TOP 10 Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturers In Germany

A pharmaceutical industry sells its products in both solid and liquid forms. The liquid medicines are directly filled in bottles and cans whereas the solid medicines are further classified in capsules and tablets.

Globally every single country has now its own pharmaceutical industry but still due to lack of advancement in technology and resources they are still bound to purchase these capsule filling machines from other countries. By this reason we can see a greater increase in selling of capsule filling machine over the past 20 years which is almost 200% of what was back in 2000. An increase with a CAGR of 5% is expected till 2027.

The numbers are still increasing day by day and the graph is rising exponentially with respect to the sales of capsule filling machines.

Germany on the other hand is the land of technological advancement and are growing their industry in the field of pharmaceutical too. They are producing world class medical machines which are now imported by many countries of world.

Some of the capsule filling machine manufacturer and supplier based in Germany are as follows.

1 Syntegon Waiblingen, Germany
2 Harro Höfliger Allmersbach im Tal, Germany
3 Ebseos Wehr, Germany
4 Romaco Karlsruhe,Germany.
5 AIPAK China
6 Biomation Germany
7 Optima Schwaebisch Hall, Germany
8 Fette-Compacting Schwarzenbek, Germany.
9 Amtec-machine Essen-Süd, Germany
10 Machineseeker Germany.




Headquarter: Waiblingen, Germany

Company Background & Information


Syntegon Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of process, production, and packaging solution providers. They have been operating from Germany and are leading machine manufacturers in the field of pharmaceutical, food, and home products.

With the experience of more than 50 years now, Syntegon is the best solution provider of pharmaceutical machines out of capsule filling is also one of them. Syntegon now operates from more than 15 countries around the globe and has 30 physical units. In 2020, Syntegon recorded revenue of 1.3 billion euros which is one of the best among all same companies located in Europe.

Syntegon not only provides packaging and process line solutions but considered as an expert in the filling, inspection, and production of all types of pharmaceutical products.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-1

Capsule Filling Machine-1

Capsule Filling Machine-3

As Syntegon is an expert in providing the number of machines for medical diagnosis, pharmaceutical industry, biopharma, food and confectionary and fine chemicals, their best products in the field of capsule filling are:

  • GKF-60 (Output of 3600 capsules per hour)
  • GKF-702 (Output of 3000-42000 capsules per hour)
  • GKF-Capsylon 705 (Output of 42000 capsules per hour)
  • GKF-720 (Output of 3000-43500 capsules per hour)
  • GKF-1400 (Output of 84000 capsules per hour)
  • GKF-3000 (Output of 175000 capsules per hour)

Recommend Reason

  • Syntegon being a giant manufacturer in the field of pharmaceutical and food industry has been associated with many product brands like Ampack, Doboy, Elematic, Hüttlin, Makat, and Pharmatec, etc.
  • They assure complete support throughout the machine life cycle starting from spare parts management to final line optimization.
  • Highly qualified engineers are there in Syntegon for support providence throughout the world.
  • Their machine is highly efficient and through the guidance of preventive maintenance, no downtime can be observed.
  • Complete system with embedded engineering.
  • Training of employees and end-users has been delivered by Syntegon.


Harro Hofliger

Headquarter: Allmersbach im Tal, Germany

Company Background & Information


Harro Höfliger started their business in 1975 and now after 46 years, they are one of the global leaders in the list of manufacturing best product and process machines. They provide high-tech solutions to innovative products to the local industries.

In 1987 the company started providing complete packaging lines to food industries but later in the 1990s, they became leaders in providing solutions to the pharmaceutical industry too. From the 1990s till date Harro Höfliger are focused on designing highly innovative and technologically advanced products in all of their covering fields. A total of 86% of their products are now based on pharmaceutical solutions and  rest for the consumer industry.  They are now uniting with global giants in the field of pharmaceutics and expanding their business to every corner of the world.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-4

Capsule Filling Machine-5

Capsule Filling Machine-6

  • Modu-C MS Containment(Output of 100000 capsules per hour)
  • Modu-C MS (Output of 100000 capsules per hour)
  • Modu-C LS (Output of 25000 capsules per hour)
  • Modu-C HS (Output of 200000 capsules per hour)

Recommend Reason

  • Machines like Modu-C MS Containment are designed in a way that they are flexible and can be expanded when needed.
  • Presence of control units in each machine to ensure the user's safety and its ergonomics.
  • Complete pharma services and guidance are provided from Harro Höfliger whenever required.
  • The set-up times of machines are very low and can be easily operated when needed.
  • Machine is easy to use and clean.

Headquarter: Wehr, Germany

Company Background & Information


Ebseos GmbH is global trader and services provers with a specialization in machines used in the pharmaceuticals and chemical industry. They started their operation in Germany in 2004 and later in 2016 they became one of the best machine solution providers with much-experienced staff and professionals.

Ebseos proved to be the sole distributor and service provider of a South Korean company named HL PharmTech ltd and are much renowned for their customer care services. Due to their presence in the region of pharmaceutical industries of Germany, they are much famous for not only providing new machines but also quality approved used machines with the same specifications.

Ebseos are famous for their production lines, Tablet presses, capsule filling machines, Labelling machines and etc

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-7

Capsule Filling Machine-8

Capsule Filling Machine-9

  • Automatic capsule filling machine SPT-FL25(Output of 8000-25000 capsules per hour)
  • Automatic capsule filling machine SPT-FS50(Output of 50000 capsules per hour)
  • Automatic capsule filling machine SPT-FS80(Output of 80000 capsules per hour)
  • Automatic capsule filling machine SPT-FM100(Output of 110000 capsules per hour)
  • Automatic capsule filling machine SPT-FM150(Output of 150000 capsules per hour)
  • Softgel capsule filling line SG-150(Output of 71280 capsules per hour)

Recommend Reason

  • Quality products in a very economical amount.
  • Consultation provides a company with a number of expert professionals.
  • Products are delivered with guaranteed insurance.
  • Customer services are available as and when required.
  • Used and new machines with high-performance technology.

Headquarter: Karlsruhe,Germany.

Company Background & Information


In 1886, the twenty years old guy Fritz Killian established a company and started to manufacture his first tabler compression machine & 1904 he practically patented his rotary tablet press. The basic method of tableting remained the same ever. A similar, company moved to Cologne from Berlin. Today Romaco is a leading brand worldwide that provides an extensive range of highly innovative pharmaceutical machinery such as tableting machines, small R&D to the large production unit, from filling to packaging and many others. Romaco is the pioneer company that offers you the solution for different layers of tablet presses via innovative machines, single machines to fully integrated packaging lines. Hence, Romaco has a reliable profile among the leading pharmaceutical companies across the globe. Capsule filling machines offered by Romaco are ideal for small to medium production sectors with high mechanical speed and extensive features. Romaco pharmaceutical machinery is of high precision and excellent quality. That’s why Romaco receive the ‘Product Designing Award’ in 2014 with an unlimited patent granted named of Killian over many years.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-10

Capsule Filling Machine-11

Romaco Capsule Filling Machine- Video Courtesy- Exapro

  • Capsule Filling Machine from Romaco Macofar

Recommend Reason

  • World-class pharmaceutical types of machinery.
  • Lower machine downtime and high productivity.
  • Excellent filling capacity, and accuracy with using vertical action vacuum-dosators.
  • Statistical weight modulating system for filled capsules.
  • Automatic feeding of products and capsules.
  • High mechanical speed ranges from 25,000 to 60,000 capsules/hour.
  • Capsule filling machine with high competency ideal for the pharma sector, also for chemical and food applications.
  • Romaco has a high-professional staff, thus machines are entirely optimized, give safe, and 99.99% accurate output.

Headquarter: China.

Company Background & Information

AIPAK Pharmaceutical Machinery is a giant importing and exporting company operating from China. They have been dealing in the supply and sales of high-quality pharmaceutical and personal care product machines.

AIPAK Pharmaceutical Equipment not only provides pharmaceutical machinery but also offers you customer care services after the sale. Their capsule filling machine, blister packing machine, tablet press, are predefined and of high quality. AIPAK pharmaceutical equipment has been working under the ISO 9001:2002 quality management system, high tech staff that strives to manufacture products with the latest technology and inspections.

AIPAK Pharmaceutical Equipment not only covers Asia but also is a supplier of pharmaceutical machines in Europe and especially in Germany. They have been growing faster with their economic solution and technical expertise.

Key Products

NJP-1200D Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-5500C Capsule Filling Machine

NJP-7500C Capsule Filling Machine

Their key products are:

  • NJP-200C Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
  • NJP-400C Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
  • NJP-800C Laboratory Pharmaceutical Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
  • NJP-1200C Fully Automatic Pharmaceutical Hard Capsule Filling Machine
  • NJP-1200D Fully Automatic Pharmaceutical Hard Capsule Filling Machine
  • NJP-2500C Fully Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
  • NJP-3800C High Speed Fully Automatic Gelatin Tablet Capsule Filling Machine

Recommend Reason

  • Providing one stop technical services worldwide with their partners and support staff.
  • High quality machines with affordable process.
  • Meet the European standards and make the best capsule filling machines.
  • Machines with easy troubleshooting and simple human machine interface.

Headquarter: Germany

Company Background & Information


Biomation with an experience of 30 years as a supplier to pharmaceutical industry was founded with the name of Biochem GmbH in 1980. They have been associated with manufacturers of process and packaging lines and distribute their products to pharmaceutical and food industry.

Their global associate irl GmbH provides them with the machines used in a pharmaceutical industry such as capsule filling machine, blister machines, tablet presses for development, galenic and other machines used in labs.

They provide manual and semi-automatic capsule filling machines to their customers with great aftersales services.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-13

Capsule Filling Machine-14

Capsule Filling Machine-15

  • MK-100 manual capsule filling machine(Output of 100 capsules per filling process)
  • MK-300 manual capsule filling machine(Output of 300 capsules per filling process)
  • SK-300 semi-automaticcapsule filling machine (Output of up to 6000 capsules per hour)
  • SK-300 PRO semi-automaticcapsule filling machine (Output of up to 6500 capsules per hour).

Recommend Reason

  • Biomation always has its ready to use service team which is available for any services and repairs associated with downtimes defects in systems.
  • They offer annual maintenance of machines to their customers on a very low-cost budget.
  • They are always available for installation and adjustment of all types of machines.
  • They provide the customer with valid Inspection and Operational qualification documents.
  • They are with backup solutions and employee training facilities.

Headquarter: Schwaebisch Hall, Germany

Company Background & Information


Optima packing technology holds an edge to manufacture state of art machines for many fields worldwide like food, consumer, pharmaceutical, and science industry. They produce standardized machines which are easy to be handled and human-friendly. Optima is now a century-old company as was founded back in 1922 and has widened its network now to every corner of the world with 19 mega manufacturing units.

Optima has recorded an annual turnover of 420 million euros in the year 2020 with 85% of global exports. These promising digits elaborated the reputation of Optima in the global market and its worth in producing production systems. Recently Senning GmbH has also joined the Optima group and started working with them.

Optima technologies are famous for producing closing, packaging, and filling solutions with advanced technologies incorporated in those machines.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-16

Capsule Filling Machine-17

Capsule Filling Machine-18

The key products for capsule filling machines are:

  • Filling and Closing Machine CFL-1 (Output of 420 capsules per min)
  • Capsule Filler Rotary (Output of 100-200 capsules per min)

Recommend Reason

Optima as described earlier holds a great reputation due to their following qualities:

  • They are always available and can be reached whenever the machine shows any type of malfunctioning or error.
  • Commitment towards the customer as well as their product is a unique feature of Optima technology.
  • Their machines are made up of great innovation and are easy to access.
  • Assured machines and system availability.
  • Availability of spare parts and just-in-time production.
  • Guaranteed reliability for machine optimization and pieces of training related to machines been delivered to the end-user.



Headquarter: Schwarzenbek, Germany.

Company Background & Information


Fette-Compacting is global manufacturers of tablet presses and capsule filling machines with over 5000 systems installed around the globe. They tend to be the market leader for providing industrial solutions in the field of tablet pressing.

They have been in the global market since 1948 and till then they are proving themselves by providing advanced and innovative technology in the field of pharmaceutics. When the world was facing the industrial revolution Fette-compacting came up with the world's 1st computer-controlled tablet press in the year 1982 and afterward the era of digitalization got started.

Since 2016, they are also now dealing in manufacturing highly compatible capsule filling machines and expanding day by day with both their own units and alliances.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-19

Capsule Filling Machine-20

Capsule Filling Machine-21

Fette-Compacting produces highly efficient machines designed according to the desired output. Their capsule filling machines are:

  • FEC20 (Output of 200000 capsules per hour)
  • FEC40 (Output of 400000 capsules per hour)

Recommend Reason

  • Fette-Compacting believes that “service brings competitive advantages” and this is why they are gaining a decisive edge by providing high-class technical support.
  • Service specialists are always there to help out in any difficulty.
  • The utmost benefit of getting a product from Fette-compacting is that their network is spread worldwide and they aid at any corner of the world.
  • Their services are available 24/7 for any assistance.
  • As Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) they tend to provide any type of spare part to their customer anywhere in the world.
  • They always allow their customer to update their machines and be UpToDate.

Headquarter: Germany

Company Background & Information

Amtec-machines have been manufacturing and supplying branded machines relating to the pharmaceutical and food industry for over 25 years now. They are experts in manufacturing machines and are now with around 360 different types of machines in the global market.

Any suitable machine related to filling, capping, packaging can be purchased from Amtec-machines. Amtec proves the world with machines of highly technical and quality designs this is why globally well-known brands like Unilever, Balzac Coffee, Next Pharma Logistics, Human Optics are direct customers of Amtec- machines and use their products in the production lines.

They provide best capsule filling and counting machines for pharmaceutical needs and other products related to the food and confectionary industry. Their products are now been manufactured in 14 different factories that are also specialists in the relevant field.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-22

In the field of pharmaceutics especially related to capsule filling machines, Amtec-machines supplies products of other manufacturers but only produces a single product on their own that is:

  • System for tablet and capsule filling (Output of 3000-6000 capsules per hour)

Recommend Reason

  • Amtec-machines are global manufacturers and distributors of packaging and production systems that is why their services are available in every country of the world.
  • Complete guidance related to the machine is provided by the company to its customer.
  • High-tech defined machines are available for production lines.
  • Easy to approach if any technical issue relating to the machine arises.

10. Machineseeker


Headquarter: Essen-Süd, Germany

Company Background & Information


Machineseeker is one of the largest online-based networks used for the purchase of pharma machines.  It covers the whole of Europe in its network and operates from its headquarter in Germany. The company started its business in 1999 and afterward till now more than 10 thousand sellers with are 0.25 million machines are there with Machineseeker.

The idea was initially driven from the concept of eBay but later it converted into dealing with online machines. In 2010 the online page had a volume of 20000 visitors every day which directly brought the same number of sales inquiries.

Machineseeker is now with a revenue of 50 billion euros a year. The application of the company is now available on both Google and Apple play stores and the number of users is increasing with each passing day. They are also dealing in products used in the pharmaceutical industry like tablet presses and capsule filling machines.

Key Products

Capsule Filling Machine-23

Capsule Filling Machine-24

Capsule Filling Machine-25

In capsule filling machines they support the services of following machine:

  • Automatic capsule filling machine FM-100 South Korea (Output of 110000 capsules per hour)
  • Automatic capsule filler AZ30-R - Zanasi (Output of 15000-30000 capsules per hour)
  • Automatic capsule filling machine FS-50 South Korea (Output of 50000 capsules per hour)
  • Automatic capsule filling machine FS-80 South Korea (Output of 80000 capsules per hour)
  • Capsule filling machine SPT FM 150 (Output of 150000 capsules per hour)

Recommend Reason

  • As an online channel, it is the most convenient way to go through the number of searches and select the best out of it.
  • They have their authenticated network from where they operate and this is the best example to check their authenticity.
  • We can buy global products from their application and get services from both.
  • The product can be received anywhere in the world in a reliable way.


It has been noticed that pharmaceutical machines have produced a business of around 169 million USD in the year 2020 and are expected to improve in the future as well. AIPAK Pharmaceutical Equipment is the right solution to meet the challenges of a growing business. As the pharmaceutical production sector is growing by leap and bound, an excellent range of AIPAK capsule filling machines will support you to stand among competitive brands in a very short time.

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