Do Gummy Vitamins Work as Well as Traditional Vitamins?

Gummy Vitamins Work

These days it has become an upsurge trend of taking gummy vitamins all over the world. You use them for growing hair, dewy skin, beautiful nails, strong bones, and much more.

What you need to know is, do gummy vitamins work as well as traditional vitamins? Do they have the same potency as traditional vitamins? What factors do you need to balance when taking gummy vitamins? If you’re curious to know, read the article because we have talked much more about gummy vitamins.

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    1.What Are Gummy Vitamins?

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    Gummy vitamins are soft and delicious chewy supplements. These are advertised as an alternative to vitamin pills and capsules. These come in a variety of shapes that entice children to accept medications. They are marketed towards kids, but adults also prefer taking them.

    Easy to Swallow

    Many people face problems with swallowing tablets and capsules, the gummy vitamins solve their issues. You can go about your day simply munching on them. These gummy vitamins make the chore of taking supplements easier and save you from pill fatigue. They are more easily consumed on a consistent basis than other vitamin supplements.


    These mouth-watering nutritional supplements are available in a variety of colours and flavours. The fruity and sweet taste of gummy vitamins makes them popular among children.


    The vitamin gummies lack the aftertaste and smell that is common in chewable vitamin pills. This candy-like treat is easily added to the daily routine as a snack or dessert.

    2.Are Gummy Vitamins Good for You?

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    Today in the era of fast-food people prefer taking a calorie rich diet but this diet lacks essential nutrients. To fill the nutrient gap, many individuals are consuming nutritional supplements. Gummy vitamins are introduced as an option for nutritional supplements a decade ago.
    Further, gummy vitamins have gained immense popularity after COVID19 for their health benefits like

    • Supporting immune system
    • Biotin vitamin gummies promote hair growth
    • Increase skin regeneration
    • Aid in good sleep

    3.Bioavailability of Gummy Vitamins as Well as Traditional Vitamins?

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    Gummy vitamins have more bioavailability than traditional vitamins. In simpler words, the vitamins in gummies are better absorbed. When you chomp on gummies, the enzymes in your mouth begin digesting supplements. The process of breaking down these nutrient supplements persists in the stomach and small intestine until they are fully absorbed in the bloodstream. A study in 2019 reported that vitamin D3 gummies have higher nutrient bioavailability than D3 pills.

    4.Are Gummy Vitamins Created Equal to Traditional Vitamins?

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    Gummy vitamins are stacked with sugars, colouring dyes and flavouring syrups.  They are also made with gelatin, pectin, corn syrup, and beeswax.  Even when, gummy vitamins are labelled as sugar free, they have manufactured during synthetic sweeteners and sugar alcohols that lead to digestive issues. But on the other hand, traditional vitamins have zero calories and added sugars.

    There are a lot of difficulties in making nutritional gummies than traditional vitamins. Due extra ingredient in gummies there is little to less room for required active ingredients.

    5.What Is the Potency of Gummy Vitamin Over Traditional Vitamins?

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    When you consume gummy vitamin, the chances are you are consuming a lot less supplements than intended. People do not necessarily get nutritional supplement listed at the back of gummy vitamin pouch or bottle.
    The traditional vitamins are made are bound to get exact listed nutrients per serving.

    Moreover, the vitamins in gummies are relatively unstable than those present in traditional vitamins. They have low shelf life and melts quickly consequently losing their potency over time. A jar of gummy vitamin has lifetime of 18th months while traditional vitamin pills can last around 2-3 years.

    6.Do Gummy Vitamins  Have the Same Nutritional Content as Traditional Vitamin?

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    If you’re wondering if gummy vitamins have the same nutritional content as traditional vitamins then it is indeed ‘YES’. But there are some facts and figures in terms of concentration.  Gummy vitamins are produced to be palatable for consumer compliance; the health benefits are on 1:1 proportion. Because it is difficult to determine exactly how much nutrition to get from gummies.

    • According to experts, the nutritional content claimed on the gummy vitamins label is exactly not as mentioned.
    • Some research shows gummy and traditional vitamins demonstrate equal bioavailability in bloodstreams.
    • They are ideal for individuals who can’t or won’t consume a healthy balanced diet, who are vegans, lactose intolerant or who are picky eaters.
    • Some studies recommend that you have to increase your gummy dose to meet your required daily intake, For example, you might take only one traditional vitamin regularly, but two or three gummy vitamins per day.

    Make sure when taking gummy vitamins you should do some homework.

    • Read the label.
    • Review information and consumers comments
    • Understand your recommended dosage

    7.What is Best for your Teeth? Gummy Vitamins or Traditional Vitamins?

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    Gummy vitamins are made with numerous quantities of artificial sweeteners to make them appetizing and palatable. These sweetening agents can harm your teeth.

    Stickiness and Teeth

    The gummies stick to teeth for a long time than your regular chewy tablets causing the weakening of your teeth's protective layer (enamel).  Sticky materials get deposited between pits and fissures of back teeth (molars) if you eat gummy vitamins on daily basis.  Traditional vitamins are simply meant for swallowing that does not stick to teeth and eventually sustain dental health.

    Sugars and Cavities

    The sugar in gummies promotes the growth of bacteria leading to cavities. Artificial sweeteners can increase plaque formation which in turn causes more plague production. This plague on a molar is a typical recipe for cavities.

    Vitamin gummies are detrimental to teeth health and their regular consumption without a doubt will result in a visit to the dentist. Even if gummies are sugar-free, they contain citric acid that affects the pH of the mouth and cause decomposition of teeth.

    Gummy and Braces

    Gummy vitamins can stain teeth which accumulate around cement, bands, and wires in people who wear braces. Besides this, sticky bits of gummies deposit in orthodontic appliances and can be the cause of tooth decay.

    So, traditional vitamins are less prone to cause dental issues instead of gummy vitamins; but don’t worry if you’re a gummy fan we recommend gargling thoroughly after taking them.

    8.Is Gummy Vitamin Suitable in Pregnancy?

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    During pregnancy, the recommended daily intake of nutrients increases. But many women experience vomiting, so they can’t consume enough food. Nutritional supplements are healthy dietary options for expecting women. Therefore, gummy vitamins are an excellent alternative for pregnant women.

    Nausea is prevalent in pregnancy, especially during the first trimester.  Vitamin gummies are a delicious treat with enriched nutritional content and minerals when women are battling this phase.
    These chewy candies are easy to bite and can alleviate the nauseous feeling, and improve the mood while providing recommended dietary supplements.

    Keep in mind, that the nutritional requirement drastically increases during pregnancy. Gummy vitamins somehow cannot meet that requirement as compared to conventional ones. In this case, you must talk to a physician or pharmacist prior to taking them.

    9.What Happened if You Eat too Many Gummy Vitamins?

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    As with so many benefits things, there are some unwanted effects of regular consumption of gummy vitamins.

    Sugars Rush

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    The yummy taste of gummy vitamins is due to added sugars like mannitol, fructose, isomalt, etc.  They have about 3-8 grams of sugar per gummy which translate into high calories. Eating this much sugar on a routine basis can increase your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity. There is also a link between high sugar consumption and depression.


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    The tempting flavour of gummy vitamins entices people to overeat these gummies. This can cause the toxicity of vitamins like A, D, E, and K, mineral such as copper and zinc that is injurious to health. Vitamin toxicity results in sleep trouble, diarrhoea, tiredness, hair loss, etc.


    When you take a cluster of prescription medications every day; gummy vitamins might appeal you. WHY? They are easy to take that offer more taste and flavour than traditional vitamins. Both of them are potent and efficacious with a slight difference in the content ratio. The concentration you take from traditional vitamins is very precise and accurate as compared to gummies.
    Continue checking our site for the ‘latest blogs & information on gummy vitamins’, Please contact us for more guidance.

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