8 Advantages of Blister Packaging You Must Know

Blister packaging bundling involves PET (polyethylene terephthalate) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic packaging method. The rough material utilized for blister packaging makes them ideal for a wide scope of uses, for example, drugs, electronic hardware, or toy items. As it is known within every industry where blister packaging is used it actually wipes out the requirement for extra cartons, in this way it helps in decreasing the expenses of packaging. 

In this article, I will focus on 8 advantages of Blister Packaging and they include:

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    Let’s dig more into the detail about these amazing advantages of this packaging.  

    1- Wide  application 

    Other than the above explained application there are many other little bit less applications that are needed to highlighted as well. This part of the article covers them here. It is UV protection, water resistance of the blister packaging, obstruction properties, Protection from drops, knocks and scratches and much more.

    UV Protection: How much UV radiation gets into the blister packaging just because of the fact that transparency of the blister packaging is  also controlled. Metallized PVC totally stops all UV radiation and expands the time of realistic usability of perishables.

    Water opposition: The thermo formed polymer shields the internal substance from water, water fume or some other fluids. In any case, the level of water resistance of the whole bundling additionally relies upon the back cover used for the packaging. In the event that the blister packaging utilizes a paper-based sheet for the back cover, at that point the water resistance is very near to less.

    Obstruction properties: Blister packaging gives great repellent properties from oxygen and dampness. The resistance properties improve as the assembling cycle uses more layers of polymers to make the blister packaging.

    Tamper Evident: Blister packs are difficult to reuse. When this pack is opened, it can't be shut effectively by any stretch of the imagination. Besides, what type of implementation has been used also defines blister packs can likewise be very difficult to open and requires cutting.

    Protection from drops, knocks and scratches: Blister bundling can hold an item set up and shield it from drops or unplanned knocks. The hard-external polymer layer additionally shields the item from any type of scratches.

     2- Dosage of serving size 

    In the medicine it is very important to keep the things according the plan and need. A little bit of the dosage can be very risky and could affect to the whole different level. It is rather important to keep the drug to a limited level and let it not increase from that level.

    This is another advantage to consider,however,anything that comes in dosage or serving sizes,is an ideal packaging solution. The thought is to put a single portion of everything, serving or portion into every one of the blister packaging which makes it exceptionally simple for individuals to utilize. They basically open the one bundle and utilize its substance to realize they have the correct portion of medication or nourishment for a formula. It is likewise quicker important you don't have to gauge fixings or be worried about overdosing with meds.

    3- Light weight and portable 

    The portability of anything is defined  as the ability to be easily carried or moved and of course light weight things cost less as well. That is a point blister packaging holds. So, here is what is explained in this part of the article which lets you know about Light weight and portability of blister packaging.

    In case you're somebody who appreciates voyaging, you may feel more confined by your drug or medicine. Fortunately, the blister packs are something that is neither  difficult to ship nor to store. Not any more massive pill bottles that take important space in your luggage.

    blister packaging

    Blister packing can slip in pretty much anyplace as you travel or basically at home. They will keep you on the track, and you comprehend what you have to take each day.

    These genuine feelings of serenity will likewise move to your family. Doubtlessly they have a reliable concern that somebody who needs medicine may miss a day. By utilizing rankle packs, you hold a greater amount of your freedom and your family will feel more calm. Also, failing to miss a portion will keep you more beneficial. Because of the more modest size, blister are not hard to keep away from pets and children. To stay away from mishaps, much the same as with pill bottles, it's ideal to keep these tucked some place hard to get to. 

    4- Secure Option 

    Security of anything is very important so things don’t decay and can be used for the long term.

    Nowadays global safety requirement demands have been increasing to the maximum level. It is more related to the pharmaceutical products and the blister packaging. To make someone trust is very hard because of the demands of the inspection system.

    Customarily, most medicine related products are strong medications as tablets or capsules, taking care of them into the plastic bottles (particularly in the United States) or some of them demand which is pretty normal in Europe and Asia.

    Drug/Pharmaceutical industry need to avoid potential risk to convey reliably top notch drugs, as in problems related to the packaging may cause a big problem to both organization as well as the customer.

    To guarantee that problem free items are conveyed to the market, organizations are vigorously putting resources into blister packaging assessment advances that permit an accurate investigation, so as to:

    • Verify the item presence – recognizing missing items (void pockets in the blister pack)
    • Avoid wrong shading mistake
    • Ensure the presence of the items inside the blister cavity
    • Ensure the item fulfillment checking if the pills/capsule/tablets are broken or chipped
    • Detect unfamiliar items/body (distinguishing superfluous articles and off base items in or around the pockets)

    Another edge which you get as blister packaging is that the completely auto packaging increases the level of security of the drug bundling/packaging. The utter auto packaging system incorporates the framing of the blister, the filling of the medication, the fixing, the trim of the external bundling carton, the collapsing and addition of the manual, the inclusion of the blister board and the final sealing the carton, all in one.

    Notwithstanding the serious extent of mechanization, the innovative blister packaging machines additionally have various security testing gadgets, including the ID and testing of the carton and directions, which extraordinarily improves well being and cleanliness, and viably decreases the misassembly of medications.

    5- Can be customized

    Customization in the packaging is defined as the action of modifying something to suit a particular individual or task. Looking at this, in the pharmaceutical market it is also one of the demands of the customer. Customers can demand specs according to their requirements on the packaging.


    Blister packaging comes with the option of customization because it has many different options to pack. The materials you use can be planned fit as a size or shape, and there are numerous kinds of blister packaging. For example, a face seal blister packaging incorporates a single bit of paper board and your item is set in a thermoform plastic hole. This hole/cavity is then fixed to the paper board.

    This can be an amazing choice for our clients that need a high volume of bundling or packaging. Another comparative custom blister packaging choice would be the full face seal, which stretches out the plastic to the edge of the paperboard, and maybe right over the edge. This is a bit pricey alternative, yet offers more security and the additional plastic likewise can offer a hole for the hanging of the package.

    A trap blister packaging is one more choice that incorporates a hole that is molded to accommodate your item with an additional edge around this plastic cavity. This hole or cavity is set between two bits of paperboard consequently holding your item securely and safely.

    Now and again instead of utilizing paperboard and plastic, it bodes well to configuration blister packaging in a clamshell design. A clamshell is a blister packaging method that folds into itself with a pivot toward one side. Clamshells can be utilized for some retail items and some special food products. When you think of blister packaging clamshells can be utilized for an item with only one piece or various parts. You can custom design cavities for each aspect of your item or produce a thermoform plate embed with at least one cavity.

    6- Multiple choice for material 

    In the packaging word material plays a vital role in the case of blister packaging. In the pharmaceutical blister packaging three or four types of the material can be used which has been discussed here.

    • When choosing packaging material for blister packaging for different types of pharmacy products, there are many different options to remember while picking the material for sealing and forming. The material utilized depends if the items need shield from light, warmth and dampness, which will influence the item's condition of the storage and shelf life of the products in the pharmacy.

    Choice of material for forming


    Choice of materials for sealing


    ●         The shaping film is the bundling part that gets the item in profound drawn pockets. Plastic forming films, for example, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP) can be thermo formed, however, materials containing aluminum are cold shaped. The shaping film and lidding material are a coordinated bundle and should coordinate each other precisely.


    ●         The forming film is generally transparent which means in easy terms it is seen through material as well without any color too. Nonetheless if the producer wishes to cause a to childproof packaging, or in the event that the medication must be shielded from light, at that point forming films can likewise be opaque.


    ●         After the capsules and material have been appropriately taken care of to the preformed help materials the lidding material is fixed onto the help material. Temperatures for this can go from 140-300°C.


    ●         There are two sealing methods: continuous sealing with sealing rollers and irregular sealing with sealing plates. Irregular machines are worked at lower fixing temperatures than are continuous sealing machines. Irregular sealing machines additionally have a more drawn out fixing time.


    7- Good Protection 

    This part of the article is about defining preservation from harm. How this packaging protects the stored products from the different possible issues. It is tried to explain in brief detail covering enough information. 

    Thermoform plastics are considered as the most effective safe materials accessible. Your item can get bumped around and still be very much secured by your blister packaging. Moreover, numerous kinds of custom blister packaging are exceptionally tamper proof.

    Obviously, thermoplastic bundling additionally permits customers to see your item, which is another kind of a benefit. In the event that your item is noticeable and a competitor's item isn't, this can tempt buyers to buy your item since they genuinely can perceive what they are purchasing. While our producers focus numerous angles, including cost regulation, space, weight and quality, how a product is presented is likewise a tremendous factor, guaranteeing that your packaging is as appealing as could reasonably be expected.

    Clinical aluminum foil is the material fixed onto a plastic film. The benefits of utilizing this kind of seal is that it is non-poisonous, resistant to corrosive, resistant to heat, resistant to dampness and light, and resistant to high-temperature sterilization. The ordinary thickness is typically 0.02 millimeter, comprising a defensive layer, printing layer, base material, and a cement layer. It's fundamentally significant that the data imprinted onto any sort of blister packaging, or different kinds of protection made with clinical aluminum foil, accurate and clear. 

    8- Cost-effective 

    Cost effective is something that is a good value, where the benefits and usage are worth at least what is paid for them. Every company who wants more profit will try to save the money in one way or another. Cost effectiveness in blister packaging is a major reason people chose it.

    Packaging costs differ starting with one kind of bundling or packaging then onto the next. A few kinds of packaging are normally more costly than others, however regularly higher volumes are used to accomplish lower unit costs. Furthermore, each sort of packaging or bundling has its own things that influence costs. Work, materials, instruments, establishment charges, plan work, models, tests, cargo, delivering, satisfaction, stockpiling and obviously volume are for the most part that add to the unit cost of blister packaging production.

    Blister packaging makes up another type of bundling that is mainstream in the pharma business. Despite the fact that they offer more consumer friendly packaging and keep dose units composed and isolated, the rate of production of strip packs is lower and uses more amount of the material compared to the other packaging.

    The materials you use for packaging in the blister packaging is very reasonable. Face seal blister packaging and trap blister packaging regularly use a mix of paperboard and thermoform plastic. These materials not just have reasonable prices, their light weight likewise assists with lessening your general transportation costs. For all intents and purposes any item can be set in blister packaging including office supplies, hardware, toys, outdoor supplies, personal care products, clinical and drug items and many more.


    The pharmaceutical business faces various difficulties: increasing costs, consistency guidelines, new medication synthesis, developing business sectors, shortage of extra room, and so forth. So, modern packaging tools that help pharmaceutical organizations face these difficulties is of great importance. Blister packaging is a new, modern and innovative packaging method that offers an ideal arrangement and its significance will just increase organizations dependence more on bundling and labeling to promote and secure their items, increase patient compliance , grow their business sectors and construct brand validity.

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