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DPP-260H2 High Speed Alu-Alu Automatic Blister Capsule Packaging Machine

Its innovative design meets pharmaceutical industry (GMP) standard strictly, is leading in China, this machine has features such as advanced function, simple operation, high output, is the most ideal packaging equipment in large and medium size pharmaceutical enterprises, healthcare products and food industry.


1. Adopt Siemens PLC programmable control, wonderful touch screen operation, frequency control, servo with speed reducer traction, traction length may be adjusted at will on the touch screen within the scope of technical parameters, could avoid errors caused by manual mechanical adjustment, reduce labor intensity and waste of consumables greatly; 
2.Have functions such as heating temperature control detection, control, uniform die heating, host overload protection, PVC and PTP packing material level detection and alarm shutdown, automatic diagnosis alarm prompt for equipment fault and automatic shutdown protection; 
3. Feeder adopts steam vibration feeding and bunker level detection control, reduce long time mixing friction of materials greatly, so as to protect material integration; 
4. Level detection device is installed for feed hopper, if level is insufficient, host will prompt and enter shutdown status, ensure feeding integrality of each plate, increase product qualification rate; 
5. Stations of the complete machine adopts fast loading structure design, suitable for multi-variety production, dies may be replaced more conveniently and reliably (only about 30 min is required from replacing die to production); 
6.Contact heating, positive pressure formation, air cushion heat seal for female/male checkered plates; 
(7) Adopt special processing and assembly process to ensure balanced running of aluminum foil without offset or jitter, promote more accurate, stable alignment of graphic text; 
8. Have two enlarged PVC bearing platforms for fast replacement, overall guide rail for the complete machine, could enhance practicability of the complete machine; 
9.Rectangular design, "T" positioning of the die facilitate die replacement, all parts that contact with medicaments are made of high quality stainless steel and high quality aluminum alloy, top grade surface treatment process highlights tactile sensation; 
10.Have automatic scrap rolling mechanism, scrap may be collected easily, finished products are output orderly, conveyor belt is provided at the outlet to provide necessary conditions for follow-up equipment and production; 
11.One machine dual purpose, aluminum-plastic or aluminum-aluminum varieties may be produced only by replacing a small part of structure; 
12.The complete machine adopts split connection design, could enter elevators, workshops easily. 


Model: DPP-260H2

Punches Frequency: 10/40times/min

Production capacity:2400-9600pcs/hour

Max. Forming area and depth : 240x140x26mm 

(Standard plate size: 240x140x14mm)

Stroke travel range: 40-140mm 

Standard plate size: 80x57mm( designed as per user’s requirement)

Air pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa

Air compressed required: ≥0.3m3/min

Total power supply: 380V/220V 50Hz 8.5kw

Main motor: 2.2KW

PVC 0.15-0.5×250mm

PVC hard film: 0.15-0.5×250 mm

PTP 0.02-0.035×250mm

PTP Aluminum film:50-100g×250mm

Dialysis paper: 50-100g×250mm

Mould cooling: Tap water or recycling water

Overall dimension: 3250×710×1700mm(L×W×H)

Weight: 1400kg



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