• Deplex filling nozlle

  • High speed

  • High accuracy

APK-200 Automatic Horizontal Liquid Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APK-200 Automatic horizontal liquid premade pouch filling machine is designed for middle & small size bags packing.The machine will offer the most flexible and economical solution for flat packing.

Detailed Images

part of premade pouch filling machine

Servo Advance System

Easy computerized specification change

Stable pouch advance with less deviation

Big torquemoment of pouch advance sutable for big volume

Independent Sealing Device

Independent Sealing Device 

Independent pouch making, no product on seal

High seal strength, less leakage

Better pouch appearence

Integrated Core Control System

Integrated Core Control System

PLC, touch screen, servo and pneumatic system compose the drive and control system with higher integration, accuracy and reliability
Light Walking Beam

Light Walking Beam

Longer operation life span

Higher running speed


1.Advanced design,easy to control,install and clean.  

2.All servo control makes your packing more digital and save more employee to control the machine

3.Imported electrical components, long service life, low failure rate.

4.Stably pulling, higher precision; bigger torque pulling, stable for different size

5.The whole frame is 304 structure,material contact 316 material, toughened glass protective cover, window can add blue light effect.


Model APK-200
Pouch Width 90-200mm
Pouch Length 110-300mm
Filling Capacity 1200ml
Packaging Capacity 40-60ppm
Function Flat Pouch,3/4 side seal,Hanging Hole, Shape
Weight 900kg
Power 2.3kw
Air Consumption 200 NL/min
Machine Dimension(L*W*H) 2110mmx1200mmx1690mm



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