• Dual filling station

  • Reduce filling time by half

  • Improved filling accuracy

APK-210Z Peanut Butter Premade Filling Packing Machine

APK-210Z series premade pouch filling machine is designed for doypack,with functions of making hanging hole,special shape,zipper or spout. It can complete pouchforming,measuring,filling,sealing, date printing,nitrogen filling,counting,finished product delivery. This premade pouch filling machine is suitable for filling different products such as powder,granule,tablets,liquid,cream and other non free-flowing liquid when equipped with feeding and measuring devices.

Pouch Example

pouch example


  1. Wide range of packaging: suitable for various shapes, states, properties of particles and blocks.
  2. Convenient operation: PLC control, man-machine interface operating system, making operation intuitive and convenient.
  3. Easy to adjust: the replacement of the variety is completed within about ten minutes.
  4. Suitable for different types of bags.
  5. Perfect prevention system to ensure the yield and not waste bags and materials.
  6. The packaging part of the machine is made of stainless steel to ensure the hygiene and safety of the materials
  7. High degree of automation: unmanned in the whole process of weighing and packaging, failure, automatic alarm
  8. Partially imported plastics are used, no need to refuel, reducing pollution of materials
  9. Use an oil-free vacuum pump to avoid contamination of the production environment.


Model APK-210Z
Pouch Width 90-210mm
Pouch Length 110-300mm
Filling Capacity 1500ml
Packaging Capacity 40-60ppm
Function Flat Pouch,3/4 side seal,Hanging Hole, Shape
Weight 1100kg
Power 4.5kw
Air Consumption 350 NL/min
Machine Dimension(L*W*H) 3216mmx1190mmx1422mm



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