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APK-240S Multi Heads Doypack Horizontal Premade Pouch Filling Machine

APK-240S premade pouch filling machine is produced by our company adopted international advanced technology and derives from European classical packing machine. With blend of current packing technology, reasonable design and stable running, it is able to pack various sizes of stand-up and flat pouches.This premade pouch filling machine also can be used for big volume doypack,with functions of making hanging hole,special shape,zipper and spout.It has been widely used for filling and sealing powder,granule,viscosity,solid,liquid,tablet.

Pouch Example

pouch exmaple of premade pouch filling machine



1.Easy Computerized Specification change

2.Stable pouch advance with less deviation

3.Big torquemoment of pouch advance,suitable for big volume

4.Even spout seal with good appearance

5.High spout seal strength,no leakage


Model APK-240S
Pouch Width 100-240mm
Pouch Length 120-320mm
Filling Capacity 2000ml
Packaging Capacity 40-60ppm
Function DoyPack,Shape,Hanging Hole
Weight 2300kg
Power 11kw
Air Consumption 400 NL/min
Machine Dimension(L*W*H) 7000mmx1243mmx1878mm



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