Top 10 Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturers In America

Good quality capsule filling machines are commonly designed keeping the crucial requirement of the pharmaceutical industry in mind. These capsule fillers can satisfy you by offering superb technology and exclusive performance. Indeed, they are scalable and high-speed capsule filling machines fully based on cGMP-based compliance.

This informative review is All About top Capsule Filling Machine Manufactures in America and you can buy automatic, capsule filling machines from them with great trust. We mainly focused to enlist those companies which offer you simple function, cost-economical, high features, easy installation, pre-and post-sale consultations, and user convenience. Read on this helpful blog.

1. United Pharmatek USA Texas, USA.
2. LFA Texas, USA
3. Schaefer Technologies Indiana, USA
4. Qualicaps North Carolina, USA
5. AIPAK Pharmaceutical Equipment China
6. Index Pennsylvania, USA
7. Fette-Compacting America New Jersey, USA
8. ATG North America
9. AlfaCaps LLC New York, USA
10. Torpac New Jersey, USA


Headquarter: Texas, USA

Company Background & Information


United Pharmatek is a reputable manufacturer that is supplying state-of-the-art processing, packaging, and laboratory instruments. For two decades, they are distributing ultra-modern and technologically advanced machines at reasonable cost to various industries including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, chemical, and cosmetic industries in 90 countries of the world.

Their commitment is to serve their customers with professional integrity, this characteristic contributes to their continued growth and prosperity. Their aim is to manufacture top-quality solutions at the lowest cost. What are the benefits of buying from United Pharmatek?

You will get reliable innovation at an affordable cost. They offer superior technical assistance, maintenance kits, and quick delivery of spare parts. Equipment acquisition from United Pharmatek is very simple. They believe in contributing to the good of society by donating to charities both locally and internationally.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine

Capsule Filling Machine-1

Capsule Filling Machine-2

These capsule fillers fill hard gel capsules with core drugs in different forms like pellets, granular powders, etc

Some worth-mentioning capsule filling machines are given below:

  • UAF 2500C High Speed Capsule Filler
  • UAF 1200C Mid Speed Capsule Filler
  • UAF-450L Liquid Capsule Filler
  • Semi Auto Capsule Filler

Recommend Reason

  • Stainless steel hygienic design that meets cGMP regulation
  • Air blowers clean the channels after capsules are expelled.
  • Fast changeover for processing various batches
  • These capsule filling machines have increased manufacturing rates
  • Simple cleaning and easy maintenance
  • Easy setup and operation
  • Faulty capsules are automatically expelled

Headquarter: Texas, USA

Company Background & Information


LFA started as the manufacturer of small tablet press machines in 2009. Their machines are used in pharmacies, chemical production, and herbal pharmacies. LFA has become experts in manufacturing superior quality nutritional supplements pills and capsules like for vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts.

LFA manufacture tablet presses, capsule fillers and mixers that are widely utilized in the nutraceutical and confectionary industry. At LFA, they believe in the growth of their customers. Their values are to grow, learn, and prosper by cultivating strong relations with their customers. Currently, they not only supply high-tech machines to their clients but also facilitate in smooth running by providing necessary tools and excipients to customers. LFA is the single place where you will get everything that is vital to the manufacturing of your products.

LEA formulation team works with their research team to make better machines that are fully compatible with their excipients and ingredients. They love to take new challenges as it is their thinking. by doing this they will learn and grow. They offer technical and maintenance support.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-3

Capsule Filling Machine-4

Capsule Filling Machine-5

LFA capsule fillers are experts in filling capsules of different sizes like 00 to 5 and safety sizes A-E. Some useful machines for your review are:

  • FACF Automatic Capsule Filler
  • SACF 25 Semi-automatic Capsule Filler
  • PharmaCap Capsule Filler

Recommend Reason

  • These capsules filler can also count the capsule
  • These capsule filling machines can fill powder, granules, and pellets in capsules
  • If not up filler’s standard then capsules are rejected by powder slug.
  • Easy lubrication and cleaning
  • GMP and CE complied machine design
  • Low noise operation

Headquarter: Indiana, USA

Company Background & Information


Schaefer Technologies, Inc. is a global firm producing robust and flexible capsule filling solutions and distributing them in various regions of the world. This firm was founded in 1932 and is known for its best automation and services.

Schaefer Technologies is fulfilling its promises and satisfying the needs of consumers in pharmaceutical, automotive, health care, and other manufacturing industries for about 60 years. The progress of Schaefer Technologies is attributed to the integrity and dedication of its skilled workforce. This talented team creates the craft that is worthy of appreciation.

This firm design unique solutions for pharmaceutical and cannabis industries like powder and liquid filling machines, capsule counting, capsule polishing, and capsule banding machines. It offer engineering services like CAD design, tailor-made solutions, instrument validations like IQ, FAT, SAT, and coaching for machine operation, maintenance, etc. It also assists customers by offering post-sales technical support and ordering spare components.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-6

Capsule Filling Machine-7

Capsule Filling Machine-8

These capsule filling machines fill both solid and liquid material inside capsules like pellets, grains, oils, paste. These machines fill both gelatin (hard gel and softgel) and vegetarian (HPMC) capsules. Some products are mentioned below:

  • STI Model 10 ver 5.1
  • STI LF10
  • STI Robofill Liquid Filler

Recommend Reason

  • A pneumatic sealing system that reduces the risk of contamination
  • Fast batch change-over
  • cGMP, FDA, and CE complied machines
  • Stainless steel construction of main body
  • Precise filling of capsules

Headquarter: North Carolina, USA

Company Background & Information


Qualicaps® is contributing in health and medical sector by supplying capsules and capsules related manufacturing machineries. Qualicaps® was founded by Eli Lilly & Co. in 1897 and currently offers the complete range of pharmaceutical capsules, nutraceutical capsules, and processing instruments.

Qualicaps® is focused on designing long-lasting valued machines and products that play a role in the improvement of the society and the environment. Their mission is to become leader in the delivering high-quality capsules to pharmaceutical sectors; they are achieving their aim by providing innovations and world-class products, best customer care and by continuing their scientific efforts.

Their research and development team is vital to their success. Their skilled team has vast knowledge of capsule filling solutions that is gained by learning from manufacturing challenges. They also satisfy their customers’ requirements by providing them the technical support and hands-on machine training to optimize production run. They also collaborate with their clients in resolving troubleshooting challenges.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-9

Capsule Filling Machine-10

Capsules filling machines by Qualicaps® are completely automatic and fill capsules by several methods such as auger, and funnel method. Some key products by Qualicaps® are:

  • F-Series
  • FP-40 EasiFILL
  • LIQFIL Super JCF

Recommend Reason

  • These machines fill capsules with several dosage types like powders, oils, tablets, pastes, and granules.
  • The parts of machines are separate and assembled easily
  • These machines have a precise filling
  • Format change in 30 minutes
  • Compact design

Headquarter: China.

Company Background & Information

AIPAK Pharmaceutical Machinery,the most trusted name in the world of manufacturing Pharmaceutical Equipment for over more than 10 years.  National Award-winning firm that manufactures and supplies the best quality capsule filling machines at your doorstep. The most attractive thing to us is their simplicity, bespoke designs, cGMP compliant, user-friendly, step-by-step guidance, and customer support. If you see the background, AIPAK has a successful sale record via exporting 100 + countries in a short life span. This company is associated with a team of leading engineers & High-Tech Professionals who are always there to welcome you 24/7.  If you’re worried to assess whether your machine is good and perfect for the production line- Then AIPAK has a solution to run and inspect the equipment before delivering it to you.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-11

Capsule Filling Machine-12

Mentioned below are the prime products designed and manufactured by a high-technical team of engineers, and experts.

  • NJP- 200C Automatic Capsule filling machine
  • NJP-400C Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
  • NJP-800C Laboratory Pharmaceutical Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
  • NJP-1200C Fully Automatic Pharmaceutical Hard Capsule Filling Machine
  • NJP-1200D Fully Automatic Pharmaceutical Hard Capsule Filling Machine

For more, please CLICK here.

Recommend Reason

  • AIPAK capsule filling machines are suitable for Aseptic formulations.
  • 99% safe and lowers the chances of product loss.
  • High-speed and high automation.
  • Pre-sale, and Post-sale services once you procure.
  • You can get counseling or troubleshooting 24/7.
  • Easy-to-install, and low requirement of maintenance and Zero- Downtime complications.
  • Idea for large and bulk production as well as R&D.
  • Highly recommended for Pharmaceuticals or Foods department because AIPAK capsule filling machine is a good encapsulating solution for dealing with sterile products.

Headquarter: Pennsylvania, USA

Company Background & Information


Index has 30 years of experience in supplying both new and refurbished capsule fillers. Till now, they have sold about 200 machines. Index is committed to deliver excellent quality products and offer best services to their customers.

Index has made its name over the world for providing top-notch and cutting edge capsule filling machines and capsule polishing machines. Their superior machine portfolio also includes tablet presses, granulators, and dedusters.

They believe in caring for their customers by offering them parts and tooling in timely manner. They also rebuild and repair your capsule fillers, provide you troubleshooting suggestions, maintenance instructions and training.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-13

Some important capsule filler by Index are mentioned below for your information:

  • INDEX K120i

Recommend Reason

  • These machines are precise and reliable
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Safety interlock for doors
  • Operator friendly touch screen

7. Fette-Compacting


Headquarter: New Jersey, USA

Company Background & Information


Fette Compacting America is a subsidiary of German-based leading pharmaceutical instrument provider Fette Company. Fette Company was first company to design top-notch rotary press. Fette America was established in 1991, has expanded its product portfolio and became leading distributor of tablet press machines and capsule filling machines. It is supplying its efficient machines to clients in USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Fette America is a top supplier of both new and used automation that helps in improving the efficiency and profitability of the production system. They have developed the world's most rapid capsule filling machines that decrease the production cost by 30%.

Fette America provides the best technical and mechanical support to its patrons that help in building good collaborations. They offer training courses, upkeep instructions, installation, and equipment testing services.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-14

Capsule Filling Machine-15

These capsule filling machines fill different-sized capsules ranging from 000 to 5. Capsule filling machines by Fette America are mentioned below:

  • FEC 20
  • FEC-40

Recommend Reason

  • These machines are furnished with SmartInterface for easy operation.
  • Machines have compact floor space
  • High operation control
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Tamping pin units for dosing system
  • Servo and torque have driven technology for assembly
  • Ergonomic design for the dismantling of parts

Headquarter: North America.

Company Background & Information


In 2003, ATG Pharma was started to provide validation and testing instrument but in 2008, they began to distribute their own automations. This company is designing top-notch and cutting-edge pharmaceutical equipments for two decades. Their mission is to develop dynamic and robust automation for rapid growth of manufacturing systems. Till now, ATG Pharma has supplied more than 579 automation over the globe and they have network of 251 clients.

They are continuously making an improvement in their innovations by the combined efforts of their production and development team. They are expert in supplying excellent quality automatic, manual bottle filling and cartridge solutions. ATG Pharma is well-recognized for their packaging automation like labeling, capsule filling, capsule counting and cartridge press solutions.

ATG Pharma value their customers’ suggestions and opinions. Customer satisfaction and good communication is the top priority of ATG Pharma. They contribute to the prosperity of their customers by offering them exceptional after-sales services like on-site training and technical assistance.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-16

Capsule Filling Machine-17

Some key capsule filling machines by ATG Pharma are given below:

  • ML-1VF
  • RoboCAP RL-300

Recommend Reason

  • Setup time of this capsule filling machine is very small
  • The machines improve the low amount filling by using the volumetric nozzle
  • Smooth flow of the fill material
  • Lower the product wastage
  • This machine decreases the formation of air bubble in the fill material
  • Constant heat distribution through an entire container
  • Clean filling operation

Headquarter: New York, USA.

Company Background & Information


AlfaCaps LLC entered into capsule business in 2016 and is developing equipment related to capsule-like capsule filling machines and capsule acquisition tools. They distribute their products in markets across North America.

They supply all kinds of capsules whether these are hard gelatin capsules or HPMC capsules. They also supply capsules of every size. They manufacture excellent quality empty capsules through superior engineering. Using advanced technology and creative ideas, they also design capsule filling machines.

Safety is vital aspect of AlfaCaps LLC business. Customer trust is the reason behind their success and growth. Their passion is to keep their customers happy by offering them cutting-edge innovations and friendly technical assistance.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-18

Capsule Filling Machine-19

AlfaCaps supply both semi-automatic and automatic capsule filling machines. Some noteworthy products are:

  • Alfa 60 B
  • Alfa 150 B

Recommend Reason

  • Filling with high accuracy
  • FDA and GMP compliant machine design
  • Compact machine configuration
  • High output capacity

Headquarter: New Jersey, USA

Company Background & Information


Torpac established in 1989, provides empty custom-made capsules and top-notch capsule filling types of equipment to pharmaceutical and veterinary industries. They are distributing their superior quality solutions to various regions such as North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. They are distributing effective drugs to improve the quality of life of both humans and animals.

Their patented applications include capsule-in-capsule and capsules for nasal surgery. They also deliver capsules for non-pharmaceutical use and aid their customers in creating optical devices, bath toys and testing-kits. They have collaborated with major pharmaceutical firms like Eli Lilly, Merck, Novartis, and Pfizer.

They supply capsules for pre-clinical trials and equipments like mixers, millers, molds other than capsule filling machines.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-20

Capsule Filling Machine-21

Capsule Filling Machine-22

Some useful products by Torpac are:

  • Profiller 1100
  • Profiller 3600
  • Profiller 3700

Recommend Reason

  • These machines can process hard gel, HPMC and starch capsules
  • Easy to use
  • Handle capsules of 000-5 sizes
  • Tool free changeover
  • Easy washing and drying
  • GMP complied stainless steel frame


High-quality capsule filling machine is an industrial solution for not only filling of capsules but preventing the loss of valuable powdery ingredients, safe, and accurate volume. AIPAK Pharmaceutical Equipment machine offer equipment  at Low downtime rate. Most important AIPAK Pharmaceutical Equipment are automatic-high speed, cGMP compliant, Good Appearance, Simple & Easy to Use, and Exquisite Workmanship. AIPAK promises you to offer machines that will increase your economic efficiency. Want to know more? Please Click Here to get more details about AIPAK Machineries and Capsule Filling Machine Buying Guidelines.

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