Standcap Pouch Vs Rigid Plastic

Standcap Pouch

Compared with rigid plastic bottles, Standcap pouches use less plastic and significantly reduce fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and water usage, according to a new report.

Rigid packaging such as plastic bottles, cups and containers are a popular method of packaging liquid materials. They’re strong, durable, and have been around for years. In fact, many major companies still use them today.

Some experts provide a life cycle assessment (LCA) report with descriptions on key environmental indicators based on comparing the premade standcap pouch with rigid plastic equivalent across a range of product categories including sauces, condiments, and personal care.

The premade standcap pouch has a number of sustainability benefits when compared to an HDPE bottle for packing and shipping chocolate syrup. These include lower fossil fuel and water use, GHG emissions, better product-to-package ratio and considerably less material discarded at end-of-life.

The LCA results show that the recycle-ready premade standcap pouch has lower environmental impacts including fossil fuel usage, GHG emissions, and water usage in this scenario than the inverted PET container.

The results of this scenario show that the premade standcap pouch results in lower impacts across a wide range of environmental metrics, including fossil fuel and water use, GHG emissions and discarded material.

This is driven by the efficient material usage of the flexible pouch, which uses less than half the amount of material needed to package the same amount of lotion.

The flexible premade standcap pouch has a number of positive sustainability attributes when compared to a rigid PET bottle for honey, which includes lower fossil fuel and water use, GHG emissions and discarded material; and a higher overall product-to-package ratio.

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