• Good filling accuracy

  • Easy to separate for cleaning

  • Anti-liquid dropping

APK-130S/240DS Horizontal Cosmetic Juice Premade Pouch Filling Machine For Energy Drink

APK-130S/240DS premade pouch filling machine is designed for doypack packaging need, it can make standard special shapes,doypack pouches, as well as with special additional functions like zipper, hanging hole, spout or special shapes. It also has big size and duplex series, which can meet packaging requirement of big volume and high speed.

The APK-130s premade pouch filling machine is fast in packing, stable in operating, which is durable machine with reasonable price.It is flexible to fill and pack various product such as fruit juice,energy gel,energy drink and wolfberry original pulp.It is widely used in food, beverage, cosmetics, personal care, household, chemicals and pharmaceutical industry.

Pouch Example

products of premade pouch filling machine

Machine Application

The APK-130S/240DS premade pouch filling machine is suitable for irregular shaped sachet standup pouch and flat bag,used in a wide range of applications and are suitable for many different industries,such as orange juice,tomato paste,fruit juice ,beverage,jelly, detergent,honey,fruit drink,energy drink,apple juice,TomatoSauce,Washing Liquid,Milk Beverage,Water,ketchup,peanut ketchup,jam,chili sauce,Juice ,yogurt, Fresh Milk, Chili Sauce,Viscosity Paste,Viscosity,oil,Mango Juice and more.

premade pouch filling machine application

Packing Process

packing process of premade pouch filling machine

process of premade pouch filling machine



Servo Advance System

1.Easy Computerized Specification change

2.Big torquemoment of pouch advance

3.Stable Pouch advance with less deviation

Unique Piston Filler with Filling Nozzle

1.High filling accuracy

2.No drop after filling

3.High velocity

Light Walking Beam

1.Easy computerized specition change

2.Longer operational life span


Model Pouch Width Pouch Length Filling Capacity Packaging Capacity Function Weight Power Air Consumption Machine Dimension(L*W*H)
APK-130S 60-130mm 80-190mm 350ml 35-45ppm Doypack,shape 2150kg 6kw 300NL/min 4720mmx1125mmx1550mm
APK-240DS 80-120mm 120-250mm 300ml 70-90ppm Doypack,shape 2300kg 11kw 400NL/min 6050mmx1002mmx1990mm



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