How To Divide A Capsule In Half?


How To Divide A Capsule In Half-sourced: kratomcountry

Have you ever tried to divide a capsule in half in your daily life? Depending on the type of capsule, some capsules are strictly forbidden to be split and taken. But some pet medications come in the form of capsules and you might be asked to give 1/2 or 1/4 of the contents. So when you are facing that situation, how to divide a capsule in half?

Do not worry, following this post, you will learn the best way to divide a capsule in half with the following steps. Why not have a try now?

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    1. Can You Divide A Capsule In Half?


    Can You Divide A Capsule In Half-sourced: blatepapes

    Dividing a capsule in half refers to the practice of dividing a medicine capsule into two parts. People do that because it can get the correct dosage.

    In general, capsules can not be divided in half unless recommended by your healthcare. However, dividing a capsule in half depends on your situation and capsule types. There are many types of capsules that you can split in case you do not overdose or get the incorrect dose.

    The capsule contains liquid, powder, and gel. The liquid and gel doses are too small to control, so people prefer to divide the powder capsules in half.

    2. Is It Safe To Divide A Capsule In Half?

    Is it safe to divide a capsule in half? It depends on your ways and the capsule contents:

    Dividing Methods


    Dividing Methods-sourced: miro

    If done the right way, it is safe to divide a capsule in half. The function of the capsule shell itself is to protect the medicine inside the capsule shell from being affected and to take effect safely.

    Therefore, the dividing method is important to your capsules. The separation process must be safe and sterile, and bacteria and humidity in the external environment must not be allowed to affect the activity of the drug in the capsule shell.

    Capsule Contents


    Capsule Contents-sourced: stardustkratom

    For drugs that can be taken in powder form, it is safe to divide them in half. But for some drugs that contain trace elements and are easily affected by ambient temperature and humidity, and capsules containing special active ingredients, it is not safe to divide them in half.

    3. How To Divide A Capsule In Half?

    To divide a capsule in half, you need to follow the steps below:

    Precaution: Check with your pharmacist in advance to make sure the capsules you take can be divided.

    Step 1: Prepare the Tools

    Prepare a pair of rubber gloves to avoid contaminating the medicine inside the capsule when breaking the capsule. Prepare a pharmaceutical scoop so you can easily distribute the contents after breaking the capsule. A clean container for broken capsules.

    Step 2: Separate Capsules

    Gently pinch both ends of the capsule and twist the capsule firmly. Separate the body and cap of the capsule. After the capsule is opened, place the capsule powder in a clean and sterilized container.

    Step 3: Separate Capsule Powder

    Use a pharmaceutical scoop to divide the capsule powder into two even portions. Weigh the capsule powder using a precision electronic laboratory scale, then redistribute it evenly into two portions.

    Step 4: Re-capsule Powder

    Repackage the divided powder into two smaller empty capsule shells. Finally, the capsule shell is sealed.

    4. When Should You Divide A Capsule In Half?

    There are increasing need to divide a capsule in half in your life when you are facing with the following situations:

    Drugs Are Too Expensive


    Drugs Are Too Expensive-sourced: uoflhealth

    Some imported drugs are too expensive due to the high research and development costs. Therefore, many special drugs designed to treat rare and serious diseases are too expensive. During administration, as directed by your doctor, you can divide a capsule in half to take.

    Capsules Hard To Swallow


    Hard To Swallow-sourced: goldennaturals

    Infants and young children whose swallowing function is not fully developed, elderly people with reduced swallowing function, and patients who have lost their swallowing function due to coma or illness are very suitable to divide a capsule in half to take.

    Too Many Doses In A Single Capsule


    Too Many Doses In A Single Capsule-sourced: becomelucid

    Infants and young children require less dosage, so a single capsule may contain too much dosage.

    A Single Capsule Is Too Strong

    The filling contents of some capsules may contain very small amounts of strong pharmaceutical ingredients. For some patients, the dosage required is very small, so you can divide the capsules in half to take.

    To Be Mixed With Other Medications


    To Be Mixed With Other Medications-sourced: verywellhealth

    Some pets or livestock animals may require many types of drugs, and different doses of drugs may be used together. Therefore, it is necessary to divide a capsule in half and mix it with other medicines.

    5. What Types Of Capsules You Can Divide In Half?

    For patients who have difficulty swallowing, a common solution is to crush the tablet or open the capsule.

    The following are the types of capsules that can be divided in half:

    Vitamin Capsules


    Vitamin Capsules-sourced: megawecare

    The main nutritional component of vitamin capsules is various vitamins. Whether taken separately or alone, its dosage and effectiveness will not be affected.

    Herb Capsules


    Herb Capsules-sourced: drpaddo

    Herb capsules are mainly used to enhance the body's immunity. It is ideal for taking separately without sacrificing potency.

    Probiotic Capsules


    Probiotic Capsules-sourced: bronsonvitamins

    Probiotic capsules are mainly used to regulate the probiotics in the intestines of infants and young children to improve intestinal health. This kind of capsule can be disassembled and used if you cannot swallow it. The effect is better when mixed with milk powder.

    Fish Oil Or Liquid Capsules


    Fish Oil Or Liquid Capsules-sourced: rositarealfoods

    For fish oil, liquid, and other capsules, you can consider dividing the capsules and taking them orally. The physical properties of oil and liquid capsules are relatively stable, and the efficacy and dosage will not be affected.

    6. What Types Of Capsules You Should Not Divide In Half?

    Whether you want to take a smaller dose or are unable to swallow the entire capsule, it is common practice to divide the capsule in half.

    The following are types of capsules that should not be divided in half:

    Sustained or Controlled-Release Capsules


    Sustained or Controlled Release Capsules-sourced: wellonapharma

    Sustained-release or controlled-release capsules refer to capsules that are slowly released into the bloodstream. When they are divided, the medicine loses the protection of the capsule and cannot be released correctly, causing unnecessary side effects.

    Enteric-coated or Protectively Coated Capsules


    Enteric-coated or Protectively Coated Capsules-sourced: setylose

    Common enteric-coated or protective capsules include aspirin, advil, bisacodyl, etc. The coating in these medications provides a protective barrier to the stomach lining. If the capsule shell is removed, the drug's coating may also be damaged, causing the drug to irritate the stomach.

    Capsules Formulated With Specific Technology


    Capsules Formulated With Specific Technology-sourced: capsugel

    The capsule, if divided into a half, results in the release of specific pharmaceutical ingredients that enhance the strength of the drug by preventing premature breakage of the capsule.

    7. Does Divide A Capsule In Half Reduce Its Effectiveness?

    However, different capsules are divided in half, and the effects may be different. Some drugs are very sensitive to factors such as heat, moisture, and humidity in the external environment. They may be contaminated after leaving the sterile environment of the laboratory, but some drugs may have no effect.

    Some capsule that cannot be opened and divided in half might have serious consequences and reduce its effectiveness:



    Overdose-sourced: freshspirulina

    After the capsule is opened, changes in the absorption of the drug inside the capsule may lead to a fatal overdose.

    Insufficient Dose


    Insufficient Dose-sourced: flickr

    After the capsules of some sensitive drugs are opened, they lose the protection of the capsule shell and the drugs will be digested and absorbed by the stomach first. Intestinal absorption is weak, resulting in under-dosing.

    Destroy Sustained-release Properties of the Drug

    When the capsule is opened, the activity and properties of the drug are destroyed. The active ingredient is no longer released and is gradually absorbed, resulting in an overdose.

    Destroy the Active Ingredient of a Drug

    When a capsule is divided into half, the released active ingredient may degrade when exposed to light, moisture, or food with which it is mixed for administration.


    To divide a capsule in half is a good way to get your drug dose. Learning how to divide a capsule in half can help you make decisions when you are facing the situations that are in this list. Through this post, you might get the right method to divide a capsule in half, if there is more you want to know, do not hesitate to contact us and get your capsules now!

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