Top 10 Gummy Manufacturer:The Definite Guide In 2024

Your mouth may be watering just from reading the word "gummy." The reason is that gummies have a delicious flavour and eye-catching hues, which enhance their popularity with everyone. Children, adults, and even the elderly enjoy taking gummies since they contain extra vitamins and supplements that are beneficial for skin, hair, nails, and fitness-related health.

By giving you a list of the top 10 Gummy Manufacturer, this article aims to broaden your understanding. These manufacturers have big goals for the various pharmaceutical and confectionary gummies they produce. Additionally, they work hard to create cutting-edge gummy equipment. Just take the time to read this thorough article to learn more about the best Gummy Manufacturer!

1 Global Widget USA
2 Biohigh United Kingdom
3 AIPAK China
4 Nutri Sweets Netherlands
5 Baker Perkins United Kingdom
6 Tanis Netherlands
8 Superior Supplements Manufacturing USA
9 Funtrition Brazil
10 Life Science Nutritionals North America


Headquarter: USA

Company Background& Information:

Global Widget-1

Global Widget is a well-known producer of gummy that was established in Florida, USA, in 2016. The business is continually engaged in the daily production of different types of gummies, which pass through various steps of material processing, formulation, and distribution, among others. The company offers a wide variety of alternatives for custom packaging, including bags, bottles, and pouches. Additionally, it offers you the possibility to make your own gummies by delivering automatic gummy-making equipment.

Key Products

  • Gummy Mixing Tank
  • Gummy Depositor Tank
  • Gummy Formulation Machine

Gummy Mixing Tank

Gummy Mixing Tank-1

Gummy Mixing Tank-2

Recommend Reason

  • The automatic machinery designed by the company can produce up to five million gummies in a week.
  • Complying GMP's prerequisites, gummies are processed in highly safe environment free from bacteria.
  • They provide you the chance of getting gummies of your texture, taste and color by providing variety of samples.
  • Formula used for gummies is the result of finest ingredients.

Headquarter: United Kingdom

Company Background& Information:

Biohigh background

With more than 16 years of expertise in the field of nutritional health production, biohigh is the world leading manufacturer of gummy. The company is delivering more than 4000 products to 70 countries around the globe. These products include tablets, capsules, gummies and oral dosage. The gummy line compromises several kinds such as multi vitamin gummy, milk calcium gummy and probiotics dietary gummy etc. In addition, the highly accurate inspection system distinguish biohigh from other firms.

Key Products

  • Gummy Inspection Machine
  • Melatonin Gummy
  • Biotin Gummy

Gummy Inspection Machine

Gummy Inspection Machine-1

Gummy Inspection Machine-2

Recommend Reason

  • The company's range of gummy is vast.
  • Strict quality testing such as zero defect approach and inspection system.
  • Availability of customization for adding your labeling.

Headquarter: China

Company Background& Information:

Since its foundation, AIPAK has built a solid reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of medical equipment. Gummy producing is a notable example of the many machinery and production facilities the company has introduced over the course of its 15-year history. All of their products are certified for exceptional performance and accepted as meeting international quality standards. AIPAK has a successful history of providing services to more than 500 clients worldwide, which can be used to evaluate its effectiveness.

Key Products

  • APK-GM80Q Small Scale Gummy Making Machine
  • Gummy Making Machine Depositing Machine
  • APK-GM150Q Medium Scale Gummy Making Machine

APK-GM80Q Small Scale Gummy Making Machine

Gummy Making Machine Depositing Machine

APK-GM150Q Medium Scale Gummy Making Machine

Recommend Reason

  • 12 months of warranty for every small to large batch production line.
  • The production line can be easily operated via PLC control system.
  • High degree of flexibility in machines design such as the availability of small, medium and large scale production line.
  • The integrated dosing pump perfectly add the exact amount of colors and flavors etc.
  • Additional paste injector for adding material or jam into the middle of gummy.

Headquarter: Netherlands

Company Background& Information:

Nutri Sweetsbackground

Nutri Sweets is located in the Netherlands since its creation in 2011. The company is famous for producing exceptional quality gummies with unique shapes, colors and aromas. The content of gummy they process, widely based on multivitamin, fruit gummies, organic gummies, vegan gummies and CBD gummies. They also provide the service of customization based on your choice related to gummy production.

Key Products

  • Vegan Gummies
  • Bio Gummies
  • Vitamins Gummies

Vegan Gummies


Vitamins Gummies

Recommend Reason

  • Ideal for consumers who prefer plant based diet instead of gummies made from animal sources.
  • Availability of options for ordering small quantity gummy.
  • Beneficial for health and equally enjoyable for children and adults.

Headquarter:United Kingdom

Company Background& Information:

Baker Perkins background

Baker Perkins has recently started its journey from 2020 when the partnership with Schenck Process Group started, although its history goes back to more than 100 years of expertise in the field of food processing equipment supplier. These machines include cereal producing lines, confectionary equipment and gummy making machinery. From very initial step of product mixing to its final packaging, the company always remains in forefront for providing excellent machinery.

Key Products

  • Turbofilm Mini
  • ServoForm Jelly & Gummy Depositors


Turbofilm Mini

Gummy Depositors

Recommend Reason

  • Small batch gummy machines can give high output.
  • The machines are cost-effective with reasonable price.
  • Gummies produced by the company are superior in quality.

Headquarter: Netherlands

Company Information and Background:

Tanis background

Tanis was established in 1995 as a modest gummy maker. Later, the company broadened its scope by producing a variety of confections up to 2014, and began building its own production lines for gummies and jellies. The processing of starch and non-starch materials can be used to classify these production lines into two basic categories. These machines are ideal for producing all types of gummies because they are made with cutting-edge technology and stainless steel of standard grade.

Key Products

  • 400 Compact
  • 1200 Robotic High Capacity
  • 800 Robotic NS

1200 Robotic High Capacity

800 Robotic NS

400 Compact

Recommend Reason

  • 800 Robotic NS is the first class equipment that deals with the highest capacity of making up to 290k gummy pieces in an hour.
  • Every production line is ideally equipped with extra-ordinary fast performance and self operated system.
  • Despite having long-lasting operation structure, these machines consume low energy.

Headquarter: USA

Company Background& Information:

SMP background

Supplement manufacturing partner was originated in 2019 in USA. The company is well recognized for its effective manufacturing of nutraceutical supplements in form of gummies. These gummies can be found in variety of shapes, sizes, colors and the ingredients as well. For instance, sugar-free, calcium gummy and gummies rich in vitamins can be easily got with available private labeling option.

Key Products

  • Chromium Gummies
  • Milk Thistle Gummy
  • Rhodiola Rosea Gummy

Chromium Gummies

Milk Thistle Gummy

Rhodiola Rosea Gummy

Recommend Reason

  • With advance machinery the company can manufacturers large number of orders in short period.
  • Full time customer support to boost your business.
  • Three-phase service of material testing, labeling and gummy quality assurance is the proof for hygienic standards.

Headquarter: USA

Company Background& Information:

Superior Supplements Manufacturing background

Superior supplement manufacturing was founded in 2015 with major goal of providing unique services for private labeling of gummy. All the ingredients used to make gummy have certificates proving their high quality. The main portfolio consists of the formulation and packaging of softgel, capsules, tablets, gummy and liquid dosage. Furthermore, the company is more concerned about the better flavors of gummy that can help you uphill your brand.

Key Products

  • Multivitamin Gummies
  • Medicated Gummies
  • Sugar-Free Gummies

Multivitamin Gummies

Recommend Reason

  • Wide range of options including sugar free, vegetarian and nutritional gummy.
  • The spectrum of flavors is wide including strawberry, apple, lemon and blueberry etc.
  • You can make minimum gummy order of 500,000 to 1,000,000 pieces.

Headquarter: Brazil

Company Background& Information:

Funtrition background

Funtrition has started its journey with gelatin capsule processing from 1977 in Colombia. The production expanded gradually and resulted the company's current headquarters in Brazil, where it has been popularized for gummy making. With successful history and experience in relevant area, Nutri Sweets has presence in 13 countries with over 5000 customers.

Key Products

  • Fill-g Gummies
  • Agar-g Gummies
  • Pec-g Gummies

Fill-g Gummies

Agar-g Gummies

Pec-g Gummies

Recommend Reason

  • Well experienced in the field of gummy manufacturing.
  • Certified by GMP, NSF, HACCP and Halal certified.
  • The production time is reduced to lowest possible by using replicated during chambers.
  • Their gummies are made from fully natural elements thus have lack gastrointestinal side effects.

10.Life Science Nutritionals

Life Science Nutritionals

Headquarter: North America

Company Background& Information:

Life Science Nutritionals background

Life Science Nutritionals is North American enterprise that deals with the manufacturing of probiotic gummies. It was founded in 2005 with major aim of providing gummy that can be beneficial for maintaining healthy life. The main portfolio is comprised of Omega-3 gummies, calcium gummies and multivitamin gummies. By providing the facilities of contract manufacturing and custom manufacturing, Life Science Nutritionals provide you the greatest opportunity to deliver gummies without additional cost and burden of processing machinery.

Key Products

  • Prebiotic Gummies
  • Essential Gummies
  • Probiotic- botanical Gummies

Prebiotic Gummies

Essential Gummies

Probiotic- botanical Gummies

Recommend Reason

  • The advance technology boosts output while lowering costs.
  • The quality of gummy remains perfect with remarkable measurement and homogeneous mixing ingredients.
  • Best options for ordering gummies on the basis of contract or custom manufacturing.


After reading about the top 10 gummy manufacturers mentioned above, you may have a general knowledge of it. The benefits and uses of gummies are so extensive that people of any age cannot overlook consuming them, due to their delicious flavors and attractive outlook. AIPAK is the best firm you could possibly consider if you are also interested in buying pre-made gummies or you want to create your own brand of gummies. Simply move forward and click the provided link to learn more about it.

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