How to Import Blister Packing Machine from China?

DPh260 high speed blister packaging machine

A blister packing machine is widely used in the packaging of pharmaceutical medicines, nutraceuticals, food, and health industry. The life of a product increases drastically if secured with the packaging applied through these blister packing machines. China being the largest economical and manufacturing hub has now focused on capturing the business of the whole world. Apart from advancement in technology, China has now become Top 1 exporter in pharmaceutical machinery among other countries across the globe. A pharmaceutical blister packing machine is also one of them.
‘Need help to import blister packing machine from China?’

‘How to select the best blister packing machine suppliers in China?’
Mode of transportation OR will it be economical if you import blister packing machine from China?
This guide is exactly designed to show you how you can import quality blister packing machines from China. Keep reading this information to find answers to the above queries and decide whether importing the blister packing machine from China is significantly fruitful?

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Table of Contents

I.Why import blister packing machines from China?

II.Where to import blister packing machines from China?

III.Most Popular Types of Blisters Packing Machine for Pharmaceutical Packaging.

IV.How Can You Import the Blister Packing Machine from China?

Ⅴ.What Are the Advantages of Purchasing a Blister Packing Machine from China?

Ⅵ.Common Problems When Importing Blister Packing Machine from China?


Ⅰ.Why import blister packing machines from China?

Quality Standards and Efficiency.
China is the Top largest pharmaceutical export economy in the world for the past four decades. Importing from China is now considered an essential factor for high-quality products. Where the production demand increased, China is now producing the best quality blistering machines throughout the globe. Companies in China like Wenzhou Bohang machinery, Jorgen, AIPAK Pharmaceutical equipment, and Yidao machinery, etc. are well-known Chinese firms demanded globally.

blister packing machine-1

China has entered the 5th generation of technology, and therefore they are globally accepted as the leading manufacturers of electromechanical machines. China has now captured the markets of Europe and the United States and produces the best blister packing machine with all facilities installed.


Low Price Machines
China is best known for the quality production of blister packing equipment on a low budget. Blister packing machines can easily be purchased at a cost three times less than the other producing countries. One can easily import a machine with the same quality standards but at an affordable price.

Global Giants
German products were once considered the best products around the globe. Along with the United States: European nations were in line to produce these blister packing machines and export them in all pharmaceutical industries. Now China has entered too in this market of producing highly efficient blister packing machines. After the global recession in 2008, China started producing blister packing machines and began to export. Further in 2018, China recorded the best figures in exporting these machines and aims to achieve more by 2028.

Global Giants

Simple Machine Design
China manufacturers well-advanced blister packing machines which are of very simple design and are user friendly. Fewer operating hands are required in controlling these machines. Whereas if you import blister packing machinery from other countries, you will find very complex designs and difficult to operate. Hence, their blister packing machinery shows greater consumer compliance and conformity with international quality standards such as FDA, CE, ISO, etc. China offers top-class pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers who strive to leap and are bound to produce high-quality pharmaceutical machinery best for food, health, and pharmaceutical products from China.

Simple Machine Design

II.Where to import blister packing machines from China?

Blister packing machines produced by China are of high compatibility and precision. You can import this machinery from China through:

Online Stores

Post-recession period till the entry of Covid-19, the World was trying to move on online purchasing equipment. But now the 80% of the world relies on these channels. Wal-Mart as a US-based store has now been exponentially overtaken by Alibaba, a Chinese online store. Alibaba provides a platform to find all suppliers and dealers who are dealing in the online sale of blister packing machines, and we can easily purchase from there.

Online Stores

Global Expo’s and Fairs

Globally expos are organized in almost every country and this is where Chinese manufacturers actively participate in all disciplines. By visiting these expo’s you can directly interact with the dealers and buy it from there. A yearly fair named Canton Fair is organized in Guangzhou, China, where you can interact with world-class quality suppliers.


Direct From Manufacturer

Different companies in China are now providing a facility to directly contact them and purchase the blister packing machine. You can visit those industries personally or contact them via email/telephone and get guidance from their representative. Websites of these companies contain all the information relating to their product and access to additional information can also be granted while purchasing the product.

Direct From Manufacturer

From Top Blister Packing Manufacturers Of China

Importing blister packing machine from China is challenging task. Which pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer produces a right equipment for you? Which pharmaceutical factory is genuine? Does your pharmaceutical product comply with international quality standards? We have enlisted  Top 10 Worldwide Blister Packing Machine Manufacturers for you to select the right machine for your production line.

III.Most Popular Types of Blisters Packing Machine for Pharmaceutical Packaging.

Automation has now been a discussion in all industrial sectors. Where automation only allows machines to work, automation on the other hand is responsible to hold both human and machine interference. This is what the blister packing machine is also now tending towards.

Some of the types present in the Chinese market for packing are:

Blisters Packing Machine-4

Blisters Packing Machine-5

Roller Blister Packing Machine
This type of material is heated and softened by a device present in the machine. A negative vacuum is created on the rollers to suck the blister and pack the object. It is one of the widely used packing machines.

Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine
A mixture of roller and flat type blister packing machine in which the pressure is built by a flat type forming and roller seal as an incorporator. You can use this machine for medicinal packaging (tablets, capsules), food items, electronic elements, etc.

Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine

Roller Plate Blister Packing Machine-2

Flat Blister Packing Machine
The forming film is heated and softened by using a flat heating device. With the help of compressed air, this softening film is blown, and filling can take place in each blister.

Cold Forming Blistering Machine (ALU-ALU Machine)
In an Alu-Alu Blister packing machine, lidding and its base are made up of the same material such as “Aluminum film”. This material allows the system to eliminate water contents.

This is named cold-formed blister foil because it uses the technique of cold forming a lamination instead of applying heat. The forming pin creates a cavity in the product and then it is packed in an aluminum lidding material.

Thermoform Blistering Machine (ALU-PVC Machine)
In this type of blister packing machine, the plastic is heated and thermoforms into a cavity. A blister is then loaded with the product and the lidding material is placed over it. The seal is then heated and in this way, the product is protected.

Thermo-Cold Forming Blistering Machine (ALU-Tropical Machine)
Here the procedure is almost the same as the thermoform blistering machine but after heat-sealing the package and installation of aluminum foil, the product is treated with cold forming which provides greater protection to the product and helps be long-lasting.

IV.How Can You Import the Blister Packing Machine from China?

Following are the procedure to import blister packing machines from China.

Product Selection

Product Selection

This stands as the most important step while purchasing a blister packing machine. Because we must keep all the parameters relating to our product in view and consider the growth sale for a longer period. Technological changes are also kept in mind while selecting a machine.

Choosing The Best Manufactures

Choosing The Best Manufactures

After selecting the desired machine, the next step is to find the manufacturers who are selling these machines in China. You can simply use the web service to find the best manufacturer producing or Google it to find the manufacturers. Initially, it is a good practice to select two or more suppliers.

Asking For Product Specifications

Asking For Product Specifications

Once the manufacturers are selected, you must read machine specifications on their web pages or can contact them via email or telephone and ask them to give further specifications of our selected machine.

Asking For Quotation

Asking For Quotation

Machine quotation is also an important step for purchasing a blister packing machine. This is where you can scrutinize the best out of them by keeping your budget in view.

Getting Knowledge About Pre- and Post-Sale Services

Getting Knowledge

The supplier is asked to give details about the pre-sale as well as post-sales facilities. Your supplier company must guarantee you to provide support and services as the technology can be new for the local market and may encounter technical complications.

Government Import Tariffs and Customs
Government tariffs are the amount added to the price of a product by each country. The price may get high if huge tariffs are applied. China holds the uniqueness that it exports with too little tariff amount and that is why their products are cheaper.

Way To Get the Product Imported
After all these processes the product is finally ordered and the method for receiving is selected. That it must be imported via sea or by air keeping the production time in consideration. If the installation is taking place after three-four months, then it is the best option to go for the option of sea because it is cost-economical.

Way To Get the Product Imported

Ⅴ.What Are the Advantages of Purchasing a Blister Packing Machine from China?

China’s economy is the world’s leading economy in the modern era. China not only deals in the production of advanced technology equipment but also imports them globally. Therefore, they are distinguished as a global manufacturing hub. The advantages of importing blister packing machines from China are

  • Quality Standard
  • Cheap Products
  • Import Facilities
  • Large Variety of Blister Packing Machine
  • Multiple Manufacturers
  • Advanced Technology
  • Highly Efficient Packing Machine
  • Globally Exporting Facility
  • World’s Largest Electromechanical Items Exporter

Ⅵ.Common Problems When Importing Blister Packing Machine from China?

As an economical leader, China has now spread its network all over the world. With so many benefits there are some common problems that anyone can face. We have discussed them below to acknowledge you while ordering material:

Delays in Shipment
In November 2019, China reported the first case of Covid-19, and this is an example where shipment delays started. Receiving products in time is very important on many occasions as it can affect the whole production plan and future of a company. China has covered the whole world delays usually in delivering of products. Always calmly and constantly communicate with the supplier to track your shipment.

Shipment Freight
This is also an important issue as the freight partner is to be selected with a very close eye. If a wrong freight partner is selected it may cause a lot of time and money loss.

Payment Problems
As Chinese manufacturers require an initial payment of 30% of the total product, the reliability in payment method must also be kept under consideration. You must look for safe payment options available in China such as PayPal, Telegraphic Transfer, etc.

Payment Problems

Quality Issues
Quality of product is an issue while buying from other countries.  Therefore, it is always preferred to personally see the product before buying or purchasing from an ISO: 9001 authorized manufacturers.  The material of the blister packing machine can also be a negative aspect while purchasing. Thus, be cautious of scams where buyers are being fooled as they were not physically available to identify the genuine product they order.

Difference In Configuration
Sometimes it is noted that the product displayed is different from the delivered product. Their configuration might also differ because the manufacturer knows that the return processes are very difficult, and the buyer will rely on this. Therefore, it is very important to purchase from a well-known supplier.

Language Barrier
Language also can be a barrier because Chinese people prefer their local language over all other languages spoken in the world. Interpretation of language can sometimes cause communication gaps and difficulty in understanding the product and its specification.


Today, pharmaceutical blister packing machines from China have grown leap and bound. In the following informative article, we tried to describe all the important things you need to discover before importing a blister packing machine from China. So, everything can go well if you do some research and find assistance from entrusted suppliers.

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