Why Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Is Important?

Packaging of drugs is a crucial part in a pharmaceutical industry besides, there are many packaging elements that you can use for this purpose & Blister is one of these elements.

Blister packaging is considered to be an effective packaging element for safe guarding the medicinal components and for the marketing purpose of a pharmaceutical product.

This post is going to cover all the different important points about blister packaging in pharmaceutical industry including how you can get benefits & promote your production with competitive branding etc.

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    1.Why pharmaceutical Blister packaging is important?

    Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging

    Blister Packaging

    Pharmaceutical blister packaging is an important part of the drug packaging process. Blister packaging protects medicines from all environmental factors including moisture oxygen and light.

    Its importance shows that it prevents contamination of the medication by keeping it clean and free from dirt and other particulates.

    There is a great need for suitable packaging for pharmaceutical companies that protects the medicine and also attracts customers. So, blister packaging is the option for advertising their brands.

    Moreover, this type of packaging is very important as it helps the companies in saving their costs that are rising. And also grow their market value.

    Meanwhile, pharmaceutical blister packaging is a great option for all pharmaceutical companies to promote their name in the market.

    This is very sustainable for pharma companies. As it safeguards all the products from any type of damage.

    Medicines that are very fragile and have shorter life can be stored easily by blister packaging. So, that’s why this packaging is very important as it plays a vital role in the protection of medicines.

    This is also becoming a core element of the marketing center and is very popular among pharmacies.

    Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging-1

    Heat is the main component that sealed the packs. Moreover, you can also use adhesives to seal them.

    So, basically blister packaging is an important part of the pharmaceutical packaging process because it helps to ensure the quality and efficacy of medications.

    It reduces all medication errors, which can occur when medications are not properly packaged or labeled. 

    2.Explain the primary advantages of Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging?

    Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging-2

    Pharmaceutical Blister packaging 

    Pharmaceutical blister packaging has several advantages over other types of packaging. These advantages are as follows:

    Higher Level of Production

    First, it provides a higher level of product protection. Blister packs are sealed so that there is no chance of tampering, and they are also more resistant to damage from moisture and other environmental factors.

    More Convenient

    Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging-3

    Pharmaceutical blister packets

    Second, pharmaceutical blister packaging is more convenient for patients. pills in blister packs are easy to carry and keep track of, and the foil backing makes them easy to open.

    Extend the Shelf Life

    Finally, pharmaceutical blister packaging can help extend medications' shelf life by protecting them from light and oxygen exposure.

    For all these reasons, pharmaceutical blister packaging is an increasingly popular option for both pharmaceutical companies and patients.

    3.Which machine is used for Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging?

    There are different types of machines used for Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging. These machines are as follows:

    Shuttle Type Heat Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Machine

    Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging-4

    Shuttle Type Heat Blister Packaging Machine

    This machine is used for pharmaceutical blister packaging. This machine is designed in a shuttle way to heat the blister pack. Shuttle type pharmaceutical blister packaging machine uses heating element for packaging. You can package the pharmaceutical products like

    • Industry & medical tablets
    • Sugar-coated tablets
    • Different kinds of capsules
    • Honey Pills

    The machine is very simple to operate. It gives very high output to the users. Also, this machine is best for large and medium-scale production companies.

    Small Size Rotary Type Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Machine

    Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging-5

    Flat Plate Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Machine

    This is another type of Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Machine. This machine is of small size and does not require large space. It is also very easy to use. You can also name it a small-size capsule tablet blister packaging machine as it uses to pack all types of capsules.

    This machine is used in small-scale production companies. You can also pack liquid from this packaging machine.

    Large Size Fully Automatic Rotary Pharmaceutical Blister Packing Machine

    Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging-6

    Automatic Rotary Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Machine

    The third pharmaceutical blister packaging machine is the Automatic Rotary Blister Packaging Machine. This machine is fully automatic. This machine is mostly used by the middle-scale production companies.

    The machine is basically designed for

    • Laboratories
    • Hospital dosage rooms
    • Health care products

    The machine is very easy to use. It has multi functions. The durability of this machine is very long.

    4.Why do Pharma companies prefer Blister Packaging instead of another packaging?

    Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging-7

    Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging

    Pharmaceutical Blister packaging offers a number of preferences over other forms of packaging. These preferences are as follows:



    The very first preference of pharmaceutical blister packaging over other packaging is that it provides a high level of product visibility. This is due to the fact that blister packs are often made from clear materials, such as PVC or PET.

    This allows consumers to easily see the product inside, helping to build trust and confidence in the brand.


    Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging-8

    Pharmaceutical blister packaging

    In addition, pharmaceutical blister packaging is tamper-resistant, which helps to ensure that products remain safe and intact until they reach the consumers. While the other packaging does not provide safety like this.


    Finally, the last preference of pharmaceutical blister packs over the other ones is often cheaper and easier to produce than other types of packaging, making them a more cost-effective option for pharma companies.

    5.What is meant by Heat forming & cold forming in Pharmaceutical blister packaging?

    Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging-9

    Pharmaceutical Blister Pack tablets

    Cold forming and heat forming are two different techniques used in pharmaceutical blister packaging below is the difference.

    Heat Forming

    Heat forming or thermoforming is a technique in which PVC material is heated at 110◦ C-120◦ C in a heating station. The temperature is not static here.

    Cold Forming

    In this technique of pharmaceutical blister packaging when a cavity film or PVC enters the cavity it is pressed into the cavity to take a desired shape.

    Usually, soft aluminum or PVC polyamide is used in this forming because they can be shaped into any form without heating.


    Blister Packaging are commonly used these days in Pharma companies for packaging purposes. It makes work easier and more efficient. AIPAK blister packaging machines are the best machines in the market. It provides efficiency and smoothness in working. If you have any queries about Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging then you are more than welcome to CONTACT US.

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