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Blister packaging is to make transparent plastic film or sheet into a blister, then use hot pressing, bonding and other methods to seal the products in a cavity between the blister and base plate.

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Current Innovation in Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging- A Smart Medicinal Safeguard

Today packaging technology has stepped into the 21st century; with great innovation, and implementation of modern development like sound, animated images, and tracking devices. It is the same as science fiction which becomes reality!

Although this might be a new futuristic approach that biological sciences and the electronic industry deemed too.
This file is all about the latest and remarkable innovation taken into the account about blister pack technology. Moreover, we will be discussing the extensive benefits of pharmaceutical blisters considering the pharmaceutical industry and patients.

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10 Best Blister Machines Features Plus 10 Common Applications

If you are a well-renowned and developed pharmaceutical company, one of your asset equipment would be a blister packaging machine. Because without it, one couldn’t be considering the sealing or packaging of a variety of medicinal drugs.
Blister machines are operated as single dosage packing machines that seal the product through bubble coating in a plastic or aluminium cavity. The mechanical locomotion of the machine aids in developing a measured cavity for the filling and then sealing of any product.
We will now be viewing 10 Best Blister Machines Features Plus 10 Common Applications. Without delaying further, let’s start!

Blister Packaging

Why Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Is Important?

Packaging of drugs is a crucial part in a pharmaceutical industry besides, there are many packaging elements that you can use for this purpose & Blister is one of these elements.
Blister packaging is considered to be an effective packaging element for safe guarding the medicinal components and for the marketing purpose of a pharmaceutical product.
This post is going to cover all the different important points about blister packaging in pharmaceutical industry including how you can get benefits & promote your production with competitive branding etc.


Blister Packer: The Complete Buying Guide In 2022

Blister packs were originally developed in 1960’s to encase medicines; the first blisters were used for oral contraceptives and aspirin but now they have a much broader range of applications. From cam shell to pen, from lip balm to calculators and so on and so forth blisters provide safety, security to the product it contains.

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Blister Packaging- Your Medicinal Bodyguard

Blister packaging is an excellent choice for many kinds of products. This is the best packaging solution whether you need to secure tablets, capsules, medical tools, vials, ampoules, or non-medical items. A little wonder is that it can be easily used for retails products also. Because it always helps you to protect your items to meet your needs and budget. We’d like to highlight some interesting information about blister packaging type.

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9 Questions To Answer Before Requesting A Blister Packaging Machine

From time to time, you will find advance variations in blister packaging machines with unique performance and features. This is because every manufacturer focuses on different aspects of blister packaging. Most consumers consider several factors that can be effective from both a marketing and an economic standpoint. Here are 9-Questions to Answer Before Requesting a Blister Packaging Machine that you must keep in mind when assessing the type of blister packaging right for your product.

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Alu-Alu Packaging VS Blister Packing

Have you ever been amazed why pills got damaged even before opening the pack?
The reason is the high sensitivity of pills to the harsh environment. Such medicines are needed to be packed where they are entirely protected against physical and chemical factors. In order to serve the highest barrier, need of customized packaging materials are widely used.
In this review blog, we are highlighting the ALU- ALU packaging vs Blister packing. Keep reading.

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Types of Blister Packaging

In the 1960s, blister packaging commenced its key journey of delivering medications. The first medicines that got blistered packed were Melabon and oral contraceptive. Thomas Lunsford takes the credit of blister packaging afterwards it evolved, now many different forms are available that can provide versatile options for various types of products.

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Top 5 Blister Packaging Machine Manufacturers In Canada

Blister packing is an economical & wise solution for packaging of medicines, food, chemicals and medical devices preventing tempering, cross contamination and increasing their shelf life. Blister packaging machines demonstrate high spectrum of packaging patterns suitable for small and mass production thereby increasing their demand in manufacturing industries. In 2018 it was a 20.06 billion USD market which is expected to reach 33.2 billion USD by 2026.

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Capsule Filling Machine

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