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APK-180S Automatic Multi Heads Weighing Dried Fruit Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APK-180S Premade pouch Filling machine is a fully-automatic packing machine with form-fill-seal function which is widely used for food / beverage / cosmetics /chemicals/pharmaceuticals packaging.The packing material can be regular laminated film such as, PE / AL / PET PE / NY / AL /  PET; CPP / NY / AL / PET. This type of premade pouch filling machine can make stand up pouch and then finish the packing process. The main packager can be integrated with various filling systems, suitable for all kinds of products, such as powder, small granule, liquid, viscous liquid, paste, tablet, candy, solid, stick, large solid and irregular products.

Pouch Example

pouch exmaple

Machine Application

Flexible to fill and pack various product such as powder, liquid ,viscous liquid, granule, tablet , solid ,candy, stick product. Hundres machines already served in Food, beverage, cosmetics, personal care, household, chemicals and pharmaceutical industry.
Our machines are used in a wide range of applications and are suitable for many different industries,such as jujube doypack (standup pouch) packing machine,pet food,cashew,nut,chocolate,sweet candy,dried fruit,milk powder,snack,dried mango,orange juice,washing powder,laundry detergent,almond,peanut,fruit drink,energy drink,apple juice doypack (standup pouch) and more.
1. Food Industry
Mayonnaise & Sauce, Tomato Ketchup, Candy & Chocolate, Snack, Milk Powder, Oil Product, Dairy Food, Spices & Seasoning, Pet Food, Honey and so on.
premade pouch filling machine application
2. Beverage Industry
Coffee & Tea, Powder Drink, Water Product, Yoghurt & Liquid Milk, Fruit Juice, Beer & Liquor, Nutritional Beverages and so on.
product of premade pouch filling machine
3. Cosmetics & Personal Care
Skin Care, Hair Care, Sun Care, Baby Care, Oral Care, Bath & Shower, Cream, Toweletters, Perfumery and so on.
4. Household Industry
Dishwash Product, Detergent, Laundry Product,washing powder, Fabric Softener, Floor Cleaner, Air Freshener and so on.
5. Industrial Chemicals
Agrichemical, adhesive, Lubricant, Paint and so on.
product of premade pouch filling machine
More product
product of premade pouch filling machine
Packing Process
packing process of premade filling machine
layout of premade pouch filling machine


1.High precision structure for simple and easy operation and repair.

2.The machine completes the whole procedure of filling,pouching,date printing automatically.

3.Selecte device: zipper bags device ,round pouch hole,pouching device.

4.All the works of bag-forming,weighing, filling, sealing and cutting can be done automatically by this machine.

5.Package material:  PE/AL/PET; PE/NY/AL/PET; CPP/NY/AL/PET.


Model APK-180S
Pouch Width 90-180mm
Pouch Length 110-250mm
Filling Capacity 1000ml
Packaging Capacity 40-60ppm
Function DoyPack,Shape,Hanging Hole
Weight 2150kg
Power 9kw
Air Consumption 300 NL/min
Machine Dimension(L*W*H) 6093mmx1083mmx1908mm



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