Top 10 Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer In The World

Gummy vitamins are becoming more desirable and convenient supplements for many people. In this way, the global trend has been changed from adopting traditional ways of improving beauty, immunity and hormonal growth towards gummy vitamins for the same task.

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer

To fulfill this challenging task, global manufacturers are utilizing excellent technologies for making quality gummies. You can better know their production for individual as well as business use after studying this precise article about top 10 gummy vitamin manufacturers in the world.

So, let's take a start!

1 Bayer Germany
2 Church & Dwight USA
3 Pfizer USA
4 Nature's Bounty USA
5 Olly Public Benefit Corporation USA
6 Nutra Champs Canada
7 Zanon Vitamec USA
8 Nestle Health Science Switzerland
9 Santa Cruz Nutritionals Canada
10 Softigel USA


Headquarter: Germany

Company Background& Information:

Bayer background

Bayer was established in 1863, in Germany. The company has bright history of working in the fields of pharmacy, consumer health and dermatology. The long term struggle has finally resulted in the formulation of high quality drugs, vaccines and gummy vitamins. Under gummy vitamins category, you would find the vast variety of gummies with delicious flavors, essential vitamins and minerals which would definitely help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Today, the company is successfully providing its services in 83 countries.

Key Products

  • One A Day Women’s VitaCraves Gummies
  • One A Day Men’s VitaCraves Gummies
  • One A Day Trolls Complete Multivitamin Gummies

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-1

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-2

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-3

Recommend Reason

  • Gummy vitamins produced by the company contain 10 additional nutrients which greatly helps in overall wellness for children.
  • The gummy vitamins are fully free from all sorts allergens including milk, fish and egg.
  • Wide variety of shapes and flavors availability.
  • Gummies for immunity has 108% DV making it higher in vitamin C than other gummies.

2.Church & Dwight



Company Background& Information:


Church & Dwight came into existence in 1846, as an international firm to provide consumer packaged products. The company has web of business both on domestic level as administering 13 brands and on international level serving in France, Canada, Mexico and China. Two of its most popular brands Vitafusion and Lil Critters are specified for gummy production which include gummies for immunity, vitamin D, daily multivitamin and mental health.

Key Products

  • Vitafusion MultiVites 150ct
  • Melatonin 140ct
  • Vitafusion SleepWell 250ct

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-4

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-5

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-6

Recommend Reason

  • Each gummy of Fiber Well carries 5g of fiber obtained from vegetables and plants that perfectly maintain gut health.
  • Every bottle display you the daily amount for consumption.
  • Probiotic gummies provide bacteria which is helpful in normalizing digestive tract.
  • Mouth watering flavors options including strawberry, raspberry, peach and mango.


Company Background& Information:


Having been the world's largest pharmaceutical company, Pfizer was founded in 1849 by Charles Pfizer. Today, the most well-known gummy vitamins on market Centrum is the creation of Pfizer. A young scientist, Dr. Leon Ellenbogen, was first who conducted research on vitamins and their significance to human health. Consequently, this has resulted in the formulation of beauty gummies, multi gummies and sickness relief gummies for women, men and kids on the basis of particular characteristics.

Key Products

  • Centrum Multigummies Omega-3 Gummy Multivitamin For Adults
  • Centrum Men’s 50+ Gummies – 80ct
  • Centrum Multigummies + Beauty Gummy Multivitamin for Women

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-7

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-8

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-9

Recommend Reason

  • The gummies are fully devoid of gelatin and artificial flavors.
  • Each serving of gummy supplement is rich in vitamin B12, D, B6 and selenium.
  • The new gummy vitamin formed by combination of vitamin B6 and ginger is perfect for relieving morning sickness.
  • Prepared for women, Pre- and Post-Natal gummies perfectly support pregnancy and child health.

4.Nature's Bounty

Nature's Bounty

Headquarter: USA

Company Background& Information:

Nature's Bounty-1

Nature's Bounty is an American company that was originated in 1971, as a supplier of natural health care products. The company's portfolio comprised of different vitamins, supplements, minerals and herbs. All these health products are specially prepared in gummy and jelly form to promote individuals interest in consuming their nutritional value on daily basis. Ingredients used in making gummy vitamins are passed through the strict quality testing, and they also meet the GMP supplement quality standards.

Key Products

  • Calcium + Vitamin D Gummies
  • Sleep Gummies
  • Omega-3 Gummies

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-10

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-11

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-12

Recommend Reason

  • The company's utilization of pectin as a thickening agent make the gummies perfect for vegetarians.
  • Supplement like sleep gummies are 100% drug free which promote restful and better sleep.
  • Rich in biotin, vitamin E, C, collagen and antioxidants beauty gummy contribute in making your skin more vibrant, hairs healthy and nails strong.
  • Blend of calcium+D3 in single serving effectively provide dual benefits of making teeth and bones stronger.


Company Background& Information:

Olly Public Benefit Corporation-1

Olly Public Benefit Corporation has started its journey from 2019 after becoming the part of nutritional health care race. The company offers you most extensive range of health products in form of gummy, capsules, softgels and tablets. The gummy vitamin library consists of gummies for sleep, immunity, metabolism, beauty, stress, probiotic, brain, joints, energy and many others. The company is strictly adhering its vision of promoting mental wellbeing especially in youth.

Key Products

  • Metabolism Gummy Rings
  • Probiotic Tropical Mango
  • Undeniable Beauty

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-13

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-14

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-15

Recommend Reason

  • The company provide you 30 days return policy in case of dissatisfaction with their products.
  • The gummies do not leave weird taste after consumption.
  • The quick absorption of gummy vitamins helps in fast energizing.
  • Keratin rich gummy vitamins strengthen the roots of your hairs.

Headquarter: Canada

Company Information and Background:

Nutra Champs-1

Nutra Champs is a nutritional supplement company that was established in 2016. The company is keen to bring new and effective supplements alternatives in order to aid you in your pursuit of optimum health and wellness. This is accomplished by creating gummy vitamins from higher-quality, natural ingredients obtained from pure herbal sources. The company has major contribution of helping over 52 million kids in 66 states from preventing child death by providing malnutrition.

Key Products

  • Stress Soothing Calm Gummies
  • Turmeric & Ginger Gummies
  • Tart Cherry Gummies

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-16

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-17

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-18

Recommend Reason

  • You can get 10% discount on every subscription to the company.
  • All the gummies are soft to chew and get easily dissolved in your body.
  • 100% cash back policy assures the quality of products.
  • Each gummy dose addresses the perfect amount of necessary nutrients.

Headquarter: USA

Company Background& Information:

Zanon Vitamec-1

Zanon Vitamec is one of the leading manufacturer of gummy vitamins with high dedication to health safety. It came into existence in 2000 and started the struggle for bringing innovation in nutraceutical sector. The company alone is leading multiple brands including Gummyking, Mr. Tumee and T.RQ. Certified with GMP and NSF, Zanon Vitamec is producing allergen free gummy vitamins for kids and adults. Moreover, the transparency in ethical standards has raised the reputation and respect of the company in global community, eventually resulting in gaining 3 president "E" star awards.

Key Products

  • GummiKing™ Multi-Vitamin & Mineral
  • GummiKing™ Omega-3 DHA+EPA
  • Tumee ™ Elderberry

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-19

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-20

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-21

Recommend Reason

  • The gummy supplements are pure from allergens and good for vegetarians.
  • Made with pectin, all gummy vitamins are gluten and gelatin free.
  • Omega-3 DHA+EPA is particularly prepared for promoting the cognitive functioning of kids by providing additional nutrients.
  • These gummy vitamins are suitable for people with ethical or religious limitations.

8.Nestle Health Science

Nestle Health Science

Headquarter: Switzerland

Company Background& Information:

Nestle Health Science-1

Nestle Health Science is one of the world's most well-known food manufacturing enterprises, working on large scale to empower healthy lives. The company has started its journey from 2011 by initiating numerous brands one after another. Vital Proteins is among one of them, under which different types of gummy vitamins such as probiotics, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin B, Omega-3 and other multivitamin gummies are formed. With team of more than 12,000 dedicated people, Nestlè Health Science is striving to build opportunities for sustainable life.

Key Products

  • Vital Protein Beauty Gummy
  • Vital Protein Collagen Gummy
  • Vital Protein Immune Support

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-22

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-23

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-24

Recommend Reason

  • The collagen peptides in the gummy vitamins, which have undergone rigorous testing, help your inner beauty shine through.
  • Convenient usability of enjoying 2 to 4 gummies any time in a day.
  • No possibility of dietary complaints due to absence of synthetic colors, flavors and allergens.
  • No side effects of stomach and intestines.

9.Santa Cruz Nutritionals

Santa Cruz Nutritionals


Company Background& Information:

Santa Cruz Nutritionals-1

Santa Cruz Nutritionals is a professional manufacturer of sport nutrition, nutraceuticals and health working since 1968. The company has successfully distributed 500 products and commercialized more than 250. Gummy vitamins such as probiotic, prebiotic, botanical and essential gummies for kids, teens and adults are notably the most prominent. They offer you the options of contract manufacturing and private labeling for business promotion.

Key Products

  • Probiotic Gummies
  • Prebiotic+ Botanical Gummies
  • Essential Omega-3 Gummies

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-26

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-25

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-27

Recommend Reason

  • Available in both primary and secondary packaging forms i.e, bottles and zipper pouch.
  • The company also provide the best custom stock for your business.
  • Complying international quality standards with legendary quality production.
  • Tamper resistant packaging options including shrink wrapping, plastic over paper labeling and capping.


Company Background& Information:


Softigel is a competent pharmaceutical company originated in 1977. Covering the vast number of multinational pharmaceutical companies including Pfizer, Glaxo, Sanofi, and Bayer under its umbrella, Softigel has global reputation in supplying premium quality gummy vitamins to children, adults and older people. Under its brand Funtrition, the company is delivering outstanding gummies with varieties of flavors in organic and halal ingredients. With superior quality production, funtrition has presence in more than 50 countries.

Key Products

  • Funtrition Pectin Gummies
  • Funtrition Agar Gummies
  • Funtrition Mixed Matrix Gummies

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-28

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-29

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturer-30

Recommend Reason

  • All gummy vitamins are certified by HACCP, and GMP as halal and organic.
  • Provide full customer service during and after delivery.
  • Customizable coating, sweeteners and gelling agent.
  • The beautiful shapes are extensive in numbers giving the gummies extra charm.
  • Availability of delicious center filled vitamin gummies.


In a nutshell, the above description about the top 10 gummy vitamin manufacturers in the world clearly demonstrates the famous manufacturers, their history, portfolios and key products. Now, you may have decided which company is delivering gummy vitamins that suits your requirements. You can take step forward to get these gummies by approaching the companies' websites. In case of query or getting information click on the given link.

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