Are Gummy Vitamins Better Than Tablet?

If you are searching for vitamin as the supplement of your daily request, you may notice gummy vitamin and tablet vitamin? There are vitamins with various style and type which can deal with different supplementing need. What is your choose while standing before the market shelf?

Have you ever wondered the difference of the two types? Are gummy vitamin better than tablet? What is their difference? Why they are on the same shelf but have the different price? What is the difference of vitamin in it? Which one suits you best?

You are in the right place if you have the above wondering. Here is the post which you can get the comprehensive knowledge about the vitamin of the two different type. Gummy vitamin or tablet vitamin? You will get to know its whole difference from this post.

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    1.What Are Gummy Vitamins And Tablet?

    Tablet and gummy

    Tablet And Gummy-Sourced:thequint

    If you know the importance of vitamin in our body and our daily life, you must know the booming vitamin product market. It has been tested that vitamin can supplement the necessary elements hard to get in our daily life. With suitable vitamin adding, your body, cell, organ, immune system and so on can all be more comfortable and health.

    Gummy vitamin and tablet are two usual types of vitamin products. They are both good carriers of vitamin. Gummy vitamin can be chewed and has the great flavor enjoyed while taking vitamin. Tablet vitamin is the traditional vitamin kind and you can take it with water or chewed it if they are chewable tablet.

    2.What Are Pros And Cons Of Gummy Vitamins And Tablet?

    The wonderful taking manner of gummy vitamin may induce you to make the gummy vitamin purchase. But every thing has two sides. Both gummy vitamin and tablet have their own pros and cons.

    Gummy vitamin

    Gummy vitamin

    Gummy Vitamin-Sourced:onegreenplanet.

    Pros Cons
    Good taste l Gummy vitamins are made to be tasty and yummy. Added sugar l Refined sugar, erythritol,
    xylitol, mannitol, and other sweeteners are added to make the sweet flavor which is bad to teeth, heart, stomach and so on.
    Easy taking l You can chewed gummy vitamin and get the vitamin you needed. Easy degrade l Gummy is unstable and more easy to degrade and thus adds more vitamin in gummy making. But more isn’t better.
    Establish daily habit l Gummy vitamin can help establish the daily vitamin habit. Failed to contain certain material l Mineral, iron and some B vitamin cannot be involved in gummy vitamin for the gummy feature.
    More suitable for vitamin D absorbing l Vitamin D is tested to be better absorbing in gummy vitamin. Risk for overdoes l Yummy taste may induce the over taking of some children.
    Appealing appearance l You can always find the various and cute gummy vitamin on market. Shorter potency l The shorter shelf life of gummy means the quicker loss of gummy vitamin potency.
      Inactive ingredients l To make gummy look appealing and taste good, some inactive ingredients are added.
    Poor bioavailability l The poor bioavailability means poor absorption of vitamin in gummy.

    Tablet vitamin

    Tablet vitamin

    Tablet Vitamin:Sourced:nebraskamed

    Pros Cons
    Longer shelf life   l Tablet vitamins is more stable and has longer shelf life. Hard to take l Tablet is mostly taken by water, and the chewable one is also not that easy to take as gummy.
    Higher bioavailability l Tablet vitamin is better absorbed by human body after its releasing. Inferior taste l The coating can block bitter of tablet, but it still not tastes that good.
    Less additives l Not like added sugar, color and additives in gummy vitamin, tablet vitamin is less added. Digest harder l The filler of tablet may make stomach burden and it needs longer to dissolve.
    Precise dosage l Tablet vitamin has preciser dosage and saves worrying about taking too much or too little.  
    Lower price l The lower manufacturing cost of tablet decides it lower price.

    3.Are Gummy Vitamins Better Than Tables?

    You have now the comprehensive knowledge of pros and cons of gummy vitamin and tablet. So, do you think gummy vitamins are better than tablet? Of course not. Gummy vitamin can’t compare to tablet in the below parts.

    Added sugar

    added sugar

    Added Sugar-Sourced:newsnetwork

    Gummy vitamin, to conform your taste buds and stimulate your appetite, adds various sugar in gummy. Sugar, artificial or natural, can affect your body when takes too much.

    Less nutrition involved

    Nutrition in life

    Nutrition In Life-Sourced:aaps

    Tablet can contain larger group of nutrition compared with gummy vitamin. Certain group of vitamin B can not be involved well in gummy vitamin. And for iron, mineral or calcium, gummy can’t take too.

    Unstable feature

    Gummy degrade

    Gummy Degrade-Sourced:fabcbd

    Gummy vitamin, compared with tablet vitamin, is less stable. It is easier to get degrade and lose its potency. Your gummy vitamin has also shorter shelf life for its feature and makes more care when taking.

    4.What Can Gummy Vitamins And Tablet Do?

    The demanding for healthier and easier life open up the market for gummy vitamin and tablet. You can take gummy vitamin and tablet to deal with sleeping problem, immune system building, energy metabolism and so on.

    Immune system supporting

    Immune system surpporting

    Immune System Surpporting-Sourced:today.usc

    Immune system building is essential to your health and you can get your necessary nutrients from your daily eating. For the nutrition hard to get, you should have gummy vitamin or tablet as supplement. You can get vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin A and other necessary supplement for immune system.

    Sleeping add

    Sleeping add

    Sleeping Add-Sourced:news-medical

    Melatonin is the typical hormone for sleep adding, besides it, you can also get Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B as the great helper for your sleep. Taking it under your doctor’s direction, it can help improve your sleeping quality and make less sleeping burden.

    Energy metabolism

    Energy metabolism

    Energy Metabolism-Sourced:everydayhealth

    The vitamin B group plays an important role in energy metabolism. For people does exercise or hard work, better energy metabolism can make them recover quicker and feel better. This is where gummy vitamin and tablet make the nice supplementing job.

    Liver benefiting

    Liver benefiting

    Liver Benefiting-Sourced:dosedaily

    You can always make your liver healthier by adopting vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D and vitamin E. For people who drink alcohol or always stay up late, liver health should be paid attention to.

    5.Vitamin Type You Can Get From Gummy Vitamins And Tablet

    You can get various vitamin type from gummy vitamin and tablet. Here are the typical vitamins you can usually get from gummy and tablet, and they can combined as multivitamin to provide more overall and targeted supplement.

    Vitamin A

    Vitamin A

    Vitamin A-Sourced:wimpoleclinic

    You can get vitamin A from meat, egg and milk. Fish, liver, butter and so such products are sufficient in vitamin A. The lack of vitamin A may induce the problem in vision, immune system and child growing. It can be produced as vitamin gummy as well as tablet.

    Vitamin B

    B vitamins

    B Vitamins-Sourced:naturemade

    Vitamin B has a large group and all its members play an essential role in our body. Vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 are two representatives of vitamin group. It helps your red blood cell forming and makes you more energetic. You should get tablet for B vitamins, the gummy type can’t give out its all benefits.

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C-Sourced:dmoose

    Vitamin C is a common vitamin type. You may heard of it in your daily life frequently. It can be got from various fruits or vegetables and make the essential tissue repairing or growing job. The vitamin C gummy and tablet are so common in market.

    Vitamin D

    Vitamin D

    Vitamin D-Sourced:cnet

    Vitamin D exists in fatty fish, beef liver, egg, cheese and so such place. Without sufficient vitamin D, your calcium can’t be absorbed by your body or your bones. The later working and exercise will all be affected. Vitamin D is better dissolved and absorbed in gummy.

    Vitamin E

    Vitamin E

    Vitamin E-Sourced:medexpresspharma

    Vitamin E makes the main job of scavenging the damaged or old cells. You can see its widely adoption in anti-aging field. It has both tablet and gummy type. And besides the supplementing products, you can also get it from almonds, nuts, avocado and so such products.

    6.What Is The Main Components Or Gummy Vitamins And Tablet?

    Have you ever wondered why gummy vitamin and tablet are so different? The difference of course lies in the main components of the two kinds. Their components decide their appearance, taste, effects and side effects.

    Gummy vitamin




    Gelatin is the key of the chewy taste of gummy. It can be got from animal bones, skin or other parts of collagen. You can also see its use in making jelly, capsule, ointment or even cosmetic products.

    Corn starch

    Corn starch

    Corn Starch-Sourced:allrecipes

    Corn starch makes the delicate coating for gummy which adds its taste and also keep the gummies separated.




    Sugar makes the different taste of gummy. You can find the use of glucose, citric acid, erythritol, mannitol and many other sweeteners being added to make the attractive and yummy taste.

    Added coloring

    Added coloring

    Added Coloring-Sourced:wikipedia

    You may have found the various color of gummy vitamin. Red, pink, yellow, blue or orange, the color of gummy conform to the different feature.


    Vitamin gummy

    Vitamin Gummy-Sourced:mommypotamus

    Gummy vitamin should of course has vitamin added. Vitamin A, vitamin C or vitamin D. Gummy vitamin should add relative vitamin to get its effect.

    Tablet vitamin




    To get enough bulk, tablet vitamin should be added with material like cellulose, lactose, calcium or malto-dextrin. These make the main components of tablet.




    You can find talc, silica, magnesium stearate or stearic acid as representative lubricants of tablet vitamin. This prevents the sticking of tablet on manufacturing process or stick of group of tablet.

    Disintegration agent

    tablet disintegration

    Tablet Disintegration-Sourced:istockphoto

    To help the dissolving of tablet and reduce the burden your stomach or intestines for tablet, disintegrant is needed in tablet. Starch and modified cellulose gum are two material commonly used as disintegration agent.


    Tablet coating


    To suppress bitterness and benefit swallowing, tablet has always a thin layer of coating on its outside layer.


    vitamin tablet

    Vitamin Tablet-Sourced:tobegoodov

    You can’t find tablet vitamin without vitamin. Just like gummy vitamin, tablet vitamin should have vitamin added in it to make certain effects.

    7.How To Make Gummy Vitamins And Tablet?

    The making of gummy and tablet should be careful and methodical. The two are made by two totally different process.

    Gummy vitamin making process

    Preparing and weighing gummy ingredients

    gummy ingredients preparing

    Gummy Ingredients Preparing-Sourced:candypros

    Prepare and weigh your ingredients according to your product need. Your preparing and weighing should be precise and careful to assure the quality of gummy.

    Mixing and cooking gummy ingredients

    Mixing and cooking

    Mixing And Cooking-Sourced:inthekitch

    The ingredients of gummy should be mixed and cooked well to make the agent distributed evenly.

    Molding gummy

    Gummy mold

    Gummy Mold-Sourced:ongrok

    The well cooked gummy ingredients are put into specific mold. There are various shaped and size mold for you to choose.

    Demolding and polishing gummy

    Gummy polishing

    Polishing Gummy-Sourced:ipharmachine

    After cooling, your gummy can be de-molded. But your gummy can still not well done. You should polish it by coating it wax or sugar powder. This prevents sticking of gummy and also adds flavor for gummy.

    Packaging gummy

    Packaging gummy

    Packaging Gummy-Sourced:mashed

    Your gummy, at the last step, can be packaged in bottles, cans or sachet. A nice packaging improves the attraction of your gummy. The gummy making process is precise and complicated, but you can adopt a reliable gummy manufacturing line to finish all the process in one stop.

    Tablet vitamin making process

    Prepare and pre blending ingredients

    Prepare ingredients

    Prepare Ingredients:Sourced:askthescientists

    Your ingredients for vitamin tablet should be prepared earlier. And in the preparing of ingredients, you should granulate the big parts to make even powder of granules.

    Wet granulation

    Wet granulation process

    Wet Granulation-Sourced:foodfeedfinechemicals.glatt

    Vitamin tablet has strict request on the granulate size. Wet granulation mixes,wets and dries ingredients of vitamin tablet. It makes the ingredients chunks for later better dealing.

    Tablet making

    Tablet making

    Tablet Making-Sourced:thomasprocessing

    Tablet press machine takes the tablet making work which presses and makes the same sized tablet vitamin. You can make tablet of different size or shape by providing different mold for tablet making machine.

    Coating tablet

    Tablet coating

    Tablet Coating-Sourced:syntegon

    To suppress bitterness, tablets are usually with coating. Coating pan can make a series of coating job for tablet.

    Counting and packaging tablet

    Tablet packaging

    Tablet Packaging-Sourced:meghmaniglobal

    While tablets are well made, you should make it packaged. There are more packaging manner for tablet, and you can find blister pack, bottle, sachet and packet for tablet packaging.

    8.Which One You Should Take, Gummy Vitamins Or Tablet?

    Which one you should take if your are searching for vitamin as supplementing? Gummy vitamin or tablet? You may get your own choice by considering the below tips.

    Personal preference

    Personal preference

    Personal Preference-Sourced:documentmedia

    If you fell it bothering to take tablet with water and you are preferring to the chewy and yummy taste of gummy, you may take gummy vitamin. And the one who tend to choose more stable and less additives products tend to get tablet.

    Nutrition need

    Nutrition need

    Nutrition Need-Sourced:wfla

    What nutrition you need? For mineral, iron and B vitamins, tablet is the better and more effective supplementing type. And for vitamin D, gummy makes an outstanding supplementing job.

    Ingredients restriction

    Ingredients restriction

    Ingredients Restriction-Sourced:nutraingredients-asia

    Gelatin, added sugar or flavor are the common ingredients for gummy vitamin. If you are allergic or feel uncomfortable to taking this material, you should seek tablet. And also, if you have terrible reaction for material in tablet, you can choose gummy then.


    Are gummy vitamin better than tablet? Everyone has their own answers. And after getting the knowledge about gummy vitamin and tablet, you can now get the type suit you most. If your have any further question about it, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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