Types of Blister Packaging

In the 1960s, blister packaging commenced its key journey of delivering medications. The first medicines that got blistered packed were Melabon and oral contraceptive. Thomas Lunsford takes the credit of blister packaging afterwards it evolved, now many different forms are available that can provide versatile options for various types of products.

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This form of packaging is common nowadays.But how did packaging companies shape the plastic in such a way to create a blister?With advancement, this machine is designed in new variants that depend upon necessity, size, and types of blister packaging.

That’s the real approach of this review to provide potential elements about the types of blister packaging.  Find more of our interesting stuff!

Types Of Blister Packaging

blister packaging

We will discuss the importance and applications of each type one by one:

Table of Contents

I.Heat Seal Blisters

II.Slide Blisters

III.Trapped Blister

IV.Double Sided Blisters

V.Blister Trays


I.Heat Seal Blisters

As the name suggests this type of blister packaging utilizes heat for the sealing process.

It creates a space for the product by bonding thermoformed plastic on to coated card back. The card mainly serves as the supporting back and advertising purpose where main features of the product are displayed. They are best suited for lighter weight items.

Applications of Heat Seal Blister

Heat blister packs are commonly used for packing items like

  • Hardware tools
  • Toys
  • Stationary items
  • Pharmaceutical items
  • Cosmetics and fashion accessories
  • Games
  • Perfumes

Benefits of Heat Seal Blister

The advantages of heat seal blisters include

  • Cost effective
  • More advertising space on card
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Clear and attractive product exhibit
  • Customization

Subtypes of Heat Seal Blisters

Face seal blisters and full-face seal blisters are categorized under heat seal blisters as they follow the heat-sealing method.

1.Face Seal Blister

Face Seal Blister

Face seal blister packaging is clear and cheapest option among other types. This packaging technique is used for small lightweight items. They are manufactured so as to fit a particular product. A particular portion or flange is sealed on to the blister card. The flange is protected via heat sealing process where it generates a protected compartment. The card contains description of the necessary information of the product.

Face seal blister packaging has been successfully used for perfumes, toys, hand tools and games etc.

2.Full Face Seal Blister

Full Face Seal Blister

Uses the similar methodology to face seal blister the difference being the plastic blister covers the whole face of package. This type of blister package provides more protection as full face blisters create a more stable package and minimizes damage to the blister card.

3.Full Card Blister

Full Card Blister

In this pattern, the blister packaging extends on all around the card similar to full face seal blister, but here instead sealing its projections wraps around the card. The entire card is capable of sliding into place and sometimes fixed with a staple.

Ⅱ.Slide Blisters

Slide Blisters

Full card blister/slide is similar to the full-face blister as it covers the whole card but differ in the sealing method as it has flanges that wrap around the card instead of heat sealed to the card. This card is put in to place via sliding. It offers easy opening of the product.

Applications of Slide Blisters

It is used for packaging in various industries including

  • Cellphones
  • Food
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics

Benefits of Slide Blisters

Slide blister packaging are beneficial in many ways particularly

  • Less costly
  • Better advertising option
  • Easy opening and unboxing of the product
  • No expensive heating tool required

Benefits of Slide Blisters

III.Trapped Blisters

Trapped Blisters

It is the combination of clamshells and blisters creating more space for graphics and at the same time providing a transparent space to show the product. The blister is trapped between two cards. The upper card is die cut to fix the blister where the product is trapped. It does not involve heat sealing, so no expensive heat-sealing tool is required.

Applications of Trapped Blister

This type of packaging is most commonly used for materials like

  • Cosmetics
  • Sunglasses
  • USB drives and remote controls
  • Batteries
  • Chargers and cords

Benefits of Trapped Blister

  • Enhanced product display
  • Cost effective
  • Increased protection
  • Customization available
  • Product inspection before buying is possible

IV.Clamshell/Double Blisters

Clamshell Double Blisters

Double blister packaging refers to two sided hence double packaging. They differ from conventional blister packaging as they are not sealed to a card instead two plastic pieces or sides are joined to create the product space.

Double blister packaging offers enhanced protection and presentation from both sides of the pack.

Applications of Clamshell/Double Blisters

Double blister packaging is used in

  • Laboratory instruments
  • fashion accessories and cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Stationary
  • Automobile parts

Benefits of Clamshell/Double Blisters

Double blister packaging is beneficial in many aspects

  • Product transparency
  • Easier unpacking
  • Durable
  • Less expensive
  • More protection against theft

Ⅴ.Blister Trays

Blister Trays

It is an important type of packaging when comes to packaging of pharmaceutical products. It is a form of pre-form plastic packaging where machines form cavities or pockets from a plastic sheet with the help of pressure or heat.

Applications of Blister Trays

Blister trays are mostly used for packaging of

  • Medicines
  • Food items
  • Hardware tools
  • Toys etc.

Benefits of Blister Trays

Keep the products fresh

  • Ensure uniform sizing and amount
  • Secure
  • Customization possible
  • Product visualization


You have come to the end of this blog. Blister packages holds supreme importance in pharmaceutical industry as well as other important areas. Based on the product and its delicacy the right type of blister packaging can be chosen. We hope you have got enough information through this blog regarding different types of blister packaging, and this can help you in making right choice for packaging of your product.

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