Can You Take The Powder Out Of Capsules?

Are you facing difficulty in swallowing whole capsule? And caught in a dilemma either to open the capsule or not? Be relax but attentive! As this question carries great significance for all the patients who are struggling with taking their medication.

Powder Out Of Capsules

If you want to take the powder out of capsule in order to fulfill your daily dosage of medication because you found this helpful, it may be favorable but not always. What does it mean? Can you take the powder out of capsules? Or not? Well, answering this question is not straight forward. Therefore, this piece of writing is holding in it the important information which you must know before splitting your capsule. So, let's discover it!

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    1.What Is Meant By Powder Filled Capsules?

    Powder Filled Capsules

    Powder capsules presentation idea  -Picture Courtesy:

    Capsule is a form of oral pharmaceutical dosage that holds a precise amount of medication inside its shell. A capsule may encase powder, liquid, or pellets which are used for curing the vary illness of patients. Similarly, powder filled capsules refers to the capsules consist of various herbal, pharmaceutical, nutritional, or dietary powders.

    Capsules are mostly preferred for medication due to several reasons among which most prominent are their masking of unpleasant taste, easy swallowing, and precise medication dosage. However, despite these benefits, people often tend to open capsules for the sake of taking powder out of them without considering anything. This is alarming! Below explained questions will definitely help you in this way.

    2.Can You Take The Powder Out Of Capsules?

    Take The Powder Out Of Capsules

    Powder capsule split apart- Picture Courtesy:

    Generally, doctors do not recommend to open the capsule and take out internal ingredients. It is because the quality, susceptibility, and essence of drug get lower with time which may even cause health hazards. Despite that, there are conditions where patients face difficulty in swallowing whole capsule.

    Here arises the question on possibility of opening the capsules. So, there is a chance where you can take the powder out of capsules. However, the reason that capsules vary from one type to another, you need to consider few essential factors in order to limit the side effects.

    3.Write Down The Dangers Associated With Taking Powder Out Of Capsules?

    Well, there are certain negative consequences which are possible to occur in case you take the powder out of capsule without any consideration. These are discussed below:



    Turmeric powder filled capsules- Picture Courtesy:

    There is a probability that the powder which you take out of capsule may get contaminated due to the exposure to environmental elements. Therefore, exposure from handling can degrade the quality of your medication after getting in contact with light, moisture, or air etc.



    Herbal powder capsules presentation idea- Picture Courtesy:

    Some capsules are meant to be released slowly over a period of time. Similarly, when you take the medication out of capsule and consume it directly, it will have adverse effect on your health. In essence, the active ingredients and excipients which were supposed to release gently are now exposed to dissolution abruptly. Hence, the effect of dosage will be excessive than it should have.



    Capsules mixed in desserts- Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

    Overdosing and underdosing issues go oppositely. It is important to note that each particle of capsule powder has importance for your health. However, while taking the powder out of capsules, when you left a small amount of medication in capsule or leave the food, mixed with capsule powder, will ultimately have negative consequences for your health. It is because you have reduced and altered the dosage.

    Risk of Inhalation

    Risk of Inhalation

    Open blue capsule with medicine dispersing- Picture Courtesy:

    Some capsules contain colloidal properties which get dispersed when exposed to air. In such cases, there is a high risk of capsule powder inhalation into eyes or nose which can cause allergic reactions. Hence, you must acknowledge the facts and figures of each type of capsules before going to open them.

    4.When Is It Okay To Take The Powder Out Of Capsules?

    There are certain circumstances where you can open the capsule and take powder out of it without worrying about the consequences. We have figured out these in upcoming paragraphs:

    Doctor Prescription

    Doctor Prescription

    Doctor prescribing elderly patient- Picture Courtesy:

    The prime condition is to ask your physician that whether the capsules you are given with are suitable for splitting or not. This is the most suitable option for you to determine if you can take the powder out of capsules. Because doctors are well aware of the reactions of medicines and their form on our body.

    For Reducing Dose

    For Reducing Dose

    Display of lowering the capsule dosage via knife- Picture Courtesy:

    If you want to reduce the dose of your powdered capsules you can simply do it by twisting the capsule and open it. Additionally, you can purchase cost-effective empty capsules and pour the half powder into empty capsule. In this way, the dosage will be divide without any medicine waste.

    Probiotic Capsules

    Probiotic Capsules

    Probiotic capsules -Picture Courtesy:

    Probiotic capsules are made for inhibiting in your body the growth of harmful bacteria by installing effective microorganisms to fight against them. Research has found that probiotic supplements are fully safe to be consumed orally as it is or open the capsules and pour powder directly into your mouth, consume it with water, or non-acidic food.

    5.How Can You Take The Powder Out Of Capsules?

    If your doctor has prescribed you to take the powder out of capsules or you have fulfilled the above considerations, then make sure to do this task carefully. In this way, below step-by-step guidelines will be helpful for you:

    Pick the Capsule

    Pick the Capsule

    Picking capsule by hand- Picture Courtesy:

    First of all, it is necessary to wear a mask and gloves for safe handling of sensitive drugs. Also, make sure the environment is aseptic and free from any sort of pollution. Now, you can pick the capsules depending on your need for dosage like one, two, or may be three.

    Twist to Open

    Twist to Open

    Holding capsule in hands- Picture Courtesy:

    The second step will simply involve erecting capsule in such a way that the cap of capsule, which is smaller in size than body, positioned on the top side. Proceeding further, you can twist the capsule to remove the cap out of capsule body.

    Open it Apart

    Open it Apart

    Opened powdered capsule- Picture Courtesy:

    Finally, this step require you to split the capsule apart by opening the cap. Here, you will see the powder laying inside capsule.

    Mix with Food

    Mix with Food

    Capsule pouring into food- Picture Courtesy:

    Once you open the capsule, don't make any delay and quickly pour the capsule powder into food of your choice. Now, well mix the powder with food. It is significant to note here that accomplishing this task inside a plastic bag will reduce the dosage contact with environment and thus ensure safe mixing.

    6.Name The Capsules Which Are Harmful To Open For Taking Powder?

    It is pertinent to bring into your knowledge the vary types of capsules whose breaking and opening is deleterious. Let's discover these all:

    Modified Release Capsules

    Modified Release Capsules

    Pregabalin sustained release capsules- Picture Courtesy:

    Modified release capsules, also referred to as slow-release capsules, are designed to be released slowly after a long period of time. Hence, such capsules must not be opened which otherwise may cause initial release of high dose medication.

    Enteric Coated Capsules

    Enteric Coated Capsules

    Advantages & disadvantages of enteric coated capsules- Picture Courtesy:

    Enteric coated capsules have strong coating which delays the capsule release by enabling them to bypass and resist stomach acids. Therefore, these capsules get dissolve when reaching small intestine. However, if you open enteric capsules, the effect will be adverse.

    Film Coated Capsules

    Film Coated Capsules

    Multiple coated capsules -Picture Courtesy:

    Film coated capsules, on the other hand, have a thin film layer to mask unpleasant taste of drug and break down in stomach. But, if you open the capsule, you may be unable to bear its unpalatable taste.

    Hormone Capsules


    Hormone balance pills bottle- Picture Courtesy:

    Other type of capsules used for hormonal balance or changing are also not suitable to be open as it will cause serious health dangers.

    Steroid Capsules

    Steroid Capsules

    Steroid capsules released from bottle- Picture Courtesy:

    Steroid capsules are made for the purpose of curing inflammatory problems and certain types of allergies. It implies that you must be careful in taking such type of capsules which are already made for treating uncertain diseases like asthma, fever, arthritis, and allergy etc.

    Antibiotic Capsules

    Antibiotic Capsules

    Antibiotic capsules in blister pack- Picture Courtesy:

    As the name indicates, antibiotic capsules are designed with anti-bacterial properties to fight against the bacteria in human body. They are used for bacterial infections only such as bloodstream infection, urinary tract infection, and tuberculosis etc. Now, it is sure, that taking powder out of such capsules will further exacerbate the health condition if get in contact with bacteria present in our surroundings.

    Chemotherapy Capsules

    Chemotherapy Capsules

    Chemotherapy drugs- Picture Courtesy:

    Chemotherapy capsules include among other examples of capsules which have higher risk of inhalation when exposed to air. It is a type of drug used to treat cancer, thus, it must be take with much care.

    7.What Are The Alternatives To Taking Powder Out Of Capsules?

    Although, capsule is one of the essential and convenient form of medication used for oral consumption, it does not mean that you are bound to go for it. Instead, there are myriad of other alternatives for you to look for which will indeed let you free of the bother of swallowing capsules. These are mentioned in the below table:

    No Alternatives Pictures
    1 Liquid Dosage

    Liquid medicine is the most commonly medication form populary taken by children and elderly people who face difficulty in swallowing capsules or pills. Therefore, you can take liquid medicine which is available in form of solution, syrup, and suspension.

    Liquid Dosage

    Liquid dosage- Picture Courtesy:

    2 Powder Dosage

    Powder dosage is another type of medication form employed to cope up with the problems caused by tablets and capsules. It supports quick and uniform dissolution of mixture and get you all the ingredients at once which you needed.

    Powder Dosage

    Cholecalciferol 60000IU. Granules Vitamin D3 Sachet- Picture Courtesy:

    3 Buccal Medicine

    You may be familiar with the term buccal, so as, stands for buccal medicine. Here, you can simply place the tablet into your buccal which will dissolve after desired time get passes.

    Buccal Medicine

    Buccal route- Picture Courtesy:

    4 Sublingual Medicine

    Sublingual medicine is another suitable alternative to swallowing capsules. You just have to keep the small size tablet under your tongue and it will release after contacting saliva.

    Sublingual Medicine

    Sublingual route- Picture Courtesy:

    5 Effervescent Tablets

    Effervescent tablets are the most favorite of almost all kids, youngsters, and elder people. Why? Because it reduces the hassle of swallowing capsules! Not only that, but taking effervescent tablets will help your body to have efficient, effective, and even distribution of medication.

    Effervescent Tablets

    Boost effervescent tablets- Picture Courtesy:

    6 Chewable Medicine

    Chewable medicines are available in form of tablets with same size that of ordinary tablets. They can be chewed until fully dissolved in mouth with saliva. Hence, patients struggling with capsules swallowing may use chewable medicines.

    Chewable Medicine

    Chewable vitamin C tablets- Picture Courtesy:

    7 Melts or Oro-Dispersible Medicine

    Melts and Oro-Dispersible medicines are available in form of tablets and oral strips which get dissolve when getting in contact with saliva.

    Melts or Oro-Dispersible Medicine

    Imodium instant melts- Picture Courtesy:

    8 Oral Strips

    With advancement in technology, you will get amazed after knowing that there is a medicine form far beyond the oversized pills, tablets, capsules, unpalatable powders, and syrups. And that is oral strip, which, despite being extremely thin in its construction, supply you with essential vitamins, nutrients, and supplements by just laying on your tongue or in buccal.

    Oral Strips

    Keeping oral strip on tongue - Picture Courtesy:

    9 Injection

    Injection is another method which can be employed to cure eclectic illness. It simply transfers the liquid dosage of medication into your bloodstream through a thin needle. Hence, it is also one of the ways to get rid of capsules.



    Have you got the answer to your question, Can You Take The Powder Out Of Capsules? Probably yes! It was a great pleasure in resolving your conundrum. Besides that, it is pertinent to keep in mind that the nature of capsules vary, thus, you are obliged to ask your physician before taking the powder out of capsules by your own. Finally, when permitted to open the capsule, make sure you follow the steps required for maintaining the powder susceptibility. Last but not the least, if you find your desired capsules unable to open, consider the multiple alternatives and live a healthy life. Stay in contact with us for relevant content.

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