Vitamins Gone Gummy

Vitamins Gone Gummy

Back in the day, traditional vitamins were available in syrups, capsules, and tablets; they have proven good to meet your nutritional requirement but not much else.

Many people especially children used to resist while taking them while excited for gummies, candies, chocolates. But among them gummies have grown up! And hold this job for you; gummies offering unlimited vitamins and nutritional supplements that aren’t just loved by kids but adults too.

No matter what form you prefer, there’s no denying that such supplements are high in trend across the globe. Gummy vitamins are delicious and convenient to your lifestyle, especially for those who’re choosy in swallowing pills. What’s more!  Our guide to Vitamin Gone Gummy will help you to decide whether to chew or not!

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    1.Vitamin Gummy or Capsule: Which one is Better for you?

    Vitamin Gummy or Capsule

    Vitamin Gummy or Capsule-1

    Vitamin supplements are available in many formats but we’re addressing commonly used dosage form such as a capsule and to compare it with gummies. Both of them are amazing therapeutically and have their pros and cons such as.:

    • Capsules are formulated with liquid or powered nutrients, but gummy vitamins have additional ingredients besides supplements such as sugars, flavoring agents, dyes, corn syrups, etc.
    • In some instances, gummies have more bioavailability than capsule supplements since the dissolution of gummies starts in the mouth, unlike capsules which are consumed as a whole. The nutrients are quickly absorbed in blood circulation when taken in gummy format.
    • Capsules are formulated with an exact amount of nutrients, but gummies often contain more or less quantity of supplements than those listed on their label.
    • Gummies are a more fun choice of ingesting supplements for numerous kids and grownups, but capsules can stimulate gagging reflex in individuals causing them to fear these products.

    Today trend has dramatically changed for vitamins, whether gummy or capsule, your ultimate preference always goes to picking sweet gummies bursts with nutrients and taste.

    2.Gummy Vitamins: Sweet Alternative to Conventional Vitamins?

    Sweet Alternative

    Gummy vitamins always win!there are many reasons that allure consumers toward gummy bears instead conventional vitamins; gummies vitamins look great and come with a variety of flavors, colors, and shapes.

    You can’t deny how traditional vitamin pills have distracting smell that eventually makes it unacceptable for end-users, especially children. Similarly in today’s world people are more concerned to improve well-being with ease. Thanks to gummy bears that’s a handy, awesome, and easy solution to replacing old trend of taking vitamins.

    Gummy bears are joyful you will take it regularly as compared to traditional vitamins which are more likely to be forgotten. Gummy bears contain all the essential nutrients as traditional vitamins. For traditional vitamins water is must, else it will lead to diarrhea and nausea, however gummy bears can be gobbled without it.

    Adults can also enjoy taking traditional vitamins because it’s not endorsed for children only.

    3.How to create your own Chewy Gummy Vitamins?

    Chewy Gummy Vitamins

    If you are a fan of homemade delicacy or cooking in general, then you can easily make chewy vitamin gummies in just 10 to 15 minutes. By going for mentioned options, you will have full control over ingredients and their proportions.

    Here is the list of ingredients:

    • One-third cup of fruit or vegetable juice except for pineapple juice
    • Two tablespoons of honey
    • Six tablespoons of gelatin powder
    • Supplement of choice (vitamin C, magnesium, probiotics, and elderberry)

    Follow these instructions to make delicious chewy gummy vitamins:

    • Pour the juice and honey in a small saucepan and then dust the gelatin powder on the juice-honey solution. Allow it to rest for 2-3 minutes.
    • Set the pan on low heat and gently stir the mixture for 5-6 minutes or until gelatin fully dissolves.
    • Add and whisk supplements in a gummy concoction after removing it from heat.
    • Quickly pour this concoction in desirable shaped molds and set it for 2-3 hours at room temperature. Afterwards, place them in freezer for 15-30 minutes.
    • Remove frozen gummies from molds by popping.

    You can enjoy these yummy gooey supplements anytime whether in breakfast or as a snack.

    4.What is in Gummy Vitamins?

    Gummy Vitamins-2

    Gummy vitamins are not only sugary gelatin packs but are also formulated with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Because Essential Nutrients Matter A lot!

    The following supplements are available as gummies:

    Set of Multivitamins

    Set of Multivitamins

    It is recommended by American Medical Association that adults should take a daily dose of folic acid, vitamin D, B12, and B6, to supplement their needs. If you are facing chronic health problems, then diet only cannot fulfill your nutritional demand and you have to opt for multivitamin gummies.

    Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12

    This is also called cobalamin and is vital for the normal functioning of the nervous and circulatory systems.  Various health issues like anemia, depression and decline in cognitive function occur from insufficient intake of B12.

    Vitamin C

    Vitamin C

    It is a powerful antioxidant that aids in forming collagen for arteries and skin. Vitamin C-rich foods are good for heart health and iron absorption. Its deficiency can cause scurvy.

    Vitamin D

    Vitamin D

    Four in five individuals across the globe are vitamin D deficient. It is essential to have recommended amount of vitamin D i-e 1,000 IU to 5,000 IU daily to prevent the risk of osteoporosis, various cancer (breast, ovarian, colon), and autoimmune diseases.

    Omega-3 Fish Oil

    Omega-3 Fish Oil

    Studies have shown that the majority of individuals across the world do not get enough of omega-3 fatty acid. These fatty acids are essential to consume since they are linked to good heart physiology and decreased triglyceride content in the blood.

    Coenzyme Q10

    Coenzyme Q10

    It is needed for proper metabolic functions. Higher levels of coenzyme Q10 are associated with a lower chance of cardiovascular disorders. Coenzyme Q10 are excellent for wrinkles, hypertension, and margarines



    People above  65 years have reduced levels of melatonin and have trouble in sleeping. Try taking 3-5 milligrams of melatonin gummy vitamins for good sleep.



    Gummy vitamins are also formulated with probiotics (good bacteria). These bacteria are necessary in boosting digestive and immune systems. You will have less chance of getting an upper respiratory tract infection when you take daily dose of probiotics.



    Consuming 50 mg intake of elderberry gummies will result in decreased severity of flu symptoms during the cold season as elderberry has antioxidant property for fighting infections.

    It is best to take your daily gummy vitamins as suggested by physician for good health and body fitness.

    5.Fueling Gummy Market: What Drives Vitamin Gummies Going Up?

    Fueling Gummy Market

    Vitamin gummies have punched above their weight in the world market. These are immensely popular all over the globe because of their pleasant flavors.

    • Health awareness and fitness regime programs has developed fitness-conscious attitude among consumers. Today, people are supplementing their diet with gummy vitamins to maintain their well-being and exuberance. This fitness driven approach has played a significant role in increase of market.
    • People with busy workload usually choose gummy vitamins because of their go-to nature. These could be taken any time of the day without carrying out strenuous steps. Moreover, these are first chewed then swallowed which prevents the choking or gagging reflex that is common with capsules or pills.
    • The market growth of gummies is fueled by the fact that these supplements offer customers with absolute best sensory feel. Chewy texture, fruity aromas, tantalizing taste, and tangy aftertaste of these chewy candies make them a preferred choice for kids and elderly individuals.

    Health enthusiasts and on-the-go youth are the leading factors behind the accelerated growth of gummy vitamins.

    6.What to do If Gummy Vitamin is not the Answer to Your Health?

    Your Health

    If you are experiencing allergies, digestive issues or are diabetic person then gummy vitamins are not suitable for you. Gummies vitamins are made of sugars, gelatin, coloring agents, or artificial sweeteners that can aggravate above mentioned conditions. But there is no need to feel down since there are other alternatives to overcome your nutritional deficiency.

    • The first way is to stick with healthy balanced diet that has right proportions of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables, fruits, fish, whole grains, and mutton are safest way to fulfill your nutritional needs. These food sources also have essential fats, fibers, and proteins that are required for best functioning of the body.
    • The second way is to invest in chewable vitamins or supplement capsules for treating severe nutritional deficiencies.
    • If your children dislike chalky flavor of chewable pills, then give them supplements in powder form to fulfill their dietary needs. The powders have swallowing convenience as they are taken with water that weakens their unpleasant taste.

    It is best to go with natural food sources if gummy vitamins are not the answer to your health.

    7.Gummy Vitamin: How Much is Too Much?

    Too Much

    There is no doubt gummy vitamins and minerals are essential to fulfil your daily health requirement but too much of good things perhaps lead to some unwanted health risks. Let me elaborate how much gummy vitamins are too much, what nutrition to pay attention are!


    In our previous blogs, we strongly emphasized prenatal gummies vitamins or iron deficiencies because many of the gummy vitamins have compromised iron concentration or are not exactly up to your requirement. If your gummy vitamins are intertwined iron, then it is alarming for parents who dosed their children with them because their overconsumption can be potentially harmful to their health. High doses of iron such as 27mg/pound potentially lead to aggravating organ failure and even death.


    Vitamin A is fat-soluble vitamin means it stores in your body's fats and liver. They cannot release from the body after consumption though accumulate in body tissues. A certain form of vitamin A is potentially risky including, retinol, retinyl acetate, & retinyl palmitate whereas beta carotene is less likely to harm you.


    Did you know taking too much vitamin D uprising your calcium level in the body? According to Food and Nutrition Board Committee, the adverse effects of vitamin D begin to appear if you consume more than 10,000IUs.


    The toxicity of Vitamin E is less likely to appear, but you cannot ignore especially when taking it for long term usage. The potential risk you might experience is bleeding (hemorrhage) which is occurred if it level exceeds 1000mg per day.


    The toxicity of vitamin K is often rare. Menadione is toxic that has no use in humans.

    8.Sticky Truth Behind Gummy Vitamins

    Sticky Truth Behind Gummy Vitamins

    It is not an easy task to encourage children in eating nutrient-rich meals that support the health of their bones and muscles. Gummy vitamins are an easy fix to kids’ nutritional deficiencies. But the major issue with gummies is their stickiness.

    Gummies and Cavities

    Gummies and Cavities

    These chewy Nutra candies are often made with gelatin and sugars which have a tendency to deposit at the sides or between gums and teeth. The bacteria grow on these sugars and produce acids leading to the rotting of teeth.

    These supplements can severely affect teeth tissues and can be the cause of cavities in both children and adults.

    But do not worry as there is a way to prevent cavities. You and your children must practice proper brushing for two minutes after eating gummy supplements to avoid teeth damage.

    9.How to Manage Overconsumption of Gummy Vitamin?

    Manage Overconsumption

    Cute little gummy vitamins can tempt both kids and adults resulting in overindulging of these candy supplements. Children can consume 20, 30 or even 40 gummy supplements in one go. Excess of gummies are dangerous since their overconsumption can cause gut issues for instance diarrhea, nausea, headache, fever, and stomachache.

    • Generally one-time overdosing does not have any effect. But it is important to call your physician or poison control center in case of overconsumption of gummy vitamins.
    • In case of water-soluble vitamin (B and C) gummies overeating simply drink plenty of water as excess water-soluble vitamins will flush out of the body with urination. Hydration will help in rapid settling of symptoms.
    • If you have over consumed fat-soluble vitamin gummies and cannot go to the emergency center, then take activated charcoal or vomiting inducing pills to clear out symptoms.

    It is recommended to immediately visit your nearby hospital if having trouble with gummy vitamin overdosing. The doctors in emergency room monitor your condition and will wash away toxins from your body.

    10.How To Tell Good Gummy Vitamins from The Imposters?

    Good Gummy Vitamins-3

    Did you know gummy vitamins are also available under fake brands with substandard ingredients? So, you must be cautious when purchasing them:

    • Price is a major factor in determining the superiority of gummy vitamins. Usually, good brands formulate their gummies after a rigorous quality assessment of ingredients. Top brands have price ranges under $15-30 per bottle. These gummies have distinct quality when compared with five-dollar gummies.
    • It is difficult to determine the class of ingredients used in formulating gummies because these vitamin supplements do not fall under the jurisdiction of FDA. Nevertheless, standard of ingredients could be verified by reading third party certifications present on ingredient labels.

    For getting right and proper nutritional content, you should always select gummies supplements of top brand since these manufacturers do not comprise on quality and deliver superior products in the market.


    A gummy vitamin is a trendy option for those someone hoping to consume supplement their diet in the healthiest and tastiest way. You can use them in gelatin and vegan form, suitable for those vegetarians only. We suggest talking to your physician prior to taking them, as they may have some dose variations compared to conventional supplements. If you’re looking to get more assistance; our team works for you. Just send us a message to get connected with our Experts.

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