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DPH-260 High Speed Jam/Honey/Ketchup/Olive oil /Butter Blister Packing Machine

AIPAK DPH-260 High-speed Automatic Blister Packing Machine is a hi-tech blister packing equipment which has gained two advanced patented technologies (Patent NO.: 200620106214.8 & 200620106215.2). It has been rewarded as the provincial scientific and technological achievement product. Its punch frequency is as high as 60-160 times/minute, thus gains a high productive capacity. With higher efficiency and lower cost, this machine provides a new choice for medicine packing in pharmaceutical industry.


  1. With PLC programmable controller, stepless frequency inverter, man-machine interface, it obtains a high automation.
  2. With flat plate positive pressure blow andlow temperature for forming (120℃), it obtains an elegant and solid blister hardness. The net vein sealing roller improved the sealing speed greatly.
  3. Scrap has been reducedgreatly by the adoption of cross punching device. Packing materials can be saved more than RMB 150,000 (appr. U$ 22,060) per set annually.
  4. Forming and punchingfrequency has been greatly improved by using shift gears to meet the production requirements of various blister pack sizes. (Such as forming 3 pieces in vertical version, the ratio of forming times and cutting times is 1:3; if for 4 pieces, the ratio of forming times and cutting times is 1:4.)


Punch Frequency(Times/min)


Max. Production Capacity(Blister/h)

28800(According to the standard plate 80×57mm)


9 KW    380V/220V   50Hz

Main Motor Power (kw)


Packing Materials(mm)

PVC 0.25-0.50*250  PTP 0.02-0.035*250

Maximum Diameter of Packing Material(mm)

PVC Φ400mm  PTP Φ280mm    

Maximum Forming Area(mm)


Travel Range of Forming Traction(mm)


Travel Range of Punching Traction(mm)


Water Consumption (L/Min)


Gas Consumption (L/Min)


Overall Dimension(mm)







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