10 Best Blister Machines Features Plus 10 Common Applications

Blister Machine

If you are a well-renowned and developed pharmaceutical company, one of your asset equipment would be a blister packaging machine. Because without it, one couldn’t be considering the sealing or packaging of a variety of medicinal drugs.

Blister machines are operated as single dosage packing machines that seal the product through bubble coating in a plastic or aluminium cavity. The mechanical locomotion of the machine aids in developing a measured cavity for the filling and then sealing of any product.

We will now be viewing 10 Best Blister Machines Features Plus 10 Common Applications. Without delaying further, let’s start!

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    10 Best Blister Packing Machines Features


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    Blister Packaging machine brings the chance to generate high standard yet small volumes of blister packs and that too compared with other types of advanced machines, very much economically. Blister pack production is cost friendly in comparison with others as it is not difficult as other plastic packaging methods.

    2.Process Safe

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    It has the capacity to store products safely and without destruction. A blister-wrapped product generally has long-lasting plastic barriers. It provides overall product integrity, durability, and safety from environmental damage. This process is easy to manage and safe to handle.

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    3.Smart PLC

    Programmable logic controllers or PLCs are incorporated into machines that can be functional via touchscreen, tablet PC, or smartphone device. The PLC system controls production management and its fast speed controls for input and output encoder for dosing of a blister. A graphical Human Machine Interface allows the user to interact with variables through a web server and control the machine from wherever you are.


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    Products made from blister packs are more visibly attractive. If you want to replace a blister pack’s material while the designing step, you can make sure you have an accurate draft for the product. A fast-speed blister packaging machine is incorporated with a material interweave that demonstrates efficiency during its alternate replacement. Large specific areas of the forming station, rotating seal station, etc enable mass production. Some machines have compendious, space-friendly structural designs permitting an easy packaging process.


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    It can contribute to precisely packaged blister products without causing any harm to the surface layer of a blister. The best feature which can be highlighted is that a blister machine can produce the bulk volume of blister packs in a quick span of time.

    6.From Low to High Production Line

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    From ointment to the memory card, a blister packaging machine creates a colossal advertising and packaging tool. Moderate volume production of a blister machine has the flexibility to give up to 250 blisters per minute.

    Furthermore, an automatic blister packaging machine, grasping the world trend developed according to GMP’s a machine whose production speed was enhanced up to 400 blisters per minute, satisfying customers’ demands. There is even some configurable system equipment which owing to their multi-track design enables the speed of the production line to be enhanced to ultra-high, as many as 1200 or more blisters can be manufactured per minute.

    7.Gentle Product Handling

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    The upper plates and lower plates of a blister packaging machine follow in junction warming procedure which greatly decreases the temperature minimizing over usage of power and also preventing deformation of packaging material. A certain company’s blister packing machines have this feature that they can effectively and gently handle fragile products like parenteral products like the minimal height of drop from the feeder, or product position control at the sealing station.


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    Flexibility by blister packaging machines offers customer convenience as the equipment produces easy get push-out in conventional blisters. It provides ergonomic features that benefit you as well as assures the product’s durability and protection.

    9.Straightforward Functioning

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    One of the adaptable models of blister packaging machine certifies convenient replacement of parts and any adjustments, perfect integrated system along with definite speed moderation makes the functionality of this equipment dynamic.  Its perfect cavity forming system, auto feed system, and stoppable modulating function present a highly efficacious and safe packaging process. Further, it is easy operability and compact version make it optimal performance equipment in any industry.

    10.Face-Seal Blister and Full-Sealed Blister

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    The best blister packaging machines offer you various sealing options where a face seal blister is covered using the product, by applying heat onto the surface of the card sheet. Similarly, a fully sealed blister in comparison to a face seal blister packages the product with more durability as it runs through the surface of the entire card sheet making sure there are no turned corners and reinforcing hang holes as well.

    10 Common Applications: Where to Apply Blister Machines?

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    With the evolution of best GMP practices and procedures in industries, many different varieties of products now follow being wrapped up in a blister pack. That provides definitely an ultimately protective and viewable before buying quality regarding any product, this of course benefits a consumer. Now you will be reading some common applications that apply to the usage of blister machines.

    I. Pharmaceuticals Blister packaging can make sure the genuineness and integrity of the product ensuring that the patient gets quality efficient, and safety of drug delivered. Blister packaging offers no moisture or gas harms to the drug, and temperature fluctuations don’t affect the potency.
    II. Medical Tools Such machines have thrivingly packaged suture kits, appliers, and insulin syringes. Glass bottles and ampoules, vials, or injectables are classified under fragile parenteral items that are packaged by a blister packaging machine.
    III. Home Decor


    Blister machine used in home decor to make blister appear transparent allowing to see through products ranging from a disposable cup, plastic fruit packaging box, and disposable plastic oven tray.
    IV. Consumer Electronics


    A consumer electronic blister packaging box is used to pack electronic products, like USB chargers, USB cables, wireless headsets, earphone cables, power banks, gift packing, in-car chargers, computer mouse/keyboard, etc.
    V. Hardware Supplies Custom plastic blister packing box is employed for hardware packing like cable packaging, charger packaging, cell phone case box, etc.
    VI. Toys Blister packaging machine grants the buyer to see what he or she is buying. The product is protected from damage by plastic and paperboard.
    VII. Cosmetics and Beauty


    The blister packaging machine is used for sealing the products not only with moisture-proof and dustproof function but also with an eye-catching appearance.
    VIII. Personal care


    Form-fill-seal blister machine for toothbrushes and other small brush ware. The blisters are punched out by matched-metal dies for a superior quality cut.
    IX. Household Products


    Aluminium blister foil can be applied to blister packing for torches, pills, suppositories, and foods.
    X. Batteries Battery devices are separately packaged or packed in groups using a clamshell type of blister packaging which uses card sheet, on the top of which are batteries placed.


    There is no doubt that packaging must protect the manufactured good from damage and degradation ultimately ensuring high consumer compliance. The choice of right blister packaging machine is often mandatory for the high success of your brand! Aipak pharmaceutical protects your product by offering extremely robust, excellent, and finest blister packing machines in an economical prices. Do You Have Any Queries? Looking For Free Suggestions? We welcome you to contact us for the quick response!

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