.

8.Dry Vacuum Pump

Dry Vacuum Pump



10.Specific Details

Specific Details-1
Specific Details-2

11.Capsule Filling Complete Process

Capsule Filling Complete Process-1
Capsule Filling Complete Process-2

12.Pellet Filling

Pellet Filling

13.What AIPAK Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Can

Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule Filling Machine Videos

The Buyer's Guide

Capsule Filling Machine: The Complete Buying Guide in 2024

Have you ever observed the ingredients of the capsule you took when you were sick? Or have you ever wanted to know how was the ingredients come into that capsule? Or have you tried to chew a capsule?

Yes, its name is as its function: Capsule filling machine.

In this capsule filling machine buying guide,I am going to discuss the classification, benefits, qualifications, parts, working principle, maintenance ,and FAQ about the machinery.

You will become an expert and make your unique capsules by investing in such a high automation capsule filling machine.

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    Chapter 1: What is a Capsule?

    A capsule is a protective shell of drugs and nutrients.


                  New developed capsules-Photo Credits: Spectator Life

    You will choose to use a capsule to administer medicine but not compress to tablets due to :

    • The drug may irritate the esophagus and gastric mucosa
    • The medicine may have bad taste, easy to volatilize, easy to be decomposed by saliva in the mouth or easy to inhale into the trachea

    Drugs packed in capsules, not only protect its properties from damage, but also protect the digestive organs and respiratory tract.

    Besides, removing the capsule shell may cause dug loss, waste, and efficacy reduction.

    Last, some drugs need to be dissolved and absorbed in the intestine, and the capsule can protect the drugs from being damaged by gastric acid.

    Chapter 2: How many types of Capsules are there?

    Generally, there are two types of capsules: hard capsule and soft capsule.

    Hard capsule, also known as empty capsule, consists of two parts of the cap body.

    Soft capsule is made of film-forming material and content at the same time.

    As the variety of the raw materials that you can also choose the capsule including:

    Gelation Capsule

    Gelation Capsule-8

    Gelatin capsule is the most popular two-section capsule in the world which includes the cap body and the cap of the capsule.

    The capsule consists of gelatin manufactured from the collagen of animal skin or bone.

    And there are various sizes of gelation capsules available including 000#, 00#,0#-5#.

    You can also make the capsule colored or print your logo on it and its appearance can be uniquely customized.

    Vegetarian Capsule

    You can manufacture a vegetarian capsule from plant cellulose or water-soluble polysaccharide.

    VEGETABLE CAPSULES (HPMC)-Photo Credits:Healsee

    From these kinds of materials you can imagine that the vegetarian capsule has retained all the advantages of an empty capsule, it is convenient to take, the contents are transparent and you can clearly see what they are.

    And you will also not be horrible to take the vegetarian capsules then.

    Chapter 3: How is the capsule made?

    You will use a capsule filling machine to make your large capsule production.

    First you need to split the capsule to fill ingredients or supplements. The long end cap body is responsible for carrying these drugs and the short cap is to cover that cap body.

    You will see many tiny holes in the capsule board and the machine will vacuum the capsule cap and leave it on the upper capsule board. Last, the capsule body is pulled to the lower capsule board, which then the cap and body are separated.

    Then you will see after the cap body is filled with drugs, there will be a row of thimble machines to push the capsule body in the lower capsule plate into the capsule cap of the upper capsule plate, which closes the capsule.

    Last if you continue with this, you will pop out the filled capsule.

    Chapter 4:What is a capsule filling machine?


    Capsule filling machine is a kind of equipment that can fill empty capsules with various substances, which including medicine or nutrients.

    Have you ever thought why should we fill the empty capsules with powders, or if we can open the capsule and take the powder? The answer is these powder are packed in capsules, which not only protect the drug properties from damage, but also protect the digestive organs and respiratory tract.

    Medication presented in capsule form is designed to be swallowed. Do not chew, break, crush, or open a capsule to pour out the medication, unless a healthcare professional has advised you to. Some pills may be harmful if crushed or opened.

    Chapter 5: What is the purpose of the capsule filling machine?

    Capsule filling machine can be used by home or produce capsules by large- scale.

    You can also use different types of capsule filling machines for different applications, especially for:

    • Pharmaceutical companies
    • Local pharmacy
    • Users of nutritional supplements and natural herbs

    Besides, the machines can also be used to fill different types of internal filler materials to make different types of capsules.

    In China, you can use the capsule filling machine to pack your own capsules.

    Commercially, you will capsule filling machines to produce different types of capsules on a large scale.

    Chapter 6:Where can capsule filling machine be used?

    You can use the capsule filling machine in different domestic and commercial applications.

    Here are the main applications you can use with the capsule filler.

    1) Drug use

    In this case, you can use the capsule filler to fill different types of medical products into empty capsules.

    In addition, the capsule filling machine can also fill nutrients and other body supplements into empty capsules in the correct amount.

    Various Drug

    Various Drug Uses-Photo Credits: University of Bristol

    2) Application of nutrition

    In the nutrition industry, you will use a capsule filling machine to fill different nutrients into empty capsules. It can accurately and effectively inject nutrients into empty capsules, thus avoiding the waste of ingredients.

    3) Food industry

    You need to use capsules to supplement certain foods. Therefore, you will use different types of capsule filling machines to fill food supplements into capsules.

    4) Domestic application

    You can use the capsule filling machine to fill your own capsules within the comfort range of your home, which is a cheaper way to fill capsules, and you will have the right knowledge of the internal filling materials you are consuming.

    Chapter 7:What should be considered during the capsule filling process?

    Specific factors must be taken into account during the filling of the capsule.

    The following are the main factors to be considered in the filling process of capsules.

    I.Capsule type

    The type of capsule you plan to fill will determine the type of machine you are using.

    Capsule type

    You can use the fully automatic capsule filling device to fill different types of empty capsules, including hard or soft capsules.

    II.Type of inner filler

    You will also select the type of capsule filling machine based on the type of internal filling material.

    For example, a semi-automatic or manual capsule filling machine cannot be used to fill liquids.

    III. Type of machine

    The capsule filling machine you choose will determine many factors.

    It will determine speed, efficiency, type of capsule, and infill material and production scale.

    Chapter 8: What are the Benefits of a capsule filling machine?

    There is a lot of benefits you will find when using a capsule filling machine:

    Benefits of a capsule filling machine

     Cost-Effective Solutions-Photo Credits:Telappliant


    Using the capsule filling machine can save a lot of money that you can use it in other boring capsule filling practice.

    If you use the capsule filling machine domestically, it will save your money from the expensive capsules you buy on the counter.

    In business, if you use a fully automatic capsule filling machine, you can also save money and high labor costs.

    Easy to use and maintain

    The process of using the automatic capsule filling machine is simple and straightforward because you only need to follow the instructions.

    It becomes easier, especially when you use a fully automatic capsule filling machine because it performs most of the functions. It is equipped with a PLC control panel to facilitate the configuration, control, and monitoring of the machine.

    Maintenance costs are also low, because most machines have self-diagnostic systems that alert you to proper maintenance.

    Make unique capsules

    You can easily make unique capsules with different ingredients and shapes that will meet your requirements.

    Cost-Effective Solutions

    Unique Capsules-Photo Credits: All-IN-One-Wallpapers

    You are free to choose the type of internal filler material and the shape of the capsule.

    You will also have the right knowledge that you are consuming ingredients as you are controlling the system.

    Achieve mass production

    With all the production factors in hand, you can easily produce large-scale capsules.

    Using the automatic capsule filling machine can save a lot of time and money to produce capsules.

    This is because you will eliminate the need to hire many workers, and the machine can fill many capsules at a time.

    Upgradeable machinery

    Depending on the existing technology, you can easily upgrade the capsule filling machine.

    Most of the automatic capsule filling machines have the upgrading ability to improve production speed and efficiency.

    Economic mode of production

    Using the capsule filling machine will eliminate the waste of materials because it is an accurate and accurate filling process.

    Other advantages of the automatic capsule filling machine include:

    1. It uses different capping technologies, allowing different formulations to be produced.
    2. It produces different capsule forms, which is beneficial to healthy and nutritious users.
    3. Improve the precision, accuracy, and consistency of products
    4. It will also ensure the proper uniformity of the component mixture.

    Chapter 9:Does a capsule filling machine has any drawbacks?

    Machinery NJP-800 Capsule Filling

    AIPAK NJP-800C Capsule Filling Machine

    Yes, just like other machines, the automatic capsule filling machines have their disadvantages.

    Here are some of the disadvantages you may encounter when using the capsule filler.

    High investment cost

    You will have to dig deep into your pockets, especially when you buy a fully automatic capsule filling machine.

    It is expensive to buy and install the automatic capsule filling machine.

    You need to prepare a large amount of warehouse space to install the machine, thus increasing the cost.

    In addition, you may need to train your workers or higher professionals to help operate the machine.

    Limited portability

    This factor depends on the type of capsule filling device you use.

    The larger the machine, the higher the degree of automation, the less portable it is.

    This means that compared with the automatic capsule filling machine, the manual capsule filling machine is lighter.

    The fully automatic capsule filling machine is larger and heavier, thus limiting the movement from one place to another.

    Chapter 10:How many types of Capsule Filling Machines available?

    We have fully automatic capsule filling machine and semi-auto capsule filling machine for your choice.

    You will find the fully automatic capsule filling machine is an electromechanical packaging system for the application of high-speed empty capsule filling.

    Machinery CGN-208D Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    AIPAK CGN-208D Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    The semi-automatic capsule filling machine relies on automatic and manual parts to fill capsules.

    You will employ some professionals to help operate the manual parts of the machine.

    Chapter 11:What are the advantages of using a fully & semi-automatic capsule filling machine?

    11.1 Advantage of using a Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    Using a fully automatic capsule filling machine you will find its large output, accurate filling dose, good adaptability to drugs and empty capsules, stable, high degree of automation, etc such characteristics.

    Below let's take NJP-1200 as an example to describe the main features of a fully automatic capsule filling machine:

    I. Closed station turntable

    Closed station turntable

    Second generation of fully enclosed station turntable 

    You will find in NJP-1200 works stable and its filling accuracy is high due to its upper mold adopts double axis for circular up and down movement, and the lower mold adopts double axis for circular in and out movement, all of which are equipped with imported silica-gel sealing ring, so as to reduce the situation of back and forth expansion of powder.

    Besides, both the upper and lower die shafts are fixed by a gland, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning. And you need not to open the rotary table to replace the sealing ring;

    So you will conclude that it solves the tedious task of assembling and disassembling the mold, reduces the labor intensity of the staff, and increases the service life of the working table.

    II. Three- dimensional adjustment mechanism

    Three-dimensional adjustment mechanism             Metering plate and copper pad

    You will find these two parts make the filling cap even and reduce the leakage of powder. It is easy to disassembly and clean.

    leakage of powder

    III Vacuum separation mechanism

    You will the added Spring seat structure has improved the fit between the suction seat and the capsule mold, which will make the empty capsule more effective separate.

    On the other hand, reduce the impact of sound and loss.

    11.2 Advantage of using a Semi-auto Capsule Filling Machine


    AIPAK CGN-208N Semi-automatic Capsule Filling Machine

    When using the semi-automatic capsule filling machine, you will experience the following benefits:

    • You can use the machine to fill different filling materials, such as particles, powders and granules.
    • It is faster than a manual capsule filling machine because it provides a certain degree of automation.
    • The cost of purchasing and installing a semi-automatic capsule filling machine is lower than that of a fully automatic capsule filling machine.
    • Compared with manual capsule filling machine, you will eliminate the demand of redundant labor force, thus reducing the production cost.
    • Compared with the manual capsule filling machine, the semi-automatic capsule filling machine is a faster and more accurate machine.
    • It is safe for your use because it is qualified for safety and has security-enhancing components.
    • It doesn't make a lot of noise, so it's a more efficient machine for peaceful working environments.
    • Because the machine is semi-automatic, it is safer for you and your employees because of its sensors and other safety features.

    Chapter 12:Does a semi-automatic capsule filling machine have any drawbacks?

    Yes, just as other machines, a semi-automatic capsule filling machine has disadvantages:

    • Since it is not fully automatic, you will have to hire additional people, which can be expensive.
    • You will spend more money on the purchase and installation of the machine than on manual capsule filling machine.
    • It may be difficult for you to remove some parts of the machine, which will make some trouble for cleaning and maintenance.
    • You may not have the opportunity to work or walk on the bench due to the weight.
    • Because the machine is not fully automatic, there are many challenges in integrating it with other machines.

    semi-automatic capsule filling machine have any drawbacks-5

    Chapter 13:Parts of fully capsule filling machine & semi-auto capsule filling machine

     13.1 Parts of the fully automatic capsule filling machine

    fully automatic capsule filling machine

    Parts of a fully automatic capsule filling machine

    A fully automatic capsule filling machine is composed of different parts that enable different high efficient fillings of capsules.

    Capsule Loading Mechanism

    It is composed of a hopper and conveying pipeline, you will use it to store empty capsules and make them enter into capsule sub-main device vertically one by one.

    Capsule Separating Switch

    This part is to make the empty capsule enter into the selective feeding fork of the distributing device. When the selective feeding fork moves downward once, six capsules will be delivered, and the rubber cap is on it.

    At the same time, the vacuum separation system put the capsule into the module and separated the body and cap.

    Powder Hopper

    It is composed of powder hopper, powder hopper screw, blanking conveying pipe, etc.

    It mainly controls the stored powder into the metering plate under the action of screw and mixing.

    Punch Holder

    According to the specifications of the capsule and the matching of the filling capacity. The powder is filled and compacted five times in the intermittently rotating metering disk to form the medicine column, and pushed into the capsule of the lower module.

    Capsule Locking Station

    You will push the drug into the capsule body, then the upper module cap and the lower module body will be locked.

    PLC control system

    This PLC control system displays the technological elements of each capsule filling.

    13.2 Parts of the semi-automatic capsule filling machine

    The semi-automatic capsule filling machine includes different parts that can effectively fill the capsule. The following are the enhancements of the semi-automatic capsule filling machine.

    PLC control system

    You will use the PLC control system to configure and program the semi-automatic capsule filling machine.

    You will enter the production specifications from the PLC control panel.

    Filling auger

    The filling auger is the main control system to determine the filling speed of the semi-automatic capsule filling machine.

    It will determine the speed or speed of the semi-automatic filling machine to fill powder and particles into the empty capsule.

    Powder feeding port

    The powder hopper is the main part of the machine, in which you will fill powder or particles before starting filling.

    It has a special design to help remove particles and powders before the filling process begins.

    Loading system

    This is part of the machine that will load empty capsules as well as filling materials and place them accordingly.

    Body and lid tray

    The tray is divided into two parts and you can use it to automatically separate the lid from the body of the empty capsule.

    Pneumatic system

    This is the main air pressure system or compression drive that pushes the packing into the empty capsule.

    Filling table

    With the filling table, you can control the filling speed because it changes endlessly and allows for a more precise dosage.

    Transportation system

    The device includes guiding light and conveyor belt, guiding the capsule through the correct channel.

    Capsule opening system

    The device allows more accurate and faster opening and closing of empty capsules before and after filling.

    Chapter 14:Functional Principle of fully capsule filling machine & semi-auto capsule filling machine

    14.1 Fully automatic capsule filling machine working principle


    The Filling Process 

    From the above filling process, you will clearly see how capsules are made step by step.

    Below you will also learn how a fully automatic capsule filling machine work step by step:

    NJP-1200 Capsule Filling Machine Functional Principle stretch-out view 

    Step One: Capsules rectification

    As you know most empty capsules are joined capsules whose caps and bodies are joined together. For the filling process they must be rectified.

    As you can see above, capsules are randomly poured into the capsule hopper with a plurality of circular channels inside.

    These channels are suitable for a capsule to go through, and the lower part of each channel is equipped with spring pieces.

    When working, the capsule delivery plate reciprocates up and down, and makes capsules enter holes and be stuck by the spring piece. Then the capsule delivery plate moves downward to make the spring piece releases the capsules, and then capsules falls.

    capsules falls

    You may not easy to understand that capsules need further rectification as it may be body end downward or cap end downwards when falling.

    Step Two: Separating the Body from Caps

    You will see the capsule tray is transferred to the capsule separation station, and the vacuum divider raises to make its upper surface close to the lower surface of the lower segment without gap.

    The capsule will be separated by vacuum because of the difference in the diameter of capsule caps and bodies. Capsule caps will be stuck to the upper part of the capsule tray and capsule bodies will go downwards.

    1. Upper Mold 2.Lower Mold 3.Vaccum separation station 4.Separated capsule body 4. Un-separated capsule body 6. Vacuum tube

    Then after separation, you will see the upper and lower part of the capsule tray will be separated and be transferred to their respective stations.

    Step Three: Filling Medication

    You know the capsule body will be conveyed to the filling station for filling medication.

    The step is as following show:

    Filling Medication

    A-F represents each group of punches.

    During the interval time after the punches rise, the powder box rotates at an angle.

    The powder in the hole of the rotary metering disk mold is successively compacted once by each group of punching rods.

    When the filling rod is lifted from the mold hole, the powder box rotates, and the powder on the metering plate will automatically fill the remaining space in the mold hole.

    The fill and compact once, until the sixth time, punch the powder column in the mold hole out of the measuring plate, make it fall into the empty capsule below, and complete the filling work once.

    It has used the relative movement between the powder scraping block and the metering plate, the redundant powder on the surface of the metering plate is scraped off to ensure the metering requirements of the power plug.

    With this method, the dosage is relatively accurate dosage, and the error is as low as ±3%. And it is able to fine-tune the powder plug dose by adjusting the lifting height of the punch.

    Step Four: Wasted capsules rejection

    After the filling process, A few empty capsules are not separated because of some reason. There will be pins corresponding to the capsules.

    If the capsule cap is not separated from the capsule body, the pin will pull the capsule out of the mold, and the capsule will be blown to capsule collecting bags.

    The capsule caps and bodies that are separated will be transferred to the next station.

    Wasted capsules rejection

    Step Five: Capsule locking

    You can see the upper and lower capsule tray rotate to the locking station at the same time, and at this moment, the axis lines of the upper and lower capsule tray overlap.

    Then the baffle plate above the capsule tray and the pin below the tray begin to move to make capsule be locked.

    Capsule locking 

    Step Six: Filled capsuled Locking

    You can see the pin will push the locked capsule out of the capsule tray, and then compressed air blows ejected capsules into the outlet.

    Step Seven: Cleaning

    When the upper and lower modules are dragged by the main working panel and stop at the cleaning station, they are just placed at the gap of the cleaning device.

    At this time, the compressed air is opened, and the pollutants such as powder and broken bag skin in the mold hole are blown out of the mold hole from the lower direction of the lower module.

    The vacuum system above the mold hole will suck it into the vacuum cleaner to keep the mold hole clean, so as to facilitate the next cycle of operation.

    14.2 Semi automatic capsule filling machine working principle

    You will read the following steps to perfectly implement the filling process when using a semi-automatic capsule filling machine.

    You can also refer to below video of how a semi-automatic capsule filling machine works.

    Step One: Loading of Capsules

    Firstly you need to check if the condition of the machine is proper.

    Secondly, you will load the empty capsules and the filling medication into respective product hoppers.

    Thirdly, you will power on the machine by pressing the start button for the machine to operate well.

    You should also key in the major operating parameters at the PLC control system to guide the operations of the machine.

    Step Two: Separating the Body from the Caps

    Through the delivery system of the machine, the empty capsules will move from the main capsule hopper.

    The capsules align at right angles in the round capsule tray as it awaits the filling process.

    Before the machine injects the filing medication, you have to remove the caps from the body.

    The upper capsule tray holds the caps while the bottom capsule tray holds the lower body of the empty capsule.

    You will manually remove the upper tray and with it comes out the caps of the empty capsules.

    The body of the empty capsules remain intact and moves around on a conveyor belt awaiting the filling process.

    Step Three: Filling the Empty Capsules

    The machine will initiate the flow of the filling medication into the empty capsules which are at right angles.

    The filling table will position the filling nozzles strategically above the empty capsules.

    The tray will be in continuous motion as the filling medication goes through the nozzles and into the empty capsules.

    With the help of a dosing disk, the machine is capable of controlling the filling quantity and speed as accurately as possible.

    Once all the capsules are full with the filling medication, the machine will automatically retrieve the filling machine.

    Step Four: Replacing the Caps

    You will position the caps tray directly above the body tray that will push the caps onto the body of the capsules.

    Apply a little bit of pressure at the compression zone so that the caps can fit perfectly onto the body.

    Finally, you will discharge the filled capsules from the machine for further inspection and packaging.

    Chapter 15:How to use a fully & semi-automatic capsule filling machine?

     15.1 Operate steps of the fully automatic capsule filling machine 

    You will refer to below steps to operate the machine well:


    AIPAK NJP-1200D capsule filling machine

    Check whether all parts of the machine and equipment are in good condition.

    According to the process requirements, select the disc specification, powder or particle filling system.

    Installation and adjustment: the support and the material tray shall be kept parallel, and the filling rod shall be perpendicular to the support, so as to ensure that the filling rod can freely enter and leave the filling hole of the material tray.

    Loosen the set screw, turn the lock nut to the required height, then tighten the screw and nut, and adjust the height of the filling seat.

    After all the safety settings are correctly equipped and adjusted, turn the machine 1-3 times in the running direction with the handwheel without capsule and medicine.

    And then, under all normal conditions, put the capsule and medicine powder (or particles) into their respective containers respectively, with the filling height of 30mm below the edge of the container.

    Adjust the depth of the filling rod inserted into the material tray. The large filling volume of the capsule is determined by the size of the capsule, the height of the material tray and the compaction degree of the filling rod to the powder.

    Adjust the height of the filling rod.

    In the beginning, the lower end faces of six groups of filling rods shall be on the same

    horizontal plane.

    The insertion depth of the filling rod is determined by the thickness of the material tray.

    The particle filling system relies on the rotating adjusting shaft to move the adjusting parts left and right, and achieves the purpose of adjustment through the volume change. Start the machine and it will work normally.

    Protection of filling mechanism: check the metering bucket regularly and remove any sediment stuck on it.

    Apply a thin layer of grease to the track on the convex roller once a month. Gear and groove cam shall be cleaned and coated with grease once every two weeks.

    15.2 Steps to operate a semi-auto capsule filling machine

    As the above functional principle, you will easy to understand how to operate a semi-automatic capsule filling machine.

    Below is more details for your reference:

    Press the green button in the "power switch" to turn on the power.

    Slowly adjust the "vibration strength adjustment knob" and turn it clockwise.

    At this time, the finishing disk, which is connected with the "vibration support", starts to vibrate. Touch the finishing disk with your hand and adjust the vibration strength according to your feeling.

    Put the powder-filled capsule shell into the "powder-filled capsule shell finishing disk", about 300 capsules each time. Put the capsule cap into the "capsule cap finishing plate", about 300 capsules each time.

    The finishing plate is made of plexiglass plate, on which there are many circular holes with big upper and small lower funnel shapes, the diameter of which corresponds to the diameter of the capsule number.

    At this time, the capsule shell of the working platform plate moves stably and slowly, so that it can enter the hole of the platform plate one by one.

    In about 30 seconds, the powder-filled capsule shell and capsule cap fall into the round hole with the opening facing up. If the individual opening is facing down, the capsule cap can be used to press the sleeve down gently, and then the sleeve can be pulled out.

    Horizontally hold the connecting plate of powder loaded capsule shell, push it in the lower part of the finishing plate, the powder loaded capsule shell in the finishing plate will fall into the circular hole of the connecting plate.

    And then take out the connecting plate. In the same way, take out the capsule cap with the capsule cap connecting plate.

    semi-automatic capsule filling machine have any drawbacks

    A powder square plate with a bottom area of 500 × 500mm and a height of about 10 mm on four sides can be prepared in advance, which is filled with powder, and the connecting plate of powder-filled capsule shell can be placed in the powder square plate horizontally. Then cover the plexiglass frame matched randomly on the powder filling capsule connecting plate, put the powder into the frame with a small bucket shovel, and fill the powder with a scraping on the edge of the frame, and scrape off the excess powder.

    Use the capsule cap cover set plate (as shown at the end of the figure, there are round holes on the set plate), put it on the capsule cap cover joint plate, with alignment holes, easy to place.

    Turn over the capsule cap connecting plate, make the opening of the capsule face down, and cover it on the powder loaded capsule shell connecting plate, which also has a contraposition hole, so it is easy to cover.

    Put the assembled capsule plate into the cavity under the "capsule cap forming plate", pull down the "pressing rod" with your hand and put it in place, do not need to be careful of excessive force, because there is a positioning mechanism to control the pressing height.

    Take out the sheathed capsule plate, pour out the capsule, and fill it. You can cycle to the next board.

    Chapter 16:Fully vs. semi-automatic vs. manual capsule filling machine

    16.1 Fully vs. Semi-automatic capsule filling machine

    A fully automatic capsule filling machine is more faster and automatic to perform most of its functions.

    However, You will need some professional and technical personnel to assist in some activities. To some extent, the semi-automatic capsule filling equipment depends on automation and needs manpower. You will need more manpower to help operate the semi-automatic capsule filling machine to affect the speed.

    Semi-automatic capsule filling machine

    And fully automatic capsule filling machine is a fast, efficient and accurate large-scale capsule filling equipment.

    Last semi-automatic capsule filling machine can be only used to fill hard capsules. Fully automatic capsule filling machine is suitable for filling hard as well as soft capsules.

    16.2 Automatic vs. manual capsule filling machine

    manual capsule filling machine

    • The manual capsule filling machine is a device that you can use to fill empty hard capsules with drugs and nutrients.

    An Automatic capsule filling machine can fill empty hard or soft capsules.

    • With these two machines, it is easier to fill empty capsules of any size with various nutrients or drugs according to your specific requirements.
    • When using a manual capsule filler, you need to hire people to help with most activities.
    • Manual capsule filling machine is slower than an automatic capsule filling machine, which is not conducive to large-scale production.
    • The automatic capsule filling machine is faster, you will only need the least human assistance, but it can carry out large-scale capsule filling efficiently.

    Chapter 17: Capsule size chart fill weight and capacity comparison

    You may often want to know how much does a capsule hold?

    Let me tell you "000" holds about 1000 mg., "00" holds about 735 mg., "0" size holds about 500 mg., #1 holds about 400 mg., #3 about 200 mg.

    capsule hold

    One teaspoon will fill about 7 "0" capsules and about 5 "00" capsules.

    Then you may would like to know each capsule size and filling weight.

    The fill weight depends on the powder density and particle size. Some powders can be much denser than others. But it also depends on how fine the powder is. Because of this, a good way to check is to know the powders mesh size.

    Capsule Size Chart

    Chapter 18:How to maintain a fully & semi-automatic capsule filling machine?

    To increase the efficiency and durability of the capsule filling machine, you must perform proper maintenance and clean.

    18.1 Maintenance of the Fully automatic capsule filling machine

    (1) When the machine works normally for a long time, you will need to regularly clean the parts and components that are in direct contact with the medications.

    (2) You will also need to regularly and appropriately add lubricating oil (grease) to reduce the wear of moving parts to the loading mechanism under the working surface of the machine.

    (3) You need to check the oil quantity of the main drive reducer once a month. If it is insufficient, you should add oil in time and also change the lubricating oil once every half a year.

    (4) You need to check the safety clutch as it plays a protective role when the machine is overloaded. When the load is normal, the clutch should not slip, but it may also slip due to long-term use. When the slip occurs during normal use, you should tighten the round nut of the clutch to ensure the normal operation of the machine and play its protective role.

    (5) The vacuum separator of the vacuum system mainly plays the role of sucking the capsule into the upper and lower modules and separating the cap and the body during the filling of the hard capsule. If the capsule cannot be separated from the cap and the body, the subsequent filling will not be carried out. Every time the rotary table of the machine runs 1 station, the main shaft of the machine rotates 1 cycle, and the vacuum separator moves up and down once under the action of the cam.

    automatic capsule filling machine-10

    If the separation of capsule cap and body is not smooth, you need to check the gap between the upper plane of the vacuum separator and the lower plane of the lower module.

    If the gap is too large, the vacuum degree of the vacuum system will not reach the vacuum degree required by the separation of cap and body (about 0.05Mpa).

    If the gap is too small, it is easy to produce head impact and deform the lower module.

    When the position of the vacuum separator needs to be adjusted, use the handle to turn the main motor shaft to make the vacuum separator rise to the highest position.

    Then you should loosen the locknuts (one is a left-hand nut and one is a right-hand nut) at both ends of the adjusting rod under the machine table, then rotate the adjusting rod to adjust the height of the vacuum separator, then lock the nuts, and use the handle to turn the main motor shaft for a test until it is appropriate.

    The vacuum degree can be seen on the vacuum gauge on the operation panel of the machine.

    When the vacuum is too high, the vacuum degree regulating valve can be opened properly.

    When the vacuum is too low, the vacuum degree regulating valve can be closed or closed.

    So you should regularly open the filter of the vacuum system to remove the blocked dirt, so as to ensure that the vacuum system has enough vacuum.

    (6) You should check the transmission chain once a week and add a proper amount of grease.

    When the chain is too loose, you need to tight again, and you need also tighten again, and move the tensioning wheel for adjustment.

    18.2 Maintenance of the semi-automatic capsule filling machine

    A semi-automatic capsule filling machine is a vibrating machine.

    1. You need to check the fastening condition of screws at all parts frequently. If it is loose, you should tighten in time to prevent failure and damage.
    2. You should place the medicine board vertically or horizontally to avoid deformation and damage.
    3. The shell and body of the electric appliance must be grounded to ensure safety. You must cut off the power after work.
    4. At the end of each day's work, you should also remember to clean the residual drugs on the machine and in the mold hole to keep the whole machine clean and sanitary and avoid washing the machine with water.

    If the mold on the machine needs to be cleaned, the fixing screw can be loosened, and then it can be taken down, which is convenient for installation.

    18.3 How to clean the capsule filling machine?

    To meet pharmaceutical hygiene requirements and improve the filling efficiency, you must know below knowledge for cleaning capsule filling machine.

    (1) Detergents and disinfectants: drinking water, purified water, 75% ethanol.

    (2) Cleaning tools: clean no silk cloth, vacuum cleaner, brush, cleaning basin, etc.

    (3) Cleaning frequency:

    ① After the completion of each batch of production;

    ② After the completion of each shift of continuous production;

    ③ Before and after production, cleaning and disinfection;

    ④ When changing varieties, specifications and batch numbers, cleaning must be carried out;

    ⑤After equipment maintenance, cleaning and disinfection must be carried out thoroughly.

    clean the capsule filling machine

    (4) Cleaning method: the cleaning shall be carried out in the order of first removal and then washing, first inside and then outside, then whole:

    1) The cleaning steps of producing the same type of capsules:

    First, you need to use a vacuum cleaner and then a soft brush to clean the residual powder in the powder filling device module;

    Second, you should remove the powder punching rod, measuring plate and powder hopper, take them to the cleaning room, wash them once with water, then rinse them with purified water, and dry them with a dry cloth. Wipe and disinfect with a rag dipped in 75% ethanol;

    Third, you need to wipe the part of the equipment in direct contact with the medicine with purified water, dry it with a dry rag, and then wipe and disinfect with a rag dipped in 75% ethanol;

    Forth, you need to wipe the glass protective cover and the surface of the equipment with purified water;

    Fifth, once all finished cleaning, you should hang the "cleaned" status mark after passing the inspection;

    Last, fill in the cleaning record.

    2) If you are producing different types of capsules, you shall also know below steps:

    ① You should remove the capsule barrel and capsule funnel, take them to the cleaning room, wash them with purified water, dry them with a dry rag, and then wipe them with a rag dipped with 75% ethanol for disinfection;

    ② You need to scrub the movable bearing of cam disk with a rag, then scrub them with purified water, and then dry them with a dry rag, after that use a cloth dipped in 75% ethanol to wipe and disinfect.

    (5) Cleaning effect evaluation: the appearance of the whole machine is bright and clean. Wipe all parts of the equipment with a clean white rag. There is no stain or residue on the rag.

    Chapter 19:Capsule filling machine FAQ, common problems and solutions

     19.1 How to deal with the failure of semi-automatic capsule filling machine

    If you are failed in semi-auto capsule filling machine filling process, please check below:

    Troubleshoot capsule defects

    Troubleshoot capsule defects-Photo Credits:Vitafoods Insights

    1. The vibration is not ideal, adjust the voltage.
    2. The reed screw is loose, tighten the screw.
    3. The capsule shell is arranged in the working platform plate, and the mouth is higher or lower. Adjust the height of the dislocation plate and the guide rail.
    4. There are too many capstan (more than 3%) and the vibrator is not adjusted properly. Because the proper voltage is adjusted or the size of the capstan is not up to the specification, the qualified capstan is selected.
    5. The capsule shell is stuck on the platen and cannot fall. Replace the capsule shell or adjust the position of the dislocation plate and the hole of the platen.
    6. The mold cannot be reset in the track, the compression spring at the back end of the track is stuck or the capsule variant is stuck. Reinstall the spring or ejector rod, and push the stick to push the stuck capsule down.
    7. Wear of the guide plate in the mold will affect the low rate of capsule assembly. Replace the new mold or loosen the positioning on both sides.

    Fasten the positioning nails.

    Change the capsule shape or wet it.

    Replace the capsule shell properly. 

    19.2 What are the ways to deal with the abnormal situation of the automatic capsule filling machine?

    Yes, any machine will have abnormal situations as a capsule filling machine, then what exactly does it have?

    I.The capsule cannot be separated.

    Capsule shells showing features-Photo Credits:

    The capsule itself needs to be replaced.

    The vacuum is too small. There are many reasons why the vacuum is too small. If the cause of the vacuum pump, you need to find a mechanic to repair it or replace it.

    The air pipe separated from the vacuum pump connecting the capsule is broken. Replace the air pipe.

    The filter membrane of the vacuum pump is blocked. Clean the filter membrane.

    In addition, it may be that the water flow is too small, so you need to replace the larger water flow pipeline.

    Of course, you have to look at the situation to find out why..

    The gap between the module and the shell separator is too large, so the height of the shell separator or the module can be adjusted, or there may be a problem with the expansion rod in the module.

    Of course, it needs analysis. It is easy to have problems if the powder is too thin or too sticky.

     shell separator

    The module is not right.

    Use the debugging bar to adjust the module until it automatically falls into place.

    The powder is too sticky to block the module, and the module should be cleaned.

    II. The capsule head and tail concave.

    Sometimes there is a problem with the capsule itself. You need just replace the empty capsule.

    Then check whether the height of the thimble needs to be adjusted.

    Or you need to increase the stress area of the capsule, which is to make a thicker thimble.

    III. Capsule cleaving

    This is a very headache and is often encountered. It needs to be treated carefully. This phenomenon is generally caused by the following reasons.

    1. The difference between the capsule cap and the capsule body is too large. The capsule needs to be replaced.
    2. Too much powder remained on the module. Module cleaning required.
    3. When installing the module, the upper and lower modules are not aligned, and the module is aligned again. Until the debugging rod can automatically fall into place.
    4. In fact, it is also related to the size of powder particles.
    5. Check whether the locking position of capsule cap and thimble are too high.
    6. Shorten the distance between the upper formwork and the roof.

    Of course, the distance is too short.

    The principle is: before the wedge is inserted, it is locked. This method is really feasible.

    IV. Filling variety

    There is no fixed way to solve this problem.

    Readjust the filling rod.

    This reason is directly related to powder.

    For the sake of equipment, you need to directly refuse to fill and request the granulating post to rework.

    IX. The distance between the powder scraper and the dosing disk should be 0.4mm, as long as it does not touch the dosing disk.

    The increase or decrease of distance can directly affect the loading capacity.

    Sometimes you can try to increase the distance when the loading is too low.

    If the filling rod is not pressurized in the short distance, the loading capacity is too high, please directly request the pelletizing post to rework.

    V. The bearings at the outlet of the finished product, the locking position and the place where the waste bag is removed are blocked, basically because of the presence of the powder after entering.

    You should clean the bearings in time and close the appropriate amount of oil. It is better to add butter at these places than the machine oil.

    After cleaning, ensure that the bearing has been dried, otherwise, it will be blocked immediately.

    Each time the site is cleaned, the bearing shall be removed for cleaning and oiling.

    19.3 Which ingredients can be used to fill the capsule?

    Depending on the type of capsules, you can fill them with different ingredients. Here are the recipes you can fill with different types of capsules.

    In hard gelatin capsules, you can fill the following formula:

    • Powder formula
    • Pellet formula
    • Tablet formulation

    In soft capsules, only the following substances can be filled:

    • Liquid formula
    • Semi-solid formula
    • Suspension 

    19.4 Can a filling machine fill different types of capsules?

    Yes, you can use a capsule filling machine to fill all sizes of capsules.

    You only need to change the tool system of the capsule filling machine from time to time. The automatic capsule filling machine will automatically change the mold system according to the capsule size.

     19.5 What is the capsule filling amount?

    The capsule filling weight is the amount of filling material you will use to fill a capsule. It does not include the weight of the capsule shell.

     19.6. Can the capsule filling machine fill tablets and pills?

    Yes, you can use a capsule filling machine to fill pills and pellets

    19.7 At what speed does the capsule filling machine work?

    The capsule filling machine operates at different speeds depending on the type of machine you are using.

    The speed of the capsule filling machine is usually determined by the number of capsules that can be filled in a given time.

    In the fully automatic capsule filling machine, you will be able to maintain a speed of 60 SPM.

    It can also be lower or higher depending on your production specifications.

    You can get a machine that can fill 180000 capsules in an hour, depending on the speed.

    19.8 How to fill the capsule with essential oil?

    You will use the soft capsule packer to fill the essential oil capsule.

    The working principle of a soft capsule filling machine is the most basic principle of filling essential oils.

     19.9 How can I stop the capsule from leaking?

    You can prevent the capsule from leaking by making sure it's the right combination of ingredients.

    This will result in a strong gelatin wall that is unlikely to leak.

    19.10 What are the common capsule defects in the filling process?

    Capsules are fairly easy to fill, but sometimes things go wrong. Here are some tips on how to stop defects.

    Typical Defects

    Typical Defects-Photo Credits:Pharmaphil Inc., Windsor, ON

    First, before filling the machine's hopper with empty capsules, verify that the capsules meet your dimensional specifications by checking a representative sample.

    Even capsules from the most reputable manufacturers may differ slightly.

    The same is true of tooling supplied by different vendors, so be prepared to make some adjustments.

    Of course, verify your settings and check that routine maintenance has been performed before you start.

    And be sure you understand how the active ingredient and/or formulation can affect filling.

    Next, you should check the environmental conditions within the filling room. Ideal conditions are a temperature of 22°C ± 2° and a relative humidity of 40 to 50 percent.

    If conditions are outside these ranges, allow some time for the room and the materials within it to acclimate before you begin production.

    If defects occur, try resolving the problem using one or more of these troubleshooting tips.

    Lumpy or misshapen capsules.

    If the capsules form lumps or are otherwise misshapen, check the conditions under which they were transported or stored.

    You should maintain empty capsules at a temperature between 15° and 30°C and a relative humidity between 40 and 65 percent.

    Avoid exposing empty capsules to a direct source of light or to heat. Don't transfer capsules suddenly from a high-temperature environment to a low-temperature one.

    Improper rectification.

    If the capsules are not being oriented properly (cap up), first make sure no one is using a plastic container to transport the capsules or a plastic scoop to load the capsule filler.

    Plastic can cause an electrostatic charge to develop, hindering rectification.

    Use stainless steel containers and scoops instead.

    Also check the gate knee and adjust it as necessary.

    Verify that the stroke of the pushers, or fingers, is set properly according to the joined length of the shells.

    Also check that the raceway is in good condition.

    Failure to separate.

    If the caps and bodies fail to separate, check the vacuum.

    On most capsule fillers, the gauge should read somewhere between 15 and 18 inches mercury.

    You may also need to adjust the gap between the machine's cap segments and body segments.

    Check the timing of the solenoid valve and how well the segments' holes align with the raceway fingers.

    Check the filter bag and clean it periodically.


    Dented capsules

    Dents can form on the dome of the cap and/or body for a variety of reasons.

    One cause is improper setup that leads to the machine applying excessive pressure.

    To determine the correct setting, manually lock 20 capsules together and measure their lengths.

    Next, find the mean value and adjust the machine to that value with the help of a tie rod.

    Another reason for dented capsules is overfilling.

    To correct this, weigh 20 filled capsules. The average weight should not exceed the specified volume of the capsules you're using. If it does, consider using larger capsules.


    This defect occurs when the cap and body misalign and the capsule body splits and a portion of it covers the cap.

    To eliminate this defect, make sure all the capsules are perfectly round.

    Also check the alignment of the cap and body bushings, or segments, using a gauge designed for that purpose.

    The environmental conditions in the filling room can also contribute to this problem.

    If you must stop the machine for more than 30 minutes, protect the capsule shells from direct exposure to the environment.


    If the capsules open or elongate after filling, it's likely due to excessive locking pressure or overfilling.

    It's also possible that the locking mechanism is weak, but that's a defect rarely seen in capsules supplied by reputable manufacturers.


    Check your storage conditions. When capsules lose moisture, often due to poor storage practices, they become brittle.

    The threshold is approximately 12.5 percent moisture.

    Anything less will likely lead to brittleness. Filled capsules that include a hygroscopic active or excipient can also cause brittleness.

    Capsules made from HPMC are less likely to become brittle.

    19.11. Do you need special training to operate the capsule filling machine?

    Yes, you must have special training to operate the capsule filling machine.

    Your supplier may provide the best way to train you and other workers in handling the capsule filling machine.

    This also includes how to clean and properly maintain the machine.

    19.12. How to choose a capsule filling machine?

    capsule filling machine-12

    You can select the capsule filling device by viewing the specific specifications.

    Some technical specifications include:

    • Machine size based on machine size and weight

    The degree of automation of the machine can be manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic.

    • Machine speed will depend to a large extent on the level of automation.
    • Types of filling materials and types of gel capsules
    • Machine cost
    • Machine reliability and efficiency

    The technical level of the machine shall include the latest technical forms on the market.

    Chapter 20: The Ultimate Support Equipment List for Capsule Filling Machine

    You will need support from other devices to help you during the capsule filling process. Above you can clearly see what equipment you need are.

    The main types of equipment used in preparing materials are:

    1. Granulator
    2. Hammer crusher

    III.Vibrating screen

    1. Vacuum feeder
    2. Fluidized bed processor

    Vacuum feeder

    Vacuum feeder

    Final capsule processing equipment after filling

    Some of the devices used after filling empty capsules include:

    1. Automatic capsule feeder

    capsule feeder

    II Drying system

    III.Capsule sorter

    IV.Capsule printing machine

    V. Capsule polisher

    Capsule polisher

    IX.Capsule packaging machine

    Capsule packaging machine

    • Other support equipments include:
    1. Metal detector

    Metal detector

    2. Industrial vacuum cleaner

    Industrial vacuum cleaner


    Chapter 21: New Technologies and Innovations in Capsule Filling Machine

    As an automatic capsule filling machine manufacturer, you may focus on technologies that improve safety and optimal production.

    Below you will get to know what exactly to focus on when buying capsule filling machines:

    21.1 Technologies that Improve Productivity, Performance and Efficiency

    Performance and Efficiency

    Some of these technologies include:

    • Colored touchscreen HMI panel, allows for easy system control and production management. They are basically the PLC systems.
    • Enclosed dosing, electrical and moving systems for efficient and consistent capsule filling process.

    consistent capsule filling process

    • Vacuum cleaning system for easy and fast cleaning

    Auto lubrication system, automatically lubricates moving parts to prevent possible wear and tear.

    Obviously, this will increase the service lifespan of your automatic filler machine.

    Variable frequency drive system, for easy speed control of the motor and hence that of the machine.

    Whenever you are shopping for an automatic encapsulation machine, it is important to go for those that feature modern technologies and innovations.

    automatic encapsulation machine-13

    Mold cleaning and blowing device Micro dehumidifier

    Capsule inserting switch

    Apart from these, another aspect to consider is the:

    21.2 Capsule Filling Machine Technologies that Guarantee Safety

    Safety is also an integral aspect in any capsule filling process. Therefore, you must find out whether the machine you are about to import guarantee safety or not.

    should be the safety of both the capsule filling machine and that of the technicians. Below are some essential technologies:

    Using a transparent solid polycarbonate sheet to enclose the dosing station.

    In most machines, these doors are interlocked such that, they cannot be open when the machine is ON.

    They have a door check sensor. Therefore, the machine will not run when the door is open.

    Alarm for door opening, low powder and capsules level emergency switch, this will help to stop the machine in case of any emergency situation.

    With all these features, your machine will not only guarantee seamless and optimal performance but also ensure better returns.

    But, this is not enough, to ensure a seamless encapsulation process, you need support equipment.

    These are very vital accessories that you cannot survive without.

    Chapter 22: Quality Inspection & Verification of the Capsule Filling Machine

    When purchasing a capsule filling machine, you must ensure that it meets the correct quality standards.

    Quality compliance refers to the compliance of machines with specific industry standards in terms of safety, reliability and quality.

    Here are the main quality compliance certifications you need to follow.


    • cGMP of current good manufacturing practice
    • ISO certification by international standards organizations
    • CE responsible for machine electrical certification
    • FDA certified by the food and Drug Administration

    Chapter 23: Ask for Full Technical Support

    Technical support is a critical aspect that you must not forget at all costs.

    As first, you will need to install the machine and maybe at some point in the future, you may need to upgrade or maintain the machine.

    Then you will know the most important support include:

    Installing and commissioning

    If it is possible, the machine supplier should send their technicians to install and make test for the machine on-site for you.

    This is even crucial for very large capsule filling machines as if not, you may need to spend much read the instruction and then assemble most parts by yourself.

    Maintenance and troubleshooting

    In most cases, the machine should have at least some time’s maintenance, you may ask it carefully when you are purchasing a capsule filling machine.

    Apart from this, the troubleshooting capsule filling machine also needs whatever on-site or online.

    You need to contact the technical persons immediately once trouble occurs, that means the machine supplier should have available contact technical person for you.

    Or normally, they do indicate simple troubleshooting procedures.

    Chapter 24:Great news about capsule filling machine market

    capsule filling machine market

    According to the data, the global pharmaceutical market size in 2018 is preliminarily estimated to be $1.17 trillion, and is expected to exceed $1.2 trillion by 2019.

    As a large pharmaceutical production country, China's consumption level has been upgraded in recent years.

    With the growth of global pharmaceutical market, China will also get a lot of development space. This will also bring good development opportunities for related medical equipment.

    Among them, the full-automatic capsule filling machine is a set of machine, electricity, gas as one of the equipment, suitable for filling all kinds of domestic or imported capsules.

    It is an economic and practical equipment for filling capsule products in the pharmaceutical industry and health product industry.

    It is reported that the full-automatic capsule filling machine adopts microcomputer programmable controller, touch panel operation, frequency conversion, and speed regulation, equipped with an electronic automatic counting device, which is sensitive in action, accurate in filling dose, novel in structure, beautiful in shape and convenient in operation.

    It can automatically complete the positioning, separation, filling, locking and other actions of capsules, reduce labor intensity, improve production efficiency, and meet the requirements of Pharmaceutical hygiene requirements.

    Capsule Manufacturing-Photo Credits:Lan Labs

    At present, the full-automatic capsule filling machine has achieved good development in the field of medicine and health care products, and the competition among manufacturers is increasingly fierce.

    With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical enterprises also put forward higher requirements for filling equipment, such as higher conditions in filling stability, dosage accuracy, product quality, in addition to inconvenient removal and cleaning of the mold and other problems also need to be solved by the capsule filling machine manufacturers.

    Hubei AIPAK pharmacy as one of the largest capsule filling machine manufacturers according to the needs of users, improve and upgrade the full-automatic capsule filling machine.

    The machine is a full-automatic hard capsule filling equipment with the intermittent operation and hole disk filling.

    According to the personnel of the Hubei AIPAK, the machine has been optimized and designed in combination with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and the requirements of GMP.

    "It has the characteristics of compact structure, small model, low noise, accurate filling dose, complete functions, stable operation, etc., and can simultaneously complete the actions of seeding, splitting, filling, discarding, locking, finished product discharging, module cleaning, etc."

    At present, the improved equipment is the ideal hard capsule filling equipment for pharmaceutical, health products and other manufacturers.

    In terms of the characteristics of the equipment, in view of the difficulty of removing and cleaning the mold and the difficulty of adjusting the accuracy of the assembly mold, the manufacturer adopts the fully closed technology for the working table of the full-automatic capsule filling machine, which makes the removal and cleaning easier and the accuracy adjustment simpler.

    In the aspect of dose adjustment, the dose adjustment mechanism adopts the support adjustment technology, which can fine-tune the dose without stopping the machine, so as to meet the requirements of dose adjustment.

    In order to solve the user's concern about the service life of the equipment, the full-automatic capsule filling machine of the enterprise adopts the structure of the lower slot cam, which has good lubrication performance and small wear degree, thus prolonging the service life of the parts.

    Capsule filling machine-14

    In order to improve the automatic control level of the equipment, the machine adopts the microcomputer control technology, which is safe and advanced, and improves the automatic control level of the production process.

    The blanking mechanism is set to realize the automatic feeding, so that the materials in the storage room are always kept at a certain height, so as to ensure the accuracy of the dosage.

    Last but not the latest, from this post, it is apparent that a capsule filling machine is something worth investing especially if you are "health" conscious.

    These capsule filling machines can make your own unique capsules and bring can bring you considerable benefits.

    As we wind up, I would like you to share it with loved ones including friends that would love to explore the capsule option.

    Again, in case you want to share your experiences or ask questions:

    Just leave a quick comment to us.

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