• Ensure seal with good appearance

  • Higher adaptability of film material

  • Ensure seal strength,no leakage

APK-210D Premade Pouch Filling Machine For Powder/Liquid /Granule/Solid

APK-210D premade pouch filling machine is an new designed packing machine special for pre-made bags. It’s used for filling and sealing stand-up bag, flat bag, hung-hole bag and shape bag. With different filling device, it can fill and pack all kinds of procucts like powder, liquid, granule, paste, solid etc. Now all AIPAK premade pouch filling machines have been widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries.

On this machine, filling and sealing are two separated system. They will be integrated by PLC, so you can adjust it according to material, bag shape and size to make it compatible for fully automatic production line.

Pouch Example

pouch example


1.Horizontal single axis driven easy for maintenance & clean.

2.PLC+Touch screen for convenient opeartions.

3.If pouch not full open, no fill, no seal.

4.With combination scale, auger filler, pump filler for various product, accuracy weighing scale filler, combination accuracy weighing, collect hopper for increase speed.

5.Servo driven powder filling, dust collector for proof powder.


Model APK-210D
Pouch Width 75-105mm
Pouch Length 110-300mm
Filling Capacity 400ml
Packaging Capacity 80-100ppm
Function Flat Pouch,3/4 side seal,Hanging Hole, Shape
Weight 1100kg
Power 4.5kw
Air Consumption 200 NL/min
Machine Dimension(L*W*H) 3216mmx1190mmx1422mm



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